Ed Sheeran Slept With A Movie Star

ed sheeran[Daily Mirror] Ed Sheeran reveals he’s had secret hook-up with a Hollywood A-lister in new song

23-year-old Ed Sheeran has a secret A-list conquest and revealed in one of his songs it’s a Hollywood film star, but WHO?

Thanks to Ed Sheeran we get to play a very fun game of who-dun-him.

The singer has seemingly revealed he has a secret, Hollywood A-list conquest, allowing 3am to speculate wildly on who it is until he tells us for certain.

Ed, who is a friend of many a US star, disclosed his hook-up in a new, semi-autobiographical song.

The track, thought to be called Take It Back, includes lyrics about going from sleeping at a subway station to sleeping with a movie star.

Ed, 23, admitted previously that he couch surfed for three years, lived in a pub where he played gigs for free to cover his rent, and even moved on to a pal’s floor as he had no money to pay for a place.

But that’s all changed recently, and his notable new showbiz friends include Hollywood actresses Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, 45.

Courteney, 49, even let the songwriter from Suffolk live rent free in her home in Malibu, California.

But she is dating his pal Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol.

Mind you, they only hooked up six months ago, so who knows before that?

Modest Ed also raps on SBTV: “I’m a singer you never wanna see shirtless.” Bless him.

But that hasn’t stopped him being linked recently to Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez, 21, so she could be his mystery Hollywood flame.

She is still on/off with Justin Bieber, and has recently been linked to Orlando Bloom.

To add even more spice into the mix, Ed has been spending time with Camp Rock star Demi Lovato, 21.

They were introduced through mutual pal Taylor Swift.

A few weeks ago, fans deduced that Ed’s song Don’t is about his break up from pop star Ellie Goulding , 27.

Speaking about the track, he said: “I was seeing someone for a bit, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs.

“And I feel like ‘Treat people how you want to be treated’.”

Let’s hope his mystery movie star lover didn’t do the dirty on him, because the lyrics in the new track include him asking “would it hurt your reputation if I put it on wax?”.

BG Note: Here are some of the lyrics to the song Take It Back:

And we’ve been sleeping at the subway station
Sleeping with a movie star and adding to the population
Not my imagination, I don’t want to relax
But would it hurt your reputation
If I put it on wax?

Movie Star:

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