Ed Sheeran Slept With A Movie Star

ed sheeran[Daily Mirror] Ed Sheeran reveals he’s had secret hook-up with a Hollywood A-lister in new song

23-year-old Ed Sheeran has a secret A-list conquest and revealed in one of his songs it’s a Hollywood film star, but WHO?

Thanks to Ed Sheeran we get to play a very fun game of who-dun-him.

The singer has seemingly revealed he has a secret, Hollywood A-list conquest, allowing 3am to speculate wildly on who it is until he tells us for certain.

Ed, who is a friend of many a US star, disclosed his hook-up in a new, semi-autobiographical song.

The track, thought to be called Take It Back, includes lyrics about going from sleeping at a subway station to sleeping with a movie star.

Ed, 23, admitted previously that he couch surfed for three years, lived in a pub where he played gigs for free to cover his rent, and even moved on to a pal’s floor as he had no money to pay for a place.

But that’s all changed recently, and his notable new showbiz friends include Hollywood actresses Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, 45.

Courteney, 49, even let the songwriter from Suffolk live rent free in her home in Malibu, California.

But she is dating his pal Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol.

Mind you, they only hooked up six months ago, so who knows before that?

Modest Ed also raps on SBTV: “I’m a singer you never wanna see shirtless.” Bless him.

But that hasn’t stopped him being linked recently to Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez, 21, so she could be his mystery Hollywood flame.

She is still on/off with Justin Bieber, and has recently been linked to Orlando Bloom.

To add even more spice into the mix, Ed has been spending time with Camp Rock star Demi Lovato, 21.

They were introduced through mutual pal Taylor Swift.

A few weeks ago, fans deduced that Ed’s song Don’t is about his break up from pop star Ellie Goulding , 27.

Speaking about the track, he said: “I was seeing someone for a bit, and then they ended up physically involved with one of my friends in the same hotel that we were staying in, while I was downstairs.

“And I feel like ‘Treat people how you want to be treated’.”

Let’s hope his mystery movie star lover didn’t do the dirty on him, because the lyrics in the new track include him asking “would it hurt your reputation if I put it on wax?”.

BG Note: Here are some of the lyrics to the song Take It Back:

And we’ve been sleeping at the subway station
Sleeping with a movie star and adding to the population
Not my imagination, I don’t want to relax
But would it hurt your reputation
If I put it on wax?

Movie Star:

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  1. tuckerlee123 says

    Could be any of them. This little Hobbit is one p*ssy magnet.

    I will go with Taylor Swift FTW.

  2. I Am PunkA says

    Only name dropped in this blind that is an actual A-lister is Aniston. Just sayin.

    • thelasthigh says

      Aniston has had more hits than misses in the box office. Her “A List” status shows the power of a good PR team!

  3. Booboo1068 says

    Not sure.

    Selena Gomez is getting close to becoming more famous for her bad behavior and hookups then her talent and or career. She could head into Lohan territory quicker then she thinks.

    • Revisionist says

      That isn’t saying much since outside of this site no one actually bothers covering her or has any interest. And really her so called “bad behavior” is just as boring as she is

  4. True007 says

    Movie Star: Jennifer Aniston

    Writing songs about former lovers? He’s been hanging around Taylor Swift too long.

  5. boodie says

    Don’t get the attraction with this guy. His songs are dreary and hangs out with the most boring people in Hollywood, Taylor Swift etc. I wont say anything about his looks though.
    Its A-list so that rules out Selena, Demi. My guess Jennifer Anniston.

  6. CanaryCry says

    No idea about the movie star. But this looks like we’ve got a new John Meyer here.

  7. JaneDawson says

    The “Adding to the population” after makes me think she got knocked up.

    Jen Aniston as a shot in the dark. She recently denied getting preggers.

  8. Violets says

    Since it mentions adding to the population, I will say January Jones. Her son’s hair is slightly strawberry blonde in sunlight pics.

  9. cgrant0423 says

    Ugh just what the world needs – a male version of Taylor Swift – kissing and telling in songs lol.

    • ravenglass says

      I think Ed’s song “Little Bird” was written about Taylor.

      NOTE TO ED: It’s spelled B E A R D not B I R D.

    • memary says

      Aww… come on now! There are many, many levels of gross and this kid doesn’t hit any of them. Read back on any/all of the pages of this very website and you’ll find that behavior trumps looks in what should be described as ‘gross’. Everything I’ve seen this is a stand up guy. Am I missing something??

  10. Zap The Sheep says

    Is Selena really considered A-list? Anyway, I think it is her. In her Disney show, the parents owned a deli with a subway station theme.

  11. terry123 says

    Hard to guess – some of the names suggested are pop stars not even movie stars, much less A-list movie stars. The only A-list movie star that I can even think of possibly hanging out with him is Jennifer Lawrence, but I don’t know….

  12. CoCoJoe says

    I’m assuming “put it on wax”, refers back to old record albums and means record it on a cd?

    • memary says

      Again! This poor dude! He isn’t the first person in the world to have something about themselves they can’t control? Don’t actions speak louder than looks? We get all up in arms when people have plastic surgery, but also can’t stand it when they look different? Come on, now…

  13. AR09 says

    “put it on wax” makes it seem like a clue to someone that has wax statue. Isn’t Aniston in one of those wax museums? My guess is Aniston..

  14. lalaworld says

    I’ll just guess Cameron Diaz because she’s been with about everyone

  15. slantrhyme says

    I look at him, and honestly, I try to concentrate on which pretty lady he might’ve had sex with or possibly impregnated, but my mind cannot seem to process the idea of sex when I think about Ed Sheeran.

  16. MLeah53 says

    Now that would be a coyote morning of massive remorse….for her or maybe a him.

  17. Revisionist says

    Wow this hit the BlindGossip trifecta. Demi Lavatowho, Selena Goaway and Taylor Swift. Well since none of them are movie stars we can assume its actually someone with an acting career

  18. grrrsuperlauren says

    What is it’s January Jones and HE’S the father of her baby?!?!

  19. stolidog says

    Well, whoever she was she must have been really pissed afterwards, because she stole his eyebrows!

  20. SuzNYC says

    Could you imagine the total GING he and LiLo would have if this was her almost baby daddy?