The Anxious Actress

girl pushing man away[Blind Gossip] This young TV actress is seriously thinking about quitting her role on a prime-time show. She is upset because a member of the cast or crew has been acting inappropriately towards her.

She went directly to the producer/s with her complaint, but they have done absolutely nothing to oust the cast/crew member from the set. She is normally quite relaxed and low-key on the set, but these events are causing major anxiety for her.

If the producer/s do not get rid of the cast member within the next two weeks, she will announce that she is leaving the show. Are you listening, Producer/s?

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60 comments to The Anxious Actress

  • tuckerlee123

    The lady in the picture looks just like Anna Farris

  • haley1020

    Nina dobrev?

  • sashas

    Anan Farris? The girl above looks like her…

  • JennUx

    kaley cuoco?

    • Booboo1068

      I would guess this too but they just announced a multi-year renewal a few months ago so this would be a very hard, and expensive, contract to break. Not saying putting up with this type of BS behavior is worth any money but I think it would have Kaley thinking twice.

  • stolidog

    Sarah highland from modern family

    • tmartex

      I’m not sure why but that was my first thought too! I couldn’t figure out who could be weirding her out tho.

      • Jessica

        This was my guess below – I went with Adam DeVine. He has a recurring role as Jay and Gloria’s babysitter and they’re planting the seeds for a romance plot with Haley.

  • nicofs

    anna farris.

    just from the picture alone. and ‘ANxious Actress’

  • SamuraiJack

    Kaley Cuoco BBT

  • Kerzep

    Arial Winter, Modern Family?

  • augustmom

    The picture reminds me of Anna Faris, of the TV show Mom. Producer would be Chuck Lorre.

  • reverie

    this photo reminded me of kaley cuoco so i’ll go with her.

  • shhh123

    Melissa rauche (Bernadette) Big Bang theory ?

  • Wisher

    Whoa! No idea but hopefully they read this site and take head.

  • lovelylovely

    To me, the photo used here reminds me of Kaley Cuoco. So my guess is kaley Cuoco, from the Big Bang theory

  • Spin Sycle

    Kaley Cuoco

  • laili6

    Judging from the last paragraph, it Looks like it must be a cast member. Big Bang?

  • zilla

    Looks like Anna Faris (“Mom”) in the photo.

  • missmissy

    Anna Farris – the photo reminds me of her at least.

  • ivy3499

    Kaley cuoco?

  • MLeah53

    Looks like Kaley Cuoco….say it aint so!!

  • Jessica

    Sarah Hyland and Adam DeVine?

  • Gen82

    Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting of Big Bang Theory?

  • youngstory

    Lea Michelle? So, you’ll solve this in next 2 weeks?

  • 65jaguar

    As others have mentioned, the picture looks like Anna Faris. She’s 38, so I don’t think she would be described as “young”. Maybe it’s the teenage co-star, 17yr old Sadie Calvano. I think Anna Faris would have enough power as the lead actor to have a cast/crew member kicked off. Unfortunately, Calvano probably doesn’t.

  • CrappyHomemaker

    I’m guessing Sadie Calvano from “Mom.” Because while the woman in the picture looks like Anna Faris, she’s married and a Mom and I don’t think of her as a “young tv actress.” PLUS, isn’t she mostly known for movies?
    But Sadie Calvano is DEFINERLY a “young” tv actress, as she’s only 17 and she’s only done TV.

  • mamacharm

    The photo does look like Anna Faris, but she’s 37, hardly a “young actress” by Hollywood standards for sure.
    But maybe it’s the girl who plays her daughter on the show? Sadie Calvano is just 17. (And the other person in the photo kind of resembles French Stewart, who plays a chef on the show, not a main character, so getting rid of him would not be a huge upset to the cast — I like him and would hate to think he’s this kind of jerk, but who knows?) I can’t find any clues in the wording of the blind, but I don’t really follow the show so maybe I’m missing something.
    I find it hard to believe it’s anybody from either BBT or Modern Family — both shows have been cast-stable and hugely popular for awhile, so seems unlikely this would surface now.

  • xxxx127

    We’re concentrating on the girl, but that guy looks like Eric Stonestreet

    so my guess is
    Eric Stonestreet
    Sarah Hyland
    Modern Family

  • ravenglass

    Chloe Bennet from “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

    • ravenglass


      Bellamy Young from “Scandal”

      Maybe young refers to her name & not her age.

  • abetty98

    Anna Faris was my first thought, but then the picture also resembles Melissa Joan Hart. Not sure how young is “young” though.

  • WheresMyHalo

    Here’s what I gleaned from the keywords:

    The person that is acting inappropriately is the Director (“directly”, “CREW member…”, etc.)
    It is a drama series (“seriously”)

    Normally there are several directors involved during each season, so this either has to be a show that has only one director, or it is a sometime director who also has another role on the show that would keep them on the set every week (showrunner, writer, creator, producer).

    So I don’t think Big Bang Theory, Mom, or Modern Family fits the clues.

    The only show we could think of with a consistent director was 24, but they have already finished shooting for Live Another Day. So I hope my sleuthing helped, and maybe somebody else out there can come up with a good guess!

    • alina

      I’d suggest Glee, but Lea Michele already offed all the blond girls on the show. That’s kind of awkward if you think about it much. Also all the thin ones. Well, this got weird and unrelated. Sorry. How about Ben Savage back in Girl Meets World as actor and director?

  • xtina1983

    Melissa Joan Hart from Melissa & Joey?

    The picture kinda looks like her…

  • LE

    It also looks like Beth Behrs from 2 Broke Girls

  • kimbers

    Taylor Spengler feom melissa and joey

    Melissa Joan hart and joey Lawrence are exec producers

  • lyrelove

    I’ll guess Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory. Clue being “Are you listening?” and “Bang” is a sound !

  • Khadafi

    Sadie Calvano

  • thelasthigh

    Anna Faris

  • FlaminHotCheetos

    Hayden Panettiere

  • riven

    Britt Robertson from Under the Dome

    I think season 2 is currently filming and she’s gotten quite a few movie roles ahead.

  • Lisa

    Jennette McCurdy

  • ldylkngb

    This is someone from Nashville, not Hayden! I guess Claire Bowen! Hope not!

  • morgannicolesmith

    sarah hyland

  • mjandkatylover

    Hayden panettiere.


    Amber Tamblyn on Two and a Half Men and Clark Duke as the guy.

  • mickey101a

    I think it is one of the blondies from the show Nashville.

  • alwayserudite

    Since the girl in the pic looks like Anna Faris but Anna isn’t that young…I’m going to go with the girl who plays her daughter in Mom. Her name is Sadie Calvano.

    Anxious Actress: Sadie Calvano

  • pepper

    For some reason I think Nina Dobrev.