What It’s Like To Sleep With Your Favorite Boy Bander

rock star 7[Blind Gossip] We know that you dream about what it would be like to spend the night with your favorite foreign-born boy bander! But in case that never happens, we’re going to you exactly what you missed!

Not much.

Because despite his reputation of having been with lots of women (some famous), this boy bander is actually quite lame in the bedroom.

You meet him at a club. Out of all the girls in the room, he chooses you. You go back to his hotel suite with him.

He wants to watch you undress… but he doesn’t want you to see him naked. He’ll ask you to turn around while he takes off his pants and slips under the covers. Then you can turn around.

He isn’t looking for romance. He’ll tell you that he’s not really into kissing, so there’s no making out.

He doesn’t have much to say to you, but he does want you to talk dirty to him and tell him how hot he is.

He is small. Perhaps two inches soft, four inches hard. He is uncircumcised. He does wear a condom.

It’s just straight sex. Missionary style. Nothing else.

It takes him less than five minutes to finish. Then he falls asleep.



BONUS CLUE: No, it’s not Harry Styles!

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    • nicky says

      Well, it definitely can’t be Harry. For various reasons:
      1) Several previous BG blinds suggest that Harry is gay/not interested in women at all. And much more destinctly hinting at him per se. So, if this one actually were about Harry, that would mean all previous ones were fake/wrong.
      2) During the X-Factor, several contestants have mentioned in various interviews that Harry is known for repeatedly walking around the house naked. Also there’s x-factor behind the scenes footage showing Harry jumping on his bed naked (the interesting bits covered by the x-factor logo – google it). So he’s definitely NOT worried about being seen naked.
      3) He can also be seen completely naked in the hour-long 1D documentary “A Year in the making”. It’s during the scene where the band plays volleyball in the pool and Harry jumps up to reach the ball. He’s fully naked. (And definitely much bigger than 2 inches, lol)
      3) Also during the x-factor, a nude pic of Harry was leaked (again, google it, it’s all over the internet). You can see him standing in front of the mirror in the x-factor house bathroom (as could be compared to x-factor behind the scenes footage about the house). It’s definitely him, before he got his tattoos but recognizable thanks to his hair and his necklace. He is REALLY big. Even when soft.

      So this 100% can’t be him. And I have no idea who it could be, because I don’t even really know any other boybands. Just saiyng… Harry Styles seems to be the default guess for any and all boyband blinds, even when he doesn’t match the description at all.

      • LoneHazelEyes says

        We also know it’s not our Harry because Ace LOVES him his blinds always point directly at him. If it were Harry, it would be way more obvious!

  1. mouse1 says

    Well it’s definitely not Harry Styles. We’ve seen the pictures of his ‘attributes’ and he’s definitely larger than 2 inches soft.

    I’m going to guess Max from the Wanted.

  2. Fan says

    Most likely one of the British ones, due to being uncircumsized. From The Wanted or One Direction…Harry Styles, maybe, although we know HE’S gay.

  3. sugarspice says

    Now that I’ve spent the last 10 minutes laughing my arse off I’m going to take a quick stab at Niall Horan from One Direction. I’d go with Niall as he’s Irish and hence the foreign born and he also plays guitar. Good grief that sounds a preety awful experience for the young lady concerned. Quite degrading in a lot of respects. NIALL MATE UP YOUR GAME..FAMOUS OR NOT THIS IS NOT GOOD!

      • sugarspice says

        Oh dear sorry your clearly a Niall fan…but I’m not the only one guessing Niall. Just to let you know I am a HUGE 1D fan and am seeing them at Wembley in June. But these boys are humans and have insecurities just as you and I. The more we put them on a pedestal the more pressure to be perfect they will feel. Although the intial blind is funny to read it seems to be a sad indictment of some of those pressures, either that or he seriously needs a head check and a lecture on how to treat girls.

      • katjes says


        I don’t think ravenglass was chiding you, and I don’t think what she said showed any preference to Niall – I’m pretty sure she was praising your clever choice of words when you used “a quick stab,” as in the fact that the rock star finishes so quickly. I thought your choice of words was clever as well – and I agree that he should learn how to treat his paramours better.

      • ravenglass says

        sugarspice, it’s as katjes said. I wasn’t being snarky with you, I thought what you said was funny. Sorry if it came across the wrong way.

        Enjoy the concert in June!!!

  4. travoltasbeard says

    Harry Styles from One Direction.
    Eyepatch = Hit in the eye and was hurt.

    I do not think it was Louis that shot anything into his eye though! You guys are gross for even thinking that!!!

    • ravenglass says

      STRAIGHT sex & missionary STYLE could be clues pointing to……

      Boybander: Harry Styles

      Group: One Minute Erection

      • ravenglass says

        Maybe that’s why “straight sex” is a clue. It could be someone we wouldn’t think would have sex with a girl.

      • ravenglass says

        Okay, so I just saw the photo other Blinders were saying to check out &………….GOOD LORD!!! This is absolutely NOT about Harry.

  5. Markme says

    If this was my favorite boy bander this would not be a problem at all. (If I could turn him over and do him that is)

  6. JennUx says

    Aw man this is sad…

    Boybander: Zayn Malik


    clue= “boybander” from boybanders are hiding a secret. he’s engaged too, poor perrie

  7. Booboo1068 says

    OK my partner and I have been together for close to 20 yrs and it’s not this blah! I’ll keep my non famous hubby thx…

    Well, from many previous Blinds I’d say NOT Harry Styles as it’s about a girl fan.

    Smoke and mirrors people. Smoke and mirrors. Carefully scripted and marketed image/ brand. Just part of the business of Show but so many keep falling for it. So many celebs I don’t want yo meet now because I’d rather not find out.

  8. HarryandLouis says

    Boybander: Michael
    Group: 5SOS

    Clues – nothing really except for that pic that surfaced of Michael in some girl’s bed.

    • OhMyGossip says

      Oh boy – this was my first thought too. The little picture even looks like Michael…

      Only reservation is that I’m not sure Michael has much of a rep as a ladies man. Nor does 5SOS usually qualify as a boyband.

    • drjrh says

      I think this is the strongest guess. Cannot be Harry bc we know from his naked selfie that he is packing some caged heat.

  9. sdenzel says

    For everyone who thinks this is about Harry Styles lol sorry I can’t believe people would really believe that, but okay I’m going to say why its not:
    first of all I and a lot of people believes that Harry is gay. So just because of that this article wouldn’t be about him, secondly ‘he doesn’t want you to see him naked’…. uhmm hallo? We are supposedly talking about Harry Styles he is the Master of running around naked 😛 lol so … and there are more reasons 😉
    but who is it than? I really don’t know. The only hint which makes me think about 1D is the ‘talk dirty to me’ and so than I think its about Niall because: he plays the guitar (photo), foreigh-Irish, reputation (to be honest he didn’t really had it, but I believe that the last year his reputation became more clear and they talked about Barbara and more girls). Lastly (although I really thought that Niall was more comfortable with himself than a few years ago) it could be that he is still insecure.

    • rainbo1118 says

      I agree with the Harry bit of this… Harry is not afraid to get naked randomly let alone in front of other & several people have confirmed he is packing heat = including Ed Sheeran. Unfortunately I think it might be Max from the Wanted. I can’t imagine Niall needing people to tell him how attractive he is.

  10. Loveisblind says

    Michael from 5sos-the foreign boy band the guitar and the colored hair because no one in one direction looks like that and the only one that plays guitar in one direction is niall and his hair is blonde. Plus the description from the story and people who have slept with him it doesn’t fit. Anyway back to Michael. 5sos has been sleeping with groupies even more than usual and a lot of them are speaking out and saying that 5sos will only sleep with fans they meet at bars outside of fan situations take you back, aren’t very nice to you, and Michael is self conscious about his body and doesn’t think he’s attractive. No one 1D fits this description even the sleeps with a lot of women thing typically being harry can’t be true because plenty of men and women have seen him naked and he is huge as decribe d by everyone, just ask ed sheeran.

  11. Daisy134 says

    Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer? He is often in clubs and there was a big drama this weekend because a girl posted a pic with him in bed. He’s also the band’s guitarist and has crazy hair colors, like the pic. And didn’t we went out with Abigail Breslin once?
    But it could be someone from One Direction? The “talk dirty” clue… Not Harry because Ace has always been clear about his preferences. So I’m thinking it could be Zayn. A lot of groupies and cheating rumours and he did date Rebecca Ferguson and is engaged to Perrie Little Mix (these ones being the ‘some’ famous women). I’m curious about this one lol

  12. Wisher says

    LOL! Poor fool, and this sounds like 1D and I’ll guess Harry styles. Still LOL’ing!

  13. audreyyy says

    zayn??? i dont think this is harry because we’ve seen his nudes he cant be that small. or niall possibly

  14. emmawilliamhemmings says

    Harry Styles
    One Direction

    (I still believe in larry though)

  15. Bullship_u_know says

    Boybander: Harry Styles

    Group: One Direction

    I hope I’m wrong. :(

  16. gedull says

    I feel like most people will guess Harry styles but im actually going to say Max George from The Wanted just because the blind says some famous women and I don’t know of any non-famous beard for Harry.

  17. luv2guess says

    It’s gotta b Harry Styles from One Direction, bummer but not surprised…he’s young still

  18. True007 says

    Boybander: Niall Horan

    Group: One Direction

    Whoever this is, at least he’s wearing a condom.

    On a side note, I really wanted this to be about Bieber. Sounds like something he would do.

  19. HagiaSophia says

    Well, we KNOW it’s not Harry Styles, for once. As Louis Tomlinson once sang, “‘Cause you’ve got that big dick.”

    Max George from The Wanted, maybe?

  20. Nyx says

    I’ll kick it, because it seems to be, but I do not believe it!

    Boybander: One Direction
    Group: Zayn Malik

  21. allison53 says

    hmm i was thinking harry from one direction because he’s said to have slept with a lot of girls, but in my opinion he seems to be the kind of guy that loves kissing (those lips!!!!), and in an interview, everyone but harry and niall said they were uncircumcised, so that rules him out. im stumped…

    • allison53 says

      the picture reminds me of michael clifford from 5sos but idk if you’d call him a favorite boy bander. urrgh

    • krosechi says

      No no. Now I see; I think it is michael from 5SecondsOfSummer. The picture reminds me him.

  22. whitesox23 says

    I don’t think this is about Harry Styles, but one of the other members from One Direction. Remember the picture that was supposedly Harry? He looked much bigger than what is being described– if truly it was him. But hey if it is Harry, that’s sad.

  23. Cecilia says

    sounds like Zain Malik from 1D, and thats too bad because he is the only good looking in that band. The other 4 look tragic, especially Louis

  24. rallibella says

    This is Michael Clifford of 5SOS. Pictures of him and a groupie in bed were all over Twitter this weekend. He was sound asleep behind her in the pic.

    There have been a ton of “groupie” rumblings regarding 5SOS in the last few months.

    Clifford also plays guitar, and is dark haired like the pic. Oh, and he’s Australian so he’s got the foreign thing covered.

  25. howaboutalessia says

    Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer. The picture looks exactly like him, (dyed hair, playing guitar) and recently a picture of him n bed with a girl surfaced onto the internet. No one in One Direction fits that description, and the only guess that makes sense I could come up with was Michael.

  26. thelasthigh says

    not sure who’s been with famous girls, Nathan Sykes?

    definitely not Harry Styles, he’s known for being nude and showing off his big wang.

    • britbrat86 says

      The only really famous girl Nath has been seen dating was Ariana Grande. . . and even shes not really famous, There was that Dionne Bromfield chick (she’s a piece of freaking work!)

  27. crazymofo says

    Boybander: Niall Horan

    Group: 1D

    louis once said that Niall had a small penis, in a drawing on the wall of MSG, the big picture and then said: “It’s not exactly this size” and laughed…. Poor Niall small and premature Ejaculation. that’s sad!!

  28. sherlock says

    He’ll end up with no women wanting to sleep with him if he performs like that.Why do girls allow blokes like that to just use them as sex objects and nothing else.I despair with today’s young men and their attitudes towards women.

    • Katmandu says

      He’ll probably try a lot harder with a woman he falls in love with and has a relationship with. One more piece of groupie meat is just that, and he doesn’t have to prove a darned thing – as long as he stays hot in the music biz they will be lined up waiting. Girls are out bangin’ celebrities because they ARE celebrities, if they’re expecting to be swept off their feet with passion, they may very well be doomed to sad, sad disappointment. So it has been since caveman days, and so it will be unto the end of the world.

      • sherlock says

        It certainly looks like this particular conquest was disappointed by his performance and has been talking.Let’s hope he reads Blind Gossip.

  29. batgirl6 says

    if I remember correctly, i think Louis and Liam both have said that they are uncircumcised…..
    but, on the other hand, Niall plays guitar so he fits the picture
    but if the picture is a clue/reference, it looks like the guy from 5SOS, the one named Michael….yeah, he is my guess!

  30. isabella_herrera says

    You should give a clue of the band because we don’t know, is confused.

  31. smleighton says

    either Niall Horan from One Direction, Max George from The Wanted, or Jay McGuiness from The Wanted

  32. slantrhyme says

    It’s someone from 5 Seconds of Summer.

    Can’t believe any of the BG regulars would guess Harry!

  33. caligrlth25 says

    I agree that this is michael from 5sos. I think the talk dirty clue was thrown in bc 1d did that video to the song and 5sos is going on tour with them this summer & have been on tour with them b4; so that’s the link for that. All the other clues match him as well

  34. Katmandu says

    Whoever this guy is, he doesn’t owe any fans anything more than a decent song. One groupie is much like the previous groupie and the next groupie. If you go to clubs trolling for a sexxy hookup, go to a porn star convention where you know what you’re getting ahead of time..

    • youngstory says

      foreign-born boy bander! Not boybander, So it’s Calum is Asian. That fit him best isn’t it. Asian is known for less than average size, and uncircumcised, plus I think this is not shy of naked, but shy of size.

  35. srw27 says

    If this is Harry Styles, it’s just more proof that he’s gay tbh. He picks up a chick in a bar & attempts to have sex with her but he is 1000% not interested bc he’s only interested in Louis….

  36. peppermintclub says

    Gonna guess the other brother from Tokio Hotel, not the main singer.

    The cartoon has a guitar and weird hair, but Tokio Hotel are boybandish, right? I have not idea if other brother from the band has ever slept with anyone famous.

  37. ars says

    That Michael guy from 5SOS? The picture just remind me of him.
    And a lot of people guess it’s Harry Styles? So ridiculous,people need to read the previous bg!

  38. OhHarryLovesLou says

    It’s NOT Harry Styles, he’s gay.

    Boybander: Michael
    Band: 5sos

  39. Carolyn says

    Please don’t be Matt Healy from the 1975. Don’t know what it is about that boy.

  40. kittenchow says

    Definitely not Harry Styles. He’s hung like a horse even when soft. He had a nude leak from the TXF house and he very clearly has nothing to hide. In addition he prefers to be nude, runs around half naked most of the time and is not in anyway ashamed of his body. He shows it off all the time.

    Actually I don’t think this is 1D at all. We’ve seen all of them through either tight pants with no underwear or sweats with no underwear and as a woman who has seen a lot of c0ck in her life, none of them have anything to be ashamed of and they’re all built like brick sh!t houses.

  41. 5taceface says

    “He isn’t looking for romance” made me think of the vamps song can we dance…

  42. mint86 says

    Sounds like this is meant to be about Harry Styles, although is likely untrue. Just because a source reports something doesn’t always guarantee that it’s gospel. BG is simply reporting the story as it was told to them. But all clues (minus details of his size/circumcision status) seem to point to Styles:

    – favorite boy bander (name another boy band member who is half as famous as Harry Styles?)
    – foreign-born (UK)
    – reputation for being with lots of women (Harry’s “womanizing” reputation is widely known. Whether or not that reputation is true (likely is not) is irrelevant in this case.
    – he wants you to “talk dirty to him.” One Direction did a “talk dirty to me” music video for 1D Day
    – just “straight sex” (a play on the fact that harry is believed to be/most likely gay)
    – missionary style (clue: harry STYLES) BG could have easily said missionary position, or just missionary
    – the eye patch (something about harry getting hit in the eye at a show?)

    Maybe it’s someone else, but that’s what the clues seem to say. One thing’s for sure though: no one’s believing Harry is 2-4 inches. Not even on a cold day in hell, if hell was a skinny dipping competition in the north atlantic, in december.

  43. isabella_herrera says

    causes me laugh that they keep saying that it is harry styles when we all know well that he is gay.

  44. louise_ says


    – favorite boy bander – The Wanted (Max is the most popular in TW)

    – foreign-born (UK)

    reputation of having been with lots of women (some famous) – Max’s “womanizing” reputation is known AND he hook up with LINDSAY LOHAN.

    He isn’t looking for romance. – If u watch the wanted reallity show, you will se max hookin up with a lot of differents womans.

  45. Lisa says

    Boybander: Niall Horan
    Group: One direction

    Harry Styles is Gay, so it cannot be him.

  46. sugarspice says

    Thank you Ravenglass. Made me realise I need to take a step back, sorry. Sometimes I feel tired of defending my views on twitter and would never use the name I have on here on my 1D account or even hint at suggesting this could be Niall Horan. Time for some R & R from twitter etc…..still think this is Niall…still going to concert though!
    Harry and Louis are gay, Liam just can’t see it happening with him and Zayn is of Pakistani origin and most of those boys are circumcised within a couple of weeks of birth…only leaves Niall…

  47. nvuss says

    Boybander: Michael Clifford
    Group: 5SOS

    Based off of the picture and that bands notorious reputation for plethoras of hookups lead me straight to them. He’s Australian (foreign) and the only one who’s been linked to someone famous. Also the part about wanting to watch you undress reminds me of their song She Looks So Perfect in the line “you look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear” hinting he’s watching her get dressed/undressed.

    Only One Direction boys known for hooking up are Zayn and Harry. It’s NOT Harry and it doesn’t seem to be Zayn either.
    My only other guess is Max from The Wanted. He’s the sleaziest and known for a couple of famous hookups, but the picture or blind doesn’t fit him at all. Zayn nor Max seem like the insecure and shy type.

  48. LarryAndTheBeard says

    I doubt it’s Niall. Pictures of him in sweatpants/no briefs are always showing up and from his “outline” he’s pretty big (soft). He seems to be really confident in himself. The only famous girls he’s been linked with are Ellie Goulding (for a day), Selena Gomez (not even a day), Barbara Palvin and Demi Lovato. He’s a pretty low-key guy (hookup/girl wise). He’s DEFINITELY not known as a ladies man (especially in the 1D fandom) since he is always shut down by the ladies and always “friendzoned”. Can’t be Harry. We’ve seen his nude, he’s packing. He’s also not straight (which rules out Louis who is also gay). That leaves Zayn/Liam. Zayn is Muslim and (speaking as a Muslim myself) is most definitely circumcised. That leaves out Liam who has confirmed himself to be uncircumcised. The problem with him is that he has only been linked with Danielle Peazer and Sophia Smith, both of which were long term relationships. He is not known to be a ladies man.
    My final verdict: It’s not one of the 1D boys, but it might be one of the 5sos boys, maybe Michael (the picture looks a lot like him)…

  49. Pretty in Pink says

    As bonus clue says, its not Harry Styles, and having seen the pics on the web of him, he has a serious package, so def not him! Am going with Niall Horan of 1D, I always feel he is a little mysterious, let’s say there is ‘something of the night’ about him… plus he plays guitar.

  50. Elisa says

    The fact that Ace had to write a bonus clue and say it’s not about Harry Styles makes me laugh. We all know it can’t be Harry because he’s obviously not straight and if his nude tells us anything, it’s NOT that he’s small.

    My guess is Niall Horan from One Direction perhaps? CLUES: He’s the only member that plays the guitar (the picture of the guy with the guitar). “Foreign-born”, being the only one who isn’t from the UK (he’s from Ireland). “Talk dirty to him”, the One Direction boys did a bit with the song “Talk Dirty to Me”. His “reputation of having been with lots of women (some famous)”, he’s been linked with Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez, and Barbara Palvin.

    If not Niall, I guess Max George from The Wanted?

  51. katibeth says

    Alright. I’m taking a detour here, and I’m saying Michael from 5SOS. The picture looks like the new promos for their new music video, and he also plays guitar in the band. However, I’m also going to say this may be about Niall Horan from One Direction. The “talk dirty to him” may be a reference to their video for Talk Dirty To Me. Idk though, I’m just guessing.