A Ring On That Insecure Finger

engagement ring 11[Blind Gossip] This reality star is wearing a ring on her engagement finger. Is she engaged?


Although you might think of her as one of the more down-to-earth members of her group, she is not. She acts like she is so happy when the people close to her are in the headlines, but it actually eats away at her self-esteem that it’s not her in the headlines. Yes, she is that insecure. That’s why she goes to extremes to compete for attention. She thinks deserves more publicity.

But for what? Is she doing anything or accomplishing anything? No. But she has to get attention somehow! So she is the one who is spreading rumors about herself to make you think that she is being considered for a certain job (she isn’t), or that she may be pregnant (she isn’t), or that she may be engaged (she isn’t). Whatever. Her delusion is likely fueled by all the substances she’s putting in her mouth.

Reality Star:

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