He May Have To Out Himself To Save Himself

[Blind Gossip] This well-known Actor may have to out himself very soon if he wants to avoid getting entangled in the Bryan Singer investigation.

He is one of the many who was caught in the predatory trap set by the power players like Bryan Singer when he was just starting out as an actor. While he definitely benefited from it career-wise, it is important to emphasize that he was a young guy when this happened, and that we do not think that he became a perpetrator himself later on.

Our Actor began his career in Hollywood in the 1990s and has worked very steadily ever since. He primarily does comedic films, and is famous for one particular role. His Mom is probably more famous than him.

He is certain that his name is going to surface in the investigation, and he is having major anxiety over both the criminal investigation and about being exposed as a gay man. He has dated beautiful women all these years, including a couple of famous actresses. He was even engaged at one point. But he is gay, and he is closeted, and he is worried about how being outed will affect his career.

His choices are to do nothing and hope that his name never surfaces in the investigation… or to let others out him and to let his name get dragged through the mud and then try to play defense… or to play offense and out himself and tell his own story before that happens. He is leaning towards the latter right now. We wish him well.


His Most Famous Role:

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161 comments to He May Have To Out Himself To Save Himself

  • Elmerblues

    Seann William Scott
    Most famous role – Scott Stifler American Pie
    His Mother was played by Jennifer Coolidge.
    Was engaged in 2011

    • GiveMeGossip

      Forgive my poor memory, but isn’t he the one who everyone swears is Suri’s real dad?

    • PrettyInPink84

      I usually have excellent gaydar and I NEVER would have thought this! OMG Color me shocked! Stiffler was his most famous role to date and Stiffler’s mom…… :O

    • SammynSophie

      I will be the first to admit I do not have mad skills when it comes to blind items, so I didn’t understand the Seann William Scott guesses. But having researched him a little more and discovering that he started on Chad’s World – the brain child of that sicko, Collins-Rector – it all makes sense now. Sadly. I hope he was not a victim. :(

    • drunkenmummy

      Another clue that it could be Sean William Scott is the bit about “play defense…play offense”. Could be a reference to his hockey movie, “Goon”.

  • EmmeSulis


  • Revisionist

    Sean William Scott.

    • stanton

      Was Seann under age when this happened if so he should speak up. I still say “Innocent until Proven Guilty” however if there witnesses to these alleged crimes then please come forward.

  • Ms_Kiki



  • bumponalog

    Seann William Scott?

    His ‘Mom': In American Pie…Stifler’s Mom?

  • pisces0023

    Sean Astin. Lead Goonie?

  • jennafire

    Pauly Shore? Encino Man?

  • meianoite

    Actor: Tyler Perry
    His most famous role: Madea

  • Glitterbug622

    Seann William Scott
    Stifler in the American Pie movies

  • Markme

    Scott from “American Pie”

  • MissV523

    Seann William Scott

    Most Famous Role: Steve Stiffler

    Clue: His MOM is probably more famous than him. (Stiffler’s mom)

  • ashanean

    Actor: Seann William Scott

    His Most Famous Role: American Pie Stifler

  • WILDKATer216

    Actor: Seann William Scott
    Role: Stifler

  • lobsterbabe

    Pauly Shore

    His mom is Mitzi Shore who owns The Comedy Store and is very well known in Hollywood.

    I was hesitant to guess him because of the age, he seems older than I initially would have thought for this guess everything else fits and according to IMDB he gas been working steadily throughout the years but is best known for his comedies in the 90’s. As for his most famous role..I’ll guess Encino Man

  • brobdingnagian

    Pauly shore

    Stony Brown in Encino Man

  • nitemere11

    Sean Astin, most famous for Lord of the Rings. Mom is Patty Duke.

    • nitemere11

      Maybe not. But first name that came to my mind.

    • abetty98

      I don’t think it is Sean, because he has been married since the early 90’s and they have 3 kids. From the sound of the blind item it doesn’t sound as if he has been married.

    • missmissy

      Sean Astin’s kids even made cameos in the Lord of the Ring movies

  • LaLeche

    Stifler. Sad.

  • Bamadex

    Actor: Seann William Scott

    Role: Stifler


  • everandever

    Actor: Seann William Scott
    Role: Stifler

  • raslebol

    Stifler aka Seann William Scott who dated jaime king and january jones at the begining of 2000’s .Stifler’s mum is famous

  • makefetchhappen

    Seann William Scott. The hint about his “Mom” refers to Stifler’s Mom in the American Pie movies.

  • hillc308

    Actor: Seann William Scott

    Famous Role: Stifler

    He was engaged, but called it off in January 2013

  • Kerzep

    Oooooh, this is juicy.

    I don’t know who it is (it’s the famous Mom that’s throwing me).

    So all I’ve got is Christian Bale and his stepmother Gloria Steinham.

    I think Christian is happily married however.

  • raymondj64

    Seann Willim Scott
    Steve Stifler from American Pie movies

  • scumby

    Jason Schwartzman

  • Khadafi

    Actor: Sean William Scott

    His Most Famous Role: American Pie

  • brooklyngirl

    actor: Seann William Scott

    role: Stifler

  • MissNormaDesmond

    Jeez, I’ve never even seen American Pie but I know this is Seann William Scott 😉

  • ElizaDo-Little

    Seann William Scott. Famous for playing Stiffler in American Pie, whose character’s MOM is more famous. Known for having “dated” Jaime King, January Jones, and Deanna Miller. He was engaged to Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Frimodt, but they broke up.

  • robirob052

    Actor: Sean William Scott
    His Most Famous Role: Stifler from the American Pie franchise

    Check for DEN (Digital Entertainment Network) and Marc Collins-Rector, but warning: It’s some really creepy and disturbing stuff. SWS was invovled in the scandal and was in at least one web pilot of that studio.

  • Hbttd

    Sean William Scott

  • mrtiktok

    Actor: Sean william scott
    His most famous role: stiffler from american pie.
    I always got the gay vibe from him. He broke engagement with one of model too and clue “his mom is probably more famous than him” refers to Stiffler’s mom chatacter??

  • Okayeah

    Seann William Scott/Stiffler (and Stiffler’s Mom was played by Jennifer Coolidge!)

  • Tennisnsun

    Ben Stiller

  • Best Guess

    Sean William Scott
    Steve Stifler. And of course, Stifler’s mom is famous.

    Why this is a surprise I am not sure as it has been out there for years that he is gay. No one really cares Sean, just come out. You are still funny!

  • pikasupageti

    For the love of everything. I can’t figure this out. I hope someone could figure it asap and post it.

  • pr91

    Paula Shore/ mom is comedian Mitzi Shore
    Encino Man

  • habrochroma

    Actor: Seann William Scott
    Role: Stifler from American Pie

  • Mattsfo17

    Sean William Scott (Stiffler from American Pie – Stiffler’s Mom)

  • robin

    Bradley Cooper, famous for the Hangover.
    That’s my guess since he brings his mom to awards shows and such. Plus Suki was getting pretty close to Cara D. not too long ago so they could be bearding each other.

    • kissmyang

      This was actually my guess as well…his Mom was pretty famous on the party circuit during awards season. xoxo

    • Booboo1068

      If this was Brad C. there arguably would be more at stake career wise then SWS (no offence) so I’m not convinced it’s him. Also the Blind says his mom his PROBABLY more famous then him which is an interesting way to say it. From IMDB about Brad’s mom “His mother, Gloria (Campano), is of Italian descent, and worked for a local NBC station.” So she’d have to be famous for something other then performing…so, her son and being his awards date?

      Not sure, think I’m going with Sean W. on this one. Sad what so many get involved in when they’re starting out in the business…deals with devils for money and fame.

      • robin

        Agreed. Plus I realized after I posted that Bradley was married once before so they would have said that instead of mentioning he was engaged. Sean is a much better guess.

      • mugofmead111

        Bradley’s mom may be famous…in the Philadelphia area that is. (She worked for Channel 10, the local NBC affiliate).

      • Booboo1068

        I find out interesting little pieces of info from this site all the time…like Brad’s mom working in Philly. Thx!

  • evilbubbles

    Seann William Scott
    American Pie
    (His Mom being Stifler’s Mom the original MILF)

  • blue-

    Seann William Scott
    Stifler in American Pie

  • celebinsider

    Seann William Scott

  • herc99

    Seann William Scott / Stifler

  • stolenlemming

    Actor: Sean William Scott
    His Most Famous Role: Steve Stifler in American Pie
    Maybe? His acting career started in the 90s, he pretty much just does comedy films, and then they said his Mom is more famous than he is – the woman who plays Stifler’s mom is potentially more famous than he is, and who can forget ‘Stifler’s Mom!’. Also he was engaged to a Victoria’s secret model but they split last year.

    Also, first post I think, so hello!

  • stanton

    Oliver Hudson
    MOM Goldie Hawn

  • cagey

    Seann William Scott. Famous mom: Stifler’s mom

  • kspeedian

    The only comedian that I can think of who has a famous mother is Ben Stiller. however, I am pretty sure that he has been married for a very long time to Christine Taylor (that’s her name right? If not, I mean Marsha from the Brady Bunch movie from the 90s)… So he doesn’t really fit. If it were him, I guess the role would be Zoolander?

    I don’t know. This one is really confusing me. There’s a few comedians that come to mind, however none of them have more famous mothers as far as I know… Let alone mothers who are more famous than they are. Even Ben Stiller is a stretch… Cause I wouldn’t say his mother is MORE famous than him. Also, both of his parents are famous and this makes it sound like a person with just a famous mother. Without the mother clue, I’d have a bunch of names to pick from… But that’s what’s throwing me for a loop.

    curious to see what all of you think… I’m sure it’s someone obvious, who is just slipping my mind.

    Whoever it is, I’m surprised a young man trying to get into the business with a very famous mother would have to do this to advance his career. There is so much nepotism in Hollywood! Whoever it is, I wish him well… He must be going through a very difficult time.

  • petunya

    This would be actor Sean Scott, is that right? Stiffler was his famous role in American Pie

  • bettylouhoo

    Sean William Scott. Most famous role: Stifler in American Pie. Engaged in 2011.

  • mandy1728

    Actor: Pauly Shore

    His Most Famous Role: The Weasel

    His mother is Mitzi Shore – founder of the comedy store. IDK if this if right, but he was the first person that came to mind. I know I am way off. Can’t wait to see the other posts

  • Longstreet

    Seann William Scott. Started in the 90’s, mostly does comedies, the famous role is Stifler from American Pie, and the famous Mom is the character of Stifler’s mother. I’ve seen his name appear once on gay blog discussing these parties and mention his involvement in them years ago (I have no idea if this is true or not). If it is him, it’s too bad because I’ve heard from folks that he truly is a very nice, humble guy.

    • Booboo1068

      Sadly the good guys are too often easy targets when young in general never mind in such a cut throat industry. Young women too. The ones who think they have something to hide are an even bigger target. It is sad and I wish whoever this is the best in putting his past behind him. It sounds like coming forward with the truth on his terms will get his power back. He could end up feeling better for it and others said becoming yet another much needed role model for young gay men and kids.

  • brynnette

    I’ll guess Sean William Scott – fame from American Pie movie as Steve Stifler in 1999. Has worked steadily in mostly comedies. Is/was engaged. “Stifler’s mother” is famous.

  • Runningdude1

    Actor: Sean William Scott

    Role: Stifler in American Pie

  • MissAndrea

    Sean William Scott

  • gotsomemoxie

    Pauley Shore? Not sure about most famous role.

  • em23

    I’d guess seann william scott famous mom being stifler’s mom and his famous role is stifler

  • lilyofthevalley

    Seann William Scott

    Got his start in “Chad’s World” funded by DEN. A year later, he got his role as Stifler on American Pie. His mom is “Stiffler’s Mom”

  • debsndogs

    Actor: Seann William Scott
    His Most Famous Role: Steve Stifler in American Pie

    Hint: His Mom is more famous – “Stifler’s Mom” (played by Jennifer Coolidge) is a storyline in all of the American Pie movies.

    His career did start in the 90s, he does mostly comedies, he continues to work, he’s dated various actresses (Jaime King, January Jones…), and was engaged to Lindsay Frimodt but they broke it off.

    • KatarinaJ

      His Mom is an agent or somehow works in the business but is she more famous than him? I don’t think so.

  • wednesday forever

    Seann William Scott?
    Role: Steve Stiffler

  • arielade

    George Clooney? Mom is Rosemary Clooney? Famous for ER? The only thing that this doesn’t fit is that he was married at one point, and Ace doesn’t mention that. I don’t know, I am really bad at these things!

  • jocar

    Actor: Seann William Scott

    Most famous role: Steve Stifler

    The biggest clue is that his Mom is more famous than him. He also broke off an engagement a few years ago and they “parted as friends.” The clincher is a picture of him in NYC recently. Personally, I think he is adorable, but he will never be an Oscar nominee. I wish him well.

  • kristanunz

    Sean William Scott. Mom is capitalized after noting he is famous for one particular role. So I am thinking they are talking about American pie. Stifler’s mom. Plus can’t see why if you had a real famous mom that you would need help boosting your career.

  • Gingi1976

    This may sound nuts, but Pauly Shore? Known for The Weasel?

    Mom is Mitzi Shore, who founded The Comedy Store. HUGE name in the industry.

  • pineapple


  • Tipsy

    Omg…Stiffler. Sean William Scott. Poor guy. Maybe it’s for the best. I’ve heard he has struggled with addiction and maybe coming out will lift the burden of living a lie. I wish him the best.

  • MarilyneFortin


  • echooscar

    Sean William Scott – American Pie – Stifler – Mom= Stifler’s mom!

  • jeannie

    Seann William Scott aka Stifler from the American Pie movies.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    This is really hard, even with all the clues. The only actors that I can think of that have famous mothers are Ben Stiller (Ann Meara) and Sean Astin (Patty Duke), neither of whom are more famous than they are.

  • hockeymomma5

    Sean William Scott
    And famous ‘Mom’ – stiflers mom of course!!
    Poor guy, I could care less about his orientation, and will still watch movies his in etc.

  • RyderW

    I am going to guess, Ben Stiller. (His mom is Anne Meara) and he is most well known for his role as Derek Zoolander . I know he is married though… to a woman and has children so this could be A HUGE STRETCH…. but hey what the heck?! .. He also dated Amanda Peet and Calista Flockhart, and the reference to playing offense and defense makes me think of Dodgeball… I wish him or whoever all the best! He seems like a really nice guy! …

  • mugofmead111

    I feel as if this should be relatively obvious, my mind is blank.

    (So much for the speculation about Clooney and Kevin Spacey; this can’t be about them.)

  • itismeme

    Oooo, I think I got it!

    Seann William Scott
    Stiffler (Stiffler’s Mom one of the more famous characters from America Pie)

  • queenscb

    Sean William Scott
    Famous role: Stifler, American Pie

    The Mom part made me think of that character.

  • minime

    Seann William Scott Stifler American Pie

  • MikeInSanJose


    This is Seann William Scott!

  • Synapse3

    Sean Astin?

  • mattierandom

    Leo Dicaprio

  • guccishel

    Eddie Murphy – I think he was mostly late 80’s though
    Big momma’s klump’s house gonna get ya movie???

  • timesink

    Pauly Shore, Encino Man? Not that he has worked much, but his mother is more famous than him and being very local to Hollywood it would make sense that he might find himself at these parties.

  • chai

    Ben Stiller

  • mizzavrid

    Oooooooh boy, could it be my Bradley???? I’ve been waiting for this.


    Actor: Pauly Shore
    Famous Role: Encino Man

  • mizzavrid

    Oh yeah, and Silver Linings Playbook.

  • Mardy Bum

    Come on out Seann! I’ll still go watch your movies.

  • Synapse3

    Oops. That can’t be right.

  • Witch Baby

    Pauly Shore?

  • carriebradshaw

    Jake Gyllenhall/ Donnie Darko?

  • Mixtape

    Pauly Shore / Encino Man

  • NYerInTheKnow

    Actor: Sean William Scott
    Role: Stifler
    Only problem is I don’t think his Mom is famous

  • jessicab

    Actor: Bradley Cooper

    His Most Famous Role: The Hangover

  • Markray19

    I’m gonna go with Jason Schwarzmann. He’s best known for Rushmore and his mom is Talia Shire.

    • nony

      Sorry, but I happen to know Jason. He’s not gay. At all. This I am 100% sure of. I know the whole family and have known him since he was born.

  • Terry

    The only comedic actor with a famous mother that I can think of is Ben Stiller.

  • scumby

    Stifler’s Mom -how cute. Nothing surprising about William Sean Scott being gay. Finch and Chris Klein also seemed gay.

  • Kelly

    That guy from Lord of the Rings? Sean Austin I think is his name? That’s all I got

  • kbd61186

    actor:macaulay culkin
    famous role: home alone.

    I don’t think this is it really tho cuz of the more famous Mom part. but this is my best guess :/

  • kbd61186

    my other guess is Corey Feldman. his mom was in the news a lot because of their issues.

  • cheezy

    Ooh? Jason Segel? Everyone knows about his mother!