Lick Me

ice cream blue[Lick Me Im Delicious] BG Note: Charlie Harry Francis – the food inventor behind the ice cream company Lick Me I’m Delicious – describes a custom ice cream flavor that he concocted for a celebrity client.

The Arousal: This was one of the weirder requests we’ve had; to make Viagra ice cream for a party. It was for one of our A-list Celebrity clients and they’ve made us sign a confidentiality agreement, so we can’t say much about it, but I am allowed to say that they were ‘very happy with the end result’.

Each ball. Of ice cream. Is dosed with 25mgs of Viagra and is flavoured with bubbly champagne. Lovely.

Celebrity Client:

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  1. malkatz says

    That’s actually kind of genius, especially for older gay couples who want to indulge and make their intimate time fun without the stigma of the pill.

    It isn’t Donald Trump, because he refuses to have alcohol, so he’s out. Michael Douglas, maybe?

  2. mostlylurker says

    advice to Lick Me: viagra has very serious interactions for pts also taking nitrates (for cardiac issues) even at prescribed doses. Next time stay out of the drug dealing and let them dose themselves. what you did was illegal and potentially life-threatening.

    • La Llorona says

      I was going to come here and say this. Isn’t it a bad idea to mix certain meds and alcohol? How is this okay?

    • annasophie says

      i agree with you. my first reaction was legally minded as well. this is straight up drug dealing and they will end up with a corpse on their hands.

    • annasophie says

      this ice cream dude is about to get a knock on the door. stupid, stupid, stupid…

      • PrettyInPink84 says

        It is not only illegal, but very dangerous. But if there’s going to be that stupid to begin with, then YES! Have some more!

    • ginnynotjenny says

      Viagra can be dangerous, but these dangers have also been very well publicized. I’m sure everyone invited to this nasty little soiree was made aware of what was in the ice cream and could choose not to partake…

  3. betchaaskt says

    The way the description is punctuated it seems like it would be William Shatner, but is he really a-list? Stanley Tucci from the Lovely…Bones?

    • tonisl says

      Totally this! ^

      The short. Sentences give. It all. Away. Plus, his age … His slightly twisted view or things … And his A-list status. (Does anyone NOT instantly recognize his voice, face, character, and way of speaking?) Regardless, that’s a super risky offering … Unless the party-goers were told upfront.

  4. minx says

    This sounds like Jack Nicholson to me–an old guy who wants to be with younger women but doesn’t have the…stamina.

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      Not if the people invited to sign the confidentiality agreement had a prescription. It could be that a doctor wrote a prescription for the ice cream for the A-Lister.

      I think this is Hef and some of his old Hollywood cronies.

  5. bec215 says

    So is the celeb female or male? The lack of gender in this case seems pretty relevant… I mean, either it’s a gay celeb with a wicked sense of humor and crazy parties, OR it’s a female celeb with a strong appetite. Craving/eating ice cream is typically associated with women, but no clue in this case if it’s relevant or red (or blue) herring!

  6. bleargh says

    I’m going to say Hugh Hefner. Because that’s the sort of thing I could imagine him doing. But I’m sure the real answer is “anyone”.

  7. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I’ll say Simon Cowell but probably some British celebrity I’ve never heard of that ordered these.

  8. I Am PunkA says

    Hugh Hefner.

    The PB Mansion is said to have that stuff in massive bowls from wall to wall for its guests use.

  9. Smokey says

    I don’t know who the client would be, but that ice cream looks yummy! I love any food that’s blue.

  10. kavavaledos says

    Have no idea but that’s pretty ingenious & hilarious. What men won’t do to get laid! I’m thinking this was done for gay clientele. Looking forward to reading the other comments & guesses. People posting here are really intuitive & clever! So happy I stumbled upon this site!

  11. MaybeImRight says

    No clue, but if I were the head of that company I would’ve asked for myself to be “blinded” in here as well. Putting drugs into food and then profiting from it is 100% illegal!

  12. EastCoaster says

    Not a smart thing for Mr. Francis to reveal!!! Since he knowingly committed a crime a crime

    • bec215 says

      I don’t think Viagra’s a controlled substance, and the vendor isn’t responsible for the mis-use of the meds… if I have a bottle of pills prescribed to me, and i choose to crush them up and put them into my food, that’s my business – if it’s a controlled substance, it’s a problem to distribute it, but while discouraged, sharing non-controlled substances isn’t illegal, just ill-advised for liability reasons!

      • missmissy says

        If it is only available as a prescription it is controlled. It is a schedule V controlled substance, meaning that penalties for possession without a prescription are minor. Sharing a prescribed medication is illegal though it’s commonly done. That said this company is in Italy I think, so the legal issues are probably very different.

  13. girlfriend411 says

    I’m sorry but where does it say that the people ingesting the ice cream weren’t told what they were eating?? I’m sure they had a sign or told anyone before they took a scoop what the ingredients were! If you read the blind again it doesn’t state anywhere that it was done fraudulently.

  14. SueCitySue says

    It’s interesting how everyone thinks this may be an ‘older’ actor. A friend of mine, quite a few years younger, told me that fairly young men (30’s and 40’s) that he knew were using Viagra for stamina—in other words, they could get it up, but couldn’t perform as long as they could in their teens and 20’s. So—this may be a younger person than those cited.

  15. Martini says

    This would be for a male-oriented party as the women wouldn’t eating this stuff. I say an A-list gay client — David Geffen, maybe?

  16. mommagoosed says

    Exactly! God forbid that one of the party – goers’ blood pressure tank & they pass out, or they have a heart attack due to an interaction with one of their usual meds. Very dangerous!

  17. missmissy says

    I think this company is based in italy. Sting, George Clooney and Richard Branson all have homes in Italy. I will go with Sting here. Of the cliche about his sex life has influenced my selection.

  18. tvbrat2 says

    James Deen?

    Pharmacists call that compounding, I think. And yeah, that ice cream is flirting with disaster.

  19. slantrhyme says

    That picture!! Love it!

    I’m guessing Simon “new dad” Cowell. British, celebrity, decadent, and it sounds like his sense of humor.

  20. Boguetastic says

    Questionable as to whether he was ever A-list but this just feels like Charlie Sheen to me…

  21. gcreptile says

    I tried to think of a TV series with episode titles that always start with “The”, like “The Arousal”. Well, Seinfeld was like that. So, Jerry Seinfeld?

  22. clarkster says

    If this ice cream was made for a party…. wouldn’t it be for a party of MEN? Sounds like a party that became a gay men’s sex party. Would love to know who this is. David Geffen is a good guess.

  23. yewneek says

    They mentioned this on Weekend Update on SNL last night and made fun of Donald Trump in the process, so that’s my guess!