Pill The Weight Off

adderall[Blind Gossip] Why diet and exercise when you can simply pill the weight off?

That’s the attitude of this very busy film actress, who is tired of working so hard to maintain a slim figure. She has recently turned to drugs used to treat ADHD to curb her appetite.

“It’s so easy!” she marvels to friends. “And I have so much energy!”

We’re sure you do.

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  1. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Jennifer Lawrence

    “…she marvels to friends”.
    Jennifer is starring in X-MEN Apocolypse. X-Men is a marvel comic.

    • redstilettos says

      Could be JL since the press gives her a hard time about her curves (which are sexay!). She might be feeling the pressure to fit in the Hollywood mold. :( If that’s you, Jennifer, you’re a bombshell. Otherwise, you’ll be just another bland swizzle stick like Goopy Paltrow.

    • KittiePunk says

      I think your right with the Marvels and x-men theme but I think its Halle Berry trying to lose all that baby weight fast to keep her cheating hubby.

  2. sssss says

    Jennifer Lawrence – extremely busy film actress. Hint being Marvel – a nod to her upcoming X-Men film

  3. CatBallou says

    Emma Stone? Hope not but wonder with the use of the word Marvel in there and she’s in the new Spider Man …

  4. cgrant0423 says

    I feel like “marvels” is a hint as in a Marvel movie – my initial reaction was Scarlett Johanssen but with her being pregnant, I can’t imagine that she’s popping pills. Maybe good old Goopy?

  5. missmissy says

    She “marvels” makes me think that the actress is in a marvel film. So…

    Zoe Saldana or
    Scarlet Johannsen (the pregnancy gives me pause here – surely she would be using a stimulant during a pregnancy)

  6. andrewc013 says

    Gwyneth, with “she marvels to friends” being a reference to Marvels’ The Avengers.

  7. Fan says

    This sounds like J-Law. She’s obviously lost weight and it’s well known that she’s hyperactive… And annoying as hell.

  8. rachelelizabeth says

    Scarlett Johansson? (key word: marvel = the avengers) or perhaps Goopy Gwyneth.

  9. capricorn says

    Jennifer Lawrence – clue is ‘marvels’, i.e. Marvel Comics who are behind her latest X: Men venture. Shame, she doesn’t need it.

  10. Booboo1068 says

    My brain is not working today so I haven’t a clue. I can confirm certain ADHD meds suppress the appetite and give you energy. My partner takes one for ADD. She must be on a much higher ‘dose’ because my partner is still able to eat regular (but smaller) meals. Also, if it’s the drugs I’m thinking of they’re by prescription only so I’m guessing her doctor fudged a reason to give them directly to the Blind subject or she’s another celeb getting a prescription drug under someone else’s name…usually an employee?

  11. kookywooky says

    Yipes! Emma Stone

    Clues: It’s so Easy (Easy A) She marvels (Spiderman 2) Marvel comics, she has 4 films coming out this year.

  12. FunnyFace says

    Gwyneth Paltrow. She starred in the Marvel Comics “Iron Man” movies – i.e. “she marvels”

  13. Vagabondage says

    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Clue being “marvel” – she plays Pepper Potts in the Iron Man series based on the Marvel comic.

  14. leseid2152 says

    Marvels= Marvel comic? At first I thought scar Jo but she’s prego….so maybe Emma Stone? From Spider-Man? She seems like the type that has to work to stay slim.

  15. Bamadex says

    “Marvel” suggests comics so maybe Scarlett Johansson or Emma Stone.

    She’s correct.

    Amphetamines, like Adderall or Dexedrine, will certainly kill the appetite.

  16. mrsdracomalfoy says

    Don’t want this to be true, but it does sound like Jennifer Lawrence…

    Busy film actress – she’s been in plenty films for the past few years
    ‘marvels’ to friends – she’s in Marvel’s X-Men film series as Mystique
    So much energy – she’s easily one of the most energetic actresses around. If she could bounce off a wall during an interview, I’m sure she would

  17. Markray19 says

    Emma Stone. “Marvel” actress (Spiderman is a Marvel comic) and the red pills (she’s a redhead0.

  18. KatarinaJ says

    Marvels makes me think of a Marvel comics franchise actress. Black Widow? Scarlett J? It is has to be someone known for energy. Was Hallen Berry in the X-Men about energy?

  19. tuckerlee123 says

    Hate to say it but Jennifer Lawrence…clue being “marvels.” She is in the new Marvel Comics movie, X Men.

  20. calichic says

    First post ever, but longtime fan of website! Emma Stone? Marvels…. Marvel comic? Spider-Man? The pills being red is another clue… She’s a red head right now

  21. meowmasita says

    Emma Stone. The big clue being “marvels” aka Marvel, referring to her role in Spiderman.

  22. whydoireadthis says

    I’m guessing she is an actress in one of the Marvel Comic movies. ScarJo is pregnant so it isn’t her. Doesn’t sound like Goop. Several of these women seem to be naturally thin like Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Olsen, Anna Paquin, Natalie Portman. Halle and Liv don’t seem the type. I’m going with Emma Stone simply because to me she looks like she could pick up weight easier than the others. Could be Hayley Atwell, I am not very familiar with her. Jaimie Alexander is another who looks like she wouldn’t need it. I’m going with Emma Stone.

  23. spoofbyrd says

    Yes JLaw has talked about Philly Cheese Steaks in regard to the Hollywood situation of the pressure to stay slim. She had a comment for Joan Rivers and the chemical indulgence rumors for Lawrence have been making the gossip circuit. Something to thonk about

  24. Emmyb1608 says

    Gwyneth Paltrow? Clue being “she marvels to friends”, Iron Man is the main part of the Marvel franchise.

  25. Zap The Sheep says

    Jennifer Lawrence. Clues being ADHD, which she has stated she has in a few interviews, and marvel, as she will be appearing again in the X-Men: First Class movies.

    • jillphelps41 says

      Oops, nevermind my previous post. I didn’t see the film part. I think everyone is probably on the right track with JLaw. The clues do seem to add up.

  26. not now says

    It must be a young actress with no sense of history. (see the Golden Age of movies and the pressure studios put on actors, including diet drugs. Judy Garland is a prime example.)

  27. Koni411 says

    Scarlett Johansson. With “Marvels” being a reference to her character Black Widow from the Avengers.

  28. lisako says

    Jennifer Lawrence? Clue- ADHD/energy (she’s all over the place) and ‘marvels’ (Marvel comics/starred in X-Men). I’d hate for this to be true. I still love her and hope that coke story from the Oscars wasn’t about her :(

  29. Stackhouse says

    The first person I thought of reading this blind, was Jennifer Lawrence – I just really didn’t want it to be her, so I didn’t post anything about it. Now that I see that I wasn’t the only one who thought that, I guess I can’t “deny” it anymore. *Sigh* How disappointing.

  30. jackballjonez says

    This is not Jennifer Lawrence, she has said she doesnt care about being hollywood skinny.

  31. thefourthefifth says

    This must be Emma Stone. The clues “marvels”, “easy” (for Easy A), and the pill being her current hair color all add up. Her behavior in recent interviews and her painfully skinny frame are worrying, and I hope she realizes she doesn’t need to be a skeleton to be beautiful before Hollywood sucks her dry. With her talent and personality, she could have a long career ahead of her if she doesn’t give in to the monsters. She supposedly has a strong family support system, so I hope they’ll help her through whatever it is she’s going through.

  32. RebellionTruth says

    This definitely has to be about someone of Marvel… Natalie Portman was always skinny so it can not be, same for Gwyneth, Scarlett is pregnant so no.
    So I can only think in Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone. My bets go for any of them.

  33. Fergus says

    There were pictures of Jlaw hanging out in London with her gay boyfriend, Nicholas whatever. Where is her girlfriend? She pops up periodically, and then disappears again. Weird.