Umpteenth Delay

calendar 1[Blind Gossip] There has been lots of speculation as to why this singer’s new album has been delayed for the umpteenth time. Despite whispers of management quarrels, additional editing, changing marketing strategies, and fear of failure, the real explanation is much simpler than that.

It’s her weight.

She has been so unhappy with how she looks that she has been balking at the release date! They can stuff her into spandex and Photoshop still photos (yes, recent photos of her were Photoshopped), but she was unhappy about making personal appearances and doing the publicity circuit. She says she’ll be ready in five more pounds. Maybe ten.


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  1. jessablair says

    Mariah Carey. Sad…our society has us all feeling ashamed about something or other. Be proud of your beautiful womanly body, mama!

    • wendy hood says

      Two things: a. Mariah Carey has a career based on a certain look – sex is a large part of that. Shes going to cling to that until everything falls completely apart. And b. Beauty standards are determined by the people of a given society, much like morals. Who else is going to choose them, and why all the complaints about how society “makes” anyone feel? Its a personal choice to internalize any feeling.

  2. Naija_girl says

    Mariah Carey-Cannon

    Her album is supposed to be due out in May but the release date was changed.

  3. bec215 says

    Mariah!!! “Not again! Despite posting daily studio pictures of her and rapper Fabolous’ immaculate show collection, Mariah Carey‘s long-delayed album, The Art Of Letting Go, is getting pushed back again. The album was scheduled to be released on May 6, but has since been removed from Island Def Jam’s release schedule. [PopDust]”

  4. blessedjess226 says

    Mariah Carey, her album was supposed to drop last year. She’s already released like four singles. Poor thing….

    • bec215 says

      Doesn’t it make more sense that a previously skinny woman who is massively insecure and high-maintenance would do this, than a woman who was already ‘plus-size’ when she hit it big, and has never been skinny in her professional career? It’s Mariah, but I’d have guessed Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, or Britney before I’d look at Adele, or Kelly Clarkson, who’ve always been comfortable in their skin, no matter their size.

    • Cyanna George says

      I agree with Adele. Mimi has no issue posting pics of herself in her bed, in her bathing suit, with her dogs etc. I was much more aware of my body after I had my son. Adele is on her own level of awesome; however if this is Adele, I understand why.

  5. august says

    If this is Mariah Carey she is unrealistic about herself career wise at this point.
    But staying thin is up to the person unless as I know certain medications can make you gain weight but doctors deny this.

    • PandoraWolf says

      If I were Mariah and someone made some comment about me gaining weight, being fat, etc., I’d just come back with the “You know what else I have that’s fat, bitch? My bank account.”

      Childish of course, but I think she looks great (money can do that). Even with a few pounds on her.

  6. Best Guess says

    It’s obviously Mariah Carey! Her hubby’s album flopped hard because it was HORRIBLE. Maybe she can bring back the magic that made her a star……

  7. sinead says

    Singer: Mariah Carey

    She’s on the front of Billboard magazine talking about her delayed album.

  8. mugofmead111 says

    Singer: Mariah

    Mariah’s known for squeezing herself into stuff like spandex. Her weight has fluctuated over the years and she even shilled for Jenny Craig for a bit after she had her twins.

    Mariah also fired Randy Jackson as her manager after her disastrous turn on American Idol.