Worried About Sinking Her Career

woman in water[Blind Gossip] This actress has done both TV and film and has won tons of major awards. She is absolutely riveting every time she is on the screen.  She is probably best known for one particular film role for which she won an Academy Award.

She was married but is now single. Well, except for her girlfriend. The girlfriend is quite a bit younger than she is, and is much more comfortable about being out. She wants our Actress to come out so that they can be a couple in public.

Our Actress was initially horrified at the thought! She has been in Hollywood a long time, and doesn’t want news about her personal life to sink her career. However, after many conversations, she is now warming up to the idea, and has started seeking out advice from a couple of different publicists as to how to do this.


Role/Film for which she won Academy Award:

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