Worried About Sinking Her Career

woman in water[Blind Gossip] This actress has done both TV and film and has won tons of major awards. She is absolutely riveting every time she is on the screen.  She is probably best known for one particular film role for which she won an Academy Award.

She was married but is now single. Well, except for her girlfriend. The girlfriend is quite a bit younger than she is, and is much more comfortable about being out. She wants our Actress to come out so that they can be a couple in public.

Our Actress was initially horrified at the thought! She has been in Hollywood a long time, and doesn’t want news about her personal life to sink her career. However, after many conversations, she is now warming up to the idea, and has started seeking out advice from a couple of different publicists as to how to do this.


Role/Film for which she won Academy Award:

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    • potatus says

      Changing vote to the wonderful Kathy Bates – Misery (Sinking = Molly Brown in Titanic) C’mon out, sweetie, our hearts/minds/arms are open!!

      • Booboo1068 says

        Agree 100%! She’s a true talent and it makes no difference to me who she loves. Having said that I hope she does what feels right for HER and when. I just wish she’d come back to the screen…TV or movie!

      • Stackhouse says

        Actually, Kathy Bates makes perfect sense to me. I have never really thought about her sexual preference before, but when I first read about it, it just clicked. If this is indeed her, then I hope, for her own sake, that she’ll finally come out and live in the open – like she deserves to. Because no matter the sex, ethnicity, etc, you might’ve fallen in love with; love is a beautiful thing, it really is.

    • stanton says

      I would of said “Jessica Lange” she won has won 2 Academy Awards. One for “Tootsie” and one for “Blue Sky”. Can you name her character in either one of those films?

      • PrettyInPink84 says

        Jessica Lange is a perfect guess. She costarred on AMH with Kathy Bates (the sinking clue), she fit all of the descript. And there was a rumor going around that she was in a secret relationship with the ‘out’ and comfortable Sarah Paulson, also her AMS costar. She was in a long term relationship before this with a man.

  1. wonderone says

    I say this is Kathy Bates, and her role as Annie Wilkes in Misery earned her an Academy Award. “Sinking Her Career” is a nod to her role in Titanic. Come on out, girl, we love and support you!!!

  2. paige09 says

    Actress: Kate Winslet
    Role/Film: Rose/Titanic

    “Sinking her career”….with the sinking of Titanic. I love Kate Winslet and hope she finds the courage to come out and be happy!

  3. Spaghetti15 says

    Kate Winslet as the actress and her role as Rose in Titanic?

    I thought perhaps “sinking” could be a clue and “warming up” as Jack dies of hypothermia in the end, as Rose nearly does too?

  4. funbobby says

    Kathy Bates:

    Best Known Role: Annie Wilkes/Misery
    “Horrified”: Misery was a horror film; on TV, she was in “American Horror Story”
    “Sink” her career: She played the “unsinkable Molly Brown” in the movie Titanic.
    Married to Tony Campisi from 1991 to 1997.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Yes! Agree with you and others. I missed Ms. Kathy! She’s one of my faves. I really liked her last TV drama where she played a hard assed but talented lawyer…so well played (as always). I just caught the ‘horrified’ clue.

      I was soooo off with my first guesses. Oh well. This site has such good comments.

  5. malkatz says

    My initial thought was Jennifer Beals- played a riveter and played a lesbian. No Oscar, though.

    • missmissy says

      This is a good guess. I like the Kathy Bates guess too. But at Kb’s age I would think her personal life would have less of an impact. Hillary Swank’s career could still be impacted.

      I am tossed between the two. Kathy Bates has been around a long time.

  6. julieas0815 says

    Actress: Kathy Bates

    Role/ Film for which she one an Academy Award: Misery ~ played Annie Wilkes

  7. OogaBooga says

    Marcia Gay Harden? Recently filed for divorce and won an academy award for Pollock, though I don’t know if that is what she is best known for.

    • Booboo1068 says

      My second choice is

      Meryl Streep
      Sophie’s Choice

      Whoever this is I’m guessing she has the pull to arrange a prime time interview with Oprah as part if the plan. I personally respect those performers/ public figures who come out with a simple confirmation statement on their website/ social media or in a credible print interview.

      • Booboo1068 says

        I added my written admission of being really off on this one as a reply to another comment…missed checking the divorce and TV clues for Meryl.

        I’m now on the Kathy Bates team. Thx

  8. neartstarlet says

    Actress: Kathy Bates

    Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: Misery

    Clues: Sink, Warming up, Riveting: Unsinkable Molly Brown, a survivor of the Titanic sinking.

  9. gossipgirl21 says

    Actress: Kathy Bates (based on her role in Titanic and the references to “sinking” throughout the blind.

    Role/Film for which she won an Academy Award: Misery (1991)

  10. cgrant0423 says

    Going out on a limb – I’m going with:

    Actress: Kathy Bates
    Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: Annie Wilkes in Misery

    Hints: “Sinking her career” she was in Titanic, according to Wikipedia she was married but is divorced, she’s been in Hollywood a long time.

  11. rockpaper says

    Kathy Bates…. she was the unsinkable molly Brown in Titanic. Her most famous role was in Misery and she was just in the shoe American Horror Story… idk if that is right but she was the only one I could think of.

    • Katmandu says

      Jodie Foster??? That ship sailed so long ago it was following the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria! 😀

    • mugofmead111 says

      Can’t be Jodie. 1. Has Jodie ever really done TV? 2. It was confirmed today that Jodie had married her girlfriend.

  12. MrsGosling says

    Actress: (the amazingly talented) Kathy Bates

    Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: Best Actress for Misery

    Popular Film: Titanic (role = Molly Brown)

    Clues = “sinking”

    Kathy is divorced and has received both an Oscar and Golden Globe for her role in Misery. She has a SAG award. She has also been nominated for 11 Emmys, a Tony, and an Oscar for best supporting actress. She has had several successful roles on television, including Harry’s Law, Two and a Half Men, and most recently, American Horror Story. Kathy is 65.

  13. vbchica14 says

    Hillary Swank?
    Million Dollar Baby or Boys Don’t Cry

    (The fact that she has 2 Oscars makes me think it’s not her, but I can’t think of anyone else who is TV/movie, divorced, won an Oscar, rivetting, but only known for one role.)

  14. Elmerblues says

    easy – kathy bates (had a TV series for awhile recently)
    Role – crazy bitch in Annie in Misery

    • missmissy says

      She had a law procedural for a while and was recently on American Horror Story with Jessica Lange.

  15. savvy_geek says

    I’m going to guess Kathy Bates. Won the Oscar for Misery. Played the “UnSINKable” Molly Brown in Titanic. Divorced since 2007.

  16. lisako says

    Second guess is Hilary Swank, film Boys Don’t Cry? She hasn’t been in Hollywood THAT long, but it sounds like her.

  17. Revisionist says

    Kathy Bates was my first guess but I swear she was out… Second guess is Sally Field

  18. moviegal says

    Holly Hunter. She won an oscar for the piano and has done several TV series. And she is from a conservative part of GA so her reservations make sense. This would be awesome by the way!

  19. clink1833 says

    This has to be Sandra Bullock. Film is Blind Side.

    I think I see other clues, but I’m not sure how they relate to her – warming up for The Heat.

    I wish her happiness.

  20. ravenglass says

    Kathy Bates

    Academy Award Winning Film: Misery/Annie Wilkes

    “Sinking Her Career”=she played the unsinkable Molly Brown in “Titanic”

  21. crowdRise29 says

    Actress: Kathy Bates

    Role/Film: Annie Wilkes/Misery (1990)

    Hint: “Sink” – Bates played the “unsinkable Molly Brown” in Titanic

  22. Ralphie says

    Oh Kathy Bates! Sinking refers to Titanic where she played Molly Brown and won for Misery. Was on The Office and American Horror Story.

  23. Bally Ballard says

    Kathy Bates?

    Won an Academy Award for Misery, a role she’s probably best know for.
    Married once, divorced.
    Older, so she could have a gf who’s quite a bit younger.
    Has been in Hollywood a long time.
    “Sinking” — she was in the movie Titanic as Molly Brown who was known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”.

  24. jennakat says

    There are only so many Academy Award winning women who were married and are now both divorced and currently single. Could be

    Hillary Swank: Boys Dont Cry
    Sandra Bullock: The Blind Side

  25. MKINK says

    My guesses are Gwynth Paltrow- won for Shakespeare in Love and does Glee on TV
    2nd guess is Hillary Swank!

  26. Ahem says

    I’m going to guess Renee Zellweger. She’s been on TV, won an Academy Award for Cold Mountain and was married very briefly to Kenny Chesney.

  27. twistedme says

    Actress: Kathy Bates

    Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: Misery/Annie Wilkes

    Sink=Titanic, she played Molly Brown.

  28. merricat_blackwood says

    Jessica Lange

    Blue Sky

    Took me a minute but I made the Cape Fear photo connection.

  29. lisaNJ says

    Kathy Bates! Divorced in 1997, won the Oscar for Misery, appeared in Titanic (which explains the accompanying water photo)

    • lisaNJ says

      And the role she played in Titanic was the “unsinkable Molly Brown”…clue: Worried About “Sinking” her career

  30. valleygirl86 says

    Actress: Hilary Swank

    Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: Million Dollar Baby or Boys Don’t Cry

    • Booboo1068 says

      “…She is probably best known for one particular film role for which she won an Academy Award.”
      “…and has won tons of major awards.”

      I think these clues count Denise out.

  31. Danasaurus says

    Actress: Kathy Bates
    Role/Film for which she won Academy Award: Misery


    “Sink her career” – she played the Unsinkable Molly Brown in Titanic
    “horrified” – she was on American Horror Story

  32. GoneGirl says

    Kathy Bates! She was the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown in Titanic. Best known for Misery & won an Oscar for it.

  33. radmom says

    I was going to guess Kate Winslet, because “sinking” made me think of Titanic, but she’s married…I’m stumped.

  34. freisss says

    Hilary Swank?
    Helen Hunt and Holly Hunter have partners. . . many others have never done TV. . . maybe?

    • freisss says

      Well I guess Kate Winslet HAS done TV. . . and there’s really nothing subtle about the hint. . .

  35. evilbubbles says

    Susan Sarandon
    Dead Man Walking

    Melissa Leo
    The Fighter

    I looked over a list of winners thinking who’s divorced and a bit older but honestly have no idea…

  36. MaybeImRight says

    Going with Kathy Bates. Played the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” in The Titantic. Older and divorced. Plus, I always got that vibe from her. Second and third guesses, Sandra Bullock and Hilary Swank.

  37. TeacherKat says

    Kathy Bates? She’s done tv (horrified = American Horror Story, her most recent tv role) and movies (she won for Misery). She’s divorced, and a bit on the older side so that would fit with the blind. Sinking could refer to her role in Titanic “the Unsinkable Molly Brown.” I say do what makes you happy – don’t worry about others, just do what would you think would make your life the best life possible for you.

  38. mariaj says

    I don’t know, i will read others comments to see if someone has catched some hints, but i would like this to be about Sandra Bullockk.

  39. FairyMay9 says

    I’m going with Marisa Tomei
    Won the Oscar for Mona Lisa Vito in “My Cousin Vinny”