Lindsay Lohan’s Third Secret

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[Blind Gossip] Lindsay Lohan has yet another secret. She is dating a married man!

Lindsay recently did a photo shoot and an interview with KODE, an online fashion magazine. The interviewer says that Lindsay revealed that she has been seeing a married man:

“Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids.”

The same interviewer also says that Lindsay was high on ecstasy the first night of Coachella, that she carried a vodka-filled Evian bottle around with her at the music festival, and that she drank vodka on the rocks during the KODE interview.

We are appalled – nay, shocked! – that Lindsay has been lying about her sobriety! JK.

Lindsay’s Rich Married Boyfriend:


Lindsay’s Rich Married Boyfriend: Domingo Zapata

Source: Star Magazine

We’re renaming Lindsay Lohan’s lover. His official name is now Sunday Shoe.

Sunday Shoe is a Spanish artist. Rich? Yes. Married? Yes. Two kids? Yes. Hot? No. Man behind her recent pregnancy/miscarriage? We don’t know.

On his website, it says that he “maintains studios in his Gramercy Park townhouse in New York City, the Design District in Miami, and the Palazzo da Mula in Venice.” Its also mentions that he is a musician and has co-written lyrics for Michael Jackson and Jon Secada. Sunday Shoe does it all!

Star Magazine via Radar Online (same company):

Lindsay Lohan Dating Married Man?

Domingo Zapata Has ‘Been Her Shoulder To Cry On,’ Insider Claims

lindsay lohan domingo zapata 2Lindsay Lohan recently confessed during an interview with Kode magazine that she was dating a married man who has children – and now the guy in question has been revealed.

In a new report, Star alleges that Spanish artist Domingo Zapata — a father of two, who separated from wife Stacy Belyea in 2007 – is the man lusting after Lohan’s heart.

The source claimed Zapata is “totally in love” with The Canyons actress.

The 27-year-old, who claimed she suffered a miscarriage during production of her OWN docu-series and has battled with drugs and alcohol, reportedly turned to Zapata, 39, for support, the source claimed.

“He’s been a shoulder for her to cry on, and it’s meant everything to her,” the insider said.

As Radar previously reported, the troubled starlet hasn’t slowed down when it comes to dating and allegedly gushed to the Kode interviewer (who goes only by The Kurator) about her married beau.

“Oh this guy I’m seeing just sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids,” she reportedly said.

For more on Lohan’s married beau, pick up the latest issue of Star magazine.

Congratulations to Ravenglass, who was first with the correct guess! That’s Ravenglass’ second win this year!

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lindsay lohan domingo zapata

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85 comments to Lindsay Lohan’s Third Secret

  • minx

    I have no idea what guy would want to get with her, unless he is desperate. And I’m not a prude but she admits “I’m seeing” (present tense) a married guy with kids. What a lowlife. So I have no guess for this.

    • FluffynpinK

      I find it incredibly sad and ridiculous if, today, it’s considered to be prudish if you call a cheater a lowlife.

  • Fan

    IDK, but she’s nothing more than a glorified hooker these days….And I’m sure Dina approves.

  • Khadafi

    Lindsay’s Rich Married Boyfriend: Another fantasy guy.

  • ravenglass

    Domingo Zapata

    I think he & his wife are separated but still married.

  • Estrogen

    Her imagination

  • rtp456

    I have not idea, but, after that list, I feel sorry for the wife. Really had hopes that she could get it together, guess not. Really sad!

  • Jinkies

    Lindsay’s Rich Married Boyfriend: Some wealthy businessman from Dubai named Big Baba.

  • MaryQuiteContrary

    Steve Bing?

  • Bethilda

    Vikram Chatwal

  • mattierandom

    Figment of her imagination!

  • ravenglass

    Whenever Lindsay is asked about her sobriety, she just smiles & says she’s “doing well.” Usually when you ask an addict in recovery how they’re doing, they’ll tell you how long they’ve been clean, practically right down to the minute. It’s a huge accomplishment, something to be proud of.
    She isn’t fooling anyone.(She’s not that good of an actress)

  • Ahem

    That hotelier Vikram Chatwal, I should think. Though the quote sounds as though it’s something fairly new and this guy has more than one kid… As I watched the season finale I wondered idly if Lindsay would make it 30, let alone 40. If she does, and I hope she does, she will look worse for wear (more than she already does, if that’s possible:()

  • azura1

    producer Randall Emmett

  • Pinks

    I have no idea but I’m genuinely disappointed. I was really rooting for her to stay clean.

  • pattycakes

    I hate women who chase married men.

  • Franciss

    The Sultan of Brunei, obviously. OBVIOUSLY

  • Marissa

    This is the only secret I believe, because she was drunk and/or high when she said it. All she does on that stupid OWN show is complain about how her dad always ran around on her mom, how it scarred her for life, etc. Yet she has no problem doing it to some other family.

  • LeahLynn28

    Lindsay’s rich married boyfriend:No one again.Another lie,but this time she was high and drunk…
    I doubt any smart married man would want to date a escort that slept with half of the world,when he has a wife and kids at home.Only addicts like her and porn stars would want to sleep with her.And nobody know how many STD’s she has/had.
    But i believe in the sobriety part…she already looked high four days after leaving her fake rehab.I never believed she was sober anyway.The news about Blohan getting drunk in Coachella was true…i read about it days ago.But i’m not surprised…

  • pr91

    Ben Affleck- they are both addicts, he has visited her in rehab, married with kids and previous blinds that he is no longer sober.
    They deserve each other. GROSS

    • mugofmead111

      Wasn’t Ben rumored to have been previously fixated on Blake Lively when they did that movie together? The current version of LiLo would represent a huge downgrade. Yuck.

      I would say that Jennifer Garner should smack him if that were true, but it’s not that I condone violence.

  • kookywooky

    Ben Affleck

  • JoshuaTree

    I was going to guess Vikral Chatwal, the guy who owns the Dream Hotel that she’s seen with all the time. But he’s engaged to Esther Canadas.

    Sp pretty much any random guy with a ton of money.

  • Moonpie

    Oh I don’t know, Trump? And we already suspected the water bottle trick.

  • sle

    Is that skeevy Vikram dude married?

  • Lelaina Pierce

    It doesn’t matter his real name, since in her current biz he is usually referred to as “John”.

  • ValleyOfTheGalls

    Some billionaire dirtbag from Russia who’s on her client list. Lindsay has been known to take money to “escort” discreet, wealthy, foreigners. Looks like one of them has found a way to save himself a few bucks.

  • katt388

    Harvey Weinstein. I think she would do anything for a job

  • cposter123

    I actually think she’s just lying for attention. Just like the miscarriage. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

  • Junior Mint

    Christ, he’s not her boyfriend he’s her latest client.

  • mugofmead111

    Is Lindsay channeling Kim Zolciak by having a “Big Poppa”? Is this “boyfriend” someone who reportedly gives her “valuable consideration” in return for her company?

  • CanaryCry

    Married world beater who’s sending her a jet for hookups … really, there’s so many candidates …

    Meh. One of the least shocking things she’s done. Then again, maybe she’s just leaving me jaded.

  • Scorpio13

    My co-worker saw her smoking a joint the first weekend of Coachella. I am so glad sobriety is working for her. Lindsay=Train wreck.

  • stanton

    I don’t think she was ever pregnant. She is a convicted thief so lying about a pregnancy is not jumping to conclusions. In fact its a very educated guess.

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    This could really be just about anyone, lol. Probably a “Sultan” of some sort, if prior rumors are to be believed.

  • Marybel

    And yet no one suspect she is lying about a miscarriage?

  • raslebol

    I just hope the wife uses condoms when she has sex with her husband

  • Booboo1068

    The slimy art dealer guy who was photographed in a hotel room with him. I know Lainey Gossip wrote a post on her and talked about him.

    • Booboo1068

      BTW…I’m going to guess that the label ‘boyfriend’ is a stretch and an attempt to make a, hmmm, business connection lets say, something else.

      Ace do you know if Lindsey and Oprah are now with the same management company and so a possible reason for this realty show deal with OWN?

      Love the sarcasm Ace. Most of feel the same.


  • Lisa33

    Hmm, Ben Affleck

  • whoareallthesepeople

    Given how delusional this poor child seems to be, I’m going to say Prince Albert of Monaco.

  • Okayeah

    No clue, but it’s cute that she thinks they’re dating. No dear, you are yet just another commodity, bought and paid for.

  • yewneek

    Lying liar who lies. I don’t believe any of these “secrets”.

  • gossipfun

    She’s stupid or a liar and meant “engaged”, and she is talking about Charlie Sheen. I can’t think of anyone else cracked out enough to be in a relationship her, and especially someone with that kind of cash.

  • taracard

    Just heard on the radio she had a miscarriage. Same person or no? I have zero idea who this fool is that would stick it in her. Yuck.

  • KyrasMaMa

    blech…she’s such a liar. I watched the interview when she talked about the “miscarriage” and she’s full of it. She was waiting for a reaction and she’s got a smirk on her face. What a liar….she needs to go away….

    Even IF she was with a married man – it’s more likely on a prostitution basis…wasn’t she outed as one of the dlist actors being paid for sex?

  • ImWithTheBand

    Pffft. There isn’t a married-with-children boyfriend. This girl will say *anything* to stay in the news.

  • PrettyInPink84


  • firefly nights

    Randall Emmett of Emmett/Furla Films. He has flown her places on private jets before and is married with kids.

  • BritishPound

    Again…this person is a compulsive liar. The BF does not exist.

    Everyone knows she is not serious about her sobriety or doing ANYTHING positive in her life, she’s just making herself look like an even bigger idiot/loser by pretending. But hey, its all column inches!!!

    Oprah (whose rep was already on the line with the falling ratings for her network)is also making herself look like a mug. I saw a trailer for the ‘Lindsay reality show’ where Black Oprah actually discusses why addicts lie with ultimate enabler White Oprah? I mean come on seriously, please.

  • jennnjen

    ben affleck

  • SuzNYC

    Ben is a good guess, that’s what I thought too. She’s a liar and a fraud. I really wanted to root for her. After the episodes the other night, nothing will surprise me with her. She’s 100% NOT sober and I don’t think ever was.

  • Teleman

    I think I have to join with everyone who is calling BS on this. I just can’t believe that a married man with children who is rich enough to send a jet would be interested in LiLo. It seems to me that such a person would be wanting discretion in an extra curricular relationship and that’s the one thing she can’t guarantee. So sad for her but, to borrow a line from the comedian Dennis Miller, I wouldn’t touch her with an 11-foot pole, which is what I used when there’s something I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

    • mugofmead111

      you made a good point about discretion. between lindsay and her mother, there is none.

      that obviously was the case with the list of dudes. (it would be one thing to talk about it with linday’s “friends”. why would she write down real names in their entirety and leave a paper trail? dumb!)

  • Fergus

    Yes, professional ladies usually refer to their male facilitators and booking agents (ahem) as ‘boy friends’.

  • Preesi

    Mr Wonder Sperm Ben Affleck…
    Maybe he got her pregnant…Jens always saying he super fertile and all

  • Baloobie

    Does anyone know who’s private jet she flew down to Art Basel on?

  • amycurt

    Dr. Drew

  • QJ201

    So that’s what we’re calling sheiks from Dubai these days, “boyfriends.” Gotcha.

  • Robbin5353

    Mr Magoo, he is obviously blind as a bat.

  • Syl

    I was going to say John Hinckley as he is rich, and delusional and maybe gave up on Jodie when he found out she was gay. But he is not married. What man let alone a wealthy man that was sane would go near this loser/filth receptacle

  • Katmandu

    Isn’t she supposed to be a big ol’ lesbian?

    Whatever happened to that hideous DJ creature? I understand why she’s putting out for men, for the money and drugs. Must be a tough life.

  • thebutlerdidit

    Yup. Vikram Chatwal. Resurrected from the past.

  • spoofbyrd

    Did Charlie Sheen get married recently or is that just a rumor ? If so it could be him . As long as the body is hot and she knows how to get him off Ole Tiger Blood dont care if the poosoir is skanky .

  • candace

    let the girl be damn.

  • saucykitty

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of that girl’s mouth… I think she made it up.

  • Katmandu

    “Lindsay Lohan’s Third Secret”.

    With all the gravitas of the Vatican, and the three secrets of the vision of Our Lady of Lourdes that She imparted to the children!

    I am so sick of reading about this smelly * and who and what she’s screwed and what her latest lies are. She is nothing but a pig whose best days lie back there in the stye.

  • sawyer

    If I were Mrs. Zapata I would get myself to a clinic and then to a lawyer

  • lynda

    Both look disgusting. Thanks me and my husband appreciate each other more