Lindsay Lohan’s Second Secret

lindsay lohan 9[Blind Gossip] The second secret is one about which Lindsay Lohan just dropped a hint on Lindsay.

She announced that her AA sponsor is a “very well-known person.”

The topic came up while Lindsay discussed the list of her sexual partners that recently made the rounds. From People Magazine:

Lohan provided additional details about the leaked list of her sexual partners, which she confirmed as genuine on Thursday on Watch What Happens Live.

“And you know that list that came out, that was part of my Betty Ford – it’s step No. 5 or step No. 8 – it’s your sexual inventory, and that was in my Betty Ford book, so that was really personal to my sponsor. You write that for your sponsor,” she said.

“So someone took a photo [of the list], and I’m pretty sure I know who it is, unfortunately, and they’re not a part of my life at all anymore. They might be on the show at some point,” she said.

She termed the disclosure “really unfortunate and disrespectful.”

“That’s something sacred to me, that’s something that I trusted with people that were in my life,” she said. “That’s not something I’d show anyone, besides my sponsor, who is also a very well-known person. The fact that that happened was not only humiliating, but just mean.”

Since she is voluntarily putting her personal business (e.g. her sobriety, her miscarriage, her sponsor) out there for a television reality show, it’s open for discussion.

And if you have an issue with Lindsay Lohan talking about the identity of her sponsor because it runs counter to the anonymity tenant of AA… then you should talk to Lindsay Lohan.

The Sponsor:

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