Separate Bedrooms Already

his hers[Blind Gossip] This girl is best known from television. She is engaged to someone she often calls a “nice guy” or a “great guy.”

Although there have been lots of photos of them together, they aren’t as close at home as they are in public. The sleep in separate bedrooms. Why? Well, it isn’t because he snores. It’s because he has a “social” life completely separate from his fiancee. Sometimes he picks up another person for the night. Sometimes he doesn’t come home at all. The actress would rather just not know what he is doing, thus the separate bedrooms.

Why does she put up with it? She tells friends that despite his “indiscretions,” he is kind to her and good to her kid/s and that’s hard to find. So she isn’t going anywhere.

TV Girl:

Her Fiance:

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