Fans Defeat Bullies

bully 4[Blind Gossip] As you know, we wrote several blind items about how one young actor was being bullied out of his job by two other actors on an ensemble TV show. It was a really ugly situation.

Well, we have just learned about a stunning development! There was SO much fan outcry about his departing the show that the producers have been forced to reverse their decision! Bullygate is over… and Our Actor won!

Here’s what happened: During several sit-downs with Our Actor, the producers totally reversed course about his leaving! They apologized for trying to push him out, begged him to stay… and gave him a huge bump in pay! He will now be staying through the end of the show’s final season.

The writers also asked him for his input on what to do with his character. To keep the peace on set, they all agreed that his character will break up with the character played by the bully actor who wanted him out. That means Our Actor will now get his own story lines that do not involve the bully and that will minimize the time that he has to film with both the nasty people who tried to force him out.

This change will have a direct impact across the show. In fact, it throws it into a bit of turmoil. The producers and writers are now scrambling to modify locations, story lines, characters, and everything else! Of course everyone on the show will publicly deny that it has anything to do with Bullygate… but you will know otherwise!

Finally, we have to emphasize that although Blind Gossip wrote the blind items, it was really the fans of the show that made this happen. YOU pushed the producers into doing the right thing. Well done, fans! We’re proud of you!

Our Actor:

TV Show:

The Bullies:

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  1. suzq says

    Darrin Criss
    Lea Michelle and Chris Coifer

    Chris C is such a bad actor – it is so obvious in the recent episodes his obvious disdain for Darrin Chris…. Darrin Chris is the more professional of the two and plays his character well, despite his awful treatment

    • Deep-Sigh says

      I don’t watch Glee but the end of last weeks episode was included in the show I DVR’d. It was a shot of the group hugging and Darrin goes in for a kiss cheek maybe with Chris…and WOW…the look Chris throws him like “don’t you even dare”…and totally dismisses him, so very telling.

    • PrettyInPink84 says

      Good for Darren and for Naya! And screw you Lean and Chris. I hope the four of them remember that KARMA will always come back around. When you do good, you get good. When you do bad, you get bad. And say that you don’t believe, but time and time again it has been proven that that is the case. Darren and Naya will both be a lot stronger because of all of the crap that they have both been put through lately at the hands of these other two, still have their jobs, and their talents will take them much MUCH further. As for Lea and Chris, now EVERYONE knows what horrible things that you two have done, you will have to bare the wrath of having to still work with the people that you hurt, and your careers will just end up at a dead end pretty much after this show wraps and it’s all because of the choices that YOU two made. You’ve got to love Karma, it always rights the wrongdoings of others.

  2. ravenglass says

    Our Actor: Darren Criss

    TV Show: Glee

    The Bullies: Lea Michelle & Chris Colfer

    I’m not a “Glee” fan, but I’m happy Criss gets to keep his job. If it wasn’t for BG, fans would never have known all this behind the scenes drama was even happening, so give yourselves a pat on the back too.

    I WAS however ,a Chris Colfer fan,(I sat through “Struck By Lightning” for crying out loud) but after this I’ve lost a lot of respect for him.

    • ihatebullies says

      I used to be a fan of Chris Colfer. But after hearing this, I agree with you. I’ve lost all respect for him and would NEVER support him in any of his projects. I still watch Glee, but I fast-forward through all of Lea and Chris’s scenes (sort of makes it hard to watch for continuity, but I literally start feeling myself get upset when I see their faces on my TV screen). I so hate bullies and it’s so ironic that a show which was supposed to be about how hateful bullying was against Kurt, now has Chris the person being a bully to a fellow actor, Darren. Why does Chris feel so threatened by Darren? Was it because on the red carpet at the Glee 100th episode celebration, Darren mentioned that he was sad to see the McKinley side be eliminated because he wanted to continue to see his friends work on Glee? Did that anger Chris, because it would mean less screen time for him? Or is it because Darren has become so popular and takes away screen time from Chris? I think both reasons play a part in Chris’s power trip, trying to have Darren fired. Chris, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your scheming shows you have a lack of strong moral character. You will stop at nothing to advance your career. I hope your career after Glee plummets because Hollywood will be aware of your diva reputation and your reputation as a cold, calculating bully. Who wants to hire someone who will create unnecessary drama among the cast, which could lead to bad publicity and airing a show or film’s dirty laundry in public? Shame on you, Chris!!!!

  3. Fan says

    Darren Criss- Good for him
    Lea Michelle- Could they please get rid of HER???
    Chris Colfer- Him, too

  4. melly123 says

    Darren Criss, Glee, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele. I’m so glad. Darren is really one of the most talented people on the show. I can’t believe they ever thought of pushing him out.

  5. HermioneG says

    Well, I was ready to give this final season a chance after the interview Murphy gave to TVLine, but knowing Blaine will still be there and probably have more screentime (just like when he had his own at McKinley), nope, I won’t. I don’t care “how”, I just would have appreciated a Blaine-free and Blam-free Glee but oh well.

    It’s curious how one actor/character (or two here) can ruin an ensemble show, but it happens. In this particular case it seems that I have to let go and focus on the other shows I like. No point in wasting my time watching something I dislike that much and people that I dislike even more on my screen. Good for other fans though, keep that 0.9 demo going!

    • animefreak03 says

      Ditto!! I could never enjoy any episode where Blaine was concerned, this guy is so boring.

      • Moonpie says

        One single actor of the core ensemble do this. They can kill the golden goose by demanding more money per episode. I honestly believe that was the end for Seinfeld and Friends even though those shows were going on a downward trend. When it becomes mundane they want more money. Big Bang Theory will get like this.

    • ShockingDayGlo says

      Me neither. Blaine is the most annoying character on TV, I stopped watching Glee because of him. And especially the way that character was rammed down our throats. I watched it again this season when Adam Lambert was announced as a guest. I tried watching last episode after he left, but I just cannot with the focus being back on Blaine.

      • Nomad says

        The posts in this box are so obviously Lea-shills that one has to laugh. How pathetic. I hope someone is looking at their posting history and takes appropriate action.

    • separatrix says

      After he arrived I started out liking him, and the possibility of a boyfriend for Kurt, but then just became the Blaine show. Blaine solos, Blaine this, Blaine that. And the way he was written was simply horrible. Horrible. Oh well.

    • ihatebullies says

      @HermioneG. I’m so glad you are not watching Glee. Yea! Who needs people like you who actually believe one or two actors are the sole reason why a show fails, instead of oh, let’s say, the fact that it’s quite common for ratings and viewers to drop as a show ages, not to mention that the writing on the show has been so bad since Season 3. Just to remind you, the ratings fell sharply during Season 2 and many fans blamed it on the “Kurt” show. I didn’t agree that the focus on Kurt was the reason for the drop in ratings for Season 2. But then again, I tend not to be one of those narrow-minded, highly opinionated people who like to cast the blame of a show’s failing ratings on one or two actors (instead of placing the blame on the people who are actually in charge of the direction and quality of the show, like, well let’s see, the producers and writers, as well as considering other factors like how many seasons the show has been on)! Way to go with an intelligent, logical argument! 😉

  6. vosta says

    Actor: Darren Criss
    TV Show: Glee
    The Bullies: Lea Michele and Chris Colfer

    This Show is just a goddamn mess.

  7. viilady says

    Darren Criss
    Lea and Chris

    BUT…What about the other actress written about leaving?!?! Naya….I hope she is staying too

  8. slantrhyme says

    Darren, Glee, Lea and Chris

    Anything that thwarts Lea Michele’s plan to take over the world is fine with me. I have no respect for her. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who actually think she and Cory were for real. When I direct them to this site they look at me as if I’m being sacrilegious.

  9. linkalou says

    This would be Darren Criss on Glee trying to be pushed out by Lea Michele and Chris Colfer! So happy he’s staying. Those other two are nasty.

    • alina says

      Same. Glad he got a raise, but I’m not sure I can watch those two anymore. I doubted this could be real, but Ryan’s latest interviews make it pretty clear they’re breaking up that relationship and separating the jerks from the people they tried to off. That makes the whole thing really hard to watch.

      • ihatebullies says

        Yeah, Ryan’s latest interviews seem to confirm events that BG predicted, like the break up of Kurt and Blaine, and changed locations. I’m interested to see if one of BG’s other predictions, that Kurt and Blaine will have little interaction (because of the tension between Chris and Darren) during Season 6 happens. If that happens next season, I think there is sufficient evidence showing BG stories about Chris and Lea trying to get Darren and Naya fired were true. It was interesting in the eonline interview that Ryan mentioned that Lea, Chord and Darren will get a lot of heavy screen time. Chris’s name was omitted. Chris also was not in that PR live tweeting event (just Lea, Darren, Chord and Ryan Murphy were there). Could it be that Chris has fallen out of favor on the show because his vicious words to Darren were witnessed by the cast and crew, and then leaked to BG? I really hope Chris’s role on Glee is reduced (ideally, I would love him to be off the show completely), because bullies like Chris should not be rewarded for their vicious attempts to get fellow cast members fired.

  10. UnbotheredB says

    our actor : Darren Criss
    TV show : Glee
    The Bullies : Lea Michele and Chris Cofler

    good for him

  11. Ebeth36 says

    Darren Criss
    Chris and Lea~ I was a devout Gleek until all these blinds came out. I have not watched an episode since Cory’s farewell episode and could now care less what happens with the whole show, thanks Ace for opening our eyes!!

  12. DelilaMars says

    Darren Criss
    Chris Colfer and Lea Michelle

    Would be curious to know how they react to this development!

  13. SupremeBeingofLeisure says

    Wonder if the whole charade was meant to boost PR ratings for multiple parties…?

  14. huhwhoami says

    what an awesome outcome, even though really driven by corporate greed.

    good for Darren anyway, hope he thrives and the two big heads/little hearts get their an ungleeful turnover in fanfair.

  15. lucysunny says

    Darren Criss


    Chris Colfer and Lea Michele

    …This was clearly explained in Ryan Murphy’s interview today. The fans haven’t even talked about Darren leaving. The hubub has been about Naya Rivera. Whatever. I knew Ryan would never let Darren go.

  16. A-titty says

    Niiiice!!!!! Now we have to do something about Selena and quick…followed by de-Wilmering Demi….We CAAAN DO EEET!

  17. animefreak03 says

    Sighs, I might be the only person who didn’t care whether this actor stayed or left (he is quite boring).

    Our Actor: Darren Criss or whatever way you spell it
    TV Show: Glee
    The Bullies: Apparently Chris Colfer and that girl Leah Michelle

    I stopped Watching Glee the minute Darren Criss was introduced in the show. His character was so obnoxious and it just didn’t click with the story line at all. Oh well, good luck to him.

  18. mariaj says

    btw, if the bit about producers asking STRAIGHT costar tips about his charactere sls is thrue, i have to wonder that it’s STRAIGHT DARREN that has suggested an hollywood career? Oh, STRAIGHT D, he WISHES. He has some talent, really, he has, but he is also seriously lacking, too, like his dramatic scenes are awful, and lately i found his comedic scenes not too good, too. Maybe STRAIGHT costar could use more acting lessons, if he really wants a ” big ” career, soon he will loose that young ( STRAIGHT) appeal, he will have a more mature ( but always STRAIGHT, of course )look, and if he doesn’t try to better, i really don’t see how he could have that career he wants.Maybe he could spend less time in promoting himself,and in partyng, beard along, and try to better himself. Of course, always in a strictly STRAIGHT way.

    Oh, did i forget to add that costar is STRAIGHT?

  19. Weazle says

    Glee is just an awful show these days. No casting changes could save it, but getting rid of affable Darren would be silly.

  20. mrsjaymack says

    darren criss
    tv show is glee
    i don’t watch the show, but i’m guessing one of the bullies is lea michele.

  21. Wisher says

    I don’t watch the show but am glad he is back and that the bullies didn’t win. Assholes!

    Our Actor: Darren Criss

    TV Show:Glee

    The Bullies: Lea Michelle & Chris Colfer

  22. jesais says

    RM kid of announce the klaine BU today
    the worst there is nobodody will win , stan of each actor will battle , klaine fans will pay the price ( and will be one more year made fun of), as the writting was better since 14, it will have a complete turn and those writters will be one more time critics; as you say now more Blaine and less other will bored public, and for actors at the end C & L has losed legitimity with fans, even if people want those BI false as the BU will arrive people will change mind, and D carrefull too much B made pple hate D even more. Now waiting ep 20 with the BU to completly made real this BI.

  23. Moonpie says

    I know these guys will allowed themselves to be abused because they want fame and to work in the industry, but if I had enough evidence about bullying and indisputable evidence two fellow workers conspired to get me canned, I kiss Hollywood goodbye and on my way out, make a pit stop to sue the producers, and the two basterds for serious dollars. Nicolette Sheridan did this.

    • Wrigley says

      Nicolette Sheridan LOST that suit-multiple times. LOL. The entertainment industry is also pretty much the only industry in the U.S. where sexual harassment is not only common place, but essentially to be expected, and it’s not “actionable” either. Hollywood is a dangerous place.

  24. knope says

    Yay! I’m so glad, Darren is one of the most talented, versatile and lovable characters on glee.

    The amount of professionalism he’s displayed through this is going to benefit him in the future, where as with the other two I’m sure acting like that is eventually going to come back to bite them.

    • alina says

      I really hope so. Working around people like that is hell. Who;d do it if they had a better option? Once Glee is over, nobody actually has to work with them, and anybody who chooses to made their own bed. Same reason I have no sympathy for anybody who hires Lohan and it goes wrong. What did you think you were going to get?

  25. Scorpio13 says

    I don’t watch the show but I am glad that Darren Criss gets to keep his job. I just now hope karma gets back Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer for being bullies and DB’s.

    • Scorpio13 says

      I’m glad the producer’s did the right thing. Hopefully they will now keep Naya on the show as well.

  26. LeahLynn28 says

    I don’t watch Glee and still have no interest in watching it,tbh,i hate musicals and musical tv series.Glee is in its last season anyway,right?With or without him,the ratings won’t get better anyway,i tried to watch once few years ago and i found it boring,and never watched again.And i heard half of the cast isn’t exactly talented…i sincerely won’t miss Glee.And good luck,Darren.Bullying is lame…
    And tbh,i’m not a fan,i only cared about the blinds because bullying is pathetic.I personally don’t care about Darren leaving or not,because i don’t watch Glee…but bullies can’t win.I’m glad the bullies lost,but i still don’t care about that crappy show.

  27. boodie says

    Chris Colfer and Lea Michele have no careers after Glee ends, Darren has. Why do the producers give them so much control over who’s fired anyway? Its not like they would quit, its their only pay cheque

    • ihatebullies says

      Because Lea and Chris are Ryan’s favorites. He probably wants to keep his two main stars happy. And because he is closest to Lea and Chris, they can influence Ryan’s decisions.

  28. letsgetlost says

    so glad to hear that Darren stays in the show. Hope the bullies will learn a lesson from this. Think twice before you leap, Honey, think TWICE!

  29. MikeInSanJose says

    All this nonsense with Lea and Chris… Kinda makes me wonder what REALLY happened to Cory Monteith…

  30. Wrigley says

    This is basically a no-win situation for anyone at this point: network/actors/fans. In my opinion, all three of these actors are talented and attractive, and the nasty comments on this/the other posts about physical appearance/ability are extremely petty. Is this really a contest about who’s prettiest? Give me a break. IMO the decision to retain Darren had as much to do with the crazy negative PR impact to Chris/Lea and the show if Darren left (and it became essentially undeniable that the blind was true) as it did with outrage over the character and actor being dropped (and in such an unseemly set of circumstances). The damage is done; this can’t be unseen. I hope they will all embrace professionalism, and make the best of the situation (which should have been the original course of action). It’s sad to watch Hollywood destroy the minds and feed the egos of such talented young people.

    • stopbullying says

      It seems that this ugly behind-the-scenes bullying by Chris and Lea is more or less confirmed, based on the recent interviews given by Ryan Murphy in TVLine and eonline where Ryan talks about a location change,and both Chord and Darren tweeted that Ryan Murphy said Kurt and Blaine will break up. Glee wouldn’t break up Kurt and Blaine, given how they are popular with Glee fans and are the only remaining popular couple, unless something dramatic happened behind-the-scenes.

      I believe that this negative PR will hurt Lea and Chris, especially after Glee has ended. Now, if Lea and Chris were experienced actors who are widely sought after, this bad press may be outweighed by their marketability. However, Chris and Lea are just starting out in Hollywood. When they try out for parts, and there are other talented actors also auditioning, if the producers want to avoid bad press and a lot of unnecessary drama, they will go the way of not hiring Lea or Chris, who have the reputations of not only being spoiled divas, but are also ruthless, unprofessional, and unethical.

  31. iheartkoko says

    Our Actor: Darren Criss

    TV Show: Glee

    The Bullies: Lea Michele & Chris Colfer

    All their scheming back fired! I love it! All that childish behavior got them is less screen time. I can see Darren have a career after Glee. However, I don’t see much happening for Lea & Chris. No one will want to work with these back stabbers after.

  32. LeahLynn28 says

    No one,really?The Hollyweird’s world is greedy and fake…nothing bad will happen to Lea & Chris,and nor is going to be better for Darren.Money controls everything in Hollyweird…if you have money,you can get anything there.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Oops,this was supposed to be a reply for iheartkoko,but as always i forgot to click the reply button,sorry.:/

      • stopbullying says

        It’s unclear if you are right about whether this negative PR will hurt Lea and Chris. Now, if Lea and Chris were experienced actors who are widely sought after (“A” list), this bad press may be out-balanced by their marketability. However, Chris and Lea are just starting out in Hollywood. When they try out for parts, and there are other talented actors also auditioning, if the producers want to avoid bad press, they will go the way of not hiring Lea or Chris, who have the reputations of not only being spoiled divas, but also ruthless, unprofessional, and unethical. Now, a caveat, if the producer is like Ryan Murphy, who doesn’t care a bit about ethics or bullying, then the bad press/reputations of Chris and Lea would be meaningless. However, then Lea and Chris would experience the “joy” of working for someone like Ryan Murphy, which sounds tortuous to me.

  33. tessiec32 says

    Darren Criss! Super happy the bullies didn’t win. Totally over Lea Michele and her character…very Unlikeable.

  34. stopbullying says

    Today at 3:03 PM

    I am happy for Darren. Lea is trying to do damage control. Have you noticed how often she (“coincidentally” AFTER all the rumors started) is taking photos with Darren? The sad thing is that I have lost all respect for Chris. It’s funny how power corrupts. He used to be bullied and was an inspiration to kids. Yet, here he is trying to take Darren’s paycheck away, just because he doesn’t like how things are going on Glee, especially the falling ratings. How insecure and petty of Chris. But maybe not surprising, since Ryan Murphy is Chris’s mentor. I was once a big fan of Chris. Bought “Struck by Lightning” DVD and “The Land of Stories.” After information about Chris bullying Darren, I threw my copies in the trash. I didn’t donate them because bullies like Chris do not deserve support. I hope Chris learns something from this. His reputation of not just being a diva who needs to have things the way HE wants, but even worse, willing to hurt a fellow actor to achieve his goals, has already spread through Hollywood. When Glee breaks up “Klaine,” the wrath of those “Klaine” fans will rest mostly on Chris’s head. People can put together the rumors and figure it out.

  35. apeygirl says

    Damn it, Darren Criss!

    I wanted you to leave Glee and do awesome Starkid musicals again. Think of what that company could do with your fanbase added to theirs! I’m sorry. I think Glee is a mess of a show. The first season was clever and they seemed to make an effort with the songs’ arrangements. But now it’s just karaoke with pretty faces and convoluted plots.

    I seriously think Darren Criss should be writing music and doing theater and have creative freedom. He is so much better than Glee.

    • swampbunny says


      Glee has been a mess for awhile. I refused to watch after that mess with Jonathan Coulton’s arrangement. For a show that’s supposed to be about the underdog, they sure love stepping on them.

      As much as I love Darren, even I can admit that they leaned on Blaine as a character too hard initially. But that doesn’t mean Darren isn’t an intensely talented individual. Even if he didn’t go back to Starkid, he could go be on actual Broadway. But yes, I’d absolutely love to see him get back with the Lang brothers.

  36. FunkyLeprechaun says

    Urgh, Darren’s one of the reasons why the show went downhill. I’m sorry but Darren does not bring anything to the show as he basically took over the show, with his constant solos. He’s the reason why Glee stayed in Lima and added on characters nobody cared about in the 4th season- in that season alone, Cory Monteith barely had story lines, Lea Michele had a storyline but we were getting it in bursts (less than 5-10 minutes of scene time in NYC in each of the 4th season episodes, and they were usually the best part of the episode), Chris Colfer had a really good storyline working at Vogue, which was totally in character for him, but the writers dropped that because it was too much (Lima, NYADA, etc).

    They should have cut Lima out entirely, scrapped the idea of The Glee Project, made Artie, Tina, Sam, and Blaine seniors as well in the 3rd season and reduced their roles, especially Blaine. I don’t tolerate bullying but I do think that Darren Criss should be let go. You can tell the Glee writers work around the Blaine character, shoehorning him into the scenes when he’s not needed- they even did a Blaine-centric episode in the 3rd season- “Big Brother”- and it got the lowest ratings for Glee in that season. No one wants to watch Criss anymore.

    The Fans are really silly here, they’re just desperate teen girls.

    • stopbullying says

      I always find it laughable when a fan thinks the falling ratings of Glee are due to one character primarily and also the newbies. Remember, the ratings fell steeply during Season 2 and people blamed it on the “Kurt” show. I don’t believe for a moment that Kurt’s increased storylines were the cause of ratings drop during Season 2. As for the ratings drop this season, the more logical and undeniable reasons for the falling ratings would be that the show is just getting old and fatigued, and that the writing has decreased in quality over the seasons (critics and fans agree on this point). You’re funny. You say: ” I don’t tolerate bullying but I do think that Darren Criss should be let go.” It seems to me there is an absence of concern over bullying in your entire paragraph, but you go in detail why you think Darren and the newbies are at fault, and surprise, surprise, you identify yourself as a fan of Chris Colfer. In this case, you couldn’t care less about bullying, as long as your favorite Chris has more storylines. Yet, if a cast member tried to get rid of Chris, I would be not surprised if you would spend many words railing against bullying. Selective ethics. Your last comment is also insulting to young girls and women, and is inaccurate as well.

    • Lin 23 says

      It wasn’t Darren’s fault,it was the writers’.They created and developed the character of Blaine.The main reason why Glee stayed in Lima was Cory Monteith as it was stated by Ryan Murphy himself.Last season was really painful to watch most of the time,but I don’t think it was the actors’ fault.
      When the characters of Blaine and Sam were introduced they were actually nice and people liked them back in season 2.They were both a year(or maybe two) older than the age they are supposed to have now on the show.
      The day that Ryan Murphy started AHS was the day that glee started going downhill.
      Now that the ratings have declined he is forced to do something about it(live tweeting etc.),but the show cannot be saved.

  37. tammi says

    Chris Colfer the grinch needs to leave asap. The way they tried to portray his character as hot in last night’s episode was laughable, anybody with eyes can see he’s a 4 at best.

    Darren and Chord are saving Glee at the moment. I could watch them all day.

  38. confusedandconcerned says

    I wasn’t sure where exactly to reply since I’m actually replying to more than one Blind Gossip item but since I wrote mostly about Darren this one makes the most sense.

    Do you know what I don’t understand? When the blind items came out saying Darren was leaving almost everyone seemed outraged but now that he is staying most people in this tread are “yeah the bullies didn’t win” or “the show is terrible, it went downhill and I don’t watch it anyway.”
    Went downhill from what exactly? In season one Kurt tried to pretend to be straight, went out with Brittany, joined the football team as a kicker and couldn’t kick the ball unless the whole team did the “Single Ladies” dance? Really? The show has always been silly and stupid.

    When Darren was asked last night in the Q&A if he was anything like Blaine he said “no way man, I’m way more chill than that guy. Blaine needs to sit down before he falls down sometimes” which I took that even he knows how ridiculous his character is sometimes. But when Kurt and Blaine met Kurt was broken. What would have happened had the not met? Remember the Christmas episode where Artie wished he hadn’t been born? They showed Kurt still broken an being bullied having missed so much school he never graduated. That’s the reality of being bullied in school. The bullies will do anything to break you and more often than not they do. You hear about the suicides everyday because these kids can’t find another way and they don’t think there is another way. Whether you like Blaine or not he did save Kurt. No one else cared.

    As for the real life stuff- I’m glad Darren is staying on the show but I hope they make him less of a wuss. They only have a year left and I hope from the massive amount of fan support for Darren they make Chris suck it up and act like an adult.

    I hope Naya does stay on the show she is talented, can really sing, is beautiful and does have her entertaining moments. But think about how hard it’s going to be for her working with the girl who slept with your man and helped to ruin your relationship? I wouldn’t be able to do it. There is no way. She could try to be professional but obviously Lea isn’t.

    Lea is acting like a stupid kid who thinks its okay to be a complete slut and doesn’t believe in karma. I actually knew someone once who told me she didn’t believe in karma and she is one of the worst people I have ever known. She was a real sociopath. She loved to screw people over like it was a hobby. I have to wonder what’s with the pictures coming out almost every day about her being all chummy with Darren? I couldn’t do that either. Screw me over and we’re done.

    I’m kind of sick of the whole thing. But you know what else I’m sick of? The whole Mia thing. I hope Darren comes to his senses with that whole mess too. She is in a fake band where it is apparently cool to look as trashy as possible and play shows in her underwear. She goes to charity events with her boobs hanging out. The only reason she has “fans” And followers at all is because of who her boyfriend is. I would think that if she had any talent at all her boyfriend would’ve helped her with her career. Instead she humiliates him in public every chance she gets and looks like crap doing it. I can look at that girl and tell she is not a good person. And don’t get me started on that stupid looking pose when she is asked to take a picture! I think if anything ruins his career it’s going to be her. Not that this has anything to do with the story at all, sorry. I’m not going to be able to stand another tear of seeing pictures of her.

    I would like to say that I wouldn’t have watched the show without Darren in it but the truth is I probably would have. I’m the type of person who would finish a book that I really hate hoping that it gets more interesting because I want to see how it ends. All I can say is that I hope they all learn they aren’t the center of the universe, the world doesn’t revolve around them, and you treat people the way you want to be treated. You wouldn’t want someone to bully you, try to get you fired and sleep with your boyfriend then maybe you shouldn’t do it to someone else then. They are supposed to be adults.

  39. Kendra says

    Darren Criss obviously. I don’t know why Lea wants Darren off the show but I think Chris wants him out so he can replace him with his assistant, that 40 year old dude Will Sherrod who needs an actual goddamn job besides following Chris around 24/7. Can you guys do some investigating on that one? He’s already been on the show twice so far, most notably the mime class scene where he’s actually right near Darren. He’s impossible to miss. Just look for the 40 year old “student” with the pathetic growth of beard, the kind you see in Most Wanted posters.

  40. Livvie00 says

    Behind the scenes at Glee is so much better than the actual show lol. Happy for Darren. Chris and Lea are so overrated.

  41. TropStorm says

    I am so happy to read this! I love Darren- he is one of my favorite parts of the show.

  42. ihatebullies says

    But Naya should be brought back too! She also (along with Darren) was a victim of Chris and Lea’s hateful plan to get them fired.

  43. DulcineaMonet says

    Here’s the good news, Darren Criss is a multi-talented performer who had sold out performances all over the country with his “Listen-Up” tour. Criss will be famous long after Colfer has stopped selling his books and making mundane movies and long after Lea Michelle has sang her last noted due to some sort of substance abuse.

    Darren Criss is an excellent performer who was classically trained in music and studied theater in college. He’s also part of the team (and songwriter) for the StarKid productions. In fact he was doing that way before Glee and had an enormous fan base for that alone. Oh and by the way…he played Harry Potter in most of those musicals until he got the part on Blaine on Glee.

    I’m not worried about Darren Criss…he will is and will be even bigger than anyone on that show. Not only does Darren have class and self-discepline, he also has a benevolent spirit because it shows in everything he does.

    My opinion of course and I’m sure many will disagree but that’s ok too. I stand by what I believe.