The Potential Replacement Manager

entrance exit[Blind Gossip] We already told you that this girl’s life was in turmoil. Well, here’s another twist you didn’t see coming!

Our Girl used to hang out with a Talented Performer who was a little bit older and very ambitious. Now she’s suddenly hanging out with Younger Girls who have no talent. Why the switch? Well, it’s not accidental. It’s because the Younger Girls’ Manager is giving our Girl the full-court press to represent her!

Manager found out a month ago that the Girl was considering leaving her current management team and was immediately in her ear about how she would be the perfect replacement. She invited the Girl over to her house, talked to her for hours, and set her up with two of her current clients for outings to let our Girl see what it would be like to be part of her flock. Of course, all three are now suddenly seen absolutely everywhere together!

Girl is loving all the publicity she is getting on every outing… and the potential Manager is on the phone with her every day, reinforcing over and over and over again how she is the perfect choice to manage the Girl’s career and her money.

We’ll see very soon if her evil plan works.


Talented Performer:

Younger Girls:

Potential Manager:

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