She Changed Her Looks For Him

plastic surgery 7[Blind Gossip] This TV star has always been a talented and beautiful girl. Her looks stayed consistent over the past few years as she became more famous… until she met him.

His idea of female beauty was different, bigger, more extreme. He wanted more of everything! More hair, more body, more makeup. So she got the plastic surgery and a makeover and transformed herself… until she oddly began to resemble another celebrity! Someone who we think looks more like a p*rn star than an actress.

She initially liked all the attention the extreme new look brought her, but now that the relationship is over, she is questioning why she changed her look for him in the first place, and whether or not she should keep it. So she asking around for people’s opinions. Keep it or change it? What should stay and what should go?

She reads BG every day, so let her know what you think! Try to be nice about it, though. The breakup wasn’t easy on her.

TV Star:

Her ex:

The celebrity she now resembles:

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  1. sssss says

    Naya Rivera
    Big Sean
    Kim Kardashian

    Naya – keep it natural girl! You are gorgeous! You don’t need ANY surgery. The world needs less Kim Kardashians (better yet, no Kim Kardashians). Stop w/ the lip fillers and get rid of the breast implants. Use this situation to your advantage as PR in interviews to tell young girls to stay true to themselves and warn them against changing their looks just for a demanding man. Will make you look good and him bad, and it is all true, good advice that you can use to really help someone!

    Keep your head up! There is a better man out there for you!

    • OoLaLana says

      Good advice. I concur.

      Let me know the day you learn the lesson (because you’re probably too young to know)… that vulnerability is a strength. (Once you shine a light on everything, you no longer spend energy hiding it… so just be vulnerable and let the light shine.)

    • woowoo says

      The irony here is that Kim K. is trying to morph into something else!!! Her face was fine the way it was, now it looks like she somehow elongated the space between her nose and upper lip. She seems to have had other facework done after Nori and it just makes her look older.

      • kcritical says

        OMG I thought it was just me. I think KK is a pretty girl but her face looks totally different since her pregnancy. I don’t know if it’s her lack of makeup now or if she had something done to her face. Also, her hair never seems to be done any more.

    • pennylovatic says

      Miss Naya Rivera— there are many decent men on this planet who would think the sun rises and sets with you. In order to find a real man, you have to be real yourself. Don’t change for a man. He should value you 100% from day 1…not value the changes he can make to you. I think the new hair color is great. If YOU like it, keep it. If YOU like your new boobies, keep them! If you want to do fillers and surgery, go for it. None of these physical changes should be made for any other person in the whole world but yourself.

  2. LeelooDallas1 says

    Naya Rivera

    Big Sean.

    Kim K

    I kinda figured he was trying to get her to morph into Kim Kardashian.

    Shame she was absolutely gorgeous before and the PS was so unnecessary. She seems to have a low self esteem, or maybe this particular relationship and the rumored cheating on his part, may have contributed even more to her insecurities.

  3. stolidog says

    Naya Rivera. To want to look like Kim Kardashian is a true mental illness. Was dating the aptly named Big Sean.

  4. pitchy says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    I doubt she regrets all of this though. She’s a fame whore.

  5. DillyDally says

    Naya Rivera. Her ex is Sean something or other. There was a pic I saw of her yesterday where she looked like a clone of Kim Kartrashian.

  6. gummiebear says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Ex: Big Sean

    Resembles: Kim K

    Naya is a beautiful girl, lose the blonde hair and she’ll be unstoppable again.

  7. A-titty says

    Naya Rivera. I used to think she was one of the more beautiful people I’ve seen, but now she just looks like a crazy hollywood starlet ; too much makeup, to much tit…it looks desperate. You don,t need that shit!!!!!…go back to you Naya.

  8. mugofmead111 says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean (who allegedly called off the engagement)

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian (Someone on another board said that Naya seems to be morphing into Kim K., who is channeling Beyonce).

  9. matchingclocks says

    TV star: Naya Rivera
    Her ex: Big Sean
    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

  10. thisisjustme says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

  11. JaneDawson says

    Naya Riveria
    Big Sean
    Kim K

    Shes gotten everything redone. Her eye shape, her cheeks, her nose, her lips and breasts…twice.

    It’s a shame. 27 years old and changed for a boy. Hollywood really makes a fool out of everyone.

  12. TeacherKat says

    Tv star – Naya Rivera. She was beautiful before. Now her look is a bit…plastic looking.

    Ex – Big Sean.

    Who she resembles – Kim Kardashian (no one likes or respects that family so she’s not someone you really want to look like in my opinion).

  13. Ana-nj says

    Tv Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Miss Kim “Superstar” Kardashian

    I dont know how to begin with Naya. She was so beautiful before then I saw the picture and I though it was KK. So I keep reading and it was Naya. How could she changes her look for him?. As a latina woman I really dont want to look like somebody else I want to be myself. I was dissapoinment when I saw Naya. I though she was confidence how she looks and who she really is and of course because she is latina and we know what we want. We also know (all women not matter the race) if a guy want you to change your look to look like somebody else, he is really not in love with you. He really wanted the trash girl. But because he knew she is taken thats why he made you change your look. So he can have a better version of the other one. Naya honey, you are beautiful, talent, you can act, you can sing, you can dance, you are the whole package. Dont waste your talent looking like trash and being with a trash. He didnt love you, he love the attention you were gonna bring when people would look at you in your new look.Just do whatever you feel like it. And yes, change your look. We dont want you to look like trash. We want you to be you and be a example for us girls and especially for latinas. And another thing I have never watch Glee but I know about you because of the covers magazine and the interviews you give.

  14. perfumeandpoison says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kartrashian

  15. JoshuaTree says

    Poor Naya. I was wondering why she transformed into “J-Lo Kardashian”. She doesn’t even resemble the same person she was a year ago. I can’t see her getting many roles now that she can’t move her face and looks like Kim K.

    Definitely lose the giant fake boobs. Stop the botox. Stop the Kim K makeup jobs and startled eyes.

    Big Sean is an asshole.

  16. thisisjustme says

    And Naya: If you’re questioning why you changed your look in the first place, it probably means you have doubts. It’s ultimately your decision and you should do what makes you happy, but you are and were a beautiful woman to start with!! Be yourself, love yourself, and stay strong :)

  17. persian says

    TV star: naya Rivera
    Ex: big Sean
    Celeb she resembles: Kim k

    Naya looked beautiful when she first starred on glee when her hair was dark and glossy and she was a healthier weight. She didn’t need all that plastic surgery on her face. I hope it’s not too late to go back!

  18. lisako says

    Naya Rivera, baby! She’s already beautiful and talented… The last thing she needs is Kim K Komparisons!!

    Can’t wait to see you in something cooler than Glee, BTW!

  19. AliekaZola says

    TV Star: Naya Riviera
    Her Ex: Big Sean

    She now looks like Kim Kardashian.

    I personally believe that you shouldn’t be with a man who wants to change you in that way. If he didn’t love the way you looked, then Honey you should of told him to exit stage left. No doubt you could of found someone to accept you the way you are, you’re talented & quite beautiful. You had an unique look. Learn to love yourself & please do not change your looks for a man again. And please don’t mess with anything else because you might make it worse.

  20. bg565 says

    Naya Rivera, Big Sean, Kim K. Don’t go under the knife again. You’re a beautiful and talented girl. I’ve never understood why someone would risk their life for cosmetic reasons. Embrace what you’ve got, and work on the inner stuff. Then you won’t even notice the outer stuff. Join a church or volunteer or something.

  21. Lin 23 says

    Naya Rivera-Glee of course!
    Her ex is Big Sean and the celebrity she now unfortunately resembles is Kim Kardashian.The break up is for the better.Hopefully she will now stop copying the trashy Kardashian look.I really couldn’t understand why she was having so many plastic surgeons and changes on her look.
    She is a talented actress-singer and a beautiful woman.It would be nice to embrace her own talents and try to be herself,without focusing or depending on other people.

  22. commonsense says

    Naya Rivera and Big Sean. Why would she want to look like Kim Kardashian? Kim Kardashian doesnt even want to look like Kim Kardashian. Kim looks like a caricature of herself who’s trying to look like Elizabeth Taylor. With the enormous overload of fat transfers to her booty, she looks like the geriatric version of Elizabeth Taylor wearing depends.

  23. kspeedian says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    If I’m right: You are unbelievably beautiful, Naya! I honestly worry that undoing the surgeries may turn out worse, not better. If you want to remove the implants- go for it. But don’t mess with your face! Even to “fix” any past surgeries. I honestly think changing your makeup style and dying your hair back dark will un-Kardashian you! Hang in there, girl. You are so talented and pretty.

  24. lucysunny says

    Naya Rivera.

    She didn’t change her looks just for Big Sean. She got the new tits and nose job before she even met him.

    • kcritical says

      I totally agree with this. She started looking differently prior to dating him which is why so many ppl thought there relationship was a pr stunt to boost their careers.

  25. sdlaura says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    Naya plays the brilliant Santana Lopez on Glee. She’s far too talented to go down the Kim route. I hope she goes back to being a more serious actress, I think she’s got the potential to be a very good actress.

  26. HermioneG says

    Naya reads BG? Good.

    Dear Naya, the “new” you is pathetic, gross and I can’t believe I used to be a fan when I see what you’ve become. I hope you’ll come to your senses soon and go back to being the girl you were when people discovered you — and that person people became a fan of. Although I’m still on the fence about what’s going on in that head of yours; even if you got your old looks back I feel like you’ve become (or always have been, maybe?) über superficial. You seem to be just another one of “these girls” when you used to stand out big time. Which is sad and really disappointing.

    Sorry… I’m not sorry.

    • HermioneG says

      Oh and just so you know why I’m so harsh, it’s because you’re super talented, and I’m pretty mad at you for all the bad choices you’ve made. You have the potential for becoming a star and you chose to throw that away for cheap bimbo/thug culture. You need to know that and also hear people who don’t spend their time commenting how perfect everything you do/wear/say is on twitter and instagram. I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of us just waiting to be welcome back in your original universe. Juste give us a reason. Hope you’ll overcome whatever happened and you’ll be well. Wish you the best.

      • Blacky says

        Agree with everything you said completely. Although I feel no need to be nice to someone with real talent/real potential; who was clearly either pathetic or desperate enough to do this to themselves because of a man, AND to get more attention. What I’m wondering is, since I’m pretty positive the BG abt a TV star who got dropped by her label due to a failed single and her changing looks, is also Naya, what is she gonna do now that she lost her person in the music business. We all know she’s been on auditions since joining Glee but other then ‘Home’ which will most likely be just another lame horror flick, she hasn’t gotten anything else. Not to mention, the whole BG about the two actors on a TV show getting another 2 actors fired (one of which sounds like Naya), she’ll be out of her day job soon. Better bounce back quick Naya.

      • HermioneG says

        I agree Blacky, it doesn’t look good for her :/
        My God she was so beautiful, relatable and fan friendly, she was and still is a triple threat and look where she is now. She was becoming this breakout star who won her first ALMA award in the music category even if she had no music out. People were starting to really get to know her face and name beyong Glee (mag covers, interviews, super bowl and proactiv commercial etc). Yet, she decided that going the Kim K route (especially to please a major pig) was a good idea to get her name out there? I mean…

        Well, I guess that by celeb standards she’s not doing so bad since she’s not venturing into Trainwreck Cyrus, Demi-my-guy-can-do-no-wrong-Lovato, or Rihanna territory yet. Small blessings. It would truly be a shame to see her talent go to waste, she has so much of it. I’d be thrilled to see her former full-cheeks self blow me away with her acting and/or singing again. I miss that.

      • sayyouready says

        Ok wait a second! I normally do NOT comment but I honestly had to comment on this because this comment was so ridiculous. Ok so she went out with a guy, made a few mistakes and now she is back at square one. Ok. So she’s not allowed to make mistakes? She did it because she believed she was in love. She did it because she believed in forever and forever didn’t work out. I mean that’s life. We should be lifting her up for wanting to change not being down on her for whatever reason. She made a mistake come on now and as far as the whole acting thing is concerned; do you actually know the logistics behind getting a real role in Hollywood? Believe me it’s not easy. How do you know that she isn’t getting passed over for other actresses? How can you just assume that she’s not out here trying? I mean let’s be real honest here do you know how many actresses auditioned just to be in movies? I’ll give you a clue it’s in the thousands. And all of them are just as pretty and just as talented. Yeah the pool gets smaller at a certain level but the competition gets tougher. (I’m thinking of one specific girl who I know consistently books work on tv and movies and gets passed over when it comes to “the big stuff”). I feel sorry for her and I feel yeah she needs to get it together but last I check she’s a human. She’s allowed to make mistakes.

  27. bonou2 says

    Naya Rivera looks just like Kim kardashian now, never listen to a man that says you have to change and if he does find a new man! Which you will your beautiful :-)

  28. babymj says

    TV Star:Naya Rivera

    Her ex:Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    I´m not a Glee fan, but always thought that she was very pretty…until she met that guy.

  29. gypsydaisy says

    Naya Rivera and Big Sean.

    If she could start going back to before. She was gorgeous before, naturally soft and beautiful. She looks a little waxen and harder now.

  30. Danasaurus says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera
    Her ex: Big Sean
    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    Don’t ask what other people think. Do what YOU want to do. Be yourself, look the way YOU want to look. Your confidence in who you are is what makes you sexy. Some people will like the new look. Some people will like the old look. At the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is yours.

  31. bhsbaby says

    AWw Naya. She’s so pretty, she doesn’t need Big Sean to tell her she’s so damn unpretty. And of course Kim K is the celeb, and astute on that call, Ace.

  32. hbb2699 says

    Tv star: Naya Rivera
    Her Ex: Big Sean
    Resembles: Kim Kartrashian

    Change it! You were beautiful as you were. Never change who you are for a man! Looking like a trashy wanna be star who is only infamous from a sex tape is not a good thing You are far more talented and beautiful then that trash!!

  33. chynaeyezz287 says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera
    Her ex: Big Sean
    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian. Lay off the fillers and take those implants out, girl. You were beautiful before him

  34. Jennifer says

    TV star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    Celeb doppleganger: Kim Kardashian

    Naya, now that you’ve gotten rid of your ex, get the breast implants removed and see if they can reverse the eyelid surgery that’s making you look “wide awake” in photos. You were a lovely girl to start with and were successful in the industry without all the work (which is making you look less Latina — you gotta keep representing for successful young brown women!).

  35. RedGirl77 says

    PLEASE stop with this Kim Kardashian “look.” She is beyond trashy/plastic/porny. There is no natural beauty there. She’s just ridiculous and a joke. Don’t go down that path. Go back to you natural beauty before it’s too late.

  36. js2012 says

    Naya, Big Sean, Kim K….I don’t like to think of naya as dumb, but it was the first word that came to mind, maybe just insecure. A beautiful, insecure, vapid space cadet type girl. I imagine she is the kind of girl who loses herself in her relationships, tries too hard or babies them bc she thinks they won’t leave her. She probably struggled in the past maintaining long term boyfriends, has low self esteem, and now overcompensates.

    If I’m completely off the mark, then I’d probably say….grow up. Don’t change yourself for any man. And seek therapy.

  37. wmariah says

    TV Star: Nadia Rivera From Glee
    Her ex: Rapper Big Sean
    Celebrity she resembles: Kim Kartrashian and J-Hoe (and it’s not a typo)

  38. Scorpio13 says

    TV Star: Naya R

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim K

    Change it back! You were more beautiful your natural way. What a DB for wanting to change you.

  39. lindy555 says

    Naya Rivera / Big Sean / Kim Kardashian

    Girl you were more beautiful as yourself – go back to looking like yourself!!

  40. bahhumbug says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera
    Her ex: Big Sean
    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    You do you, Naya. Whatever you want to do with your looks should be your decision, and yours alone. Do what makes you happy.

  41. gofloaz says

    Naya Rivera of course. And Naya you were pretty before, but now you look like a cheap $1 store hooker. Should have never tried to look like that hooker for hire. Go back to before. And never let a man change you.

  42. lobsterbabe says

    Naya from Glee

    She looks like that whore Kim Kardasian and if it were me I wouldn’t want to be assosiated or compared to her in ANY way!!!

    Big Sean is her ex

  43. sidhu105 says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Her ex: Big Sean

    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim K

    CHANGE IT! No question about that!

  44. herpderp says

    I have no idea who this is, and I almost never comment, but I’d ask her to really dig down and see how *she* feels about it. She’s been taking advice from how she “should” look by committee for too long now. Changing yourself to please someone else is always a terrible idea, and no, I don’t care that “in Hollywood it’s different”. If she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin anymore, then “go back”. If she feels better now than ever, then keep it. And kick the next guy who says, “You’d be so much hotter *if*” to the curb – never be with someone who isn’t thrilled to have you exactly as you are now.

  45. CatBallou says

    Naya Rivera

    Big Sean

    Kim Kardashian

    She’s so talented and beautiful without all that extra stuff – she should go back and be herself (who needs the reminder of the jerk when she looks in the mirror)

  46. PDXFish says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera
    Her ex: Big Sean
    Celeb she now resembles: Kim Kardashian

    Gross on a hundred thousand trillion.

  47. Katie says

    TV star: Naya Rivera from Glee
    Her Ex: Big Sean
    The celebrity she now resembles: Kim K

    Naya if you’re reading this, you are absolutely gorgeous either way! Just be how you want to be and not what an ex or anyone else thinks you should look like.

  48. stepaphany says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera
    Her Ex: Big Sean
    Celebrity: Kim Kartrashian

    She should’ve never changed to begin with. If Big Sean really couldn’t see how beautiful she was to begin with, he didn’t deserve her. That being said, I encourage her to do whatever makes her more comfortable, as she looks fine either way IMO.

  49. bellashade says

    Naya Rivera, who looks more like Kim Kardashian than herself now. Girl, you were gorgeous before, go back to looking like YOU!

  50. jskaa6233 says

    Tv star:naya Rivera
    Her ex: big Sean .. (piece of shit)
    Resembles: Kim kardashian
    Naya you’re perfect honey you were perfect before there was no use for you to change your image if he wanted a porn start he should hava just got with Kim .
    Your fans love you and support you me being one of them we will stand by you through everything ..

  51. tmartex says

    Tv star – Naya Rivera
    Ex- Big Sean
    Celeb – Kim K

    She was beautiful before and is still beautiful after her ‘makeover’ but she definitely lost that natural look. It is odd that she looks so much like Kim and is ok with that.

  52. ravenglass says

    TV Star: Naya Rivera

    Ex: Big Sean

    Celebrity She Now Resembles: Kim Kardashian

    What should stay? Whatever makes YOU happy & makes YOU feel good about yourself.

    What should go? Well, HE’S already gone.

    BG is right, you have ALWAYS been talented & beautiful & if he couldn’t see that, then he’s the one who needs to change, not you.