That Was No Diet

diet 2[Blind Gossip] This organization is going to have a lot to answer for if this woman’s passing is linked to their practices.

In the weeks and months just prior to her demise, she lost an extreme amount of weight, supposedly from a “diet.”

That was no “diet.” That was a “purification” ritual prescribed by the organization. She was told by their leaders that it would cleanse her of the toxins that had built up in her body after years of substance abuse.

The purification consisted of excessive exercise (several hours each day), very restricted food intake, vitamins, and long sauna sessions (sweating out the toxins for four or five hours a day). Does that sound healthy to you?



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    • hrhfedup says

      Apparently NOT Scientology – maybe that’s the shock? But that OTO thing. Ordo Templi Orienti. There’s was even something on CNN about them. yikes.

  1. neartstarlet says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof
    Organization: Scientology

    Poor girl, and those poor babies she left behind.

    • Booboo1068 says

      My thoughts too. So for once it’s not a drug OD but sounds like she was tragically mislead! When are we going to get our body NATURALLY detoxes itself as part of normal physiology? Supplement companies and organizations like the COS and certain so called holistic health clinics and coaches are part if a multi BILLION DOLLAR industry…you’re a walking dollar sign to them. If the Doctors show is reading this PLEASE do a special on this to help educate people. I’d say Dr Oz but he got on the weight loss/ detox/ supplement infomercial band wagon along time ago and lost credibility with me.

      If Peach’s dad is not a member surely he has enough power and money to go after whoever was misleading her? They should be held accountable to prevent other deaths.

    • La Llorona says

      I couldn’t get over her death when I first heard about it. Of course, I know who her father is. He was in “The Wall”! I just couldn’t believe she died. She’s the same age as me.

      If this blind is true, this is soo so eerie.

  2. luvprue1 says

    PEACHES GELDOF. I do not know the name of the organization, but I’m guessing scientology?

    • guiltywhispers says

      No, had to be Scientology. Google “purification rundown” that is exactly what they are discussing in this blind.

    • senseandsarcasm says

      Yep…this one.

      She left Scientology several years ago and was with this group.

  3. brobdingnagian says

    Woman: Peaches Geldoff

    Orginazation: Scientology

    Condolences to the family, this is sad.

  4. janushka says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof
    Organization: Scientologists, maybe? I think I’ve read that she was a scientologist.
    Anyway, it’s really sad.

  5. katekatebobate says

    :Lisa Mcpherson?

    If its her, i’ve read the stories and that poor girl; she was physically and mentally tortured to death after she tried to get out. Whoever it was, Scientology is a group dangerous and stupid devotees.

  6. MikeInSanJose says

    Well, it’s called the Purification Rundown, administered by the Church of Scientology.

    Peaches Geldof…

  7. kat411 says

    Not sure about the organization

    This is really sad if she got her life turned around only to die from a “diet”. :-(

  8. laili6 says

    Whoa. Peaches and Scientology. If this is true, I wonder how successful they’re going to be in covering it up. Maybe it will cause even more people to leave the “church.”

  9. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Woman: Shelley Misgavige – missing wife (not seen since 2007 supposedly) of David Miscavige – the leader of…

    Organization: Scientology

  10. Vaughn_99 says

    I’m guessing that Peaches Geldof chick who just died. She had ties to the Church of Scientology.. What a whacky group..

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Wait – I’m changing it to Peaches Geldof since she just died and was very thin in the photos that they’re showing online.

  12. katheryn says


    don’t know the organization- but she juiced a lot- they say it can be dangerous to your electrolyte levels if you overdo it.

  13. TeacherKat says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof
    Organization: Scientology

    She has also been linked with OTO, but I’m going with Scientology. There is a section on purification on their website if you want to look it up. So sad. She did look thin recently, and there was a story on TMZ that even remarked on her thin appearance at a recent event she attended. I will keep her family in my prayers (and goodness, her two little boys are adorable. I can’t imagine growing up without a mother).

  14. stalkingdykes2 says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof.

    Damn, there must have been a plausible reason for her death at the age of 25, since allegedly no drugs or suicide note were found next to her body.

  15. amy289 says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof
    Organization: Scientology (though she supposedly converted to Judaism when she got married…)
    Her poor family; they’ve been through so much already. RIP.

  16. bjd44 says

    Oh, Peaches Gheldof. Why isn’t Scientology on the racks about all their crap!?!?!?!

  17. EastCoaster says

    Poor Peaches Geldof! 25 years old! Utterly heartbreaking. Conflicting info about her today – was she into Scientology or Thelema (“OTO”)?

  18. Bulmerstastic says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof
    Organisation: Don’t know
    Very sad if this is true. Her 2 poor babies :(
    First time posting btw!

  19. Bromance1979 says

    Peaches Geldof


    She was a Scientologist and formerly used drugs. She was always thin, but apparently was on a juicing diet before she died.

    So sad. My heart is breaking for her two little boys.

  20. Dizzy says

    Please dont let this be Peaches Geldof

    I *think* the organisation might be Scientology

  21. megigi says

    In spite of her connection to OTO, I’m going with Peaches Geldof and Scientology for this one.

  22. robin says

    Oh wow..
    Peaches Geldof
    That is so sad. I think this cult was responsible for Johnny Lewis’s problems as well.

  23. slimfast10 says

    Woman Peaches Geldorf
    Scientology that crazy organization no this is not healthy..

    • slimfast10 says

      and I am guessing Kirstie never took this diet on,or she would not be back with Jenny Craig or maybe she has tried it but had much more weight on to start when she was on it, therefore, it didn’t kill her.

  24. kjbxt says

    Peaches Geldorf. Don’t know the organization but she definitely lost a lot of weight. So sad.

  25. stai says

    Peaches Geldolf obviously. I remember thinking that she looked not ok after her drastic weight loss over the years.
    Dunno the organisation but I hope they’ll have some great problems. This girl was truly anorexic, she used to think she looked fat at a moment she was, like really, really, too thin, it was after her pregnancies.
    She used to only eat vegetables juices…
    Anyway, this girl passed away leaving two toddlers without their mum. And like thousands of young girls each years, she died because of her beauty image. It’s time to really condamn those organisations who pushes people insecurities and lead them to endure extremly dangerous diets. Don’t ever forget what is important, health, family, friend and a long life.
    I may sound naive but i can’t stand the fact that some kids will grew up without mum because of a society where the image of woman has become sadistic and murderous. Excuse my english i’m french, rip peaches.

  26. creeping_thistle says

    OH NO. Peaches? A Scientologist? WHY? I thought her two wonderful babies were going to be the making of her as a woman…….
    I’m starting to think that this “religion” should be deemed absolutely illegal and shut down. Freedom of expression my arse.

  27. HypoAllergenicJin says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof

    Organization: The Church of $cientology.

    How many more coincidental deaths will happen on their watch and how much longer will they continue to get away with?
    If you’re curious, google “Lisa McPherson”.

  28. dween2000 says

    Well, sadly, I think this is Peaches Geldoff and Scientology for the deadly organization.

  29. diamonddiamond says

    Woman:Peaches Geldof

    Organization:Scientology – Purif / the Purification Process

  30. kittypryde777 says

    Woman: Peaches Geldof
    Organization: Ordo Templi Orientis (the occult organization she was said to have been a big follower of) … or maybe Scientology but I think she abandoned that interest several years ago.