1. MamaCat says

    Hoping this isn’t Hunter Hayes, he’s such a cutie.

    I could see one of (both of) those jerks from Florida Georgia Line doing this. Can’t stand them.

    • missmissy says

      Looking at recent and older photos, I think this is probably him. Looks like he has had chin work done and possibly a nose job. If his nose was done it is subtle. His face also looks more narrow in some photos tho that could be weight.

  2. Moonpie says

    No idea, but theses crazy looking faces provide excellent comedic relief. See KK’s face. She is a hoot.

  3. huhwhoami says

    is kenny urban considered young, he and ellen d are striving to prove they are twins:)

      • Booboo1068 says

        Agreed, not young ( not old either really) but yes, he needs to back away from the tweaking. He’s getting close to Kenny Rogers territory…not good. He’s also too old to pull off that same hairstyle. It’s too bad he would’ve aged well and pulled off the natural lines and gray streaks well. SIGH, I guess when you’re Nicole Kidman’s other half it’s part of the contract.

  4. silence1534 says

    Luke Bryan? Last time I saw him his forehead looked a little…smoothed out.

  5. jillphelps41 says

    I’m going with Kenny Chesney. I remember rumors going around here in Nashville a few years ago that he had some cosmetic procedures(pectoral implants and other things)done.

  6. ravenglass says

    I’ve heard rumours about Luke Bryan & plastic surgery but I really don’t know.

    If you want him to stop with botox & cosmetic procedures, just show him a picture of Kenny Rogers.

  7. 2BEAUCOUP says


    • KWDragon says

      Sorry, 2BEAUCOUP, but I don’t follow country. Who is D.N.? It sounds like you might be on to a clue.

    • wfreshie says

      david nail was the only d n on the alphabetical list of country stars on wiki- never heard of him

      please come back and let us know who you are talking about

      • wfreshie says

        and STOP LIGHT was sung by billy ocean…so…maybe this poster was playing with us

      • ravenglass says

        David Nail has a song called “Red Light.”(STOP)

        The real question is…Who is Pasty Cline? Patsy Cline’s nipple tasseled twin sister? (Sorry 2BEAUCOUP I couldn’t resist)

    • 2BEAUCOUP says

      I didn’t say stop light,and I pray I’m wrong.
      The problem is he’s 100’s of times better than anyone out there now and most people haven’t heard of him.
      That must really hurt a tender heart&soul.

      • jacksonian says

        I saw him in concert and he and Billy Currington are two of my favorites in country music.
        Luke Brian is great in concert too. Don’t know why people on here are trashing him.

      • ravenglass says

        I just watched a couple of David Nail’s videos, & even though I’m not much of a country fan, you’re right, he’s talented. Thanks for introducing him to me!!!

    • 2BEAUCOUP says

      Pasty Cline was/is the greatest female voice in country history.
      Pasty would have crossed over and been the biggest pop singer in the 60’s if a plane crash didn’t kill her.
      Yes,bigger than Barbra.She would have done it all-she was just learning the might of her voice.
      THAT’S PASTY CLINE watch SWEET DREAMS bio pic.

      • lobsterbabe says

        It was a joke darling! They were referring to the spelling error, it is PATSY, not PASTY as you have been spelling her name.

        On another note I agree that it could be David Nail, he has been looking a little surprised lately, although it doesn’t dispute the fact that he is an amazing singer. I have seen him in concert and love his music.

    • 2BEAUCOUP says

      Can’t see too well some days and my seeing eye cat let me down with its proof reading skills.Ms cline might have taken that spelling if she saw it!!!
      If I really feel something,I can get riled up.
      He really could cross over and do many other kinds of music.
      He needs no help with looks,has he ever looked in a mirror-
      he’s as handsome as a man can be.
      What they try to do to peoples image is sometimes horrible.
      Let the talent shine through.
      I’ll give Barbra one thing she resisted the Big Boys,no nose job capped teeth.
      My Momma always said.
      “If you don’t like what I’m selling there’s another store down the street!”

  8. hrhfedup says

    I don’t know if you’d consider him young, but Keith Urban is doin’ so f’d up stuff to his face.

  9. sue says

    Photo looks like Brad Paisley, but based on recent photos I’ve seen of him lately, I’m wondering if it is Jason Aldean.

  10. GayleStorm says

    Luke Bryan??
    Not a fan, but I saw a photo of him on another site and his skin looks pretty smooth for 37. I don’t know, is that still considered young? That’s young to me. lol

  11. tigerlily says

    If it didn’t specify “young”, I would say Keith Urban. Looks like he and Nicole K are going for his and her botox sessions. He also looks like he may getting fillers too. Between that, the eye makeup and perfect highlight, he is looking less and less “manly” to me. Way too “pre-fab” for my taste.

  12. Fan says

    I’m not that familiar with the country music artists, but the cowboy in the photo certainly is handsome.

  13. boyjack4 says

    Not that I’d call him young but Keith Urban is starting to look funny! Smooth,glossy and quite wrong! And that hair?

  14. LeahLynn28 says

    I could guess,but tbh,i don’t know country singers,nor listen to this type of music.Whoever he is,he should stop doing these surgeries if he doesn’t need them.

  15. pcd123 says

    Definitely Hunter Hayes. “Please stop now” as a clue…his lyrics for Somebody’s Heartbreak include the line “So if you’re comin’ my way then please don’t stop”

  16. 2cats says

    Hunter Hayes, the hint “please stop now” close to “please make it stop” from his song Rainy Season, and “you don’t need it” from his new song Invisible that says “you don’t need to hide it anymore”.. the irony

  17. matthew netting says

    I Think It’s Luke Bryan,He Looks Young For His Age,But,Not Naturally,and He’s Kind Of Creepy.

  18. JennyJustice says

    Keith Urban is currently being accused of botoxing. I don’t see it and I don’t want to. He’s too nice to rip on.

  19. Booboo1068 says

    Garth Brooks is reportedly working on his return full time to performing. For the love of god i hope he doesn’t mess with his face like Keith and others obviously have. And let some grey show…no shoe polish red brown hair dye, so not attractive.

  20. lily is my puppy says

    Keith Urban. I almost didn’t recognize him in a photo. Looks like a mid-face lift and removal of the bags under the eyes or maybe botox everywhere or maybe all 3 or who knows! I wish these people would stop with the face tweaking. Everyone looks so unreal now, like Barbie and Ken.

  21. jacksonian says

    He’s not young but I would guess Tim McGraw. What the hell happened to him? He looks ghastly strange!!!