1. Jinkies says

    In a public toilet? – They must be very small or that was one heck of a huge toilet. In all seriousness, this is disgusting whoever it is – my guess is Ella Eyre.

    • apple martini says

      It’s a British blind. “Toilet” in British usage means a restroom, not a literal toilet.

      • tweety77 says

        A toilet is the thing you sit on to do your business but it’s also what we call the bathroom sometimes. I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘a literal toilet’ :/

  2. Fan says

    This is a British publication, so it’s probably someone we’ve never even heard of, unless it’s Rita Ora, but the word “star” would be pushing it in the U.S.

  3. sherlock says

    What if that hunk was hiv positive or had herpes or an std,i don’t understand that kind of rash behaviour.Sounds like someone pretty famous as well.

  4. LoneHazelEyes says

    Sounds like Kylie or Dannii Minogue to me…the “mates” part makes me think of an Aussie. And it fits with this being a British publication as they both live in London.

  5. matthew netting says

    Why Does This Skanky Behaviour Make Me Think That It’s Rita Ora,She’s 100% Skank To Me,Calvin Harris Has No Clue That She’s Only In For The Money Probably Does He?.

  6. SuzNYC says

    “mates” clue makes me think Rita Ora. She’s a brit no? Also, she has that cheating rep already.

  7. katsmeow says

    Lorde? She is from New Zealand so “mates” fits. Her bf is sort of only known through IG…but this sounds so opposite of what she would do…I hope!

  8. eyeindigo says

    Pop Star: Ellie Goulding
    Boyfriend: Ed Sheeran

    They’re British. They had a thing. It’s known from the recent Rolling Stone article he was cheated on by a fellow singer (NOT TAYLOR SWIFT,obviously,but also confirmed in article).

    Details about this on “Don’t” off his new (unreleased still) album.

    • guiltywhispers says

      This is all over the news now: people are assuming it was Niall Horan because he was supposedly caught snogging her and then both he and Ed were acting like her boyfriend at the same event, I think it was the VMA’s. That was weird; it reminded me of the TV show cliche where the guy has two prom dates.

  9. austen93 says

    Rita Ora
    Calvin Harris

    Just a random guess because of what Rob Kardashian said about her cheating and sleeping around heaps without protection.