Creepin With Her Ex

texting 4[Hollywood Street King] This Chicago kid is gearing up for a North West trip to the chapel with his baby momma. But, not only is his future marriage expected to fizzle “in about seven months” — his ratchet, soon-to-be bride is said to have long had another man on her mind!

Our tipster tells us… he has no idea that she’s been creepin’ with her NFL ex!

Dig the shocking drop: “They secretly text each other on a regular basis, and are still madly in love.”

BG Note: Creepin = Cheating or sneaking around behind someone’s back

Chicago Kid:

Baby Momma:

Her NFL Ex:

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  1. shayjay says

    COME ON!! Easy Peasy! NORTH WEST….ya gave it away.
    Kanye West
    Kim Kartrashian
    & her NFL ex is Reggie Bush, isn’t it?

  2. iheartkoko says

    Chicago Kid: Kanye

    Baby Momma: Kim K.– future ex-Mrs.West

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

    • Lindasu says

      Seriously, the “marriage” is another sham anyway. If Kanye has the love of HIS life in Gay Paree, then why should/would he care what Kimquat does?

    • ravenglass says

      I always look forward to your Kardashian/West/Jenner comments.

      You furiously punch those keys while typing their names don’t you? lol

  3. PinkG says

    I know this is supposed to be Reggie. But why would he hook up again with Kim? She is such a nasty pig.

    • kspeedian says

      They dated for like 5 years and every girl he’s dated since has looked exactly like her so, nasty not not, he obviously was/is in love with her!

    • carriebradshaw says

      I must think about this one:

      “She (Kris) told her daughter that a rich, dumb, black man makes the perfect match and that the dr*gs and infidelity would just make it that much easier to get out of the marriage later on. Get in, get the money, get out a few million richer… and let him look like the bad guy!”

      apparently Reggie is not very smart. also Kanye.

      • What Had Happened Was ... says

        This comment was not in reference to Kim and Reggie. It was about Khloe and Lamar.

    • mugofmead111 says

      not only that, but he has his own daughter with his own woman (who coincidentally looks a little like kim k. and is of armenian descent like kim)

  4. KD_Dugue says

    Oh God. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush….is this is true…I bet it all happened when she “bumped” into him at that coffee shop a few weeks ago!

    • mugofmead111 says

      “bumped” into him with his fiancee and baby. ha.

      i’m not quite buying that reggie wants kim back though. i bet if he were to have said the word way back when, she would have left kris h. standing at the altar.

  5. lux93 says

    Chicago Kid: kayne west

    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush or Miles Austin

  6. sagittarius diva says

    Kanye West
    Kim K
    Reggie Bush
    I hope Reggie is not still creeping with this tramp!

  7. CanaryCry says

    Ha! Easy peasy …. Kim, Kanye & Reggie Bush.

    Good golly, how can the first two pieces of work go away if we can’t stop talking about them? #theirony

  8. LeahLynn28 says

    Kanye “closeted” West.
    Kim Kartrashian.
    I can’t name him,she dated lots of guys…

    This future ex-marriage is already doomed,since the engagement announcement…i knew he was gay and that she was his beard,but not that she was already cheating on him behind his back…lol
    Kangaye,in his delusional mind,still thinks he’s a god,but he’s a fool.As soon as Kim hooks up with her ex,she’ll file for divorce in less than 72 days,or will call off the engagement.She doesn’t even like him…
    And i won’t feel for his inflated ego…he’s not in control of anything

  9. dc reader says

    The only challenge on this is with the NFL ex.

    Def Kanye and Kim. Is the NFL’er Reggie Bush or Miles Austin. My guess is Reggie, since she dated him for a much longer time.

  10. jacks_colon says


    Chicago Kid: Kanye West

    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

  11. MimiKnosBest says

    Chicago Kid: Kanye West
    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian
    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush
    p.s. lmfao at their vogue cover

  12. Okayeah says

    Ugh. Kanye, KimmyK and Reggie Bush. How can he be so dumb? You’ve had her, Reggie! Just move on to the next wh*re!

  13. scumby says

    Dwyane Wade one of the phony religious types
    Gabrielle Union skanky and smelly
    Ex is Chris Howard

  14. El Materdor says

    Reggie? I thought he hated her… So who else has she smashed? Or better yet, who hasn’t she?

  15. KrazyCatLady says

    Too easy and too awesome. Too bad. ReggieBush is hot and seems ok. What is thinking.

  16. cookoo says

    Obviously Kim kardashian janye west and think its reggie bush (can’t umagine ahed sNt t talk t bone head chris.humphreys) clue north west. By the way if this is true she truely has no shame or respect for anybody

  17. Andreinac13 says

    Chicago Kid: Kanye West

    Baby Momma: Kim K.

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

    So, I know her marriages have an expiration date but . . . welp!

  18. not now says

    Not too obvious…

    Kanye West (daughter North)
    Kim Kardashian
    Reggie Bush

    Is there really anyone out there who believes this marriage is not just a financial boondoggle?

  19. jsk710 says

    Obviously Kanye, Kim and Reggie Bush. Really? This seems pretty far fetched. I would think Reggie would have moved on by now.

  20. katekatebobate says

    Kanye is an a$$ but he is also madly in love with Kim and she is just a horrible person (worse than him); no one deserves the kind of disrespect she imparts on the men in her life. And even though Kanye is an ignorant jerk, he’s still the father of her child. She makes me sick.

  21. csophia says

    Chicago kid: kanye west
    Baby Momma: Kim kardashian
    Her NFL ex: Reggie bush

    First timer

  22. gail says

    Obviously Kim Kardashian and Kanye West…..HOWEVER…I an going to go out on a limb and guess that the NFL player in question is NOT Reggie Bush but Miles Austin. I think Reggie is too smart to get involved with her again.

    • gail says

      Miles Austin just got married in the beginning of March to a woman he met in college, but he only started dating her last year. The Cowboys are probably going to cut him before the season starts…salary cap issues, he hasn’t been healthy and he hasn’t been that great for what they are paying him.

  23. MikeInSanJose says

    “a North West trip”?

    Could this be Kanye Omari (Oh, MARY!) West Kardashian?
    Is Kim creepin’ with Reggie Bush? (She is if she ever wants to get laid again…)

    I’m more curious about what this means:
    “his ratchet, soon-to-be bride”

  24. lilspinchick says


    Chicago Kid: Kanye West

    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

    Not sure any clues are needed here but one huge one is… “North West”

  25. radiokddk says

    Yeah! An easy one…

    Chicago Kid: Kanye West
    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian
    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

  26. mommagoosed says

    Shut-up, although Ratchet is a great description for Kim K. No doubt ‘Ye also has a fella on the side, too… 😉

  27. rosiemh says

    Chicago Kid: Kanye West

    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush. But it also could be Miles Austin, I think they had something in the past.

  28. Dizzy says

    Chicago kid: Kanye West

    Baby Momma: Kim K

    Her NFL ex?…..I want to say Kris Humphries but I dont know

  29. Quanah says

    Kanye West
    Kim Kardashian
    Reggie Bush

    But wasn’t she cheating on Reggie with Kanye (when Kanye was with Amber Rose)?

  30. thisusernameisbullshit says

    first post!

    Chicago Kid: Kanye West

    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian

    Her NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

  31. Naija_girl says

    Dang they just handed us the answer didn’t they?

    Kanye West

    Kim Kardashian

    Reggie Bush

  32. ravenglass says

    Chicago Kid: Kanye

    Baby Momma: Kim Kardashian

    NFL Ex: Reggie Bush

    Of course this “marriage” will fail. Kim loves BUSH; Kanye doesn’t!!!

  33. PrettyInPink84 says

    Kanye West
    Kim Kardashian
    Reggie Bush

    I have always said that he was the one for her. Those two fools really do love each other. Two idiots.