No Strings Attached

puppet 2[Blind Gossip]  This over-30 Actor has done plenty of films, but he is especially well-known for one part in a recent TV series. He recently asked a “normal” woman out on a date.

Initially, the woman couldn’t believe her luck! “He was tall, cute, rich, famous, and seemed really nice. What’s not to like?”

The date went pretty normally… until the end. They went back to his house. Everything was going fine until he pulled out – wait for it – a puppet!

The Actor then ceased talking in his normal voice altogether and used some sort of weird puppet voice to continue the conversation. According to her, “He went from cute to creepy really fast.” When the puppet tried to touch her private parts and proposition her for sex, she bolted.

So, what’s it like to date a celebrity? “Creepy.”

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