No Strings Attached

puppet 2[Blind Gossip]  This over-30 Actor has done plenty of films, but he is especially well-known for one part in a recent TV series. He recently asked a “normal” woman out on a date.

Initially, the woman couldn’t believe her luck! “He was tall, cute, rich, famous, and seemed really nice. What’s not to like?”

The date went pretty normally… until the end. They went back to his house. Everything was going fine until he pulled out – wait for it – a puppet!

The Actor then ceased talking in his normal voice altogether and used some sort of weird puppet voice to continue the conversation. According to her, “He went from cute to creepy really fast.” When the puppet tried to touch her private parts and proposition her for sex, she bolted.

So, what’s it like to date a celebrity? “Creepy.”

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  1. kat411 says

    For some reason, Jason Segel came to mind after I read this. Maybe because of his muppet connection.

    • ravenglass says

      Damn, I was way off!!! Oh Well.

      Since she ran off before anything happened, I hope for his sake it was a HAND puppet.

    • carol15 says

      definitely jason segel. there was those pictures of him leaving his house the morning after with lindsay lohan and the dracula puppet a while back.

  2. MaybeImRight says

    Obviously talking about Jason Segel–HIMYM reference, puppeteer and all. Definitely abnormal but maybe he was trying to be funny? That seems like it could be just his weird sense of humor.

  3. melly123 says

    Jason Segal. He is tall. His show recently went off the air, and it’s well known he loves the muppets and puppets.

  4. amandajo says

    Well that’s definitely Jason Segel.Bummer I’ve always had a little crush on him.

    • missmissy says

      Bummer?? – come on… Its Jason Segel. You would expect it to be a little odd and funny.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I have, too! I’m just going to tell myself it was all a big joke, he wasn’t into her and it was just his way of trying to blow her off…

  5. JaneDawson says

    The guy from the muppet movie. “Life is like a LAMB and someone to lend a HAND”

    Jason Segel

  6. crowdRise29 says

    Jason Segel

    TV Series: HIMYM

    Did a puppet musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and was obsessed the the Muppets enough to write, direct, and star in the updated Muppets movie.

  7. lisako says

    Jason Segal, HIMYM? ‘Wait for it’ being a clue? And the puppets remind me of his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  8. fozzie says

    Jason Segel. I saw an interview about “Forgetting Sarah…” and he talked about the puppets in the movie and how he loves them and wanted to work more with puppets.

  9. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Since you’ve used the word “normal” 3 times, it must be a clue…there was a TV show called “The New Normal” but the lead actors aren’t really household names. I’m stumped.

  10. katc says

    Jason Segel

    He has done many films but is most well known for How I Met Your Mother. Plus he did that puppet movie and I thought he said in an interview that he had his own puppets as well.

  11. iyamrocky says

    All that comes to mind is Jason Segal. I can easily see him making the switch to creepy. (My only hesitancy is that I don’t think he’s very cute)

  12. kenzy459 says

    Jason Siegel from HIMYM and a variety of films? He has been in the Muppet movie and had a puppet show scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall so I could see him having a thing for puppets

  13. damons says

    Jason Segal

    He has done a lot of movies, but I think he is mostly known for his role on How I Met Your Mother.

    I also think that “wait for it” is a clue because that phrase is used a lot on the show. It’s also his son Marvin’s middle name.

  14. megabella says

    Jason Segel

    Hint: “Wait for it” — popular catch phrase from How I Met Your Mother, which he starred in until recently.

    Also, his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was obsessed with puppets (as was his character in the Muppet movie).


  15. audeewhatee says

    I’m going with Jason Segel. I’ve feel like I’ve heard about this weird puppet thing before. Clue is the “wait for it” from HIMYM. I’d still hit it.

  16. geewhiz says

    Jason Segel. Played Marshall on HIMYM whose son’s middle name was “wait for it”. Dude has gotten creepy.

  17. katsmeow says

    Justin Bartha from The New Normal. Recent TV series and normal was mentioned three times. Plus he’s a comedian so I could see him thinking a puppet would be funny, even if it’s freaking weird.

    • HemiCat says

      He’s not a comedian, he’s just an actor. And he just got married…I think his current marital status would be mentioned in the blind.

  18. ravenglass says

    Alexander Skarsgard

    He’s done plenty of movies but is best known for “True Blood.” I didn’t think he liked women though.

    At first I thought this was Norman Reedus, but he’s over 40 & not very tall. Plus I think he’s still dating that child “model.”

    But if it were Norman, I’d happily play with his puppet!!!

    • ravenglass says

      Now I’m thinking this is someone from “Mad Men.”

      The woman was “normal” not mad.

      “He is especially well-known for ONE PART”

      If he weren’t still with his girlfriend I’d guess Jon Hamm.

      • CindyB says

        Oh! This is good! I originally thought of Jason Segel, but the clues you found seem to fit! Plus, the photo of the lamb — rhymes with Hamm!

      • missmissy says

        Where do the related blinds fit in. I first looked at film that may have connected Aaron Eckhart etc. Dylan McDermott came to mind.

        But after the Jason Segal posts I wonder now if the actor in the blind doesnt have a cleft chin and red hair.

    • ravenglass says

      There’s nothing more humiliating than asking a guy “Do you have Pinocchio in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” & he actually pulls out the damn puppet.

  19. gingersnappped says

    Jason Segel. Puppets in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. “Wait for it” is a nod to How I Met Your Mother, the show he’s known for.

  20. I Am PunkA says

    Sounds like Jason Segel.

    Plus, he did a Muppets movie, and had puppets in his role for the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  21. CindyB says

    The first actor I thought of was Jason Segel. He is a huge Muppets fan and has an entire collection of puppets. This is a quote from I’m Not Obsessed: ““My house is packed with puppets. Like, everywhere. Thank God I have a slightly bigger house now, so I have one room that’s sort of dedicated to puppets. But for a long time I lived in a one-bedroom apartment that was just crammed with puppets. It’s why I’m still single.” If you search, you’ll find a ton of links regarding his puppets/muppets and how much he enjoys them (ahem) :) and “plays” with them (I can’t think of the correct word: play? perform?). I guess it could be fun/ny? Maybe?

  22. BoatGirl says

    Gotta be Jason Segel – tall, best known for HIMYM, but also in plenty of movies, and wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where his character was into puppets. Also, was in The Muppets in 2011, with muppets. The man knows his puppets.

  23. hushhush says

    I don’t know why but Jason Segel is coming to mind?
    The “wait for it” sounds like what Barney would say on HIMYM..

  24. tuckerlee123 says

    The lamb puppet makes me think of Silence of the Lambs, so I am going with the lead in Hannibal.

  25. Knee says

    Unrelated, but I have a very similar story regarding Matt D. and a record-player…..

    And incidentally, I have a very UN-SIMILAR story about the same person…..

    Sorry for being so vague 😉

    • ravenglass says


      Record player?

      You had a 3-way with Matt Dillon & a record player?

      The 80’s child in me needs to hear this story.

  26. ChiTownHockey says

    Justin Bartha.

    Clues = “normal”, as in the TV show “The New Normal” that was a recent TV series. He’s been in plenty of movies, including National Treasure. Since the word “normal” was used several times, I think that’s the big clue here and the only show that’s been on recently with “normal” in the title is “The New Normal”.

    Bartha is 35 so the “over 30” fits too.

    • HemiCat says

      I don’t think he is especially well-known for The New Normal. I’d say the Hangover movies are where most people have seen him.

  27. joheinous says

    Jason Segel, from HIMYM and loads of films including “The Muppet Movie,” is known for playing with puppets.

  28. iheartkoko says

    OMG, is this Jason Segal!?! Gross! He’s one of my favorite actors. Knowing this is gonna creep me out whenever I see him. I hope this was just a joke gone bad. Either way, I don’t blame the date for leaving. Puppets shouldn’t be a part of sexy time.

  29. pattycakes says

    I bet he didn’t like her so he scared her away on purpose. At least, I hope that’s it.

  30. JenJenJen says

    It pains me to suggest this because I am a big fan but…. Taylor Kitsch? He is due in The Normal Heart and he was in FNL which was sort of recent (finished in the last 5 years)…. I’m hoping for Jason Segal, though, because I like him less.

  31. Minderella says

    This is pretty funny. I don’t find anything creepy about it, but then again, I’ve had a weird fascination with puppets since childhood.

    • missmissy says

      I don’t get the creepy either. Maybe the date just didnt have a sense of humor. Who doesnt like puppets? Maybe he is able to say things with a puppet that he cant in “real” life…. or just be silly :)

    • GossipProblem says

      Even if it wasn’t a joke who cares if he likes to add puppets to the mix? People add all kinds of stuff to their sex lives: toys, lotions, other people.

  32. LeahLynn28 says

    Wth?Whoever he is,he’s creepy.I would run away toi if i were in her place…lol
    And i also hate puppets…they are creepy too.Ewww

  33. taracard says

    Jason Siegel. Yes, the puppet thing is sketch, he is hot. Am I condoning the weird behavior, no. But it is Jason. I would maybe let it slide once just to see how a night with him goes.

  34. KatarinaJ says

    Jason Segel but I bet he was just having fun with the girl who didn’t get it or took offense. Come on, this totally sounds like an SNL skit!

  35. ravenglass says

    Bar Refaeli, appears in a new ad where she has sexy time with a puppet.

    Jason, I think we’ve found your dream girl!!!

  36. thebutlerdidit says

    Thought his only issue was alcohol, and he looks so much better, now. Maybe that’s not the case…

  37. GossipProblem says

    I really don’t understand all the judgment here. Yes, it’s a little weird that this guy likes to use puppets in the sack, but who here doesn’t have a weird sexual fetish? I challenge anyone here to find ONE person who doesn’t have some weird kink. Personally, I think it’s fine if he isn’t hurting anyone (which he isn’t). People need to get over this type of shit. This is why there is sex shaming in our culture. Give the guy a break. If you find it too weird to sleep with him then don’t. But don’t sit here in judgment.