Coked Up And Passed Out

girls happy[Blind Gossip] She was the sweet and pretty star of  very popular ensemble TV series, so it isn’t surprising that a major company tapped her to represent their brand a year or so ago.

They shot a TV commercial. Simple enough. No stunts. Just walking and talking. However, reports from the set are that this actress made this simple commercial shoot an absolute disaster!

As soon as she arrived on set, the actress immediately excused herself to go to the bathroom. After a while, a crew member went in to check on her. She found the actress snorting up line after line of c*caine!

The actress came back to set so amped up that she had trouble sitting still for hair and makeup. They began the shoot, but she was so jittery and jiggly that they had to do take after take. Everyone in the cast and crew was getting annoyed and frustrated.

The actress excused herself to the bathroom once more. Another half hour passed. Another crew member was dispatched to retrieve her.

To their horror, they found that the actress had passed out in the bathroom! She was slumped up against the wall, eyes closed, head to one side. She must have taken some sort of sedative to counteract the coke, because she would not respond to the crew member’s attempts to wake her. They called for the actress’ agent, who finally succeeded in waking her up, picking her up, and physically dragging her back onto the set.

The actress – once all coked up and wired – could now barely stand or speak! She babbled incoherently, screwed up every line, fell over twice, and could barely keep her eyes open.

In order to get usable footage for the finished commercial, the company had to manipulate the footage. They spliced her head from when she was coked out (in order to get audible speech) onto her body from when she was sedated but not jittery and jiggly. The finished product looks good, but the cast and crew from that commercial shoot never want to work with her again.



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    • ktbell05 says

      This is what I originally thought too. Troian (Spencer). I probably spelled that wrong lol.

    • nataliecook says

      I agree, if your go to YouTube and watch Pantene L’oreal Paris the behind the scenes with Lea Michele she does seem a little wonky in scenes

  1. Revisionist says

    I thought of Kelly Cuoco for some reason. But just to add. From knowing my share of cokeheads, its not uncommon for heavy users to mix in a Rufie just to sleep or take the edge off

    • wendy hood says

      Or a non-time released xanaxx. Its one of the only things that can stop the drive to do more.

  2. RuHa says

    It sounds like Kaley Cuoco when she did some Toyota commercials before moving on to Priceline with Shatner.

  3. cassandra007 says

    Allison Williams, Simple Skincare
    Clues: “simple,” “reports” b/c of her dad..?

    • JMarie says

      I think you’ve got it! The clues, like you said, “simple” and “report” point to here. Also, the “girls” in the picture. I remember noticing how crazy dilated her pupils were in either the first or second season. It was quite noticeable, and it made me think she must have been crazy high on something while filming those scenes. Cocaine is known to dilate the pupils.

    • patata says

      just watched it. don’t know if it’s her, but she shouldn’t have messed with her face. whatever she has had done (botox i guess) changed the facial features that were sweet and special to plain average and boring.

  4. hnw19 says

    Lea Michele

    I have no idea about the company. Does she still do commercials for L’Oreal?

  5. JaneDawson says

    Saw the jumping girls and thought of high school musical.

    Vanessa Hudgens and Neutrogena?

  6. jaydoop says

    Lea Michele and Candie’s?
    I just watched the commercial and the behind the scenes footage and it definitely seems like this could be her.

    • gaelgirl says

      I am not sure that one fits. The blind says it was a simple walk-and-talk commercial and it seems like it was a one-day shoot. That cotton commercial has about six different set, outfit, hair and makeup changes, including outdoors and at night. I’m guessing that was at least a couple days of shooting? And she doesn’t speak in it.

      However, I can totally buy that she does coke, so I can see why you thought of her.

  7. Okayeah says

    What an idiot. They should have just fired her azz. And BTW honey, if the first or second line doesn’t do enough for you to get you through an hour of work, the next 20 sure aren’t going to help.

  8. Pinky310 says

    Actress:Lucy Hale

    Company: Neutrogena

    For some reason I feel like this is her the girls I the pic have that Neutrogena look plus sweet and “pretty” makes me think of Pretty Little Liars

  9. katsmeow says

    Ali Larter
    Absolute citron vodka
    Ensemble show was Heroes and she’s done a horror movie too….absolute, horror, ensemble show are clues.

  10. Markray19 says

    Emma Roberts – Neutrogena commercial?
    Clue=”to their horror” (she’s on American Horror Story).

  11. J_in_wonderland says

    Hi! First time commenter…
    I’m guessing Lucy Hale. Clue is “pretty” and she was on Pretty Little Liars. I googled and she became the representative for Mark cosmetics in June 2013. I looked at a commercial of her on YouTube for it and some of the comments said she looked ‘weird’
    How sad. :( I hope she can get help.

  12. silbie says

    Selena Gomez for Adidas Neo, girl in picture look sporty and “no stunts” as in sports

  13. laxgirl says

    Why did I automatically think of Hayden Panettiere and that cotton commercial??!! Don’t think she is as innocent as she lookd…she is part of a popular ensemble tv series and the girls in the pic are all wearing cotton tanks…

  14. minime says

    Jeannette McCurdy

    She posted something last year about having strep during the filming of their commercial and no one believed her.

  15. cpjones79 says

    Sarah Hyland in that crazy Cherokee Effect commercial that plays on USA Network during Modern Family reruns.

  16. mugofmead111 says

    Due to previous blinds, Lea Michele for L’Oreal Paris comes to mind.

    Who else could this fit?

  17. ravenglass says

    Actress: Blake Lively/Lea Michelle

    Company: L’Oreal

    No stunts? For some of these “actresses”, walking & talking at the same time, is considered a stunt.

    • ravenglass says

      Evangeline Lilly also did commercials for L’Oreal but I don’t know how long ago.

      disaster= plane crash

      no stunts= Lilly spoke often about doing her own stunts on LOST. A popular ensemble TV show.

  18. egonzalez1104 says

    Selena Gomez

    didnt she do skechers or bongo or JC Penney or something like that LOL idk but this sounds like selena to me

  19. gossipjunkie5217 says

    Selena Gomez seems to be the obvious choice these days. Shes not very good at doing drugs covertly for someone who has a drug problem now is she?

  20. Roxy says

    Jennifer Aniston and one of her many endorsements? The picture of the 3 women reminds me of “Friends.”

  21. girlfriend411 says

    Sammi sweetheart from the jersey shore? She did a commercial for a 6 hour energy shot with deena

  22. LeahLynn28 says

    I don’t know who she is,but she needs help.I’ll wait for the guesses and then try to guess who she is…

    • wakeupcall says

      Yikes. Looks like that was in 2008. Missed the part where it says a year or so ago.

  23. PrincessTiff says

    I feel so confused by all the “clues!” The beginning says the commercial was “talking and walking.” I looked up the Lea Michele/Candie’s commercial and there’s walking but no talking. I looked up the Emma Robets/Neutrogena commercial, talking but no walking. Lusy Hale/Mark, talking and not really walking. So, I dunno if they changed the walking part after she was coked up or what

  24. dashcandy says

    It’s someone from Pretty little liars. My guess is Lucy Hale with the commercial she did for Bing over a year ago. The description of the commercial fits in.

  25. Lin 23 says

    This is definitely not Lea Michele(although she is probably a cocaine user too according to The blind item says the ”sweet and pretty star of a very popular ensemble TV series”. Plus she became a spokesperson Candie’s and L’Oreal in 2012,so that’s more than a year ago.
    Vanessa Hudgens isn’t part of a TV show,neither is Selena Gomez(who is also a drug addict).
    The picture of the 3 girls,the word pretty and the fact that she is the star of an ensemble show make me think of the Pretty Little Liars cast.
    According to their Wikipedia pages:
    On June 11, 2013, Hale announced that she is the new Ambassador of the beauty brand Mark Girl.
    In January 2011, Mitchell signed a contract with Procter & Gamble to be the spokesperson for the Pantene Nature Fusion shampoo line.
    Benson became the face of evening-wear designer Faviana in January 2013.

    • ktbell05 says

      I would find this HIGHLY surprising if this was Shay Mitchell-she seems completely down to earth and responsible. Lucy Hale or Benson:(…my guess is Hale.

  26. Ladieu says

    This is sad, are there no people on the Hollywood scene that are normal and good and not on drugs? What a pathetic situation and Shane on the people who stand back and let this happen to their employers, loved ones etc because they reap benefits from them.

  27. matthew netting says

    This is Lea Michele For L’oreal,this Girl is a walking car wreck,She’s destroyed Glee by getting Castmates kicked off,and She exaserbated Cory’s Drug Problem,and She Has A Heart Of Stone,She Needs Rehab,A Heart Transplant,and to be axed from Glee pronto,She’s being A Poison To Everyone Around Her And The Show Isn’t Helping,You can’t help but think this is Karma for All The Pain She’s Caused For Other People.

  28. sloopy says

    Since the first sentence says she was the star, not she is the star, I thought it was a show that was no longer on the air, and I believe pretty little liars is still on (could be wrong about that though). The jumping in the pictures totally reminds me of those jumping shots they used to have in between scenes on That 70s show, so I was thinking Mila Kunis, but I have no idea what ad it would have been for. I also feel like simple is a clue since it’s repeated, so Allison Williams makes sense for that, but again I feel like the wording points to a show that’s no longer on the air. I have no idea.

    • knope says

      Yes! That “was” jumped out at me as an actress who is no longer on the show (or the show is no longer).

  29. Blacky says

    I would say Lea Michele but BG has never and would never reference her as sweet, even if its in reference to someone elses’ quote about her.

    • katekatebobate says

      I thought the same. But…he said ‘was.’ “She WAS the sweet and pretty….” He would refer to her in the past tense as sweet because in the beginning no one knew differently.

  30. jedantony says

    I’m with the Lea Michelle guess. Just watching the ad you can see she’s totally coked out and it also looks like her head has been spliced onto another body in the advert.

  31. seattlegirl says

    I watched all of the commercials people mention but still can’t figure it out, although my gut says Leah Michelle. Please solve this one Ace. I really want to know!