Prima Donna Mess

girl crying 4[Blind Gossip] This TV show is debating whether or not to ask a certain young actress back for next season. She has a famous name, but her behavior on the set last season was… challenging.

A fellow cast/crew member described her to us this way: “This girl is a drunk, crying, egotistical, over-emotional, prima donna mess.”

Producers are delaying her offer while they consider their other options. The fact that other members of the cast (including her boyfriend) have already been asked back for next season is supposedly extremely embarrassing for her.


TV Show:

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  1. kate45 says

    Actress: Emma Roberts

    TV Show: American Horror Story

    (Boyfriend: Evan Peters)

    I’m seriously hoping they don’t ask her back. She’s awful and her acting is almost worse. Damn name recognition.

    • Mia444 says

      I know, right? For every talented case of nepotism in Hollywood (Rashida Jones comes to mind), we get dozens upon dozens of Emma Robertses, Jayden Smiths, Ireland Baldwins, etc.

    • prleonard2 says

      EXACTLY! She’s terrible. She was the awful nail in the coffin that was that season (sorry, former screenwriting major here – it was not good). I was so excited when she died. Both times I was beyond thrilled.

      If the producers are reading, please bring back Gabourey Sidibe! She was a pleasure to watch. Keep Emma Roberts away. Name recognition isn’t worth that. Besides it’s more like “Is she related to Julia Roberts?”

    • moobun says

      ^^^ totally emma roberts!
      i’m just really really hoping that the AHS people bring taissa farmiga back.. she is my absolute favorite and i adore her work. taissa farmiga and evan peters’ chemistry is so good too-

  2. Lizicia says

    Emma Roberts with the famous last name whose boyfriend/fiancé Evan Peters also stars on American Horror Story with her.

  3. WaitLemmeGuess says

    Emma Roberts, American Horror Story. Her boyfriend Evan Peters is already signed on for the next season and she isn’t as of yet.

    • Pinks says

      Nah, first she and Ian broke up, so she doesn’t have a boyfriend on the show…also…they can’t do TVD without Elena.

  4. Tyger Lily says

    Emma Roberts, of course. Ugh, she is the poster child for everything that is wrong with nepotism in this world.

  5. rmtn says

    Actress: Emma Roberts

    TV Show: American Horror Story

    I read yesterday that Evan Peters is returning and that they were still talking to Emma and Denis O’Hare. Also, this next season is set at a carnival, hence the creepy crying clown in the picture! LOL

  6. casholic says

    Actress: Emma Roberts
    TV Show: American Horror Story: Freak Show

    Her boyfriend Evan Peters has been confirmed for this season.

  7. iknowiknow says

    Emma Roberts and American Horror Story.

    It was announced that many of the series regulars would be back including Evan Peters, who is Emma’s fiancĂ©. I know the blind says boyfriend, but for some reason, this is what came to mind. She is said to be in talks to return and she has a famous last name.

  8. RavnJade says

    I don’t claim to be good at guessing these…but this reads like AHS. The girl: Emma Roberts. The BF: Evan Peters.

  9. greenerpaztures says

    Easy. Emma Roberts and America Horror Story. Love this show. Can’t wait for the next season, though Emma Roberts did annoy me on AHS: Coven, so I don’t really care if she comes back.

  10. Sophie Claire says

    actress: Emma Roberts

    show: American horror story

    it’s been confirmed that Evan peters (her bf) is coming back next season

  11. arlp96 says

    Actrees: Emma Roberts
    TV Show: American Horror Story
    …poor evan peters, boy must be in ove with her to stand all the bullshit….

  12. valleygirl says

    Emma Roberts – actually like her on the show, but she got so skinny last season. Mia/Ana are known to be very emotional & unstable due to hunger.

  13. ginnynotjenny says


    Actress: Emma Roberts

    TV Show: American Horror story

    Evan Peters has already signed on but she is listed as “being in talks”

  14. shhh123 says

    Either caley couco from Big Bang theory (but she is married) or Zooey D. From new girl but she is the lead….

  15. adorkablefatty85 says

    Has to be Emma Roberts. Famous last name and was notorious for being a brat on the set of American horror story coven.

  16. telm1234 says

    Actress: Emma Roberts

    TV Show: American Horror Story

    I hope they don’t ask her back. Love the show – hate her. I think her bf, Evan Peters, has much better chemistry with Taissa Farmiga. I hope they bring her back!

  17. ktart says

    Emma Roberts – American Horror Story

    -Famous Name (Julia Robert’s niece)
    -Boyfriend = Evan Peters
    -The picture looks like a clown, new season is going to be set in a carnival

  18. alexxxess says

    This is easy like Sunday morningggg

    Actress: Emma Roberts

    TV Show: American Horror Story: Freak Show

  19. ahmarna says

    Perhaps Emma Robert on American Horror Story, however, Evan Peters is her fiance not boy friend so that is throwing me off a bit. She has a famous name because of her aunt Julia Roberts.