Last Class Behavior

all about me[Blind Gossip] This Actress wants you to think that she is down to earth, but she is not.

She was at JFK International Airport, waiting for an flight from New York to London, when she had a meltdown over the boarding procedure. She was at the front of the line, but the airline was boarding people with special needs and people with small children first.

Our Actress began yelling at the ticket attendant. This isn’t an exact quote, but pretty close: “But you should have let ME board first! I’m in first class! I need to be let on the airplane first! I can’t board with the rest of these people! It’s too chaotic with small children and people in wheelchairs! I have a first class ticket! Do you understand what that means? That means that I get everything FIRST! I eat first, I drink first, and I board first! That’s what first class means!”

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BONUS CLUE! If flying irritates her, perhaps she should consider taking a nice long cruise.

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    • LooLoo says

      With that second clue, it’s obviously Kate Winslet. And I’ve never, ever thought she was down to earth. Does she even pretend to be?

      • Layale says

        While I agree this sounds a lot like Kate Winslet, I have to wonder where her own baby was? I guess she left him at home with nannies? Which isn’t all that down-to-earth. (Not knocking nannies or those who have them. Just saying that is a common “celeb” thing to do…have nannies with the children most of the time.)

      • GossipProblem says

        @Layale: This sounds like Kate Winslet? Does she have a bad reputation? I was no aware. Can anyone elaborate? I always got the vibe she was cool.

    • raslebol says

      With the new clue about “nice long cruise”,you’re right

      For an actress,to be down-to-earth is to talk in media how the persons think you’re fat and how you don’t “care”

  1. wfreshie says

    no guess but what an ass….me me me…..shut the f*&^ up I am so sick of these kind of people

    • KWDragon says

      I like your guess, and would include “taking a nice long cruise” could be from the gods-awful Speed 2: Cruise Control.

      Most people think of Bullock as being a real sweetheart, but maybe she was having an off day.

    • jonesing says

      I was going to agree with you until I looked at the graphic again-there’s a crown and the phrase is a play on the wartime “Keep calm and carry on.” So, considering that it’s probably Winslet or somebody else British.

  2. heartcouture says

    Reese Witherspoon? I don’t know if she’s flown lately but she totally has this holier than thou attitude.

  3. SouthJerseyGirl says

    I hope this isn’t Jennifer Lawrence but she is “known” for being thought of as down to earth.

  4. stolidog says

    So many choices. I’ll go with Julia Roberts since the inexact quote says “EAT, DRINK, BOARD” reminds me of Eat, Pray, Love”

  5. wendy hood says

    I want to say Shailene Woodley. She claims to make her own deodorant and so forth and so on. When I read about how someone makes their own toothpaste and then recommends SWALLOWING IT afterwards, I think, “FRAUD”! No one in their right mind would swallow all that bacteria and plaque.

  6. Orayne says

    Goopy….. “want you to think she is down to earth”, the sign is British, JFK is typically where you fly out of to England..and the obvious…”ME, ME, ME”.

  7. bec215 says

    Oh dear God. I’ll be massively disappointed if this is Winslet – no A-lister is as down to earth as they want to seem, but this is hideous! Then again, anyone who’s besties with Leo DiCaprio can’t be all sugar and spice, can they?

  8. PinkSlip says

    Jeez, hello, I fly 1st class but wheelchairs and children??? You’re more important than settling THEM??!!! lol….

  9. Glennora says

    I’m guessing that this is Jennifer Lawrence. There’s a lot of hype about her being down to earth.

  10. Talisker says

    This reeks of the two faced princess Kate Winslet, hence nod to UK and the fact she commuting between JFK and London. Wonder if her Branson toy boy got her the ticket cheap?

  11. Lelaina Pierce says

    Hmmm, I am hoping it is not Jennifer Lawrence.

    I would like this to be Gwyneth. That seems like her.

    Maybe Emma Stone?

  12. caela94 says

    Down to Earth = Gravity- Sandra Bullock is my first choice but I would think her being a Mom would make her more sensitive.

  13. trishis says

    Shaileen Woodley. Spelled wrong and really hope answer is wrong

    Other guess would be Kstew

  14. Kerzep says

    Well, whoever she is, she is not nice at all. Sounds like she’s English, but I can’t think of anyone right now that fits this bill.

  15. Aligirl21 says

    Katie Holmes, maybe? With “cruise” (via twitter) being a clue? I’m not 100% on this, though.

  16. heyitsjustme says

    I’m going to guess Katie Holmes. She just came back from London a couple days ago. And the bonus clue talks about taking a cruise instead, obviously referring to Tom Cruise.

  17. chandler02 says

    Actress: Emma Watson
    The clue about going on a long cruise is a reference to Noah, the big-boat-and-flood movie!

  18. ashting says

    My guess is Jennifer Lawrence, she’s really portrayed herself as normal, down to earth, just like the rest of us!
    She was recently overseas in the UK with boyfirnd Nicholas Hoult, photographed flipping the bird to the paps last week.

  19. hihotintin says

    I think it’s Kristin Stewart as I believe Snow White and the Huntsman 2 is filming overseas (could be wrong but never liked her)

  20. hrhfedup says

    I’m going to guess Katie Holmes. She just got back from a trip to London (out of JFK) and the twitter clue
    (BONUS CLUE! Last Class Behavior: If flying irritates her, perhaps she should consider taking a nice long cruise.) makes me think of Tom Cruise.

  21. carriebradshaw says

    Kate Winslet, because of the “long cruise” from the bonus clue- she was in Titanic.

  22. LeahLynn28 says

    Katie Holmes?She lives in NY,and “Cruise”is her ex,Tom’s surname.And to be honest,i never believed she was down-to-earth.She never fooled me,we all know she married Tom for fame,even knowing who he was and where she was getting into.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Or Kate Winslet…she was in “Titanic”.Could be any of them,Katie Holmes or Kate Winslet.And the clue “cruise” fits with her too.

  23. ohhjenna says

    Katie Holmes!

    the twitter clue gave it away: “maybe she should have taken a cruise” = her ex, Tom Cruise

  24. stonn says

    Whoever this is, sounds like a spoiled rotten brat. Please don’t let this be Jennifer Lawrence!!!

    Hmm maybe someone from the cast of X-Men: First Class? Was she in that?

  25. stonn says

    Uh oh holy crap I’m beginning to think that this is indeed JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!! She was indeed on X-Men First Class and has a reputation for supposedly being down-to-earth!!! Woooow.

  26. csheehan says

    I’m thinking Kate Winslet because of the NYC to London part, the bonus clue about a long cruise (Titanic), and the paraphrased bit that keeps repeating first class, which also makes me think of her character in Titanic.

  27. mugofmead111 says

    This sounded like Gwyneth Paltrow from the get-go. Yet, Gwyneth still has small children, so if she were travelling with Apple and Moses, she still would have been able to board first, no?

    I think whoever this is doesn’t have small children.

  28. wryter says

    Sadly, Jennifer Lawrence is my guess. First Class is repeated a lot, and she was in X-men, First Class

  29. butwhatever says

    First with the clue solution!!1!eleven!! Remember the cover of “Cruisin’ ” by you-know-who?

  30. Loves the Latin Boys says

    The addition of the bonus clue leads me to thin either Kate Winslet or Katie Holmes…although I’ll admit I’d be a bit surprised to learn it was Katie Holmes showing her a$$ like that….