More Fake Rolexes

rolex watch[Blind Gossip] John Mayer bought several Rolex watches from a dealer he met through Charlie Sheen. He didn’t know that the watches were fake, but as soon as he found out, he sued the dealer.

However, there is another celebrity walking around with a Rolex on his arm… and he knows it’s fake! This black actor has a big name, lives in a nice house, and drives a nice car, but when it comes to his clothing and his jewelry… fake!

He owns several watches – including Rolex watches – that are knock offs. He wants them to look real, though, so he takes them to a jeweler to have them engraved on the back and to have the bands custom-sized. He also buys relatively inexpensive suits (under $1000) and has designer labels sewn into them. Whenever he takes off his suit jacket, he makes sure to place it in a way so that others can see the label and be impressed.

We don’t know if he is having money problems… but we do know that he is definitely putting up a front when it comes to his wardrobe!

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