More Fake Rolexes

rolex watch[Blind Gossip] John Mayer bought several Rolex watches from a dealer he met through Charlie Sheen. He didn’t know that the watches were fake, but as soon as he found out, he sued the dealer.

However, there is another celebrity walking around with a Rolex on his arm… and he knows it’s fake! This black actor has a big name, lives in a nice house, and drives a nice car, but when it comes to his clothing and his jewelry… fake!

He owns several watches – including Rolex watches – that are knock offs. He wants them to look real, though, so he takes them to a jeweler to have them engraved on the back and to have the bands custom-sized. He also buys relatively inexpensive suits (under $1000) and has designer labels sewn into them. Whenever he takes off his suit jacket, he makes sure to place it in a way so that others can see the label and be impressed.

We don’t know if he is having money problems… but we do know that he is definitely putting up a front when it comes to his wardrobe!

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    • Mtlmeee says

      Didn’t see “actor” in the blind, so i’ll change my guess to Cuba Gooding Jr.

  1. ktbell05 says

    What is the point? If you have the money-why not spend it to save yourself the trouble of making it seem real? Rolls eyes. He prob ends up spending the same if not more paying people to engrave/sew, etc.

  2. LeahLynn28 says

    Wow,that rolex is very beautiful,real or not.My mother would die if she had one exactly like that…lol
    Btw,i’ll guess Will Smith.

  3. sssss says

    If he openly wore cheaper brands with those labels and less expensive watches, Hollywood douches would give him shit for that too. Money problems or not – he is just trying to play the game without wasting all his cash. Don’t blame him. He has a nice car and house. Can’t fake that.

  4. mugofmead111 says

    Too bad it’s a black actor, and not a black rapper. It would have been hilarious if this turned out to be the ever-so-flashy Diddy.

    I need to think who else this could be.

    • mugofmead111 says

      By the way, why would John Mayer associate with any dealer whom he met through Charlie Sheen to buy anything BUT drugs?

      • ToadKisser says

        Because John Mayer is every bit as sketchy as Charlie Sheen, if not more so for trying to hide it.

  5. IAmSage says

    Denzel Washington – read a while back that he was a tightwad/cheap/miser/skinflint

  6. Visha says

    50 CENT for the win. He has a song called don’t front and Money (I googled it) and there are photos of him showcasing his rolex

    • KWDragon says

      Good call on the clues, but wouldn’t it have said actor/rapper? I don’t think of him as just an actor.

    • mugofmead111 says

      If this were Fiddy, you would have figured someone with whom he had beef would have put him on blast in a diss track by now. 😉

  7. NeedNoStinkinBadges says

    Maybe he’s spending his money on more important things. Or things that last longer, like real estate. Maybe he has kids in college, or that will go to college one day. I have no problem with this.

    • Okayeah says

      Seriously? I have a huge problem with it. Hey, anybody who’d rather spend his money on things that actually matter is okay by me. But lying, playing games and going out of your way to spend time and money trying to convince people you have a “better” watch, suit or whatever than they do? Pathetic.

      • missmissy says

        In a normal world I would agree, however I think it is pretty shallow in the entertainment industry. Those with the trappings of success are likely to be viewed as “more successful”. Appearance and high status stuff can spend like cash in terms of making career investments.

        I dont agree with it, but there is advantage that comes with being perceived as wealthy and successful.

    • SuzNYC says

      Buying anything that’s a fake is fueling a worse industry, sweatshops over seas with children working in them. Buy a Michael Kors, or a freaking Swatch Watch for all I care, no one should buy fake watches, bags, etc.

  8. slix96 says

    At first I thought it could be Pharrell…but he seems to be “Happy” now with the cash flow he has coming in now…but what about Terrance Howard? He seems to have a problem with a lot of things, from co-stars to his women using baby wipes..on top of this he had a few law suits, and he just seems smug enough to do it.

  9. Katmandu says

    This makes me giggle. I can’t hazard a guess, can’t wait to read who is going to all that trouble.

  10. guessingnotknowing says

    If I spent nearly $1000 on a suit, I wouldn’t feel it was “relatively inexpensive”… it’d be the most expensive piece of clothing I own!

    • missmissy says

      I wouldn’t want to wear it… it would be a fresh canvas for my kids to paint on.

  11. Ahem says

    Kevin Hart? I wouldn’t put it past him. BUT, the lack of “short” and “comedian” clues gives me pause…

    • rochambeau says

      ^this–as the rolex depicted is a women’s watch (based on the proportions not the gaudy bling) hence alluding to his “tranny” predilection.

  12. aria sen says

    Actor: Denzel Washington

    Hint: His birthday is December 28th, and the day on the watch reads “28”

  13. jillphelps41 says

    I’m thinking Terrence Howard. Ving Rhames, Martin Lawrence and Chris Tucker all popped in my head too.

  14. ILikeLemonade says

    Tyler Perry.
    “actor has a big name, lives in a nice house, and drives a nice car” <- hints point to Big Mama's House

    • jillphelps41 says

      Big Mama’s House was actually Martin Lawrence. He popped in my head when I first heard this too. I think you’re on the right track though.

  15. Loves the Latin Boys says

    I’m like a million percent sure it isn’t him, but for some odd reason I’m getting a ‘Samuel L. Jackson’ vibe from this post….

  16. candymandie says

    WHOEVER IT IS, GOOD FOR THEM! That stuff is crazy overpriced and all for show anyway.

    Jaime Foxx

  17. Kyiaj says

    Here’s the real story. The Rolex watches are old and some had non Rolex repaired parts in them. Maron is NOT a crook, He tells all his clients that of some of his older watches have non Rolex parts in them. High end watch Dealers do that all the time.