Who She Is Really Sleeping With

girl 17[Blind Gossip] Since this famous young performer is frequently in the headlines about both her personal and her professional life, you probably think that you know everything about her.

You don’t.

She wants to be seen as this sexy girl that drives men wild. She still gets lots of publicity thanks to that one very famous boyfriend (who is also in the entertainment industry), and the fact that he intensely and publicly desired her is all she wants you to know about her love life.

Are you ready for the truth?

Half of her intimate encounters… are with women! She is not just experimenting. She is definitely bisexual. And she really should stop sleeping with her female employees, because those girls love to talk!


Her Famous Boyfriend:

BONUS CLUE: No, It’s Not Miley Cyrus!

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    • PinkPetals says

      Selena Gomez
      Justin Beiber
      Hint being “Are you ready for the truth” – referring to her lyrics from ‘Come and Get It”

      • slix96 says

        new here…have read this site forever.. I agree its Selena, and I have noticed that again, Taylor Swift was her “bff” for a while and once Selena went back to JB, Taylor broke off the friendship… I have always thought that Taylor needed beards just as much as her significant others

    • Okayeah says

      Feels right except for the “sexy girl that drives men wild” part. I mean, Selena’s cute but “sexy” isn’t really her at all.

      • stacat1 says

        But she def has been trying to fashion a grown up and “sexy” image for awhile. So i can see this.

  1. JoshuaTree says

    Dang, Selena Gomez is a spicy one.

    Booze and cocaine. Now women over the Biebs?

    I don’t know how her people are able to maintain her image and hide all of this.

    • missmissy says

      Yes – Rihanna. Selena Gomez is not know for her sexy persona but Rihanna certainly is. Good Girl Gone Bad and Unapologetic cover art is very sexual/sensual.

      Wasn’t she also in the headlines recently about her finances – or lack thereof.

  2. Synapse3 says

    Selena, obviously. Personally, the sex lives of children are not very interesting and shouldnt
    t be the subject of gossip.!

  3. minicoop says

    Selena Gomez??? Famous Ex: Justin Bieber

    I did not see this coming if this is the right answer.

    • senseandsarcasm says

      Yep. And she’s rumored to be having a fling with her assistant/gal pal/friend right now, so that all fits.

    • audreyhepburn says

      ‘She wants to be seen as this sexy girl that drives men wild’

      I dont think she is so deluded.

  4. p00dle says

    Her: Selena Gomez
    Famous Boyfriend: Justin Bieber
    Shes probably sleeping with her dancer named Charity, Selena has posted some pictures on IG of this girl with some interesting captions.

  5. juju1 says

    This sounds like Selena and Justin, she is besties with Taylor Swift the best beard of them all.

  6. smonxx says

    Selena Gomez
    Justin Bieber

    I’ve heard a lot of rumors about her dating her backup dancer, Charity

  7. sweetangelz77 says

    Her: Selena Gomez
    Her Famous Boyfriend: Justin Bieber
    Seriously though? I don’t get that vibe from Gomez. If this really IS her, boy I gotta say, she really is good at acting………*cough*

  8. emster says

    I’m thinking Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderamma? I don’t know if I would call him a super famous boyfriend though…

    • reen57 says

      I like Rhianna for this one. Boyfriend Chris Brown. She is known to be playing for the home team. I never got a gay vibe from Selena.

  9. TryToGuess says

    Her: Selena Gomez

    Her Famous Boyfriend : Justin Bieber.

    we all know justin is crazy in love with her , and there’s also a lot of rumours of her sleeping with one of her dancers , the one with the red hair ( i think her name is sharity or something like that ) .

  10. kandeestyles19 says

    I’m gonna say either Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. Both Harry Styles and Justin Beiber are very famous, but it might not be Taylor because her and Harry didn’t really “date”

  11. LoneHazelEyes says

    Taylor Swift.
    “intensely and publicly desired her” makes me think he didn’t do that in person or for real – Taylor is the best known beard.
    “that one very famous boyfriend” – makes me think of One Direction and Harry Styles.
    Plus there is a lot of red in the picture which refers to her album, Red.

    Maybe this is why she goes through so many female BFF’s and doesn’t mind being a beard so much!
    I hope she embraces it :)

    • ravenglass says

      This may also be Selena.

      It would explain her attraction to feminine looking guys like Bieber.

      • foldsbaldwin says

        i dislike the kid too but it’s not called being feminine is you’re constantly compared to butch lesbians.

  12. Scorpio13 says

    Her: Kim K – “Performer” is the key word that makes me think I am wrong on my guess.

    Her Famous Boyfriend: Kanye

  13. JaneDawson says

    Selena Gomez was rumoured to have hooked up with a female dancer last year. So..

    Selena, Bieber

  14. KWDragon says

    I get the feeling this is Taylor Swift, with the famous ex as John Mayer. The picture looks a little like her and the outfit in the picture is red, as in her album Red. Still, I just don’t feel like this is a lock…

    Feels a little more like Selena Gomez with Justin B as the ex (with his recent Most Elegant Princess in the World bid), but her going back and forth with him seems to rule out her play to be seen as driving men wild.

    Hmmm… I shall ponder this some more.

  15. swaggiest says

    I wouldn’t be surprised of this was Rihanna and her famous boyfriend to be Chris Brown. i’m assuming she is not with this boyfriend aanymore though. idk about what she’s doing with Drake.

  16. Foxy says

    I am going to say the female star is Katy Perry and the male star is John Mayer. I can totally see Katy Perry being bisexual and/or just her being into women only. If this is Katy Perry, I am not surprised at all.

  17. sugarbread says

    selena gomez
    beiber baby
    don’t need bonus clue
    try trying to drive a MAN crazy and not a whiny BABY!!

  18. BRUSHFIRE97 says

    Her: Jessica Simpson
    Famous Ex: John Mayer?

    I have no idea why she popped into my head.

  19. marysays says

    KStew! She `s hanging out with lesbians 24/7 pretending they `re friends or assistants!
    Though I always thought she`s a lesbian not bi

  20. cgrant0423 says

    I was all ready to say Miley Cyrus on this one but I waited until the bonus clue. Now I’m thinking maybe Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as the famous boyfriend?