You Ruined His Life

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[Blind Gossip] In conjunction with a local radio station contest, this very popular singer invited some fans to attend sound check and do a meet and greet with her before one of her concerts.

She sang a couple of songs for the group and then sat on the edge of the stage and held a Q&A. There were a couple of the usual questions about what inspired her music. Then it got ugly.

One rude participant started firing questions at her about the way the singer and one of her exes broke up. “He says you cheated on him! How could you hurt him like that? He couldn’t eat or sleep because of you! You ruined his life!”

Our singer kept her composure. She didn’t yell or burst into tears or walk off the stage. She waited for the fan to stop hurling insults and accusations and then responded very simply and quietly, “Oh, honey, I think his life was ruined before I ever met him. Next question, please?”


Her Ex:

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It’s Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks! Source:

If you think that Ariana Grande is a new drink offering at Starbucks, think again.

Ariana Grande is a young American singer and actress who has been dubbed the “new Mariah Carey” by critics due to her wide vocal range. Her concert tours sell well, and she is the star of the Nickelodeon TV show Sam and Cat. Jai Brooks is a young singer with the Australian band Janoskians.

These two kids two dated in 2012, broke up in 2013, and might now be back together again! Ahhh, young, crazy love!

If there is a 12-year-old screaming in your house right now, it is probably because of the photo of Jai that Ariana posted a on her Instagram account today, which seems to confirm that the two are dating again. From MTV:

‘Holy Sh–’: Did Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks

Make It Official With This Instagram Pic?

Jariana fans freak out after Ariana

posts picture of rumored boyfriend Jai Brooks.

jai brooks puppiesAriana and Jai, who is a member of the Australian group Janoskians, began their relationship after meeting online and dated for about a year. The two split in 2013, with Ariana dating the Wanted’s Nathan Sykes. But after the two split, she and Jai found their way back to each other.

Earlier this week, Jai opened up to Sugarscape about Ariana, saying that being away from each other while on the road can be trying on their relationship.

“Last year when I was on tour it was pretty hard, but it’s all worth it,” Jai said. “It’s easy to control myself around other girls, I don’t have any difficulty doing that. But it is hard at times because we miss each other.”

The two shocked a lot of Arianators when they were spotted locking lips backstage at the iHeartRadio awards earlier this month, but Jai pretty much confirmed they were once again an item when he tweeted how “proud” he was of Ariana’s “amazing performance” at KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango concert.

The conversation with a fan that we detailed in the original blind item took place before a concert in December 2013 in Philadelphia. At that time, the two were still broken up. Now that they are back together, she would likely have a different response.

Ariana Grande’s career is white hot right now. Given both her age and her crazy schedule, it’s pretty remarkable that she kept her composure under fire during that pre-concert exchange. Let’s hope she stays as level-headed as her fame grows and her career progresses!

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