You Ruined His Life

singer female 1SOLVED and UPDATED!

[Blind Gossip] In conjunction with a local radio station contest, this very popular singer invited some fans to attend sound check and do a meet and greet with her before one of her concerts.

She sang a couple of songs for the group and then sat on the edge of the stage and held a Q&A. There were a couple of the usual questions about what inspired her music. Then it got ugly.

One rude participant started firing questions at her about the way the singer and one of her exes broke up. “He says you cheated on him! How could you hurt him like that? He couldn’t eat or sleep because of you! You ruined his life!”

Our singer kept her composure. She didn’t yell or burst into tears or walk off the stage. She waited for the fan to stop hurling insults and accusations and then responded very simply and quietly, “Oh, honey, I think his life was ruined before I ever met him. Next question, please?”


Her Ex:

ariana grande jai brooksSOLVED!

It’s Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks! Source:

If you think that Ariana Grande is a new drink offering at Starbucks, think again.

Ariana Grande is a young American singer and actress who has been dubbed the “new Mariah Carey” by critics due to her wide vocal range. Her concert tours sell well, and she is the star of the Nickelodeon TV show Sam and Cat. Jai Brooks is a young singer with the Australian band Janoskians.

These two kids two dated in 2012, broke up in 2013, and might now be back together again! Ahhh, young, crazy love!

If there is a 12-year-old screaming in your house right now, it is probably because of the photo of Jai that Ariana posted a on her Instagram account today, which seems to confirm that the two are dating again. From MTV:

‘Holy Sh–’: Did Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks

Make It Official With This Instagram Pic?

Jariana fans freak out after Ariana

posts picture of rumored boyfriend Jai Brooks.

jai brooks puppiesAriana and Jai, who is a member of the Australian group Janoskians, began their relationship after meeting online and dated for about a year. The two split in 2013, with Ariana dating the Wanted’s Nathan Sykes. But after the two split, she and Jai found their way back to each other.

Earlier this week, Jai opened up to Sugarscape about Ariana, saying that being away from each other while on the road can be trying on their relationship.

“Last year when I was on tour it was pretty hard, but it’s all worth it,” Jai said. “It’s easy to control myself around other girls, I don’t have any difficulty doing that. But it is hard at times because we miss each other.”

The two shocked a lot of Arianators when they were spotted locking lips backstage at the iHeartRadio awards earlier this month, but Jai pretty much confirmed they were once again an item when he tweeted how “proud” he was of Ariana’s “amazing performance” at KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango concert.

The conversation with a fan that we detailed in the original blind item took place before a concert in December 2013 in Philadelphia. At that time, the two were still broken up. Now that they are back together, she would likely have a different response.

Ariana Grande’s career is white hot right now. Given both her age and her crazy schedule, it’s pretty remarkable that she kept her composure under fire during that pre-concert exchange. Let’s hope she stays as level-headed as her fame grows and her career progresses!

Congrats to Mtlmeee for being first with the correct guess!


They were on again… and now they’re off again! He ruined his life, he ruined her life, then she ruined his life. Or something like that. From UsWeekly:

Ariana Grande and Boyfriend Jai Brooks Split Again: Breakup Details

ariana grande jai brooks 2One less problem! Ariana Grande has called it quits for the second time with boyfriend Jai Brooks, a source tells Us Weekly.

“It has not been an easy few months,” the source tells Us of the “Problems” singer, 21, who recently lost her grandfather. “Jai just wasn’t as supportive as he could have been,” the insider adds.

The songstress took to her Twitter on Monday, Aug. 4, revealing similar feelings with a cryptic message. “You learn a lot about love, life and the people around you during a time of crisis,” Grande began the long post.

“July was painful for many reasons but of all the personal loss I suffered last month, the loss of my grandfather, a true gentleman, was the only one that truly mattered,” the “Bang Bang” singer continued. “I thank everybody who was here for me when I needed them as the ones who weren’t really broke my heart,” Grande concluded the post, adding, “August is about to be a beautiful, beautiful month. Looking forward to all the good coming up.”

Onward and upward, indeed—”She’s gearing up for her album release so she’s focused on that,” the insider tells Us.

Grande and Brooks, a member of the Australian YouTube comedy and prank group The Janoskians, first stepped out together in August 2012. The couple then called it off a year later only to rekindle last May, where they were spotted making out after Grande performed at the iHeart Radio Music Awards.

Now Ariana Grande can go on and date someone more mature and reliable and loyal. Who’s available? Justin Bieber, Joe Jonas, Big Sean, Jason Derulo, Robin Thicke, or one of the 1D or 5 Seconds of Summer boys would all be pretty funny setups. Is Austin Mahone legal yet?

big sean ariana grandeUPDATED AGAIN!

Some of you wrote us privately and asked us how we came up with the first five names in that list. Some thought we were psychic. We were actually just listing the names of five guys whose relationships we knew were in transition at the time (even if you didn’t) and might pursue a relationship with Ariana Grande. As of today, all five on the list have now resolved… and one of them did get Ariana!

1. Justin Bieber is back together with Selena.

2. Joe Jonas broke up with Blanda Eggsandbacon and is now dating Nick’s ex, Gigi Hadid.

3. Big Sean broke his engagement with Naya Rivera and is now with Ariana Grande.

4. Jason Derulo broke up with Jordin Sparks.

5. Robin Thicke did not win Paula Patton back and is all by his lonesome.

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137 comments to You Ruined His Life

  • bumblebea63

    I don’t know why, but I’m thinking Britney Spears? Although I would say Justin Timberlake’s life was hardly ruined (now, anyway!)

  • tuckerlee123

    Either Selena and Justin or Taylor and Harry

    • KWDragon

      I am not sure Selena would do a meet and greet with her fans anymore. She seems like she has gotten much more aloof.

  • wfreshie

    that is a great answer

    kudos to whoever this is, she handled the situation really well…off to come up with an answer

  • hotel57

    Sounds like Taylor Swift.

  • Mtlmeee

    Ariana Grande

    Jai Brookes

  • Khadafi

    Singer: Rihanna
    Her Ex: Chris Brown

  • Marina

    Taylor Swift – good for her!
    Harry Styles

    • luvprue1

      I think so too. I think it’s Taylor Swift and the guy in question is Harry Styles, or it could be Selena Gomez and the guy is Justin Bieber. I now think it’s Selena and Justin simply because the young audience member said she ruin his life. I think they are blaming Selena for dumping Justin and that is why he is on drugs.

  • sugarbread

    taylor swift

  • sashas

    her ex: Tommy Mottola?

  • hayldog

    SInger: Ariana Grande
    Ex: Jai Brooks

  • PC1

    Ariana Grande, ex: Jai Brooks ??

  • Dizzy

    Singer : Taylor Swift

    Her Ex: Harry Styles or John Mayer, I cant decide between the two

  • jersey6332

    Singer: Ariana Grande
    Ex: Jai Brooks

    Clues: “the way”, jai wrote a twitter post about how she cheated him etc

  • redstilettos

    Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman.

  • ruthielouwho

    Katy Perry- The How I Met Your Mother episode she was in, most of the lines started with Oh Honey when referring to her!

  • jersey6332

    I wonder what she meant by that. I’m curious to know what actually happened. I wont be surprised if she did cheat on him. After all, this is Hollywood and I’m not surprised if her team wanted her to get together with Nathan for publicity. I liked her and jai as a couple tho. I think their relationship was real

  • mugofmead111

    Singer: Rihanna?

    Her Ex: Chris Brown (He just got thrown back in jail.)

  • travoltasbeard

    Singer: Demi Lovato

    Her Ex: The Cab’s Alex De Leon

  • ktbell05

    hahaha nice response! Way to handle the rude question:)

  • IAmSage

    Singer: Taylor Swift

    Her Ex: Harry Stiles

  • Catseyezzz

    Katy Perry and John Mayer.

  • graysonsmama

    Britney Spears re: Justin Timberlake. “Cry me a river”/Wade J Robson scandal.

  • DizzyBlueBaby

    Katie Perry and John Meyer

  • Roxy979e

    Singer: Miley Cyrus
    Her Ex: Liam Hemsworth


    Singer: Selena Gomez
    Her Ex: Justin Bieber

  • ConfusedHarpy

    Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

  • Pinks

    Selena & Justin?

    Taylor & Harry?

    Britney & Justin?

  • hushhush

    This is definitely Ariana Grande. And Jai Brooks is the ex. She’s so classy (aside from her ability to swear well lol), I love her!

  • carriebradshaw

    Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas?

  • raslebol

    Taylor swift and… or Selena and justin

  • vbchica14

    Singer: Katy Perry

    Ex: Russell Brand

    Even though she recently broke up with John Mayer, there’ve been rumors she cheated on Russell with John & I feel Russell’s life is more likely to be perceived as “ruined” and ruined before her than John’s.

    Possible clue: Her character’s name on HIMYM was Honey because everything she said led the characters to say “Oh honey”

  • stolidog

    Taylor Swift and …..Jake G?

  • 3snaps

    I guess Selena Gomez and Bieber are back together now or whatnot but who knows when this was so I will guess them.

  • silence1534

    Katy Perry

    Russell Brand

    “Oh, honey” being a clue from the How I Met Your Mother episode.

  • Nic81

    Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber

  • Baffledfan111

    Well this sounds like a young horrible fan so I have to say either a Janoskian fan talking to Ariana Grande or a vile Belieber talking to Selena Gomez

  • Naija_girl

    Ariana Grande

    Ex being that Jai Brooks kid.

    That picture reminds me of how she always wears her hair.

  • pikasupageti

    singer: Ariana Grande
    ex: whoever that guy was who twitted he got cheated on

  • justdesserts_justicehurts

    This is Ariana Grande/ Nathan Sykes. He accused her of cheating and so far everybody has been on her side. She must be a damn good actress if her reputation is this squeaky clean, as far as the rumors go…

  • rosiedoes

    This is the kind of idiocy that comes from Harry Styles’ and Justin Bieber’s fans. Either Taylor Swift (and a very naive fan) or Selena Gomez.

  • Jennie

    Singer: Taylor Swift
    Her Ex: Harry Styles

  • minx

    Selena and Bieber.

  • sleepinthegardn

    Demi Lovato
    Joe Jonas


    selena gomez
    justin bieber

  • pinkhawaii81

    Singer: Demi for sure
    Her Ex: Joe Jonas

    • KWDragon

      That’s kind of what I was thinking. He recently tanked in a huge way and was going on about how Demi and Miley ruined him and his life. Also, I think Demi is in a place now with her issues where she is really willing to sit down with her fans. She is also showing flashes of maturity, hence her excellent way of handling this fan.

  • luvprue1

    I think the singer must be Tyler Swift or Selena Gomaz, with the guy refer to in the question being Harry Styles, or Justin Beiber.

  • coco1019

    Miley and Liam

  • CanaryCry

    Rihanna (if she showed up at all)?
    Katy Perry?
    Taylor Swift?
    Miley? Madonna?

  • CanaryCry

    Then again, maybe this is about J. Lo & Marc Anthony?

  • xoxogg

    Ariana Grande
    Jai Brooks

  • ivy3499

    Gaga? Clue being the edge of the stage= the edge of glory?

  • wonderstrucker009

    Taylor Swift????

  • terry123

    Swifty Taylor and Twilight Taylor

  • keyakxx

    Taylor Swift, and I’m guessing the ex is Taylor Lautner – her song ‘Back to December’ is an ‘apology’ song.

  • AmandaKane5

    LeAnn Rimes
    Dean Sheremet

  • Ms_Kiki



  • vee13

    Singer: Britney Spears
    Her Ex: Justin Timberlake

  • JaneDawson

    I thought Mariah don’t think she’s playing concerts right now. Selena and Justin are still together. Miley and Liam are on good term, according to her.

    Britney and Timberlake?

  • emster

    Singer: Katy Perry
    Ex: John Mayer

  • reverie

    This reminds me of Taylor Swift but I’m not sure which ex.

  • Elmerblues

    Taylor Swift and any of the 3-4 last men through her door.

  • clarkster

    Singer: Katy Perry
    Ex: John Mayer

  • mrtiktok

    Singer: Lady Gaga
    Ex: Taylor something from Vampire Diaries?

    Clue: the photo reminds me of her and edge of the stage = edge of glory. She reported cheated her ex Taylor to Luc back then

  • sabrina325

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?

  • Fan

    The photo made me think of Christina Aguilera and her ex husband.

  • sheknowsthetruth

    Ariana and Jai

  • cheesy123

    This screams Singer:Ariana Grande

    Her Ex: Janoskian kid

  • Ana12

    Demi Lovato and the Jonas kid?!

  • LeahLynn28

    Selena and Justin?Justin destroyed his life,has a bad reputation and everybody knows it’s not Selena’s fault,the booze and the drugs destroyed Justin’s reputation and career.
    And no,people,they are not together,and never were in the first place.That’s another pr stunt to promote Selena and her failed career/tour.Everytime she needs publicity,she goes after him,or he goes after her.But they never dated…

  • JustTheFacts

    Singer – Demi Lovato
    Ex – Joe Jonas

  • JennUx

    Singer: Taylor Swift

    Her Ex: Harry Styles

    This was through BBC Radio 1’s chart show contest when taylor was in london, i believe. Plus i’m *sure* this picture was used in a previous blind related to her

  • swaggiest

    this has got to be Ariana and Jai. “popular” from her and Mika’s collaboration and “the way” another one of her songs. struck me weird how she didn’t cry. she seems very emotional, not saying that’s a bad thing. also, Jai was or claimed to be depressed over twitter and all of his fellow group members noted how he hadn’t looked or acted like himself after the breakup.

  • Loves the Latin Boys

    I’m liking the Selena Gomez / Bieber guesses.

  • Fergus

    That picture has been used for Tay Tay before, and we all know she was pretty annoyed when Harry pulled the plug on the big fake relationship, so those two are my guess.

  • Joanhs

    NOT Britney.. It says “she sang a few songs for them”.. If she ever did that for a small crowd of people, the internet would break down..

    • LeahLynn28

      Britney doesn’t sing,nor writes.And if she sings,she will expose the fraud she is,her handlers would freak out…really can’t be her.And i doubt her handlers would allow people to ask anything to her…you know her interviews are staged and fake.

  • daisy12

    katy perry
    john mayer

  • Vaassh

    Katy Perry and John Mayer

  • bec215

    Russell Brand didn’t make a public spectacle of their breakup the way Katy Perry did….this sounds like a guy who was very vocal about it. someone who wants attention….someone who’s probably either an addict or gay, though i have no idea who….it’s of choicess here.

  • jmos03

    rob kardashian and rita ora

  • peppermintclub

    Singer: Taylor Swift

    Her Ex: Taylor Lautner

  • katekatebobate

    This is NOT selena. A, she does not write. B, she’s back with Beiber anyway and C, she does not sing. Same reasons it’s not Britney; she does not sing or write.

    So my guess is Taylor Swift. But whoever it was, GREAT ANSWER!

  • lettyeverdeen

    Probably Ariana Grande, cause she is the only one who would have that attitude, I think.

  • katjacqueline

    Sounds like Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

    Jai did post a massive twitlonger about how Ariana cheated on him and had trouble sleeping for weeks afterwards. Also “The Way” is Ariana’s song. They ended on really bad terms so it’s a fit

  • rudy


  • bil200

    “Popular” is a song she released last year…….hint?

  • smileyfaces

    It’s not Taylor and Harry, because as far as I know, he never accused her of cheating on him. In addition to this, blind gossip has written articles about how that relationship was not real. I’m not sure who it is. Maybe Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes?

    • YoGo8c

      It totally sounds like the kind of *, magazine-fuelled assumption some silly Directioner would wail out though.

      And anyone that needs to beard up constantly IS living a messed-up existence on some level, though if Taylor said this surely she’d have tongue in cheek, lol?

      Ariana Grande, as I recall, did have cheating rumours when she split from Nathan Sykes from the Wanted, probably just made up by fans, but who knows. The blind also says it was a ‘local’ radio station so probably US-based. Who’s been on local US radio lately?

      • YoGo8c

        I say: “the kind of *, magazine-fuelled assumption” because it only takes one magazine to claim ‘he said’ or ‘a source SAID he said’ and is ‘upset’ for the immature fans to take it as a flashing beacon of truth. When most of it is just page-filling PR *.

  • amanda84


  • amanda84

    Ex Antonio de la rua

  • paper doll

    Having actually been to a Taylor Swift m&g, I can tell you that it is not her. She never does group q&a’s like that and she doesn’t have fans watch her soundcheck.

  • RebellionTruth

    Singer: Ariana Grande
    Her Ex: Jai Brookes (?)

    Jai tweeted a long message about how she cheated on him with Nathan, was very rude & stupid. Ariana instead acted very politely, as in the blind.

  • lyrelove

    Ariana and Jai- clues being “The Way” and “Popular” :)

  • ClosetOrganizer

    First thing that came to my mind was Rihanna and Chris Brown. Brown’s fans (Team Breezy) are pretty intense when it comes to defending their idol and plenty of them had some nasty words for Rihanna after that ugly incident (some of them even claimed Rihanna lied about the abuse). Pretty crazy stuff.

    • ClosetOrganizer

      Plus, it just sounds like how Rihanna would handle/shut down a rude audience member: with a short, pithy one-liner.

  • absolutezero

    This sounds like Taylor Swift, with the ex being Joe Jonas.

  • AuntieMama

    Ariana Grande

    That kid who pulls pranks for a living, Jai whateva

    This is how she handles things, she’s an old soul. She’ll be alright.

  • Revisionist

    who is ariana grande?

  • sue

    Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

  • GiveMeGossip

    I can’t see Taylor keeping composure like this but if it is her, we’ll all know as soon as her next album comes out :)

  • Kyiaj

    Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks

  • jillphelps41

    I’m thinking Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. She supposedly cheated on him(Cry Me A River), she does do meet and greets, and she’s from the South and has a habit of calling people “Honey”.

  • MsBloodyMystery

    Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks, definitely!

  • breadcrumbs

    Taylor Swift was the first one I thought of. Sounds like something she’d say and the picture reminds me of her. Not sure about the ex, but Harry and Taylor’s “relationship” wasn’t even remotely real so I don’t think it’s him.