He Lost Control

couple bed 6[Blind Gossip] This actor is smart and funny and has been in a couple of the biggest movies of all time. He is not married and finds it easy to pick up women.

After a night of drinking in a bar and flirting with several women, he went home with one of them. They got into bed… and he promptly lost control of his bowels. No, it wasn’t on purpose. He scooped up his clothes and ran out of there, thoroughly embarrassed, without consummating the relationship, and without offering to help clean up the mess.


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  1. Fan says

    Wow, how gross and embarrassing. Must be playing both sides of the fence. Hard to guess, though, it doesn’t say if he’s older or younger, A list, B list, etc.

    • blackmahn says

      I’m sorry, Fan, but doing what it is that you imply does not lead to incontinence. I know many, many gay men who like that, and none of them have this problem.

  2. AliekaZola says

    Don’t know who this is but he’s one nasty mofo for leaving her with the mess.

  3. Mia444 says

    This is one of those blinds (like the gal with the nasty smelling nethers, popular guess was Gabrielle Union) that I don’t want to see solved cuz that is all I will ever think of when seeing this person on screen…

    I guess it can happen to anyone, but geez, at least stick around to clean up (or pay someone to do it — tip extra big!).

  4. PinkCrayon says

    EWWWWW! I thought this was about to be a really sexy blind and then BAM I read bowels. GROSS! I think I’m too grossed out to even guess this right. Ew I can’t even imagine! That poor women! lol

  5. MikeInSanJose says

    Biggest Movies of Al time…

    Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind? Oh, he’s dead.
    Toto from Wizard of Oz? Probably wouldn’t give a shit if he gave a shit in some bitch’s doggie bed.

    Guess that leaves Leonardo DiCaprio or Russell Crowe or George Clooney.

    Whomever it is, they probably know who’s bed they crapped in and who told the paps…

    “Scooped up his clothes” sounds like a litter box… Who was it that played Garfield in the greatest movie OF ALL TIME???

    Hope they were cheap bed sheets…

  6. graysonsmama says

    I remember an old blind with a similar issue- the popular guess was Chris Evans (this was just prior to the 1st Captain America). People thought it was because of the stress he put on his body to get into Marvel shape, and possibly taking laxatives or something of that nature to speed up the process.

  7. Bamadex says

    Alcoholics not infrequently lose bowel ccontrol. Leo’s bloated face and haggard look are sad to see if you can remember how fresh-faced he was in Romeo + Juliet.

  8. sherlock says

    My God,that has to be the biggest passion killer of all time for the woman.Dodgy food,colitis,drugs or what or maybe his age.

  9. danneka says

    smart—funny? doesn’t sound like a typical A-list actor like george or leo. i would guess more of a comedian but have no clue.

  10. uhhhhhhhhno says

    Hi! First post!
    Henry Cavill…
    A couple (2) of the “biggest” movies: Immortals and Man of Steel
    “scoop” as in news story like Clark Kent journalism career
    Plus the weight issue, use of laxatives, underwear problems in the past.

    • goldieb says

      And Superman would find it “easy to pick up women”–literally! Just ask Lois Lane!

  11. momonthego says

    Unfortunately this is all too common with the 20 somethings. My daughter is in college and she has told me that when people drink way past the point of reasonableness (body literally can’t) they lose their bowels. Apparently a drunk girl in your bed means drunk girl wetting your bed because she has lost control of her organs. When drunk girl drinks WAY too much, we’re talking piss, poop, and throw-up. Lovely.

  12. Lola99 says

    “This actor is smart and funny”

    I don’t think either DiCraprio (intentional misspelling) or Clooney are known as funny. It can’t be either one of them. I’m not sure that Leo is particularly smart either.

  13. keylime_elf says

    Leo Dicaprio.

    Dude should have picked up his mess instead of picking up his clothes and running off like that. What a gentleman.

  14. creeping_thistle says

    Not Clooney, what would he be doing in bed with a woman?
    Not Leo: the culprit is “smart and funny”, Leo is surely smart but who would ever describe him as funny?

  15. Atalanta says

    I feel like “consummating the relationship” must be a clue. And, why in the world would someone lose control of their bowels “on purpose”… must be another clue. Other than that, I’m stumped. Seems likely it’s someone that goes both ways, so to throw a new option out there… Will Smith? Or, less likely, Tom Cruise? I don’t typically think of “funny” and Leo in the same context.

  16. La Llorona says

    I have a feeling this is Chris Pine after his recent DUI. He has a drinking problem, and he went to Berkley.

    • La Llorona says

      Well on second thought, “Biggest Movies of all time” gives me pause. Pine has definitely not been in the biggest movies of all time. Maybe it is Leo…

  17. Lis1234 says

    jake gyllenhaal??? clue being “biggest movies of all time”, he dated taylor swift who famously was interrupted by kayne “best music video of all time’? i dunno may be a bit of a stretch… plus the photo totally looks like him.

  18. jillphelps41 says

    Al Roker. After all, he did shart in the White House! Now seriously, I’m just not sure on this one. Jack Nicholson was the first person that popped in my head. He was in some big movies back in the day. Plus, he’s 137 years old and sometimes old people lose control of their bowels. But now, I’m thinking it might be Leo or Clooney too.

    • danneka says

      i’m guessing now jim carrey too. he’s been in major movies and one might consider him funny at least smart i dunno….haha.

  19. proud2bblonde says

    Bradley Cooper?? The first Hangover and Wedding Crashers were pretty big movies!?!

  20. oldenuf2nobetta says

    How about James Franco? He’s been described as both smart and funny. He was in all three Spider-Man films, which did very well at the box office. He’s not married and probably has no trouble picking up anybody.

  21. dween2000 says

    Dominic Monaghan? Biggest movies being the LOTR’s He’s not cute but possibly funny and does seem to get people to do him on a regular basis?

  22. abeille88 says

    I read it as someone older. Super smart actor – Jeff Goldblum. Movies: Jurassic Park, The Fly, Independence Day…

  23. slantrhyme says

    The funny-smart combination is throwing me off. The only actors I can think of who are funny and smart are all married. I agree with Atalanta that “consummating” and “purpose” seem like clues. What about “scooped?” Interesting word choices! Poor guy though.

  24. hotpinkmomma says

    Jonah Hill. I bet he had gastric bypass surgery and lost control, or maybe he’s taking those nasty meds that make you have the oily discharge that they use in the disclaimer. It’s him, funny and smart. He’s been in some big movies of late.

    • jillphelps41 says

      Good guess. They have a couple of new diet pills on the market that have the oily discharge as a side effect. His weight goes up and down more than a yoyo! Plus, he is funny and smart and he doesn’t seem to have much trouble picking up women.

  25. carlito says

    I am thinking Kirk Douglas for this. He looks like he would struggle to control everything, bowels, bladder, faculties… et al.

  26. ChiTownHockey says

    This is someone who is using Ali or some other diet pill like that. For sure. What male stars have had big weight loss lately or have been trying to lose weight?

    I know Mark Wahlburg has been getting down in weight for some new role, but he’s happily married, I think.

  27. Need2Sleep says

    Im gonna go with George Clooney. Since he is mentioned in the scoop and called the consummate charmer on the daily beast and he is always being hounded about being unmarried.