Scribbled Out

boys names[Blind Gossip] Sure, there are lots of big names on this Actress’ list of conquests. But what about the names that are scribbled out?

We know who they are and there definitely appears to be a pattern with them! Here are a few:

  • A famous Director who has been known who hook up with actresses. He had a significant other at the time of their affair.
  • A big-name Producer who has financed more than one award-winning film. He had a significant other at the time of their affair.
  • A good-looking Actor 1 whose films have won major awards. He had a significant other at the time of their affair.
  • A good-looking Actor 2 who is best known for his starring role in a popular film series. He had a significant other at the time of their affair.




Actor 1:

Actor 2:

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  1. 20twenty says

    Actress: Lindsay Lohan

    Director: Michael Bay
    Producer: Harvey Weinstein
    Actor 1: Ben Affleck
    Actor 2: Robert Pattinson

  2. melly123 says

    Actress is Lindsay Lohan. Director is Michael Bay. Producer is Harvey Weinstein. Actor 1 is Leonardo Dicaprio. Actor 2 is Robert Pattinson.

  3. terry123 says

    The “actress” is obviously Lindsay Lohan
    The producers, directors and actors? Anything with a heartbeat.

  4. tuckerlee123 says

    Actress: January Jones

    Director: Matthew Vaughn

    Producer: Harvey Weinstein

    Actor 1: James Marsden

    Actor 2: Robert Pattison

    • dingopop says

      I agree with this guess, although I think actor 2 is referring to Liam Hemsworth.
      The clue is the name Xavier in the picture, that is the name of January Jones’ son. (The father is Matthew Vaughn)

    • missmissy says

      Ahhgggh! Harvey Weinstein. I guess someone has to be sleeping with him, but uck. I can’t imagine his appeal.

      • mugofmead111 says

        harvey weinstein?! was this while lindsay was still in her prime or was this well after she went off the rails? if it were the latter, then gross! anybody else who came through on his casting couch afterwards ought to…be careful.

  5. KatarinaJ says

    Is this Julia Roberts and all the rumors? She could have slept with Tom Hanks, Spielberg (he married an actress)?

    • CanaryCry says

      This blind is SO LILO, but I agree Julia has probably been more than friends with Tom & Steve!

  6. raslebol says

    Lindsay lohan
    Bret ratner ( he yet said he had sex with her at 16)
    Harvey Weinstein
    Jared leto( he worked with her) or ben affleck( he visited her during her rehab)
    Ashton kutcher

    • cally2 says

      As opposed to all the dudes who cheated on their wives/partners, sometimes repeatedly?

      • candymandie says

        They are too, but the comment was referring to the digesting, freckled covered, firecrotch * lili.

  7. GossipSauce says

    Mmmmm…. Obviously about LLohan. I suppose if we keep an eye on where everyone’s hands are scratching, it will reveal itself.

  8. travoltasbeard says

    Actress: Gwen Paltrow

    Director: James Cameron

    Producer: Harvey Weinstein

    Actor 1: Ben Affleck

    Actor 2: Robert Downey Junior

  9. claudia.mastro says

    Actress:lindsay (everyone knows it by now). Director: brett ratner (he is known for hooking up with actress…he famously hooked up with olivia munn) actor 1:must be leo (in the list there is also luukas haas…plus said His movie won many awards and we all know he never won anything but his movies did) actor 2 jeremy renner: he is in the bourne ultimatum franchise. Producer : no idea…scott rudin? Harvey?ahaha.

  10. Me Talk Pretty says

    Don’t have a clue.

    Actresses who are known to have bagged a lot big names:

    Jennifer Lopez
    Angelina Jolie
    Jennifer Aniston
    Gwynneth Paltrow

    So maybe one of them for the actress? That’s all I got.

  11. DelilaMars says

    Lindsay Lohan for sure.
    No idea about the rest of the cast. It could be anyone in Hollywood!

    • MyCatLovesTV says

      Perhaps not so much desirable in recent years but she is certainly talented. I’m sure she’s picked up a few tricks during her career. Literally and figuratively.

  12. BostonBakedBitch says

    Lindsay Lohan
    Ben Affleck
    Leo DiCaprio
    Liam Helmsworth
    Anyone with a pulse and a dollar

  13. Fan says

    This has to be January Jones. This chick has issues. She must be a walking STD at this point.
    If I were a woman in Hollywood, I wouldn’t let my guy anywhere near her.

    Director: Brian Singer or Matthew Vaughn?
    Producer: ??
    Actor 1: Liam Hemsworth? But I don’t think his films have won any awards.
    Actor 2: ??

    I haven’t kept up with all of her “conquests”

    • chandler02 says

      January Jones has had a FRACTION of the relationships that men like George Clooney and Leo have had. Secondly, it wouldn’t be January because she didn’t have a list of her conquests released with names scribbled out. Lindsey Lohan did.

  14. reverie says

    Lindsey Lohan.

    A list of her conquests was released with many of the names blurred out.

    • terry123 says

      But some of the names were not blurred out like: Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Colin Farrell, James Franco etc. etc. etc.

      • KimDealrules says

        half the names u listed are ALLEGEDLY gay: James Franco, JT (marriage of convenience)…

  15. stolidog says

    Julia Roberts, and she probably had a significant other at the time of all of the affairs.

  16. EastCoaster says

    Remember, way back when, how insulted the public felt for Lindsay when the disgusting Brandon Davis nicknamed her “Fire Crotch”? But I guess if the panty-free thong fits…

  17. memommamo says

    Actress: January Jones. I am guessing this blind may refer to who the father of her child is. But I don’t keep up on this stuff so have no idea who the 4 gentlemen are.

  18. Sol22 says

    Actress: Lindsay Lohan
    Director: Robert Rodriguez
    Producer: Harvey Weinstein
    Actor1: Ben Affleck
    Actor 2: Robert Pattinson

  19. SouthJerseyGirl says

    No clue about who the people are but this is Lindsay Lohan. All over the news today about her list of who she slept with.

  20. bananas says

    1. Blohan
    2. Michael Bay ew, guess she didn’t get that role in Transformers
    3. Harvey Weinstein, again ew
    4. Please not Ryan Gosling could be Leo too perhaps
    5. Someone from a superhero movie perhaps…X men maybe the most popular of those. Could be Pattinson too but wouldn’t they have mentioned the adaptation aspect? And I thought he played for a different team anyway.

    • ravenglass says

      I think #5 is from a superhero movie too. The first name I thought of was Christian Bale. He’s done tons of movies but got the most attention for playing Batman. Maybe Heath introduced them.

    • mugofmead111 says

      somehow i got visions of wilmer valderrama doing a remix of ray j’s track “i hit it first” (subtitled “before she became busted”). :)

  21. twistedme says

    Actress: LiLo

    Director: Robert Rodriguez

    Producer: Weinstein (wild guess)

    Actor 1: Leo

    Actor 2: Robert Pattinson

  22. Marissa says

    Actress: Lilo
    Director: ?
    Producer: ?
    Actor 1: Leo DiCaprio
    Actor 2: Robert Pattinson (I don’t think he’s good looking, but it fits & he likes the druggy, grungy type)

  23. Gossip Girl says

    Actress: Lindsay Lohan
    All the others: Could be anyone in Hollywood
    Ew to anyone that would have an “affair” with her and by “affair” I mean one-night-stand!!

  24. LeahLynn28 says

    I won’t guess the men because i don’t know who they are,but they should do STDs tests and the woman who they cheated on should too.Blohan is a professional slut,she must be infected with lots of STD’s…ewww.

    • LeahLynn28 says

      And although i guessed Blohan,i don’t consider her an actress anymore…

  25. Ladieu says

    Well, LiLo has 36 names on her shag list, 17 Of which are now known…The rest are either terribly embarrassed or married….

    my money is on Michael Bay, Weinstein, Leo and RDJ

  26. Kelly says

    I’m honestly surprised any famous actor that was successful would sleep with her. She has the worse reputation ever and isn’t all that good looking to make up for it

  27. Grammaticator says

    La Lohan

    Director: Brett Ratner
    Producer: Brian Grazer
    Actor 1: Bradley Cooper (a former Sexiest Man Alive and movies Silver Linings Playbook/American Hustle have won awards)
    Actor 2: R-Patz

    I wouldn’t shock me in the least if Jimmy Fallon was on that list.
    But for what it’s worth, the list is impressive.

  28. bjd44 says

    Lindsay Lohan is BEYOND pathetic and disgusting!! Oh the STDs that must be RAMPANT in the incestuous “entertainment” industry. Just plain NASTY!!

  29. Bamadex says

    Lohan was risible in Liz & Dick but rather good, even touching at times in The Canyons. (I think most of derision regarding The Canyons came from people who never saw it, or didn’t watch it with an open mind.)

    I hope she gets, and keeps, her shit together. People actually defend douchey Bieber (because he’s “only 20″) but act as if Lohan has murdered toddlers.

    I’m not defending her past behavior but she is trying to rehabilitate her career, and seems remorseful. Bieber is openly contemptuous of anyone who questions his actions and will be like her, or dead, if he doesn’t straighten up soon.

  30. Revisionist says

    Actually my question is whether they were freebies or if that was her accounting ledger….

  31. Mtlmeee says

    Lindsay Lohan

    Michael Bay

    Harvey Weinstein

    Ben Affleck

    Chis Pine from Star Trek who starred with Lindsay in “Just My Luck”

  32. valleygirl86 says

    Actress: January Jones
    Director: Matthew Vaughn
    Producer: Harvey Weinstein
    Actor 1: James Marsden
    Actor 2: Liam Hemsworth

  33. sophiedg says

    I must have reached critical mass on viewing blinds as entertainment because for the first time ever I feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan. She was so young when she entered the business and was raised by immature, damaged parents with no moral compass. She was a cash cow for years and must have confused the attention for real love and appreciation. You don’t self-medicate and sleep around because you feel good about yourself. Of course she’s responsible for some of her later awful choices but she didn’t go from a lovely fresh-faced talented little girl to train wreck by herself. Unlikely she will ever recover despite Oprah’s supposed help. The list of powerful men who have used her and tossed her aside is brutal. Shame on them.

    • stefaniaf says

      UM did you watch her show? Anyone who feels sorry for her is nuts. Did you see how stressed out she was over NOTHING? Many of us, including myself, have real lives with homes, families, jobs, etc. and real stress every day. She chooses to do drugs, commit crimes, steal, lie, have sex for money, not show up on time, etc. It is a CHOICE she makes every day. It is a CHOICE I do not make everyday. I think she is gross and pathetic.

    • FairyMay9 says

      Excellent post, sophiedg. I completely agree. I have absolutely reached my limit and had an aha moment on her, much like I did w/Britney way back; the girl did not get here by herself. like Bieber, where the hell were her parents? selling her out when she needed them most, that’s where. Of, course she’s not blameless, but she was led to her issues and life choices by two parents who made the sickening and critical error of loving themselves first before their child. I do feel sorry for her. The Biebs comparison is a good one. The men, I want to mention, too, did not have to sleep w/her. she didn’t force them into her bed. They dont get a pass for their using behavior just cuz the girl they used was Lindsay. Lilo, i hope you find your way. I hope you follow in Drew’s footsteps, because i see you trying.

  34. stefaniaf says

    Well the article says they are going to reveal the crossed out names next week so I guess we find out (some or all) of them then. Does this really surprise anyone?

  35. red31 says


    Director – Michael Bay: terrible reputation for this

    Producer – Harvey Weinstein: not surprised

    Actor 2 – Robert Pattinson: he’s a dog. not sure how he managed to keep his cheating locked down

    • Her says

      Be careful. One of his fans might accuse you of being a KStew fan. Because apparently no one else can find him gross.

      • jess89 says

        People can find him gross. But 9 times out of 10, if someone is insisting he’s a manwhore despite him never being caught with another woman, even now, a year after Robsten “broke up”, they’re usually a desperate KStew fan who want to excuse her own cheating.

        Frankly, the gay/asexual rumors have always made more sense for Pattinson. Especially now with him not having a single known hook-up in the last year despite being single.

  36. Katmandu says

    Lindsay Lohan, of course.

    But I thought she was a big ol’ LESBIAN, so what’s with all the men???

    Someone explain this? Sounds like a list of ‘johns’ – did they give her money and dope?

    In olden days a lady would have a string of amours who would bring her flowers and pretty trinkets. A diamond bracelet here, an emerald ring there. A wad of cash and baggie full of dope just don’t have the same cache, lol!

  37. sneezy says

    Lohan clearly never wants to work again in Hollywood. This would have to piss off a huge number of people, right?

  38. Talon says

    Definitely Lohan the list is on most of the popular gossip sites with some of the names blanked out. If you look at the names in the clipart, two full names are in there – Oliver Hudson and Adrian Brody, don’t know if that really means anything or not, but if so looking to find both first and last names in the clipart MIGHT complete the list????

    • NettieHoney says

      No, no, no! Not my beautiful Adrien Brody!!!! NO! :'( Please tell me he never touched her – please.

  39. mizzavrid says

    I’m stressed out reading these comments and deciding on feeling sorry for Lindsay or realizing she’s just a hedonistic ho.

  40. NotNow says

    Don’t think it’s Leo. I remember reading stories about hiw Lindsay would show up to bars he was at and would throw herself at him and he would avoid her like the Plague lmfao Leo is smarter than to associate with her

  41. Charlie10 says

    One of them has got to be Harvey weinstein right? The man is married to Georgina Chapman! She’s a beauty and from what I’ve seen of project runway a sweetheart. Granted I know they probably have an arrangement and she turns the other way but still to cheat on georgina with lohan?!?!

  42. Fergus says

    Did we ever find out what she was up to in London a couple of years ago when she was seen stumbling out of hotels covered in bruises and wearing men’s clothes the next day? That was puzzling.

  43. seattlegirl says

    Reading the comments about Lohan just makes me feel icky and gross. What self-respecting man would get naked with her? Or are all men in Hollywood just looking for a quick screw, and don’t care who they hurt or what or how many diseases they get? Are there ANY decent men in Hollowood?

  44. dont_know_dont_care says

    Yuck, can you imagine getting it on with someone as dirty looking as Lohan? It would be like putting

  45. dont_know_dont_care says

    Sorry stupid phone…so back to my insult: It would be like flinging a hotdog down a hallway – ew!