Party Persona Non Grata

oscar cookies[Blind Gossip] Lots of celebrities attended Oscar parties yesterday. Oscar winners and nominees prefer the big parties like the the Vanity Fair Party or The Governors Ball, while music types gravitate more towards the Elton John Party or the Madonna Party.

Among the party guests yesterday was a well-known Reality Star.

While some of the lesser celebrities were happy to meet her and get their photo taken with her, some of the bigger celebrities gave her a wide berth. Two of them were a Singer and an Actress – who are friendly in real life – who were chatting on one side of the room with a few other people.

Someone representing the Reality Star came up to them and said, “[Reality Star] would like you to come over and take a photo with her in ten minutes.” The Singer and The Actress both politely declined, saying that they were in the middle of something.

After the rep walked away, though, The Singer and The Actress burst out laughing over the invitation! The Singer told the group, “Come over to her in ten minutes? Oh my god, she thinks she’s the star of this event!” The Actress shook her head and said, “The day that I purposefully walk across a room to take a photo with [Reality Star] is the day my career is over.”

Reality Star:



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    • sammyslamma10 says

      ^this…. does this tie into the “blonde Warship” website title yesterday?

    • lets Guess 14 says

      Can’t be T Swift she’s been photographed with K Trash before—from-Taylor-Swifts-triple-win-to-Kim-Kardashians-peculiar-frock/

  1. mads says

    Reality star is obviously Kim Kardashian. No idea who the other two are but good for them

  2. newsjunkie says

    Ok, what do sugar cookies give as a clue? I can never figure these things out. I watched E!,Khloe K was on(??)commenting on fashion, so part of my guess is her.

    • EaterOfWorlds says

      Probably nothing. They are just a photo showing a cookie version of the Oscar statue. Most of the photos are just photos. I want to say that when it’s a blind made by Blind Gossip the photo might have a clue, but I can’t remember if that is true or rumor.

    • Bromance1979 says

      I don’t think she’d get an invite to any Oscar party. At least, I hope no one would invite that trash!

  3. Veralynn says

    Reality Star – Kim Kardashian
    Singer – Sheryl Crow
    Actress – Jennifer Anniston or Kelly Lynch

  4. fhestia says

    Has to be Kim Kardashian. No idea on the singer and actress but I suddenly love them both.

  5. ShockingDayGlo says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Singer: Lady Gaga

    Actress: Jane Fonda (who was sitting at Lady Gaga’s table)

  6. I Am PunkA says

    Kim Kardashian at Elton John’s After Party.
    Taylor Swift Singer
    Jaime King Actress

  7. sashas says

    This has Kim K written all over it! Hahaha come over in 10 mins, how pompous of her!

  8. stolidog says

    Reality Star is Kim Kartrashian. Who knows who refused, it could have/should have been any one of them.

  9. LeahLynn28 says

    The reality star HAS to be Kim Kartrashian.She ‘s a joke and i can see A-listers laughing at her,not with her.She believes she’s very important,since her ego is as huge as Kanye’s.The singer and the actress are smart…lol
    Kim only attracts D-list and C-list “celebrities and losers.She’s an embarassment,even for

  10. ecksor says

    Taylor Swift and Jaime King at Elton John’s party, just because I saw a picture of them getting chummy.

    The K-thing graced all them talentless hacks with her royal presence.

  11. Fan says

    This has to be Kim Kardashian….she’s completely delusional. I don’t know about the other two.

  12. annasophie says

    Kim Kardashian. the actress and singer could be all of them. Kim was rejected from th BFN party

  13. peppermint twist says

    Reality Star: has to be Kimmy Kartrashian, doesn’t it? Only she would think she was above everyone else attending and she’d be the one to want to have her pix taken with real celebrities so she can keep trying to convince the world she is a star and not just a fame whore.
    Singer: Adam Levine
    Actress: ???

  14. bellethatsees says

    I’m sure everyone will get this right, but…

    Reality Star: Kim K Superstar
    Singer: Taylor Swift
    Actress: Jaime King

  15. Cyanna George says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian (wide berth, lol)
    Singer: Taylor Swift
    Actress: Jaime King

  16. audreyyy says

    I’m not sure who this is, but how f* snobby can you be jfc. People keep forgetting that winning a statue doesn’t make you above an average person.

    • Bugsy says

      Are you kidding me? Kim Kartrashian is famous for F#$%@!g on film. I am pretty sure we are all better than her!!

    • terry123 says

      According to the Blind, the two stars are actually considered very friendly people – I guess they just didn’t appreciate being “summoned” to take photos with someone like Krazy Kim.

    • justcurious says

      it’s not snobby to decline another person summoning you for photos “in ten minutes”. If she said that to anyone it would be rude and presumptuous.

  17. carriebradshaw says

    Kim Kartrashian was at Elton John party. Gaga or Britney for the singer, no clue who the actress ist.

  18. RedGirl77 says

    Don’t know who the actress or singer is but the “wide berth” can be no other than kim kartrashian. Good for them!

  19. mollynyc says

    It’s Kim Kartrashian (clearly). Actress is Sandra Bullock and I have no idea who the singer is.

  20. Ana-nj says

    All I can say its definitely Kim Kardashian.
    Bravo for the actress and the singer. I hope you she get the message and go away for good.

  21. ivy3499 says

    Reality star: the “real housewife” who “sings” that tardy for the party song.
    Singer: Madonna
    Actress: gwynnie

  22. Kricket1 says

    Reality star – Kim Kardashian
    Singer- unknown but anyone who has a real career –
    Actress -unknown but pretty well all of them

  23. thunderthighs says

    Reality Star is obviously Kim K at Elton John’s party

    Singer: Taylor Swift (dropped in to the party)
    Actress: I was going to say J.Law, but she wasn’t at Elton’s. I’ll go with Jaime King who was photographed with Taylor a great deal, although she’s not very famous. The only other actresses there were Jane Fonda and Anna Paquin.

  24. OoLaLana says

    Reality star is definitely Kim Kardashian.

    Singer and Actress are anyone who has talent, half a brain and integrity.

    • Tate says

      Definitely Kim. Dying to know who the actress and singer are because I am now their biggest fan!!

  25. maverickstarchild says

    kim k is the reality star.

    id say that the singer is p!nk, and the actress is whoopi goldberg??

  26. mizzavrid says

    A Kardashian is surely involved here but can’t figure actress or singer. And I’m sure the cookie chess pieces are clues, can’t figure???

  27. MissNormaDesmond says

    Has to be a Kardashian – they were all over the after parties – so I’ll guess Kimmy. But no idea on the actress or singer.

  28. emilymc says

    I’m going to guess Kim K for the reality star. No clue, though, on the singer and actress.

    Love this site’s misname! 😉

  29. juana110 says

    Reality star def Kim K
    Singer maybe Gaga or Britney they were all Elton Johns Party
    not sure who the actress is though..

  30. kookywooky says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Singer: Idina Menzel

    Actress: Amy Adams or Kristin Bell?

  31. geewhiz says

    Reality “Star” has to be Kim Kartrashian

    Singer: Madonna

    Actress: Love her or hate her Goop

  32. Smores says

    Reality Star has GOT to be Kim Kardashian
    Actress: maybe Sandra Bullock (is gravitate a clue?)
    Singer: no clue, maybe Pink

  33. jonesing says

    Even though a Daily Mail UK article said that Grayden Carter never got back with Kim Kardashian about attending the VF after party, I’ll say it’s her.

  34. JennUx says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Singer: Idina Menzel, or according to John Travolta “Adele Dazeem”

    Actress: Kristen Bell

    • jshjen137 says

      Adele Dazeem and Kristen Bell probably went to the governors ball or vanity fair party.

  35. slimfast10 says

    Kim I think I am the most famous beautiful person in the room Kardashian not sure of the other two are, but SO agree with their choice to remain in place. so sick of all of them even Khloe!!!

  36. smileyfaces says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Singer: Taylor Swift

    Actress: Jaime King

    This occurred at the Elton John party.

  37. Layale says

    Reality star has got to be Kim K. She thinks she is way more than she really is now that she’s with Kayne. No clue about the singer or actress. Can’t wait to read others’ guesses!

  38. melly123 says

    Has to be Kim kardashian. I don’t know who the singer and actress is, but they I like them already

  39. css1014 says

    Reality Star: Kim or any ugly kardashian sister
    Singer: Taylor Swift
    Actress: Jaime King

    All at Elton john party

  40. Visha says

    Kim Kardashian is the deluded reality star although her mother Kris would also be a consideration. The singer maybe Sheryl Crow and the actress Jane Seymour

  41. CanaryCry says

    Oh, dear – would Madonna be too obvious?

    I’m not sure about the actress. Would the RS be a Kardashian/Jenner?

  42. 3snaps says

    I’ll guess Kim Kardashian as the reality star who no doubt thinks the world revolves around them. I hope the singer is Pink and no clue on the actress.

  43. tink says

    Reality star: Kim Kartrashian
    Singer: Taylor Swift
    Actor: JLaw
    I love this story. It is so amazing how KK thinks she is relevant and/or important. If her mom didn’t pay to get her in the tabloids, she would be nothing. Wait, what is she anyway? Oh, pretty much nothing.

  44. BleuDog says

    Reality “Star” (and Razzie winner): Kim Kartrashian

    Singer: Taylor Swift

    Actress: Jaime King

  45. gossipgirl6 says

    Reality Star: Kim K

    Singer: ?
    Actress: ?

    my first thought was a Real Housewife of Delusionville or where ever they are from, but after seeing other articles about how Kim K was upset that she couldn’t get into the Vanity Fair party, i’m going to go with her…no idea who the other 2 are…

  46. AnguaDelphine says

    I don’t know who the actress or the singer is, but I do know that Kim Kardashian was at the Elton John party. And this totally sounds like her.

  47. IAmSage says

    Reality Star: Kris Jenner

    Singer: Sheryl Crowe

    Actress: Jane Seymour

    (all were at Elton John’s Oscar Party)

  48. victoria says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Singer: Taylor Swift

    Actress: Jaime King

    Jaime and Taylor were hanging out together at Elton’s party, Kim and crew were there too.

  49. CassieC says

    No idea on the singer or actress, but for the reality star, maybe Kim Kardashian or Kris Jenner?

  50. justcurious says

    reality star: surely not farrah abraham?! actually, i just googled which reality star went to the oscars, and ny kim kartrashian came up!! lol