Being Selfish As Usual

me 1[Blind Gossip] This very famous Actor was absent from The Oscars last night. While you don’t have to go to the ceremony if you are not personally nominated, , stars typically show up to support their film/costar/director if one of them happens to get nominated. For example, even though Jennifer Garner did not get nominated herself, she was there to support Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey and Dallas Buyers Club. It’s professional courtesy.

Our Actor was invited to the ceremony… but was a no show. At one of the after-parties, someone asked his Costar where the Actor was. The Costar said, “Being selfish as usual. Me, me, me. It’s all about [Actor]. If he isn’t the center of attention, there’s just no point (in showing).” The Costar usually has a pretty healthy sense of humor, but in this case, they definitely didn’t sound like they were kidding!

Missing Actor:


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  1. ashley013074 says

    My first thought was George Clooney. I’ve found it odd that he has been at any award show to support “Gravity.” I noticed right away he wasn’t there last night.

    • Mtlmeee says

      BTW, one clue is the “me” pic above. It can be seen as “gravity” or “up in the air”

  2. cassandra007 says

    Clooney? Clues: Panic button illustration; Gravity was nominated for best film, actress, and director; Sandra is known to have a good sense of humor.

  3. I Am PunkA says

    George Clooney
    Sandra Bullock (Nominated for Gravity)

    But I do think she was joking. George takes and gives lots of ribbing from his friends, like Pitt, Damon and Bullock.

    • CanaryCry says

      Not all of us thinks George is a nice person. Even when Princess Diana died, his complaints about the paparazzi were all about him.

      • What Had Happened Was ... says

        ITA. I’ve always gotten a smug, thinly-veiled veneer of resentment from him for years.

  4. ravenglass says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney

    Co star: Sandra Bullock

    What’s the matter George? Couldn’t find a hot beard to walk the red carpet with?

  5. jeannie says

    George Clooney was noticeably absent even though his movie Gravity and costar Sandra Bullock were nominated.

    • stacat1 says

      the film won 7 awards and best director – I was surprised he didnt’ show…maybe he had a conflict…but then again….maybe not 😉

  6. samsayssix says

    George Clooney
    Sandra Bullock

    He’s the one that accepted a 15min role, way to be butthurt about it now.

  7. fishfish123 says

    I didn’t notice Jack Nicholson this year, who is usually front and center. I don’t know of anything he was in this year though so I don’t have any guesses as to who the costar is.

  8. Gingi1976 says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney

    Costar: Sandra Bullock

    (I hope this isn’t true since I love Clooney)

  9. funkarella5 says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney
    Co-Star: Sandra Bullock
    First-time posting! Long-time lurker!

  10. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Maybe Joaquin Phoenix? He was in the movie “Her” (clue being “them”) and I don’t recall seeing him at all. Costar would be Scarlett Johannson but I didn’t see her either. Other costars would be Amy Adams and Olivia Wilde, both of whom were there.

  11. MerryB says

    George Clooney. The film “Gravity” as well as co-star Sandra Bullock were nominated. But, I think she was kidding when she said this. It sounds like her sense of humor exactly.

  12. aeduko says

    I thought I had it until I reread and see it implies the actor was not nominated. My guess was Christian Bale with Jennifer Lawrence as the costar.

  13. allmyfriendsaredead says

    This sounds blow way out of proportion… There are dozens of reasons someone might not go or be able to. Jesus.

  14. Bally Ballard says

    George Clooney? He wasn’t there, and Sandra Bullock is known for having a sense of humor.

  15. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney
    Costar: Sandra Bullock
    I’ve always thought he was a bit overrated.

  16. JoshuaTree says

    George Clooney

    Sandra Bullock

    Even though I’m sure if she did say it, it was probably in jest. They’re close pals. And Clooney has done almost no press for Gravity or been to any of the other awards ceremonies so it’s not like he just bailed on the Oscars. It’s Sandy’s movie and he let her have all the attention.

  17. kcphilly says

    I’d be sad if this is George Clooney. He hasn’t been at any award shows supporting Gravity or Sandra.

  18. AnguaDelphine says

    My guess is George Clooney.

    I didn’t watch the Oscars, so I don’t know if he was there or not, but after a quick google search I can’t find any photos of him attending. Also, he did say in the past (before he was ever nominated) that he wasn’t going to go until he had a reason, i.e. was nominated. It’s quite possible that he keeps that principle still.

  19. iheartkoko says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney

    Costar: Sandra Bullock

    Hint: Jabb about his sense of humor

  20. girlfriend411 says

    By the way I am new to this site but I am loving it and telling everyone to check it out! I love being stumped and love the guesses!

  21. boyjack4 says

    Ben Affleck!!!
    Tom Cruise?
    George Clooney?
    Not sure but maybe reference to his wife is pointing at Ben!!!

  22. Veralynn says

    George Clooney?

    Costar – Sandra Bullock

    but it maybe Tom Hanks….with Barkhad Abdhi being the Co-star

    Both of them were missing.

  23. maverickstarchild says

    sandra bullock was there and she really usually has a sense of humor about things

  24. Fan says

    I can’t think of who was missing who would be connected to the nominated films/actors, etc… Jeremy Renner, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Hanks, or any guy in the Blue Jasmine cast…like Alec Baldwin.

  25. MKINK says

    My guess unfortunately is George Clooney. I hope I am wrong b/c I thought him and Sandra were very close friends

  26. south chicago says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney (he was in London visiting his latest girlfriend, the lawyer)
    Co-Star: Sandra Bullock

  27. boodie says

    Missing actor George Clooney
    Co star Sandra Bullock
    I noticed when Gravity director was accepting his award, he was gushing about Sandra but barely mentioned Clooney. Would he be known for being selfish though?

  28. Tipsy says

    Missing: Clooney
    Costar: Bullock

    P.s. Ace: I look forward to Oscar season more for the juicy blinds that pop up then the awards themselves. :)

  29. KiraPi says

    I’m gonna say it was George Clooney. I was wondering where he was. Still avoiding women his age I guess.

  30. Drew12345 says

    George Clooney? Sandra bullock was nominated for Gravity. The Director was as well (and won). The Director even thanked George in his acceptance speech. Isn’t he good friends with Sandra? I thought it was odd he was missing.

  31. JeanRalphio says

    Missing Actor: George Clooney
    Costar: Sandra Bullock

    I found it very odd that Clooney was MIA