Arm Candy Cried

gown 1[Blind Gossip] Somehow she got this idea planted in her head that she was going to be this Actor’s date to the Oscars. So, approximately a month ago, she told all of her friends that she was going, and planned out her dress and hair and makeup.

Who did he take as his date? Not her!

She cried (not in front of him, but to her girlfriends) when she found out. While she did show up at the same parties, good luck finding a photo of them together as a couple. Yes, he can be kind of distant that way. And it seems that the more distant he is, the more she goes running after him!

When are his girlfriends going to learn? They are all interchangeable and replaceable arm candy.



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  1. melly123 says

    Toni Garrn and Leo DiCaprio. She went to the Vanity Fair party, but no pics of them together.

  2. CatBallou says

    Toni Garrn

    Leo DiCaprio

    think he took his mom but they met up at the vanity fair party

  3. ladyk707 says

    She: Toni Garrn

    Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Clue: “idea planted in her head”= plot of Leo’s film Inception

  4. sssss says

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn. They were both at the Vanity Fair party, but no pictures of them together. He took his mom as his date. Poor thing!

  5. Bromance1979 says

    Definitely Leo. He took his mum. His girlfriend is Toni Garrn and she was at after parties.

  6. sashas says

    She: Toni Garrn

    Actor: Leo Dicaprio (brought his mom)

    She met him at the Vanity Fair Party

    Models have feelings too Leo! hahaha

  7. blackmahn says

    Um, that would be Toni Garrn and Leonardo DiCaprio. He took his mom to the Oscars and though Toni joined him at the Vanity Fair gala, nary a photo of the two can be found.

  8. danneka says

    either bradley cooper’s date or leo dicaprio who take their mom’s. duh…. but seriously do any of these women think they are straight? or going to be different?! nah uh….

  9. whowassheilahgraham says

    Toni Garrn and Leonardo Dicaprio
    She showed up at the Vanity Fair party, but there are no pictures of them together. Good for him for taking his mom.

  10. lisako says

    Margot Robbie & Leo?? She recently dyed her hair dark like the picture, but I’m not picking up on any other clues.

  11. ravenglass says

    She: Toni Garrn

    Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

    Damn, Leo, even Bradley Cooper brought his beard to the Oscars.

    Leo, will never treat his “girlfriends” as well as he treats his mom & Lukas Haas.

  12. sabrina325 says

    Michael Fassbender & Madalina Ghenea?

    First guess was Leo, but we did see him photographed with his girlfriend

  13. sugarbread says

    toni garm
    leo decaprio

    only Giselle was smart enough to run FAR FAR AWAY AND SMH AND HIS SH*T.

  14. Melunique says

    Toni Garrn
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Toni showed up at the Vanity Fair party alone, but she and Leo were recently vacationing together.

  15. timesink says

    I’m thinking Leo since he went with his mother. I think her name is Toni Garns-they went to the VF party, but didn’t pose together. I would dump him in a hot second. He’s not that good looking and doesn’t seem to have much of a moral compass.

  16. ellem says

    She: Toni Garrn
    Actor: Leo DiCaprio

    Pink is the signature color of Victoria’s Secret and Tony Garrn is another VS model that has been linked to Leo. She arrived at the Vanity Fair party alone and there are no photos of her and Leo together. Poor girls, they’ll never learn! Unless of course Toni is using him to increase her own fame/modeling gigs while getting a little nookie on the side, then get it girl.

  17. candymandie says

    Leonardo Dicapro and Miranda Kerr.

    (also maybe Jared Leto and Taylor Swift or Miley)

  18. leesa30 says

    Leo DiCaprio and his new VS toy for the month. I read he attended the Oscars with his mom and meet up with the model at a party.

  19. hiiiadrienne says

    toni garrn who was upset because leo didnt take her (which she shouldve expected because, come on its leo)

  20. slimfast10 says

    get used to it Toni, if you haven’t noticed Leo is a tough fish to reel in.. You won’t be the last…
    Toni Garrn
    Leo D

  21. sourpatch575 says

    LEO AND TONI GARNN LMFAOOO! These girls kill me, no one will be as important to Leo as his mother!

  22. Suz_B says

    In case they are still “a thing” (hard to keep up…):

    She: Toni Garrn
    Actor: Leo (who went with his mom)

  23. justjinx says

    Well has to be Leo and his latest model gf Toni Garrn. He always takes his Mom, doesn’t she know that? Maybe his Mom is a bad luck charm. haha

  24. modelle18 says

    Toni Garrn and Leo DiCaprio

    Ladies – no one will replace his only female life long companion – his mother!

  25. babysalma122 says

    leo dicaprio and toni garrn ; gotta admit i feel bad for her , she looks in love with him and she is turning down jobs to spend time with him

  26. Bally Ballard says

    Leonardo DiCaprio?

    I saw a photo of his girlfriend, Toni Garrn, at a party, and she looked sad.

  27. minx says

    Of course Leo and Toni Garm. All his girlfriends are interchangeable –tall slender blondes.

  28. NotNow says

    Lol at all the rumors people make up. Leo has said before that he feels an Actor/Actress should keep their private lives as private as possible because the Public begins seeing the Actor and not the Character they are playing if they are constantly open with the public about their lives. Doesn’t make him an a$$hole or gay. He’s constantly banging female models but someone says gay? Lmao stop. He’s living the life and the women he gets involved with know better. He’s someone fun to have a fling with. Sorry not everyone wants to be saddled down with babies and marriage. Believe it or not people like us exist.

    • ravenglass says

      I don’t believe all unmarried/childless people are gay. But I do think MOST actors, singers, rappers, athletes, reality stars & hosts of American Idol are gay.

      • ravenglass says

        Well, maybe not most, but based on the amount of blinds about closeted celebs, I’d say a lot.

  29. Lefemmenikita says

    Leo + his interchangeable girlfriend, Toni Garnn. According to Just Jarad: “While they did not pose for photos together, the 39-year-old actor was also joined at the event by his girlfriend Toni Garrn.”