A Slippery Slope Fake Vacation

slippery when wetSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] Just a few years ago, this multi-hyphenate actor was one of the hottest stars in the world.

He worked a lot through 2012, but very little in 2013. Why the slow down? Because drugs kept tripping him up last year! He’s a mild-mannered guy in real life, but he absolutely rages on coke and gets out of control and destructive (and self-destructive) very quickly. And he does a lot of coke. He has been to rehab before to take care of the problem.

In fact, want to know where he is now?

In rehab.

Yes, again.

In an ironic twist, he recently talked about his sobriety in a rather awkward interview (during a promotional tour for his latest film). You would have gotten the impression from that interview that he is sober right now. He’s definitely not. Same issue. Coke, coke, coke. Add*ction is a slippery slope, my friends, and he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety.

However, his team does not want you to know this! So they kept him on his promotional tour and then shipped him off to rehab when he was done. They are pretending that he is on a slippery slope vacation in a place near the rehab facility (just in case they need an occasional photo op to keep the ruse going). Why won’t they admit to rehab? One word: insurance! His repeated relapses in such a short time frame make him practically uninsurable at this point.

BONUS CLUE! You will definitely see him at The Oscars on Sunday.

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zac efron 4SOLVED!

It’s Zac Efron! Source: BlindGossip.com

Zac Efron went to rehab again this year. He was at Cirque Lodge in Utah for the month of February, and was released just before the Oscars on March 3.

It was a secret. His team definitely did not want you to know about this rehab stint. There have been too many rehab stays and suspicious accidents over the past few years, and they didn’t want you to know that he had slipped again and was back to his old, destructive habits. Who wants to hire and insure a young actor with chronic addiction problems?

The timing of this rehab stay was very carefully planned. He promoted his latest project (That Awkward Moment) in January; had some pics taken of him at a ski lodge in Utah to distribute during February as a cover story; checked into Cirque Lodge for inpatient treatment; and then literally was released just a day or two before the Oscars.

He was clean at The Oscars on March 3, but started using again almost immediately thereafter.

Zac Efron really believes that he can drink in moderation after rehab, and that it won’t lead to using drugs. He is always wrong. He starts drinking alcohol, his inhibitions slip away, and before he knows it, he’s diving head-first into the powder again. C*caine is his drug of choice, but if there is no coke around, he will dabble with other drugs. Anything for a high.

That brings us to now. Just three short weeks after rehab, Zac got into trouble again. From TMZ:

Zac Efron mysteriously ended up in a bad area of downtown L.A. just after midnight Sunday … and ended up getting violently socked in the mouth by a sketchy transient … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We’re told cops were on patrol under the Harbor Freeway when they saw Zac and a man he identified as his bodyguard. Cops saw Zac and the other guy in a full-blown melee with at least 3 other people.

After breaking up the fight, cops questioned Zac. He told them they had run out of gas and were sitting in the car. Zac said while waiting for a tow truck they threw a bottle out the window — he never said what was in the bottle — and it smashed on the pavement near a group of transients.

Zac said the transients confronted him and the bodyguard because they believed the pair hurled the bottle at them. Zac says 2 of the transients attacked the bodyguard and when Zac got out of the car to help, he got cold cocked in the mouth. Zac said, “It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life.”

You’ll recall … Zac mysteriously broke his jaw in November, saying he slipped on a pool of water in his home. Zac was in rehab twice last year for cocaine abuse.

The area where this occurred is rough. Cops are on high alert for drug deals and gangs. One source says Zac was “obviously intoxicated.”

If you really believed the whole “accidentally slipped in a puddle in his foyer and broke his jaw” story, you probably also believe the “accidentally ran out of gas near Skid Row in the middle of the night” story.

Normally when we talk about young celebrities in trouble, we chastise the publicists and the managers and agents for failing to help their clients. We can’t do that in this case. We know that Zac Efron’s team is trying very hard to keep him sober and keep him employed. It’s not their fault that he continues to slip back into addiction five minutes after they get him cleaned up.

We hope Zac Efron goes back into treatment immediately, and we wish him well in his recovery.

Looster was first with the correct answer. Lots of you did a great job with all the clues! Some of the clues were “awkward interview” (That Awkward Moment), “slippery slope” (skiing), “slipped and fell hard” (broken jaw), and of course, the announcement that he was going to be presenting at The Oscars.

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      • cally2 says

        Multi-hyphenate doesn’t refer to name but doing multiple things, kind of like a “triple threat.” So a singer-actor would be a multi-hyphenate, for instance.

      • thelasthigh says

        multi-hyphenate refers to his job “singer-dancer-actor”. He is known for doing musicals as well as dramatic or comedic roles. I’ll say Zac Efron as well.

    • chloesavedlatin says

      yeah, likely him. he needs to get serious help – dont want to see him go the same way as whitney or amy

    • melly123 says

      Hints: awkward interview – He was just in the movie That Awkward Moment. He just confirmed he’s in Utah ‘skiing’

    • stanton says

      I am sober and have been since 1997. In order to stay sober one must be honest. He should come-out and be honest about slipping. Slipping is part of recovery!

      • TulipInBloom says

        I totally agree. I wish his friends or handlers would totally out him so he’s forced to get true help. Lying for him is so destructive. P.S. Congrats on your sobriety. :)

  1. everythingthatshines says

    Zac Efron- slipped and fell hard references his fall where he broke his jaw. also awkward interview points to his movie that awkward moment

  2. kcphilly says

    Zac Efron. Was in a bunch of films in 2012, only one last year. Clue “awkward interview” the film he was promoting was That Awkward Moment.

    • kcphilly says

      Saw the bonus clue on Twitter that the actor will be seen at the Oscars, Zac is listed as a presenter.

  3. Nic81 says

    Zac Efron…Had one movie in 2013, but a few in 2012, and he was just promoting That Awkward Moment….Sad. Hope he gets help.

    • Mtlmeee says

      Another guess, is Zac Efron. He’s multi talented, singing, dancing, acting…He did an interview in January on the Today show talking about his drug past and the biggest hint is the sentence “…and he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety”…more like he slipped and fell hard enough and broke his jaw and it also pertains to the pic above “slippery when wet”.

      Another hint is his latest movie is “That Awkward Moment”, and the word “awkward is used above.

      Now, the only thing that really perplexes me is that a few hours ago, it was announced that he will present at the Oscars next week??? If this is Zac, is he going to get a day pass to do this just so he can continue to fool the public???

      • Lefemmenikita says

        Check out the bonus clue on Twitter: “BONUS CLUE! A Slippery Slope Fake Vacation: You will definitely see him at The Oscars on Sunday.”

        So yeah, all ‘signs’ point to Zac Efron

  4. jeannie says

    Zac Efron in Utah. Clue, “rather awkward interview” = That Awkward Moment, the movie he was recently promoting. I hope he finally gets sober.

  5. SuperNose says

    Actor: Zac Efron
    Number of movies. 2012, five. 2013, one.
    Confessed to going to rehab last year.
    “Slippery slope”:- Zac broke his jaw in a fall, slipping on some water, at his home last year.
    Currently on a promotional tour for a movie call ‘That Awkward Moment’

    • vagabonden says

      I don’t think it’s RDJ (you’re welcome) :)

      He hasn’t had a series of relapses recently, been sober for years, and if he relapsed I honestly think he’d actually still be able to get insured for projects or have someone vouch for him because he was able to come back bigger than ever. I think people would still believe in him. I would!

    • amy289 says

      I had the same reaction, but I don’t think its him. He only had one movie in 2012, and he was the highest paid actor in 2013.

  6. KWDragon says

    Zac Efron?

    The Slippery When Wet sign seems to point to his recent “slip in a puddle of water at his house,” that resulted in a broken jaw. Such a shame. I think he’s a pretty talented actor.

  7. PandoraWolf says

    My (unfortunate) first thought was Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, but that’s technically only one hyphen so not multi-hyphenate????

    • rosiedoes says

      I think, in this case at least, when they say “multi-hyphenate” they mean more along the lines of, “actor-designer-musician” or something like that, rather than the name.

      • PinkSlip says

        thanks Rosie….I was wondering what the heck everyone had missed when they all said Zac Efron :)))

      • PandoraWolf says

        Dammit! Well, he’s an actor-writer-(I think)producer (Don Juan).

        I was trying to nix him from the running based on punctuation. I guess that didn’t work. : (

    • Me Talk Pretty says

      I think multi hyphenate means multiple talents, so actor-dancer-singer or songwriter-musician-bellydancer.

      He fits because he is an actor-director-writer.

    • IAmSage says

      I could be wrong, but “multi-hypenate” doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s name…could also mean something like “actor-singer-songwriter-pianist” – etc.

  8. melismel35 says

    ace this is easy..zac efron. he went down hill, hollyweird aint no joke. the clue being he slipped on his sobriety, nope he slipped and broke his jaw while high as hell… and he was such a cutie. poor lil tink tink

  9. mxw3403 says

    This is Zac Efron because of the falling reference, when he hit his jaw.
    Ugh, come on Zac, pull it together

  10. EastCoaster says

    Is Zac Efron too obvious a guess? I read that he’s scheduled to present at this Sunday’s Academy Awards. I wonder if he’ll be in shape for it?

  11. highbrow says

    Actor: David Arquette?

    He just did an awkward Wendy Williams interview promoting his new movie The Happy Face Killer. He giggled the entire time and danced around the sobriety question if you listen closely to his answer. Dont know about the multi-hyphenate part tho…

  12. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Not sure…googling actors talking about sobriety comes up with a whole bunch…Colin Farrell, Robert Downey Jr., Bradley Cooper, Aaron Eckhart, Bruce Willis to name a few. The only one that slightly fits this blind is Tim McGraw as he is a multi-hyphenate (actor, singer) but he certainly isn’t one of the hottest stars in the world. I’m stumped.

  13. hellnoes says

    Zac Efron.

    Sippery > He slipped end of 2013 and broke his jaw.
    Movie promoted now > That Awkward Moment

    So sad. :( I really like him.

  14. Markray19 says

    Yeah, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The picture brings to mind his slipping and sliding in “Inception”. He did an interview with Howard Stern in October where he talked a bit about drug use.

  15. raslebol says

    i change my guess for Zac Effron because of all the references on “Slippery” and”slipped”.Effron slipped and broke his jaw last autumn

  16. catheca says

    Zac Effrom
    “he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety”
    Didn’t he slip & break his jaw?

  17. orangeblossom says

    Zac Efron? Slippery slope makes me think of his excuse for slipping on a puddle and breaking his jaw.

  18. rhonamac says

    I think this is Zac Efron, multi hyphenated as in actor, singer and dancer. Hints are the slippery when wet sign, didn’t he break his nose in a ” bathroom fall “? And ” he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety.”
    He has also been keeping a super low profile and hasn’t worked much lately.

  19. sssss says

    Zac Efron. He supposedly “slipped” and broke his jaw on a puddle at his house. Riiggghhhttt. He is an actor-singer-dancer. He had 5 movies in 2012 but only one in 2013. He was recently promoting his movie The Awkward truth when he talked about his sobriety (“rather awkward interview). Poor Zac! Hope he pulls it together!

  20. MikeInSanJose says

    I thought ‘multi-hyphenate’ meant the same as ‘triple threat’… Singer-Dancer-Actor…

    Not necessarily a hyphenated last name.

    Brings me to Zac Ephron… 5 projects in 2012, 1 project in 2013 (per IMdb.com)

  21. rosiedoes says

    Didn’t Ben Affleck just faceplant on skiis, pushing back the filming of the new Superbat movie?

    New pics of the family in LA, though, I thought?

  22. ginnynotjenny says

    Actor: Zac Efron.

    Hint: “slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety” His excuse for breaking his jaw was slipping.

  23. Talisker says

    Zac Efron – singer, actor, dancer. Hints at falling, tripping, breaking and slippery slope – his suspicious ‘fall’ at home leading to him breaking his jaw. Hope he is given the time and space to get well.

  24. chandler02 says

    Zac Efron. Since his repeat rehab trips have been made public, that explains why he would have talked about his sobriety in an interview, and That Awkward Moment is the project he has been promoting. The “slippery” clues are regarding his broken jaw, his rep said he “slipped”.

    • chandler02 says

      Oh, and with Efron the “multi-hyphenate” label would be for singing, acting, dancing from the disney movies (not writier/director/actor as it can sometimes be used).

  25. exit81 says

    Bradley Cooper? Has confessed to drugs/drinking in the past and recently wrapped the press tour for American Hustle.

    Or Samuel L. Jackson. Press tour for Robocop.

  26. LBC says

    Actor: Zac Efron

    Late last year he addmited went to rehab for coke issues while promoting his new movie (dont know the name)

    He is multi-hyphenate since he act, sing and dance ( at least in HSM)
    He also broke his jaw a while ago, and his people said it that he sllipery in a water mudd (hence the photo of the blind)

  27. tforce7878 says

    Zac Efron.

    Ski vacation in Utah.

    Slippery slope vacation-Utah and also alluding to his “fall” in the bathroom and he hit his tub and broke his jaw…hence the picture on the blind item.

  28. slimfast10 says

    with all due respect, I happen to LOVE David arquette, but I would never characterize him as one of the hottest stars in the world. Secondly he is definitely not in rehab right now as he was live with Howard on this mornings show and he admits that he is no longer sober. Kind of feel bad for him, as I really think he is a mellow,type of guy, but I don’t think this blind is about him. Nor do I think it’s about RDJ he had no films in 2012 and 1 in 2013 and several slated for 2014. I am thinking maybe Gerard Butler, several pics of him in NY recently where he almost looks like a homeless guy and he has been in rehab before for substance abuse issues.

  29. IAmSage says

    Actor: Zac Efron (multi-hypenate: actor-singer-dancer-TV-movies ). Clue: slipped and fell hard – Efron allegedly broke his jaw during nasty fall in 2013

    • IAmSage says

      Just read your hint on Twitter Ace … and Zac Efron is also a presenter at this Sunday’s Oscars.

  30. voodoojoe says

    The references to slipping, especially “he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety” made me think of Zac Efron since he supposedly broke his jaw when he slipped on some water outside of his house.

  31. UptightCitizensBrigade says

    Rob Lowe? Was a well-known cokehead, skiing recently ‘with his kids’, and his IMDB indicates he was recently stumping for a Kennedy film.

  32. CookieRaider says

    I think I got this one.
    Too many clues in this one make me think it’s him.
    First, the mention of awkward, his recent movie: The Awkward Moment.
    He went on a tour around the country doing promo stuff for it with his co stars.
    The mention of slipping, breaking, falling etc is a nod towards his recent story of a fall and a broken jaw.
    Slippery slope vacation: He mentioned on his twitter that he was in Utah skiing.
    He is also a multihyphenate actor and was the shit back then when HSM came out: singing, dancing, acting; and now doing directing etc.(that’s what i get when you say multihyphenate by the way)
    There was also a mention of an interview where the guy interviewing sort of caught him out when he asked him whether he was ok after the rehab period.
    P.S message to Zac if it is him, stop hanging out with those losers and go back to being friends with the people who were there with you from the beginning.

  33. p00dle says

    Zac Efron, was recently promoting his flop movie ‘That Awkward Moment'(awkward interview). Also ‘slipped’ and broke his jaw (slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety). He completed a rehab stint last year for cocaine and he is a multi-hyphenate star; actor-singer-dancer

  34. luckysiu says

    Is this Zac Efron?

    clues being:
    awkward interview (during a promotional tour for his latest film)= new movie That Awkward Moment. Also, here’s reference to his “awkward” interrview: http://www.celebdirtylaundry.com/2014/zac-efron-rehab-drugs-today-show-interview-savannah-guthrie-that-awkward-moment-movie-0121/

    Just a few years ago, this multi-hyphenate actor was one of the hottest stars in the world = singing and acting from High School Musical and Hairspray

  35. canuck33 says

    first time poster, long time fan!

    I’m going with Zac Efron. “awkward” interview = that awkward moment

  36. BlindGossiper says

    Zac Efron
    His first major role was in High School Musical, singing and dancing (I.e. “multi-hyphenate”)
    “…he slipped and fell hard enough to break his sobriety” Zac slipped and broke his jaw several months ago.

  37. amy289 says

    Zac Efron? He had five movies in 2012, and only one in 2013. He also has a film out recently to promote (That Awkward Moment.) He also went to rehab last year because of his cocaine problems too. He was also super famous during his High School Musical period too.

  38. starryhayz says

    Zac Efron. He went to rehab prior to this and his PR team used an excuse about breaking his jaw due to slipping in a puddle.

    Clues: ‘Slippery’ slope, ‘slippery’ when wet, slippery, ‘slipped and fell hard enough to break’, etc.

  39. valleygirl says

    Zac Efron

    Movie: That Awkward Moment
    Will be presenting at Oscards
    Slippery – slip and broke his jaw

  40. LeahLynn28 says

    Zac Efron?He’s a multi-hyphenate actor,broke his jaw by “slipping” in the water and went to rehab last year.
    But whoever he is,that’s sad…

  41. Bamadex says

    I’ll go with the majority: Zac. Too bad. I never thought much about him but I did enjoy that bizarre movie–Paperboy?–with Nicole Kidman.

    I was just thinking that it’s no wonder he’s working less. A broken jaw would certainly hamper his primary method of auditioning.

    • jeb1410 says

      He is a “multi-hyphenate” because he is actor/producer. He’s recently been photographed at a luxury ski resort in France with Toni (surprising photo op because he isn’t usually photographed). He made 3 movies in 2012 and has done a lot of interviews about how busy he was, and that he took pretty much all of 2013 off to rest and has only been doing press. He did a Wolf of Wall Street interview just a few days ago on CBS Good Morning with Gayle King where she asked him how he knew how to act during the quaaludes scene, since he claims he has never been on drugs. Bonus hint on twitter was that he will definitely be at the Oscars – we all know that he will since he is nominated in two categories!

  42. butterflycatcher says

    hm idk. i’m going to say joseph gordon-levitt, though efron is the popular guess. no matter who it is, sad.

  43. nightlark14 says

    I’m very sad to say this but I really think it’s Zac Efron. But I believe in the guy. He’ll pull through.