Their Evil Plan – Part 1

conspiracy[Blind Gossip] This blind item is an fascinating one because it involves several actors from a popular television show… and shows how their nice on-screen images have little in common with their evil off-screen behavior!

This popular network show has been on the air for a few years. Although cast members have come and gone, two of the original cast members – Actor 1 and Actress 1 – are still on the show and are probably the most well-known. They both play nice, earnest on-screen characters.

Well, their longevity and popularity has apparently gone to their heads… as they are now plotting to get one of the other cast members kicked off the show! Their target? Actor 2, a good-looking and talented cast member who has been a very popular addition to the show. Maybe a little too popular, because Actor 1 and Actress 2 both hate him and want him gone!

Now, Actor 1 and Actress 1 know that they can’t just go to the producers and demand that Actor 2 be fired. So, they are being sneaky about it. They have been going directly to the producers, pitching story lines that they think would benefit the show next season… and every one of those story lines just happens to call for the elimination of Actor 2. “It’s for the good of the show!” they keep insisting. Right.

TV Show:

Actress 1:

Actor 1:

Actor 2:

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