Their Evil Plan – Part 1

conspiracy[Blind Gossip] This blind item is an fascinating one because it involves several actors from a popular television show… and shows how their nice on-screen images have little in common with their evil off-screen behavior!

This popular network show has been on the air for a few years. Although cast members have come and gone, two of the original cast members – Actor 1 and Actress 1 – are still on the show and are probably the most well-known. They both play nice, earnest on-screen characters.

Well, their longevity and popularity has apparently gone to their heads… as they are now plotting to get one of the other cast members kicked off the show! Their target? Actor 2, a good-looking and talented cast member who has been a very popular addition to the show. Maybe a little too popular, because Actor 1 and Actress 2 both hate him and want him gone!

Now, Actor 1 and Actress 1 know that they can’t just go to the producers and demand that Actor 2 be fired. So, they are being sneaky about it. They have been going directly to the producers, pitching story lines that they think would benefit the show next season… and every one of those story lines just happens to call for the elimination of Actor 2. “It’s for the good of the show!” they keep insisting. Right.

TV Show:

Actress 1:

Actor 1:

Actor 2:

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63 comments to Their Evil Plan – Part 1

  • Brittttt

    Lea Michele
    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss

  • melly123

    My first thought was Lea Michele and Chris Colfer trying to get ride of Darren Criss, but you’d think they would’ve tried this 2 seasons ago

  • stanton

    2) JORGA FOX

  • sugarbread

    ellen pompeo
    Patrick Dempsey
    Jessie Williams
    greys anatomy

  • HermioneG

    PLEASE tell me this is Lea Michele and Chris Colfer trying to get rid of Darren Criss. And if it is indeed about them, please dear Universe, make it happen.

    TV Show: Glee

    Actress 1: Lea Michele

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer

    Actor 2: Darren Criss

  • Kerzep

    Complete wild guess here:

    Two and a Half Men
    John Cryer
    Holland Taylor

    Ashton Kutcher

  • malkatz

    I want to say Glee, but I don’t know anything about the cast, and it is hardly a popular show anymore.

  • goldieb

    Mariska and Ice-T to be rid of Raul Esparza.

  • mlswift

    TV show: Glee
    Actress: Lea Michele
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

  • curlyandclever

    New Girl: Zoey Deschenal and Jake Johnson as Actor and Actress 1 & 2 and Actor #2 Damon Wayans Jr

  • mariaj

    The word “other cast” makes me think of Glee, cause it’s Glee that has two locations, Ohio and New York.I can picture L. Michele doing this this, while i don’t (want to, maybe) know who the actor is.THe good looking guy they want to be fired is D Criss? Anyway, Glee just needs to end, the last seasons have been awful.Though, i can’t say i have seen them all, not really.

  • gossiphoundxx

    Well I guess maybe it could be this:

    TV: Glee

    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    Actor 1:Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

    Although I don’t know what the point of that would be since Colfer has zero storyline without Criss and next season is the last season of the show anyway so who cares?

    • SpencerV33

      yeah my thoughts exactly

    • HoneyBear

      Actually Chris won a Golden Globe before Darren was on and also got 2 emmy noms. I imagine they could write him plenty of stories without Darren. On the other hand, Blam and Blintina don’t seem to have done very well, so I would say Darren is the one who needs Chris/Klaine, not the other way around.

  • hotmomma123

    Grey’s Anatomy

  • slimfast10

    TV show Two and a half men
    actress 1 Conchatta Ferrell
    actor 1 Jon cryer
    Actor 2 Ashton Kutcher

  • mariaj

    Actress 1 could also be Naya Rivera, that is another one that i can picture doing that.

  • Me Talk Pretty

    As usual, I have no clue. I will take a stab anyway.

    Actress 1: Ellen Pompei (nice, earnest girl Meredith Grey)
    Actor 1:Patick Dempsey (nice, earnest Derek Shepard)
    Actor 2: Jessie Williams (Hot Dr. Avery, probably the most popular of the recent additions)

    • Katmandu

      Maybe some years ago. But Greys is chugging along nicely, slowing down as it nears the station. I can’t imagine Ellen P. and Patrick D. bringing the drama and trying to oust Avery at this point in time! What would be the point?

  • tamagotchi

    “Evil” makes me think of Once Upon a Time.
    Maybe Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin?
    Getting rid of Captain Hook?

  • Lindasu

    i want to say CSI, with

    Jorja Fox (blind didn’t say she had to be consecutive on the show)

    George Eads

    Actor 2: Ted Danson

  • lisako

    For some reason, I really feel like this is Lea Michele & Chris Colfer plotting against Darren Criss. None of the clues allude to them, but it was my instant go-to. Curious what other readers guess!

  • Caedryn

    Tv show: Glee
    Actress 1: Lea Michelle
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

    And I would applaud them if they managed it…

  • Katie

    Lea Michele
    Chris Colfer
    Darren Criss

  • lillyanne

    Show: glee
    Actress: Lea Michele
    Actors: Chris Colfer and chord overstreet

    I’m going with it’s not Darren Criss simply because there would have been a “multi hypha” clue in there.

    I’ve heard from people that Chris Colfer can be very self absorbed, so I’m gonna put the blame on him.

  • jesais

    have a little idea but hoping I’m wrong, waiting to the part 2 before sharing my thoughts

  • bg565

    Don’t say McDreamy and Grey are plotting to get someone (haven’t watched in years-have no clue who) kicked off!

  • mrswishywashy

    Show: Glee
    Actress: Lea Michelle
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

  • PoniTayl

    TV Show: The Biggest Loser

    Actress 1: Jillian Michaels

    Actor 1: Bob Harper

    Actor 2: Dolvett Quince

  • papapa87

    I know a lot of people would think this is about glee and I can see *why* but it doesn’t really make sense? Glee will be done in a year and both Colfer and Michele (who could be Actor 1 and Actress 1) have other projects they are famous for.
    If you’d have to describe Rachel Berry, I don’t really think the adjective ‘nice’ would be one of the first listed.

    I’m coming up blank, but I think a clue would be in the image? Maybe the tv show is a crime/mystery/drama?

  • misslibrarianlady

    Well, this strikes me as Glee.

    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

    However with Jane Lynch on the show, I would say that she is the most well-known cast member of the show. If we’re talking “young people” on the show, then it would be Lea and Chris.

    I do wonder, though, about “They both play nice, earnest on-screen characters.” Chris and Lea’s characters both have obnoxious and nasty moments. Lea’s character once sent a girl to a crackhouse instead of an audition, which caused the girl to change schools to join a rival glee club.

    Can’t wait to see Part 2 on this one for more clues!

  • brooklyngirl

    TV Show: Glee

    Actress 1: Lea Michele

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer

    Actor 2: Darren Criss

  • kingharolds

    TV Show: Glee

    Actress 1: Lea Michele

    Actor 1: Chris Colfer

    Actor 2: Darren Criss

  • tallzeez

    Judging by the wording I’m going to assume a crime drama or procedural. One of the CSI’s or Criminal Minds maybe?

    Or maybe Scandal? It would be a twist if President Fitz and Olivia Pope are planning on getting rid of Scott Foaleys character

  • sundaegirl93

    Show: Glee
    Actress: Lea Michele
    Actor: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

    Random guess but first thing that came to mind

  • WILDKATer216

    TV Show: Glee
    Actress 1: Lea Michele
    Actor 1: Chris Colder
    Actor 2: Darren Criss

  • lizdb

    TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
    Actress 1: Ellen Pompeo
    Actor 2: Patrick Dempsey (think he’d be above this kind of behaviour though)
    Actor 2: The guy that plays Dr Hunt

    Hey – Is this what happened to McSteamey too??

  • jesslulu

    TV Show: Glee
    Actress 1: Lea Michelle
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Chriss

  • woodwn

    I’m thinking Glee but will wait to post in the 2nd clue.

  • Maria

    Actress : Lea Michelle since she’s a * and fake like Judas
    Actor 1 : Chris Colfer talented but think he’s better than everybody now that he writes, has a perfect boyfriend and their baby cat
    Actor 2 : Darren Criss, he had his moment but now he’s annoying, playing the great guy raising alone, singing in the streets when his family is loaded.

    Plus OMG please yes just to never see again the ugly face, attention * girlfriend Mia Swier who followed Darren everywhere even at work, stalking crazy girl friend.

  • Fan

    The VERY annoying and obnoxious Lea Michelle
    Chris Colfer
    Cutey pie Darren Criss

    Didn’t Darren and Chris have a thing going on, and it didn’t end well? Hell hath no fury on a woman scorned.

    • bwo

      Did you seriously just refer to Chris Colfer as a woman? Wow. And in the blind you are referring to, it says that neither wanted it to be a relationship, which means neither of them are “scorned”.

    • HoneyBear

      Cutie pie Darren? Give me Chris Colfer any day!!!

  • krosechi

    Actress: Lea Michele
    Actor 1: Chris Colfer
    Actor 2: Darren Criss ….
    It’s glee, well I have my doubts but the picture makes me think it’s gLee. OMG!!Who knew!

  • LeahLynn28

    Whoever they are,that’s lame,futile and mean.
    If this blind is really talking about Glee,i heard it was in the last season…so why plan these things if the serie is going to be cancelled anyway?That’s stupid.And from the three,i only heard of Lea(because of Cory’s death and their fake relationship),the rest i don’t even know.I don’t even watch Glee…

  • GrayerThanDorian

    Actor 1: Josh Dallas
    Actress 1: Ginnifer Goodwin
    Actor 2: Michael Raymond-James

  • kara686

    Is Grey’s Anatomy still on?
    I’m going with Glee!

  • chickennuggets

    TV Show: once upon a time

    Actress 1: ginnifer goodwin

    Actor 1: josh dallas

    Actor 2: colin o’donoghue

  • Ladieu

    Oh for the hell of it, even though it’s Prolly Glee

    Actor 1. Mark Harmon
    Actress 1. Pauley Perette
    Actor 2. Michael Weatherly