Actor Was Definitely Not Her First

virginity 1[Blind Gossip] We had to laugh about the reports of this pop star losing her virginity to an actor. Her first was a young former pop star. Her second was an older singer. The actor may or may not have been a very distant third.

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94 comments to Actor Was Definitely Not Her First

  • bumblebea63

    Taylor Swift!
    Pop star #1 – Joe Jonas
    Older Singer – John Mayer
    Actor – Jake G

  • CanaryCry

    Miley Cyrus.

  • ticktorboom

    You have to be talking about Taylor Swift and when it says she lost it to Jake G, but wasn’t there a post a few months ago about her being a virgin? Anyways..
    Singer: TSwift
    Actor: Jake G
    Younger Singer: Joe Jonas
    Older Singer: John Mayer

  • minx

    I’m going with Demi Lovato, and Trace Cyrus, Joe Jonas and Wilmer V.

    • KatarinaJ

      I agree. There are WAY too many blind items about Jake-Taylor being a PR relationship and him being gay.

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Pop Star – Taylor Swift
    1st – one of the Jonas brothers (the one who isn’t gay or a drug addict – don’t know his name – Joe?)
    2nd – John Mayer
    3rd – Jake Gyllenhall

    Not too shabby. WTG Taylor!

    • mostlylurker

      well i dont know. John mayer is a d-bag and would do anything that moves. The jonas’ are scum and JG is likely gay (but otherwise apprently ok). So i dont know if “way to go” really is appropriate. Maybe “use protection”?

      • Lindasu

        Wasn’t there a blind several months ago about D-bag Mayer allegedly getting her preggers, and then there was the secret abortion?

    • PrettyInPink84

      Joe is the drug addict lol. Nick is the only cute one and seems pretty down to Earth and cool. Joe famously dumped Taylor via text for another girl which started her whole I’ll get even by writing a song about you thing. Very immature BTW. She needs to grow the hell up a little.

  • jmk

    Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderama?

  • francis

    Tyler Swift.

    1st. Joe Jonas
    2nd. John Mayer
    3rd. Jake G.

  • kspeedian

    Its Taylor Swift!
    1st) Joe Jonas
    2nd) John Mayer
    3rd) Jake Gyllenhaal (the actor people thought was her first)

    If this is true, its still pretty impressive… This would mean she lost it in her late teens (18 or 19) and most nowadays lose it when they’re freshman or sophomores in hs (15 or 16)… So good for her…

    What I don’t get is how she got an entire album out of a two month relationship (Jake g)? They only got papped ONCE.. THATS how short it was lol… It was cute on her first album when we knew nothing about the seriousness of the relationships, but now that we all know she’s writing tons of songs about someone she was w for six weeks, or had a one or two night stand (mayer).. It just comes off as pathetic and a bit stalkerish if I’m honest lol.

    I think Joe was her last boyfriend that could even be considered a bf (as they dates for more than 2 months… And not much more….) I think she’s a secret crazy bitch. Have always gotten that vibe from her lol, anyone agree?

    • kspeedian

      *as they DATED.

      N BTW, I just mean that I don’t think she’s really as sweet as shed like us to think. n also that she was able to get away w making these relationships sound so epic when they were HS boys n we didn’t know how long she had dated them… But now the LONG relationship most of the album is about (JAKE G) is a guy she dated a few months, and we all know it wasnt as serious as the songs suggest lol… just wanted to clarify what I meant.

  • MzDBDB

    Taylor Swift?

  • nestea

    Taylor Swift. The actor being Jake Gyllenhaal. I guess she lost her V-card to Joe Jonas, and John Mayer would fit as the older singer.

  • ravenglass

    Miley claiming Liam was her first.

    Nick Jonas was probably the first.

    The older singer, Bret Michaels, after her mom was through with him!!! lol

  • randijane

    Pop Star: Taylor Swift
    Former pop star (her first): Joe Jonas (purity ring hint in the picture)
    Older singer: John Mayer
    Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

  • hater180

    Taylor Swift!

  • rosiemh

    Popstar: Taylor Swift
    Her first: Joe Jonas
    Her second: John Mayer
    Her (maybe) third: Jake Gyllenhaal

    The purity ring in the pic screams Jonas Brothers to me.

  • rorythedragon


  • gizmondo

    Miley and Liam Hemsworth

  • luv2guess

    taylor swift and joe jonas and john mayer sry jakie

  • TheFreudianSlip

    Taylor Swift. My guess? First- Joe Jonas. Second- John Mayer.

  • travoltasbeard

    1. Jonas
    2. Mayer
    3. Jake gyllynhaal


  • sabrina325

    Demi Lovato?

  • kenzy459

    Pop star: Taylor Swift
    1st: joe Jonas
    2nd: John Mayer
    3rd: jake gyllenhaal

  • Marz

    Taylor Swift. Wasn’t Joe Jonas her first? Isn’t Jake G. gay? lol

    • carriebradshaw

      “The actor may or may not have been a very distant third.”

      I think this leaves room for interpretation 😉

  • Fan

    At first I thought of Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato. But, believe it or not, if anyone remembers, Miley Cyrus used to preach about being a virgin and not having sex until she got married. Alot of people assumed her first was her then boyfriend/fiance, the actor.

  • CyndiTx123

    Taylor Swift???

  • Virgo826

    Her: Swifty
    1st: Joe Jonas
    2nd: John Mayer
    3rd: Taylor Lautner

  • funtworead

    Taylor Swift is the pop star.

    News that she lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhall
    Which I dn NOT understand since so many of blind items indicate he is gay!

    First Joe Jonas
    second John Mayer

  • carriebradshaw

    Taylor Swift,
    Actor- Jake Gyllenhall (was’nt she his beard?)
    Older Singer- John Mayer
    Former Popstar- Joe Jonas?

    There was a blind about MTV VMA where this was mentioned by Blanda, Joes dealergirlfriend.

    • MLBfan

      Yes! Blind was about idiot Blanda blathering away and trying to cozy up to the young A-listers (as they rolled their eyes into the next county). Good one!

  • cryan4289

    Actor: Jake Gyllenhall
    Pop star: Taylor Swift
    Her First: J. Jonas
    Older Singer: John Mayer

    this confuses me though because i thought joe came out and said he lost his virginity at 20 to ashley greene?

  • travoltasbeard

    Oops….this is Taylor Swift!

    I totally feel like judging her life! Just kidding.

  • Sophie Claire

    pop star: Taylor swift -_-

    first: joe Jonas?

    second: John Mayer

    actor: jake gyllenhall

  • bananas

    Swiftly and
    1. The Jonas
    2. Mayer
    3. Gyllenhaal

  • MaryQuiteContrary


  • Vaassh

    pop star- Taylor Swift
    actor- Jake Gyllenhaal
    her first- joe jonas
    older singer- john mayer

  • sportsmomof3

    Taylor Swift

  • ms40237

    Oh, so Ms. Swift is not as slow as we thought?

  • reverie

    Taylor Swift.

    former pop star: joe jonas
    older singer: john mayer
    actor: jake gyllenhaal

  • goggles

    This seems like Taylor Swift, with the young pop star as Joe Jonas, the older singer as John Mayer and the actor as Jake Gyllenhall (sp?).

  • allytcat

    Pop star: Miley Cyrus

    Distant third actor: Liam Hemsworth

    Former pop star: One of the Jonas brothers

  • KWDragon

    Miley? With the culprits being:

    Actor: Liam Hemsworth (but not really her first)

    First: Nick Jonas (with the purity ring as a nod to the Jonas “values”)

    Second: You don’t suppose Joe Jonas? I would think it was someone quite a bit older.

  • PC1

    Young Former Pop Star: Joe Jonas
    Older Singer: John Mayer
    Actor Jake Gyllenhaal

  • happymeg

    Pop star: Miley Cyrus
    Former pop star: Nick Jonas
    Older Singer: Justin Gaston??
    Actor: Liam Hemsworth

    My first post!!!!!

  • ohsogrey

    Taylor Swift.

    Her first: JoBro
    Older Singer: John Mayer
    Distant Third: Jack Gyllenhall

  • mamacita3

    Taylor Swift
    Young Former Pop Star: the one Jonas Brother she dated
    Older Singer: John Mayer
    Actor: Jake Gyllenhall

  • jshjen137

    Pop Star: Taylor Swift
    Young former star: Joe Jonas (ew)
    Older Singer: John Mayer
    Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

  • MLBfan

    Taylor Swift and 1)Joe Jonas 2) John Mayer 3) Jake Gyllenhall. #3 is laughable because women aren’t his primary interest. Thus “May or May not.” Hints “may”-er, purity ring.

  • mxw3403

    I believe this is Demi since she was just on Chelsea Lately, talking about how Joe didn’t “pop her” but we all believe that’s a lie. Wilmer is the actor however I’m not sure who the older singer is.

  • ccattwood

    singer: mandy moore
    young pop singer – someone from N Sync
    older singer ?
    actor claiming he was her first – sleazeball Wilmer Valderrama

  • Virgo826

    ummm, that was supposed to be Jake G not Taylor Lautner, total brain fart when I was going through the list of actors that she’s ‘dated’ that probably don’t sleep with girls anyway….

  • jersey6332

    it’s taylor for sure. her and selena are my favorite celebrities. I was on google today and typed in taylor swift. the first few reports were talking about how she lost her virginity to jake. BUT we all know from a post a while ago that blanda said that taylor actually lost it to joe. Then she was in a physical relationship with john then finally, possibly jake

  • slantrhyme

    Not Taylor Swift, because that would mean she had sex with Jake G, who is gay.

    I think it’s Demi:

    Lost her virginity to Trace Cyrus,

    had sex with Joe “Purity” Jonas,

    And…gross…Wilmer. I really don’t want to think about that.

  • LuseLips

    I think maybe Jake G’s camp paid for the virgin article, trying to convince us once again that he’s not gay.

  • seattlegirl

    Am I the only one who has a hard time picturing Taylor Swift and Mayer in bed together? (Not that we want to try that hard). There’s just something very weird about that pairing. Are we sure they actually had sex?

    • jacksonian

      I second that. I think Taylor seems like a nice girl. She seems like a nerd and looks really awkward to me when she tries to look sexual. Even her body movements on stage look unnatural.

  • Fergus

    Tay-Tay lost her second virginity to Creepy Mayer? I had heard that he gave her the back door to Hollywood treatment. I guess this confirms it. I guess you either love it or hate it. She obviously hated it.

  • mxw3403

    Oh oops just saw that there was a Taylor rumor so I guess this is about her. (Joe’s my fave and I still have a hard time picturing him having sex with a girl oops sorry not sorry)

  • CanaryCry

    Another Taylor Swift hatefest … wasn’t that phony Julia Roberts also hopping from man to man at that age? And please me the excuse of “She’s always writing the same songs!” – it’s not all Taylor’s fault that Madonna or whoever can’t get hits anymore.

    Jared Leto reportedly rejected Taylor recently. Maybe she’s better off, since he’s even harder to handle.

  • JaneDawson

    Swift. The ludicrous story “leaked” today Jake Gyllenhaal was her first partner. Lol. Yeah sure. Who leaks that 4 years later except someone desperate to prove they don’t beard.

    Jonas for the real v card owner, Mayer for the older man.

  • LeahLynn28

    Taylor Swift.
    Joe “fake purity” Jonas
    John Mayer
    Jake G.
    Hints are the purity ring(Joe had one),and the red lipstick(Taylor is always using one)…
    But Jake is gay…and that explains the “may or may not have been a very distant third”.

  • CousinDupree

    Yes, that’s Swift, but please don’t try to sell me on Jake G. being with ANY female.
    C’mon, this is no big secret!

  • sleepinthegardn

    im quite sure this is Miley Cyrus, since she was the one talking about those purity rings along with the j-bros

    young singer: Nick Jonas
    Older singer: That guy he dated after that appeared at a taylor swift video (love story)i think he was some kind of model but was working on music too
    actor: liam

    • Lisha

      I find it hard to believe it’s Taylor Swift, although I did think of her first. John Mayer is notoriously indiscreet when it comes to his relationships, so why did he barely mention Taylor if they did indeed have sex? Also isn’t Jake Gyllenhaal gay? I’m gonna go with Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Liam Hemsworth. I have no idea who the older singer might be.

  • brushwud

    Taylor Swift, the story “was leaked today”!

  • AJ

    This is so obviously Taylor Swift, in response to all the gossip and rumor sites talking about her and Jake today.

  • hd5178

    It’s not Taylor…she’s gay and a Virgin.

    My guess is Demi or Miley.

    Or Jakes people have paid for this.

  • Bamadex

    Joe Jonas has said he never slept with her, perhaps one of the few honest comments he’s ever made about his sexuality.

    If the purity ring is a clue, she must have slept with Nick.

  • up2trouble

    Did anyone else notice the chapped lips? Anyhoo, all I know is that a Jonas Bro is involved. The purity ring gives that away. They used to wear one.

  • annabelle77

    Definitely Taylor Swift, and Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and then Jake Gyllenhall. And I completely agree that the timing of this new leak that she lost her virginity to Jake is incredibly suspicious. It makes perfect sense that it would be leaked by his team because there’s so much talk about Taylor being the best-known beard in the business. I doubt she and Jake ever slept together at all. Plus, the purity ring screams “Jonas brother”. She was genuinely angry and upset when he dumped her in that 2 minute phone call-perfectly understandable if he was the first guy she slept with and he was that callous with her.

  • Lisa

    Taylor Swift!
    Pop star #1 – Joe Jonas
    Older Singer – John Mayer
    Actor – Jake G

  • austen93

    Judging by all the news stories today (I don’t get why it made the news because it’s private, a gossip site is more understandable) I think this is supposed to be Taylor Swift, with Joe Jonas as her first, then John Mayer second and Jake Gyllenhaal the third.

    However I don’t think she ever slept with Jake because I thought he was gay and that was a PR romance. Ted Casablanca said that she never actually slept with John Mayer and she just used that flirtation for publicity whilst John was annoyed they never even did it. Seriously, they are so opposite, I couldn’t picture it anyway. If Taylor was Priscilla Desert in Blind Vice (it was pretty obvious she was), then according to Ted C she was still a virgin (supposedly drunk friends let this slip) back at this time and hadn’t done it with Joe Jonas. This is at odds with what that Blanda girl said in a previous blind about Joe and Taylor. So I don’t know, but the only one out of those three I could believe is Joe.

  • Warrior1461

    I wonder what is the strategic reason for Taylor’s camp to release what is really PERSONAL info. I wonder if it is to downplay the “power beard” rumors and to play the victim card. I do think this and Harry Styles is what led her to being single for almost over a year now. Sure was not Jake’s people to downplay gay rumors.

    “good news, no one thinks you are gay now, but they now think you are a world class asshole”

    Face it her fame has put her in a spot where anyone she dates will be a medial circus and not many men even A listers want to deal with that. I do think she will finally find that right someone, it will be a few years from now and it will be someone who is NOT FAMOUS. Like Christina Augliera who is engaged to a PA from her movie Burlesque.

  • ishipbslarrystylinson

    Young former pop star: Joe Jonas
    Older singer: John Mayer
    Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

    The picture is of a purity ring Joe Jonas used to wear one then he and his brothers took them off(I believe Kevin did before he got married too)

  • ClosetOrganizer

    Pop Star: Taylor Swift

    Her First: Joe Jonas (revealed in the Blind Item Seven Hollywood Dwarves) (hint was the purity ring in the picture)

    Her Second: John Mayer (older musician who’s dated the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz)

    Her (Possible) Third: Jake Gyllenhaal (whom Taylor claims to be her first in recent interviews)