Valentine’s Day Is For Sharing

heart roses[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which celebrity couple – one is a reality star, one is not – plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day by asking a very close friend to join them in the bedroom?

He has a huge ego and loves the idea of being worshiped by two beautiful women. This is not the first time his lady has agreed to sharing him with another women. While she was pregnant she also turned a blind eye while he “enjoyed” himself!

Reality Star:

Ego Guy:


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  1. Jester says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Ego Guy: Kanye

    Friend: Blac Chyna (sp? and don’t care to even look it up)

  2. jedantony says

    I was going to suggest Yolanda and David Foster, with Brandi as the close friend. Saying that I don’t know how close they are and it doesn’t seem like David likes B a whole lot..

  3. lisako says

    Ugh. This has to be the worst couple of all time, Kanye & Kim. Clue being the roses in the picture, as she Instagrammed a picture of the 1,000 roses he sent her. Awful.

  4. KWDragon says

    I’m thinking this is Kim K and the delusional Kanye, but who is the third?

    Whoever it is: ick. Not with these two. Not with someone else’s parts. Just yuck.

    Between his ego and her @$$, there wouldn’t be any room!

  5. ThinkerBelle says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian
    Ego Guy: Kanye
    Friend: Blac Chyna? Kris Jenner?

    They are so gross.

    • mugofmead111 says

      Re: Friend: Kris Jenner?

      This reminds me about the blind about the two women who were related to each other (mother & daughter?) being involved in a threesome. Participating in a threesome with your own mother? Gross, gross, gross. I can’t imagine why anyone would go along with that (if one is not a pro. And no, I don’t consider the Kardashian clan *that* type of pros.)

  6. TheBreakfastClubber says

    Reality Star: Kim Kartrashian?
    Ego Guy: Kanye West?
    Friend: No clue.

    Just a thought. I thought Kim was Kanye’s beard. Oh well.

  7. ravenglass says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian

    Ego Guy: Kanye West

    Friend: A Mirror

    I can’t imagine him being with one woman let alone two.

  8. creeping_thistle says

    I wanted to say Kim and Kanye, but I backtracked immediately when I read they do it with other WOMEN…. I don’t think Riccardo would agree?! At a loss now.

  9. kspeedian says

    Clearly Kanye (big ego clue… Like his song.. And his personality) and Kim (ive always felt she likes the idea of being a power couple more than she actually likes him lol)… But I have no idea who the friend is… Maybe kims stripper friend blac chyna? Even though I think she has a bf… Ah, no clue!

  10. up2trouble says

    Reality Star: Kim Kardashian
    Ego Guy: Kayne West
    Friend: Does she have any real friends? If I have to take a guess, Tila Tequilla!

  11. val says

    Kim Kardashian, Kanye West… as for the friend, I believe you are wrong, Ace. They have no friends. 😀

  12. gymlife247 says

    The roses remind me of Kayne giving KK 1000 roses for Valentine’s day. So my guess would be
    Reality Star – Kim K
    Ego Guy – Kayne
    Friend – Blac Chyna or however she spells it

  13. swaggiest says

    kanye west and Kim kardashian. kanye got Kim a thousand roses for valentines day. he also sang ego with Beyonce. this friend could be anyone. I’m thinking its the Kim lookalike he’s been seen with but then again it could be anyone.

  14. aed1108 says

    I would say Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler but I feel like they don’t have any friends? BTW–long time reader but 1st time commenter!

  15. Ask Me, I'm Alice says

    Kimye. Kim is a reality star and kanye has done a song called “ego” with beyonce I’m pretty sure.

    Not sure about the friend,

  16. jonesy47 says

    Reality Star – Kim Kardashian
    Ego Guy – Kanye West
    Friend – Black China

    Kanye had a song called Big Ego/Ego, or something like that. And Black China is the only woman outside of her family that I ever see Kim K. with

  17. hihotintin says

    So many to choose from the huge ego but I’m going to go with ..

    Reality Star: Kourtney Kardashian
    Ego Guy: Scott Disick
    Friend: Joyce Bonelli?! Not sure on this there are so many

    Scott has a huge ego that he bought a title so he could be called Lord Disick, Kourtney always seems a bit cold toward him and prefers to sleep with the children than him so I could see her looking the other way, He likes to party and surround himself with the ladies

    Just my guess

    • KatarinaJ says

      I want to think this could be true as a mislead to the Kim-Kanye guesses but I think the clearly he is NOT a reality star reference rules Scott out. Isn’t he just as known for Keeping up as Kourtney is? I think in this vein he IS a reality star.

  18. LarryAndTheBeard says

    definitely Kim and Kanye!
    “big ego” refers to the song he did with Beyonce called “Ego.”
    I’m not sure about the friend. Kim K is the reality star, he is the ego guy.(she gave birth not too long ago so he probably slept with other people during it.)

  19. LeahLynn28 says

    Can’t be Kanye and Kim…he’s gay,remember?And has a boyfriend…
    And Kim is his beard.Although the clues fit with them,gay men don’t have sex with women,nor like them.They HAVE to be another couple.Kanye is on tour,traveling,and i don’t think he has/had time to plan this “celebration”…but i may be wrong,who knows,even being gay,Kanye is delusional and creepy enough to do crazy and nasty things.

  20. wendy hood says

    Kim and Kanye. Dollars to donuts, their entire relationship is based on sharing in that way, both ways. Heck, lets even throw animals in there. Id put major money on that.