1. travoltasbeard says

    First thought was Morrissey (hand in Glove) but alas, not an actor.

    Russel Brand seems to….fit.

    • Okayeah says

      Brand is more a comedian than an actor though, and reportedly hasn’t “partied” in over a decade.

  2. GrannyGoose says

    I’m guessing Russell Brand for this one. Though he is sober now, he did have a “wild period” (didn’t we all?). The blind alludes to a time in the past…

  3. syamslash says

    I was thinking its Rob Pattinson.

    He always messy before. Hair not washed for few days and stuff. and he’s definitely a party loving Brit.

    • senseandsarcasm says

      I doubt it’s him. That whole “hair not washed” stuff is from years ago. He has had short sharp hair for a while now.

  4. bananas says

    One of these:
    Johnny Rhys Meyers-technically Irish
    Gerard Butler-Scottish I think
    Could be Russel Brand before he was sober. He’s the most truly British I think but I think the other two are more likely to party themselves to tatters.

    • rosie21 says

      Great Britain is a union of the following countries England (Russel Brand), Wales (n/a), Scotland (Gerard Butler) and Northern Ireland (J R-M born in Eire). Therefore two of your three guesses are “true” Brits.

      • noodledoodlee says

        The UK is the union. Great Britain is the larger islands of the British Isles so does not include Northern Ireland.

  5. bluebell says

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the “party-loving Brit actor” and I’m guessing he didn’t mind the white glove treatment. This dude is wild!

    • Littlehorse says

      Absolutely! After a drunken, sleepy flight, he was observed being escorted by security to the examination area.

  6. Fergus says

    Now half of Hollywood will be flying to London dressed as a homeless person and with their pockets full of lube.

  7. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Russell Brand? Not sure about the partying since supposedly he’s on the wagon, but he always looks unkempt and dirty to me.

  8. Visha says

    Russell Brand maybe although he is more of a comedian. He was in that St Trinian movie. Daniel Radcliffe if not Russell

  9. LeahLynn28 says

    The first name that came in my mind was Hugh Grant…
    But can be Robert Pattinson,or Russell Brand…or any of them,or none of them,who knows.

  10. annabelle77 says

    Russell Brand or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Benedict Cumberbatch is too straight-laced and serious to qualify. These comments always make me laugh; I get sidetracked on my guesses.

  11. mireille says

    Fairly sure I remember Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) talking about getting a “proper hello” from police in an interview.

  12. lizt says

    Jeez, loads of people on here need a lesson on British/Irish nationality. “British” is not the same as English or Irish. It’s a generic label given to people from the UK, which at present is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland.The Republic of Ireland is a separate, independent country and its residents are most definitely not British. Therefore, this blind is not about Jonathan R-M or Colin Farrell who are both Irish, but could be about Gerard Butler who is British (Scottish)and that’s who my money is on !

  13. Schnikes says

    Steve Coogan with the clue being “party loving Brit”. Coogan starred in 24 Hour Party People.

  14. Her says

    I think this is Robert Pattinson. He recently moved back to his hometown of London after a year long session of partying in major LA bars and nightclubs. In the pics of him returning to London, he looks like he needs help being held up by security personnel. Probably because of the strip search.

    I don’t think it’s Russell Brand because he’s been sober for years.

    Can’t be Cumberbatch because he doesn’t seem like the party type nor does he ever look “unkempt” no matter how strange his face is.

    Yeah I’m going with Pattinson.

  15. Lisha says

    I immediately thought of Rhys Ifans or Robert Pattinson. Both of them always look so nasty, like they need a hot bath and a meal, in that order!