This Is Snow Way to Treat Your PA

snow shovel[Naughty But Nice Rob] Which TV Star on a VERY popular reality show that is based in NYC is so sick of the nasty weather that she had her assistant remove ALL the snow from her back yard?

“She is sick of the snow and doesn’t want to look out of her windows and see it anymore. She had her assistant remove ALL of it from her garden. Telling her that she couldn’t leave until all the white-stuff was gone. At one point she demanded that her assistant use a broom and brush it off all the trees and bushes,” a friend of the assistant tells Naughty But Nice Rob!

YIKES! Get a new job, love.

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  1. CatBallou says

    Well, sounds a bit like Sonja from RHoNY but Im not sure how popular the show is because I thought there were rumors of them cancelling it after this season.

  2. mugofmead111 says

    Whoever this PA is must have been very cold! Temperatures have rarely climbed above freezing for the past month and a half! P.S. NYC is due to get even *more* snow overnight!

    I suspect it’s one of those NYC housewives.

  3. shelaur22 says

    Whoever it is, can’t she afford to go to the Caribbean with the rest of the rich? I’m going to say Sonja Morgan from Real Housewives. She has many “assistants,” i.e., unpaid interns that she uses as household staff since she can’t afford the real thing.

  4. annabelle77 says

    Sonja Morgan. Could definitely see her doing something like this to cheer herself up; totally impractical and hilarious.

  5. What Had Happened Was ... says

    Renee Graziano from “Mob Wives”?

    She sounds just delusional and demanding enought to make such a request.

    • terry123 says

      wait – I think she’s back in L.A. Still sounds like the kind of thing she would do, if she was in NY

  6. LALOVER says

    Who says, ‘….,love’ at the end of phrases? That’s the major clue! Someone who calls people ‘love.’ I say ‘See you next Tuesday’ and never go back!

  7. annabelle77 says

    Layover, now that I read the blind again, I think you may be right. None of the NYC housewives calls anyone “Love”, so if its not Sonja, I’m stumped. The Countess might use it, because she loves to be as pretentious as possible, but she’s not really impractical enough to have an assistant clean tree branches of snow mid-winter… least, I don’t THINK she is. Then again, with these women, you never know.

  8. annabelle77 says

    Okay, I’m changing my guess to Nigella. I’ve always liked her, and she never struck me as being self -absorbed or impractical (and, let’s face it, to make a PA do this, you’ll have to be both), but the clues -“love”, “white stuff” ( cocaine) do fit.

  9. LuseLips says

    I don’t know who this is, but I would have gone out there with a lawn chair, a Hot Toddy, and a blow dryer.