Baby Pillow Surprise

baby surprised 5[Blind Gossip] Baby Pillow is finally here! And wait until you hear about the surprising development in the final weeks leading up to the birth of our little one!

We knew that the celebrity couple was running into trouble finding 1. a white baby 2. of the correct gender 3. that was going to be born in the right time frame 4. whose parents were willing to give up the baby for adoption during the third trimester. That’s four requirements, any one which would be challenging on its own!

Well, hold on to your baby bonnets, because here’s what happened: After weeks of chasing down pregnant women, the only baby they could find met just three out of the four requirements. The one requirement they “missed”? Race.

That’s right! The baby is not white. The baby is Mexican and Filipino. It was the only baby available.

This post is sponsored by Draft. Because we could all use a cold beer after this fiasco.

draft beer

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199 comments to Baby Pillow Surprise

  • michelex23

    Clearly Kevin and Danielle Jonas. Clues being everything and Draft (Dreft?!) beer LOL

  • HereKittyKitty

    Jonas baby! Love the Draft reference (just like their birth announcement was sponsored by Dreft). Very clever!

  • Mom2One

    I know I’m only one of thousands that had serious infertility issues–and frankly, I’m not easily offended, but this is bulls**t. Babies for ratings????? F**K YOU JONASES!

    • MaryRead

      No joke. Can we agree to gos-tracize these people and never mention their names again? They are beyond vile. I can just see them making up some crap when the baby’s race becomes apparent. I don’t put it beneath her to claim an affair or even fake a sexual assault to explain it.

      Ignoring them is the only way to make this Extreme Famewh*ring stop.

      • Elisa

        I can just see them making up some crap when the baby’s race becomes apparent.

        My guess is that Kevin or Danielle (or maybe both) will claim to have Cherokee heritage, and the baby’s appearance is the result of recessive genes. (Yes, I know the blind says that the baby is Mexican and Filipino, but it’s easier to claim to have some Native American blood from way, way back, isn’t it?)

      • moth

        The fact that they used a sponsor for their fake/real birth shows that they are totally in it for the money.

      • KimDealrules

        Or “He had weak swimmers” or “She had no good eggs”. They’ll definately try to mop this up or the show will be cancelled before it’s apparent.
        And to think I thought Joe was gay. :/

    • Booboo1068

      I couldn’t agree more! Between this and not getting the other addict brother help to protect an image they’re out of control. My first thought was this isn’t a car or a house it’s a CHILD for gods sake! An innocent child who is being given NO say in their future parents. Seriously, that
      poor baby would be better off with non famous, non wealthy parents who can provide a loving, STABLE, healthy environment. What the rich and famous get away with is disgusting at times. Then some have the nerve to complain about their life and hard they have it. Oh, please. I’m glad Canada does NOT have the same celebrity system (we do have one crazy alcohol/ crack addict for a mayor who is I located in two deaths of dealers and now a jailhouse beating. Why a some Canadian bloggers are helping to glamorize him especially with repeated domestic calls to his house by police with long rumours of being abusive to his wife. I guess his young innocent kids caught at home with him is not sad enough for her.

      OK I’m done.

      • Booboo1068

        Above should say “he’s IMPLICATED in two deaths of drug dealers (one execution style and one beat with a pipe – allegedly.” Yes, so funny! As funny as buying an innocent baby for ratings and profit.

      • wendy hood

        This family is definitely off the rails on a huge, huge scale. Hopefully when the brothers hit their 30s, they can start reversing the damage the parents have encouraged. Its hard to do that before then.

    • MaybeImRight

      100% AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

  • iknewit

    Hahaha, that is hilarious.
    Shame on you Jonas bro and your stupid wife.

  • arlp96

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa…..I don’t know…but this seems too terrible to be true, but with this family….anything could happen….

  • cutieswift13

    Alena Rose “Jonas”!

  • slantrhyme

    OHMYGOD this is just too much. What some people won’t do for 15 more minutes.

    I feel sorry for that baby girl. Birth parents willing to sell her to adoptive parents who are using her to keep themselves relevant. This is venturing into illegality now: can’t someone blow the whistle?

    The only hope we have is that Baby Pillow grows up to be an awesome person who marries Blanket Jackson and the two of them have a beautiful life together despite the family craziness on all sides. Their kids: Comforter Jonas-Jackson and Dust Ruffle Jonas-Jackson?

  • whatnow

    Jonas baby…… will they explain the baby not being white? I don’t care what race the baby is but if you are trying to pass the baby off as yours then what gives?

    Seems they got away with it because they have a baby and that is that..

    next claim to fame, magazine covers will be how she lost the ‘baby’ weight so quickly and got right back into shape…

  • Christyd

    Nick and Danielle Jonas

  • kcphilly

    Thanks for the update Ace!! I was waiting to see what you would have on the story after Baby Jones made their debut yesterday. First thing I thought when seeing the baby that she did look mixed. They will have some excuse for that though. And didn’t Dani look super happy in the picture with her newborn?!!! And so perfect too with her hair and makeup done, and diamond earrings to boot. Don’t even get me started on Kevin’s “live updates” on her “pushing”

  • tdubs

    Obviously the Jonas brother and his beard. Dreft is the laundry detergent company that sponsors them somehow? Pathetic.

  • everythingthatshines

    haha if Danielle really wanted to look like she had just pushed that baby out herself she should’ve rethought the fully styled hair and makeup. Also, she definitely should’ve lost the diamond studs

    • jem2007

      Exactly…the photo taken “moments” after the baby girl was born is ridiculous….Her face was not flushed, red and uneven from pushing, sweaty, disheveled or any other adjective that would describe the face of a woman who just went though labor and birthed a child. These people are twisted.

      • TJMJ

        Ok, with my son (my first) they made me take all my jewelry off but with my daughter they didn’t. I wore my wedding band and diamond studs throughout my entire labor and birth. So yeah, the jewelry thing is not always true.

        I also was asked if my kids were stunt baby’s because I looked so great after giving birth. LOL! I managed to still have makeup on after 15 and 12 hours of labor and my hair wasn’t too messy and I honestly didn’t sweat much either time. And yes, I did it the old-fashioned way. But I understand that I’m an anomaly.

        So while I do think this blind is the Jonas baby, don’t make judgements about a fake baby based on the way Danny looked after giving birth. Make those judgments on the weird family life of the Jonas brothers.

  • minx

    LOL! Jonas baby, of course. I died laughing at that picture of Danielle in full makeup, not a bead of sweat on her, looking at the baby.

  • Guccigal

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas

  • Marina

    Awesome! I’m curious how Jonas family will be digging themselves out of this pile of lies.

  • Visha

    The Jonases aka Kevin and his beard Danny/Danielle just saw the baby and the mum and she looked so well put together for someone who had just been pushing a baby out of her vajayjay. Why are they so foul??

  • wakemeddl

    Danielle Jonas and Kevin Jonas.


    Ha Ha….The first thing I said when I saw their new baby was, that baby isn’t white. She looks adorable, but nothing like her Italian fake mother. I’d like to see how Mr. and Mrs. Jonas are going to explain this away in the next few months as the baby’s features become more prominent.

  • FunkyLeprechaun

    Of Course, Kevin and Danielle Jonas. I found the Dreft sponsorship of the baby delivery quite strange.

  • caela94

    I saw her picture yesterday , she is adorable and looks ethnic.
    Hope they love her

  • MissIrreplaceable

    Kevin And Danielle Jonas, obviously. No one believed that she was pregnant, or that Kevin actually had intercourse with a woman.

  • Fergus

    Oh dear. He was even posting traces from an OB ECG on the weekend.

  • syamslash

    its Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle!
    (clue: was soo obvious already! The sponsored tweet by Dreft? pfft its all over the news already)

    Gosh im so tired of them. Now, I dont know what excuse they are going to use when the baby grow up and shockingly *gasp* has asian features.

  • LeahLynn28

    I was waiting for this blind…but the baby is not white? Wth? That’s a surprise. They are idiots and dumb as a rock.

    When i saw the baby’s pic, i noticed she wasn’t looking exactly white, now i know why. Danielle was with that “wtf?” look while looking at the baby without smiling or showing a single emotion. In few months they’ll have to hide the baby, she won’t look like them for sure, and won’t look white too. What a mess…and they won’t be able to explain why the baby won’t be white, while them and their families are white. They got so desperate, that they basically sunk in their own lies now. They are done,their plans failed again. Both are dbags…lol

    And in the photo she was produced to go to a party, not to a “birth”…hair done,full of makeup and wearing earrings. They are a joke, i feel for the baby.

  • cavechickbaby

    Now, just how are Mr.&Mrs Jonas gonna splain that one. Maybe they could get by with a white/mex mix, but the Filipino part? Can not wait to see. Of course any baby is a blessing, no matter how it comes to you. However it seems they are setting up that child for some heartbreak. Well, what ever, hope things go well from this point on.

  • lisako

    Dun dun dun… Baby Jonas has arrived!

  • mugofmead111

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in this column. :) Thanks for the bit of levity (especially in light of the gravity of the solved item).

  • iknowiknow

    This has to be Kevin and Danielle Jonas. They just had their baby girl, changed the due date late in the pregnancy and Kevin live tweeted the whole thing and Dreft was the sponsor! I saw the picture and Dani looked fresh as a rose. Not one bead of sweat on her perfectly made up face.

  • Naija_girl

    Oh God Dani and Nick. So what are the gonna say when the baby grows up and starts getting tanner and more exotic looking?? I hate to say this, bu they shoulda just gone with a stillbirth. That child is going to have a horrible life.

  • Bromance1979

    Dani and Kevin Jonas

    Hilarious! I knew something would go wrong. I wonder if they’re now going to ask for privacy and hide their child from the spotlight, after being media whores the entire “pregnancy”?

    On a serious note, shame on them for bringing an innocent baby into this mess.

  • ravenglass

    I’m sure they’ll come up with some story about how their real baby died & this baby was abandoned at the hospital & they adopted it. (Which sounds like the plot of “The Omen”) Or they could just say Dani was cheating on Kevin with Lou Diamond Phillips.

    WELCOME TO THE WORLD, PILLOW JONAS!!! The completely effed up world your parents have created for you.

    • ravenglass

      Oh, and B.G., thanks for using the name I pinned on the poor kid. No matter what name they actually give her, I’ll always call her Pillow.

      Can’t wait for the first photos of the happy family!!!

  • PardonMyNerdity

    Well, this is obviously Nick Jonas and his weird wife.

  • IAmSage

    I read that Alena Rose Jonas was born yesterday (Feb. 2nd, 2104), and that Kevin sent out a SPONSORED tweet announcing her arrival (sponsored by Dreft Detergent)

  • cupcakes

    I’m going to laugh so hard when ‘Dreft’ grows bigger and she isn’t light skinned. Have fun explaining that fail

  • jeannie

    I suppose they figure no one will notice as she gets older? Maybe they think Mexican and Filipino will come off as Italian? Poor Baby Pillow, to grow up in that mess.

  • Franciss

    So much hubris and self-delusion to do that to a child. I’m appalled. Here’s hoping Baby Jonas has someone in her life who will treat her with the respect human life deserves, as opposed to treating her as a fame prop.

  • pinkmouse

    Obviously Baby Jonas.

    I have to say, I was sort of on the fence about the pregnancy being fake or not, until I read today that he tweeted when his wife was pushing. PLEASE. Having given birth to two kids myself, I can tell you the last thing anyone in that room was going to do was live tweet my active labor, especially in the final minutes when the baby was coming out. I’m on board now — this pregnancy was totally bogus.

  • Virginia

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa. This is ridiculous. What the hell was the point of this charade?

  • Jennie

    Kevin Jona’s beard fake pregnancy

  • Squirrelet

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. This is the least blind item *ever*!

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas (and baby Pillow)

  • DamntheMan

    First time poster, long time lurker, I love this site. it’s Danielle and Kevin Jonas.

    The writers over at crushable had a big theory on this, which seems pretty spot on. Add to the fact that Danielle gave “birth” on Super Bowl Sunday, slow day on news, and they weirdly had a detergent announce the news, who does that?

  • EstuaryKPommelhorse

    HILARIOUS. Oh, the Jonases. I am infuriated that they are fooling so many people. I’m sure they had to have Dreft sponsor them so they could pay off the Mexican/Filipina parents of Baby Pillow…

  • StephieNYC


  • bellashade

    So since whichever Jonas brother this is and his wife are both dark haired, they think this will work? We’ll see…..

  • Sam905

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas! They are sick people they shouldn’t have a child

  • tallzeez

    Kevin Jonas and Danielle what’s her name.

  • jrzygirl

    The Jonas fiasco.

  • Claire Adams

    Kevin Jonas and his wife

  • Mom2One

    AND–my husband is adopted, and not for shits and giggles, but because his parents wanted a baby so desperately. These asshats are DESPICABLE!!

  • nikki204

    Kevin & Danielle Jonas. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Blondenycblonde

    The Jonasses

  • LivDizzly

    Fiasco is right!!! So let me get this straight, after Kevin and Danielle realized that BG had blown the lid off their lie, they went from being a gay musician with a bearded wife, not ever intending to have a child (b/c she was going to have a miscarriage in her 2nd trimester / gathering tons of public sympathy), to a couple who is now going to be parents to a child, that other than the hair color, won’t remotely resemble either one of them. Whew!!! Oh, and the bigger picture here, is that these 2 are going to be parents at all! Why not just come clean already…is this really worth it? I feel so sorry for this baby. Bottoms up everyone!!

  • WaitLemmeGuess

    Oh those Jonas idiots. That “mommy holding baby in hospital bed” picture looked so fake. She did NOT look like someone who just gave birth. So phony.

    Draft = Dreft. I see what you did there, Ace. :P

  • annieoakley

    HAHAHAHA!!! I knew it when I saw the picture!

  • Andreinac13

    #babyjonas Alena Rose Jonas. She didn’t look white to me.

  • pinkdonut

    Danielle & Kevin Jonas

  • SunsetxCruising

    Definitely the new Jonas baby. “Dreft” was sponsoring all of their birth updates. It’s SO obvious- the baby is gorgeous, But looks NOTHING like them. I mean, did you see her nose?!! It’s so obvious she’s not white. So sad all around. Tasteless.

  • LC_Says

    Welp. Wonder how the Jonas’ will spin that one…

  • barbie78

    Can anyone explain the ultrasound video he posted ? I was convinced of the scheme but then I seen that. Granted anyone can fake it but damn they went to a lot of trouble

  • TeacherKat

    I had to laugh at the Dreft/Draft comment. And now I have to go look at the picture of their child to see what she looks like now.

  • woowoo

    Actually, the Mexi/Filipino baby will look more like them than a blue eyed blondie would!

    Even so, this was poorly executed. The fetal monitor with Dani’s name on it was a joke and so was the picture after the “birth.” The baby appears to be 2-3 or more days old. Flawlesss make up, perfect hair, and false eyelashes after labor? No. And every hospital in this country uses the same striped baby blankets to wrap and swaddle newborns after birth, not fluffy afghans.

  • popart1010

    Obviously the Jonas family. Sickening really.

  • MLeah53

    Oh well, the kid will have a great head of hair!!

  • KWDragon

    Golden beer? Truly a “golden” child? Is this a reference to the baby’s skin tone?

    I certainly hope that Pillow Jonas is loved. Every child deserves that.

  • JaneDawson

    Baby Jonas

    Two italians with a filipino daughter. This’ll be priceless in 2 years time.

    • channel orange

      Plot twist: they switch the baby for a more appropriate one and pay the birth parents a to take Pillow back. It sounds crazy, but not as crazy as what has already gone on. Nothing shocks me anymore.

      • urapal

        i was thinking the exact same thing channel orange! wouldn’t even faze me if they just swapped kids shame on them

  • myndeeohno

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas are a disgusting couple, and the families are just as disgusting for going along with this. And it’s strange they are only posting on Facebook pictures from last year when they announced their pregnancy. Why aren’t they showing new pictures of the “happy family” with the baby who’s fingernails are awfully long for a newborn, and wow mom looked like she just walked out if wardrobe and makeup as the Fed-Ex man was delivering the baby. That was the only delivering going on in that room. Sick, twisted, disgusting group. I can’t wait to see this baby look darker completed. It is Jersey, so they’ll say she goes tanning with Danielle

  • PC1

    Kevin & Danielle Jonas.

  • m0m0ntherun

    Nick and Danielle Jonas’ baby. Sad!

  • thelasthigh

    well, as long as the child has loving parents, that’s all that matters. I suppose.

  • gemma2305

    Haha, clearly Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

    Love the Draft beer sponsorship, as baby Jonas was sponosored by Dreft :P Hilarious!

    Seriously though, the whole situation is actually kinda sad and messed up.

  • destini uk

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas. This whole sham is hilarious and shameful at the same time. Everybody involved should be ashamed of themselves.


    On celebrity baby scoop there was the picture of Daniela or whatever holding the baby. The comments were she looks so put together for having just had a baby. I wanted to be like really that girl didn’t do anything, but kept my mouth shut. Anyway, this is so obviously Joe Jonas and his pregnant “wife.” He is the only man I know who literally tweeted the entire time she was in labor. Really you don’t have other things to be doing…LOL

  • nestea

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas. Smh

  • Mia444

    Despite all these despicable shenanigans — and really, the Jonuses have brought celebrity behavior to a new low — I hope the baby is loved and well cared for. I also hope she looks really, really different from them and they are finally caught in their lie (hey, I never said I was nice, lol).

  • lazy_soozn

    This is all too awesome!

  • GrannyGoose

    Man, those Jonas’s are carazay!

  • ImThinking

    Danielle and Kevin Jonas, when I saw the picture I swear the first thing I thought is that the baby’s eyes didn’t match mom and dad’s. There is already websites and fans calling out the lie.

  • KK

    The new Dreft sponsored baby Jonas

  • istantkarma

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas. What a shame.

  • Brittttt

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

  • sashas

    Jonas baby, we should give her a Spanish/Filipino nickname!

  • restrictedcode

    The Jonases obviously.

    God, what a mess!

  • bg565

    Cant wait to see what Alena Rose (Jonas) looks like!

  • jerzeygirl

    Oh boy, let’s see how the Jonas’ explain this one!

  • lovelylovely

    Oh my goodness…I cannot wait for this to blow up in Danielle and Kevin Jonas’ face. So ridiculous.

  • stolidog

    that poor baby is probably at the plastic surgeon’s office right now. Parents are Kevin and whatever-her-name-is Jonas.

    Poor, poor child (although, if her parents were willing to give her up out of the blue for a wad of cash, maybe she’s better off now, as impossible as that seems….)

  • Loves the Latin Boys


  • breanna_monique

    That Jonas guy and his wife Danielle.

  • dween2000

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! When I first seen the Pics of the Jonas baby, I thought she looked a little Asian! I also thought the background didnt look like a birthing room or hospital room, just a bad “movie set” one.

  • Ermahgerd

    Got to be baby Jonas

  • bick

    Kevin & Danielle Jonas!

    How are they going to pull this off? I mean she will grow up.

  • brazgirl

    kevin and danielle jonas?

  • yoooooo

    i wouldn’t be surprised if they swapped the baby over when she was a bit older for one that looked more like them hahaha

  • cthmpsn18

    Kevin and Danielle Jonas just “had” their baby over the weekend.

  • ConfusedHarpy

    That Jonas couple that just “had” the baby, Danielle and Kevin. What losers to pretend to be pregnant.

  • wfreshie

    the jonas bro with the beard wife, are they really going through with this???? it will be obvious!!!!

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