His Boyfriend Is Having Private Muscle Time

personal trainer 3[Janet Charlton] Is this openly gay TV personality, who already suffered a painful loss, headed for another stay at Heartbreak Hotel?

He has a new young boyfriend and he’s doing everything he can to promote the lad’s career. But, behind his back, the conniving cutie is having a fling with the personal trainer they both share!

Our unsuspecting TV guy doesn’t have a clue because the hunky trainer has a green-card marriage and plays it straight.

TV Personality:


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  1. CatBallou says

    Nate Berkus? Painful loss of boyfriend in the tsunami and he’s engaged to jeremiah brent (but guess thats not really new).

  2. forreels says

    Nate Berkus? Lost the love of his life in a tsunami and his new boyfriend has popped up on Rachel Zoe Project.

  3. slantrhyme says

    This is sad but I’m thinking it’s Nate B. whose boyfriend died in the East Asian tsunami a few years ago.

  4. RuHa says

    My first thought was Nate Berkus. He lost his partner Fernando in the 2004 tsunami and now dates someone named Jerimiah.

  5. PiscesTwice says

    Nate Berkus and his fiance Jeremiah Brent? I think back in ’04 Nate loss his partner in a tsunami. I know he went on Oprah to talk about it.

  6. PhoebeS says

    Nate Berkus and his fiance Jeremiah Brent. Hope I’m wrong though, he lost his former boyfriend in the Tsunami

  7. dontmesswithmetoday says

    I think this is Nate Berkus and fiance’ Jeremiah. Jeremiah has a bad reputation in LA for cheating and stealing. I was saddened to hear they were together and that he may have pulled the wool over NB’s eyes. If this is them, hopefully NB discovers it before they get married. Losing your previous love to a tsunami should pave the way to no further heartache and whoever is with him should honor that, especially if they plan to marry. Super jerk if this is them.

  8. gmaven says

    I think this is Nate Berkus. He lost his long-time partner in the Tsunami. But, hmmmm, maybe not. He and his young boyfriend are engaged.

  9. lisako says

    Nate Berkus?? He lost his partner in the 2004 tsunami and is now engaged to Jeremiah Brent, also a designer.

  10. DillyDally says

    I’m gonna go with Nate Berkus. His fiancee is actor and interior designer Jeremiah Brent. Berkus’ painful loss is when he lost his boyfriend Fernando Bengoechea to the 2004 Tsunami.

  11. StephieNYC says

    TV Personality: nate berkus

    his fiance was killed in the 2004 tsunami and nate survived. now he is engaged to jeremiah brent who used to work for Rachel Zoe but was fired on the show, and now works as an interior designer.

    too bad because they are such a beautiful couple!

  12. MizGrandma says

    Is this Oprah Winfrey’s decorator who now has his own tv show? He lost his boyfriend in the Thailand tsunami, & I heard he was engaged now.

  13. VinylDestination says

    Nate Berkus

    Hope the “cutie” gets caught. Having a fling with the personal trainer? How predictable.

  14. syamslash says

    TV Personality : Adam Shankman

    (clue = Heartbreak Hotel where its famous of Elvis Presley. Movie ‘Rock of Ages’ anyone?? Adam directed the new version with Tom Cruise in it)

    p/s I really want to know who his boyfriend…very curious. Ouh this is my 1st time posted!

    • syamslash says

      As a 1st time posted..ignore my stupid guess. There are no relation between Elvis Presley and Rock of Ages. urrgghh..bimbo moment.

      • 4sixx2 says

        Welcome, syamslash. “Bimbo Moment”- lol, consider yourself lucky. Not a single one of my bimbo moments involved celebrity blind guesses! 😀

  15. sweet pea says

    Nate Berkus and his new boyfriend Jeremiah Brent, who was on the Rachel Zoe show trying to be an interior designer.

  16. megigi says

    Nate Berkus. Not sure who he is with now, but his former boyfriend died in the tsunami in Thailand.

  17. aguachica35 says

    Nate Berkus? The “painful loss” being that he lost his boyfriend in the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

  18. pscheck2 says

    Unfortunately, when an older gay person gets involved with a ‘twink’ it’s usually a one way street. the ‘twink’ is usually looking over his shoulder for his next conquest and loyalty to a boyfriend is tenuous at best! Maybe Nate should look into having the PT as his boyfriend, at least he would be involved with a more mature person than his ‘twink!’

  19. curiousjane says

    Quick wikipedia search will show that Nate Berkus is engaged and has been with his fiance since 2012. Anderson Cooper has been with his boyfriend since 2009. So, no new boyfriends for either of them!

  20. neuroticalways says

    Anderson is still dating Benjamin Maisani, the owner of Eastern Bloc. They’ve been together for years and they live and a cool renovated NYC fire station. He is neither “young” or a “cutie”. He is a hot stud though

  21. bec215 says

    Anderson’s partner doesn’t look that young, so I’ve got to go with Nate. Hopefully Nate’s got good people around him who will care enough to tell him the truth before the tie the knot.