Star Engages In Lots Of Misdirection

this way that way[Blind Gossip] This cute star spends an awful lot of time and energy trying to fool people!

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, he staged photos of himself at various hotels and private homes and restaurants around town to try to trick you into thinking that he was staying there or spending lots of time with certain people.

For example, he entered a high-end hotel, had someone photograph him in the recognizable lobby, immediately departed, and then had someone post the pic on Twitter to spread the word Fans thought he was staying there… but he wasn’t!

Another time, he rented a second car that matched the one he had been spotted driving around town. He had it parked outside a popular restaurant for the night. The paparazzi thought he was dining there… but he wasn’t!

The one thing that really did happen were those photo ops with his “girlfriend.” The paparazzi were notified well in advance for those “meetings.” Why are we calling them “meetings” instead of “dates”? Because they were all business and all about publicity. The two are not really dating!

There are lots of other little things, but you get the picture. Our boy is spending a lot of time and energy engaged in games and misdirection.

Do we know where he was really staying? Yes, we do! He stayed at a male friend’s house near the Beverly Hills Hotel. No, we don’t know if they are anything more than friends.


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  1. SoNotMyBusiness says

    Harry Styles.
    For the love of…..can anyone explain what the point of all these shenanigans is, anyone?

      • PandoraWolf says

        You are so right. That hair looks like something got scared and died on his head; his face is just blech, and he’s got the body of what, a 6 year old boy? Yikes. As much as I hate to say it, Beiber blows him away in the looks department.

      • LoneHazelEyes says

        Yes he is. I didn’t like him at first either, but then I watched a loaf vids on youtube about him and he’s gorgeous :)

      • SoNotMyBusiness says

        I think the kid is adorable and he’s got a raspy thing in his voice that I love in a singer.

        IMO he’s got sining talent, moves well on stage, is easy on the eyes and comes across as pretty savy in an interview.

        Which is why I don’t get all this other crap that goes on…just don’t see the necessity

      • exnetworkpro says

        Uhm…quite an unfair comparison, Canary. DD wrote ALL their songs. One Direction is 100% manufactured.

      • bun_bun says

        You’ve awoken the rabid Duranie within… grrrr … :) Duran Duran went on to have a decades long career. And not just sad little nostalgia-driven club tours either. They charted through the 90s, though of course they were never again as popular as they were in the 80s. I can’t see One Direction having the same success.

      • Tyger Lily says

        I KNOW someone’s not throwing shade at D-Squared! At least when they sang “Girls on Film” you actually believed they liked girls.

      • pratty4ever says

        Ummm no to the one that said One Direction 100% manufactured and don’t write their own lyrics. First of all, they wrote over 50% of their new album. The only album they didnt write many songs in was their first one. Secondly, they play instruments. Niall plays guitar and Louis plays piano. They are NOT manufactured.

    • halo says

      Shenanigans: a very underused but effective word, especially in this case. If they were going to choose someone for a pr relationship, they should have chosen someone more suitable than Kendall Jenner.

      If i were part of his management I’d choose an unknown girl, a la Louis Tomlinson but i think they’re trying to go down the “harry dates celebrities” route.

      Either way this blind is about harry styles… Misdirection indeed…

    • Mtlmeee says

      This is nothing new to his fans. They all post pics to misdirect their fans as to where they really are. If they take a pic with their fans, they ask them to post it at least an hour later so he boys have some time to “escape” to another location.

      Also, all their fans know where they all park their suitcases when they’re in Cali. They might move around a bit, but they have one male friend, (supposedly platonic), who has a house on a huge and famous “drive” that a lot of celebrities reside on. Everyone knows his name and who he is.

  2. reverie says

    Harry Styles.

    Saw the title and instantly knew. Clues being “little things” a one direction song title, “misdirection” in the title, PR stunt with Kendall Jenner

  3. Iva says

    Harry Styles!!
    clues- the picture (one way or another), “little things”, Hendall PR, “misdrection”

  4. sugarspice says

    Harry Styles..tell us something we don’t know! Harry’s life seems to one long game…it must be exhausting. I’d love to know who he was staying with though

  5. mugofmead111 says

    I would guess Harry Styles, but word is that things have “fizzled” between him and Kendall Jenner.

  6. kateray says

    Star: Harry Styles
    “girlfriend” : Kendall Jenner
    male friend: Calvin Aurand (1D’s tour photographer)
    Hints: little things > song by one direction

  7. butterflyflower says

    Star: Harry Styles
    Clues: “misdirection” he is in the band One Direction, and “little things” one of the band’s songs

  8. beautyaddict says

    Star: Louis Tomlinson

    Misdirection= One Direction
    picture says this way and that way and One Direction had a song called “One Way”
    Little things= song called “Little Things”

    Has a fake girlfriend Eleanor Calder and have been known to have the paps called ahead of time.

  9. ravenglass says

    Hmmm. Who could this possibly be? I’m really going to have think hard about this one.

    Misdirection; Little Things; Fake Girlfriend


    We just went 2 weeks without a 1D/Harry Styles blind so I figured he’d be popping up again this week what with the “dating” deadline on the horizon. But if he & Kendall are having meetings, I’m guessing there’s going to be another extension.

    So bring on the fake Valentine’s date!!!

  10. oldtrout says

    Star: Harry Styles

    I reckon all of the 1D boys do this to a degree. It’s the only way they can sneak under certain crazy stalker-type fans’ radar, (the lengths some people will go to in order to bag a 1D selfie is really sad and is becoming destructive). I feel bad for the genuine fans, some of whom may feel insulted by this sneakiness.

    So called girlfriend – Kendall Jenner. Harry’s way of sticking to the deal without deceiving anyone is by pretending to be with her. Just give the impression they’re together with some strategic photo opportunities and the job is done. He loves LA anyway so not a massive sacrifice to spend a few weeks there, probably staying over at the Azoff residence.

  11. mxw3403 says

    A One Direction member because beard blind items are always about them haha
    Either Louis or Harry, I’m not sure which.
    Clues: “Misdirection” and “Little Things” which is one of their songs

  12. FairyMay9 says

    With all the directional language, I’m thinking Harry Styles, the fake girlfriend being Power Beard (apparently) Swifty.

  13. mrsbeckham says

    Harry Styles, so I thought I’d just try to work out the hints. Pic shows signposts “this way” and “that way”, perhaps a reference to “One Way or Another”. “Misdirection” reference to “one Direction”. “Lots of other little things” = Little Things. “more Than” = “More than this”.

  14. Acps97 says

    I think it’s Harry Styles from One Direction!
    The clues would be “The ONE THING that…” and “There are lots of other LITTLE THINGS…” and of course “misDIRECTION”.
    I don’t know if that supposed girlfriend would still be Kendall Kadarshian, I’m a bit out of the news, but I know for a fact that Harry was at LA recently.

  15. blackmahn says

    This would most likely be Harry Styles. Boy does he generate a lot of gossip. One major clue is the use of “misdirection.”

  16. JustTheFacts says

    Harry Styles, pretending to be Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend.
    Mis”direction”, “little things”.

  17. IcanC says

    So Harry Styles has been upgraded to a solo star. The PR games are working then.

    When is Harry’s solo album, new project, movie or whatever coming out?

    Lots of clues in blind that indicate that it relates to Harry and One Direction. The picture is of directional signs but they point in two directions. Harry is known for getting papped in a situation but later fans are told he was photographed to support the PR storyline but then left out the back minutes later. Harry apparently has no shame about “walks of shame.” Harry is know for visiting Los Angeles to pimp himself out on the PR stroll. Pictures of the manner described have been released into the One Direction fandom via Twitter. Twitter is a key tool used by One Direction to manipulate fans. “Little Things” is a One Direction song. Misdirection. “Girlfriends” and “meetings.” Implied that the person this blind relates to could be more than friends with a male he was staying with so likely is gay.

    Harry and his PR team spend a lot of energy trying to convince people that his true romantic “loved up” relationship is NOT with his bandmate Louis Tomlinson and that they don’t live together, etc… Louis was likely in LA too with Harry but hiding just so he could spend time with Harry.

    This situation is being handled SO horribly but I guess this is what Harry and Louis want and agreed to sell. Reminds me of another blind– Does Harry want to become “the next Mick Jagger” so bad that he’s willing for Louis to be less than he could be because he has to hide in order to spend time with Harry? So many people think/thought Harry is the one wanting to be out but this blind is obviously about Louis

  18. Ask Me, I'm Alice says

    Harry styles? Clue being misDIRECTION and we all know Hendall is fake, the hints toward potential gayness

  19. Glitter says

    Must be one of those One Directions chap. Clues being “misdirection” and the direction signs in the picture. I am convinced nothing out of the celebrity world is real.

  20. allison53 says

    Star: harry styles
    hints: little things, direction
    not that you couldnt guess it without those. so obvious

  21. tennispeach says

    Harry Styles and the Jenner girl – never can distinguish between kylie and kendall and who is the oldest

  22. bdeathday says

    Its so amusingly obvious.
    Star: Louis Tomlinson
    I specially loved the clues; “misdirection, one thing, little things”.

  23. celder says

    Clearly Harry Styles, he was in LA for most of January staying with Cal Aurand. He was spotted at the Beverly Hills Hotel several times. The title includes the word misdirection which refers to his band One Direction. “There are a lot of other little things” references the 1D hit Little Things, and the meetings this item is referring to are obviously with Kendall Jenner. Poor guy, he was supposed to be on break.

  24. Fergus says

    He wasn’t staying at Bradley Coopers place by any chance? Doesn’t he live around there somewhere?

  25. LeahLynn28 says

    Harry Styles again.He’s dumb…everybody knows he’s gay,too late.He should come out of the closet already,that would be a good publicity for him,not his fake relationships with the beards.I stopped reading about his “meetings” with his beards more than one year ago.It’s boring and badly staged.I gave up…i only read about the 1D boys and their PR Stunts here…
    Come out of the closet and be happy…these PR Stunts are not working anymore,he’s gay and even his fans know it.

    • Shawny2222 says

      I agree. It’s so obvious that this “relationship” with Jenner is so fake. And like you said, it’s boring. I always skip right over any articles or pictures about them. I’m not interested in a fake couple.

    • asiyeunsal says

      do you really think he has a choice? maybe he wants to come out but they make him protect his “womanizer” imagine for the sake of the band! he drops hints about him being gay everywhere he doesnt have to come out.

  26. Bamadex says

    Given how persistent his fans are, I can see why he might want to be evasive about where he’s staying.

    What I don’t see is what he’s getting from this bearding relationship. Does he not realize that her family is a joke in the US and all their romantic relationships are viewed as PR stunts?

    Jenner would seem to be the only one benefiting from this farce. Perhaps Harry just doesn’t care if the bearding is believable.

  27. Elisa says

    Too easy, Harry Styles. Why trick the world when everyone already knows the truth anyway? Obviously Harry & Taylor’s ‘relationship’ was pure PR bs. Same goes for Harry and Kendall. No one believes this rubbish anymore. It’s not even slightly shocking. He and his management are just wasting their time.

  28. krosechi says

    Easy one. It has to be Harry Styles and the PR Stunt, K. Jenner. I’ve seen pictures of Harry with one mysterious guy in LA; maybe that’s the “friend”.

  29. AreYouKiddingMePeople says

    Once again it’s Harry Styles *yawns*

    But Harry wasn’t staying with Cal Aurand, he was staying with Jeffrey Azoff, he was the guy in Harry’s white mercedes and he also accompanied him at Sundance.

    Jeffrey is a music agent for CAA and I believe he will be Harry’s mgr when Harry has his solo career.

    I truly believe Louis was also with Harry in LA for a bit, idc what rumors are spread, imo they are still a couple.

  30. YoGo8c says

    To be completely fair, the height of fame ‘the person in question’ is now at, and the fact he clearly has a private life that is separate from the ridiculously annoying public persona he and his team builds for him in the mass media, it would be more of a shock to think he DIDN’T misdirect or put people off the scent! Anyone with a brain can see his public life often revolves round stuntin’.

    I’d say a lot of his life is about fooling people on purpose, this is a full-time demanding job and misdirection is very much part of it. You’d have to or you’d never be left alone! On the other hand, anyone with any sensitivity, it will eat away at them doing this all the time.

    You only need to watch the British TV’s ‘Reunion’ series, bringing together now defunct 90s girl and boybands, to see how generally messed-up and ridiculous their lives became in manufactured pop groups (drugs and sexual excess, pressure, infighting, depression/breakdowns, people in the closet too scared to come out, etc), and this was BEFORE the advent of nosey social media!

    If ‘the person in question’ managed to get some quality time away with a male friend/partner then good for him. On the other hand it’s sad and ridiculous someone feels they have to go to these lengths of misdirection to get that time out.

    I blame Simon Cowell for everything in the world that goes wrong, tbh.

  31. cadaver11 says

    I just solved this blind on Twitter and I was coming here to say Harry Styles and Jeff Azoff (the guy he stayed with in the Beverly Hills Hotel) but I can see I was already beat to it.

    • sugarspice says

      Brillant..never heard of Jeff..but how fab would that be if Harry agreed to do the Jenner stunt as long as his boyfriend could come along! Well done Harry for standing your ground if this is the case. Have to admitted to being a larry shipper but I have wondered if they had split..things looked dodgy on the last tour…I would be happy for Harry as long as he is!

  32. ClosetOrganizer says

    Harry Styles (hints: “little things” after the One Direction song, “misdirection” hints at One Direction)

  33. dizzyblondebabe138 says

    It’s obviously Harry Styles from One Direction. Him and Kendall’s PR stunt is ridiculously forced. It’s not believable at all. Especially coming from a girl who is in the Kardashian/Jenner family. The whole family looks for ways to become more famous. Some more than others (Kim and Kris). Kris is forcing Kendall to hang out and pretend to be an item while also trying to get Kylie and Cody Simpson to look like an item too. I just feel Harry would never look for a girl who comes from such a fame needing and attention seeking background. He wants a girl or boy (Louis) who loves/likes him for him. Not a girl whose family wants him to bring more popularity to them. Harry is a very private person. Not saying Kendall likes all of her life exploited to the public but her family is anything BUT private.

  34. chicagourl says

    This is obviously Harry Styles. Management sends him to LA to spend time with his “girlfriend” Kendall Jenner while he’s really dating Louis Tomlinson and has since they met 4. After we found out that Harry and Louis were in LA together they sent Louis home and made him do interviews to prove that he wasn’t in LA.

  35. sdenzel says

    Of course the most obvious choice is Harry Styles, but when I read the title I was thinking of Zayn Malik. He is engaged to Perrie. And I don’t know if their relationship is real or not, but it definitely began as a PR stunt and the wedding is also just for publicity. (My opinion).
    But still I think it’s about Harry… but the thing is everyone knows it’s fake (well almost everyone). But I’m really curious about Zerrie (Zayn/Perrie).

  36. beforewedie says

    Not sure if BG is pointing towards Tomlinson being the ‘male friend’ (which probably was intended to be Azoff) but Louis was indeed with Harry parts of this L.A.-time. It’s not so much a secret anymore, is it? Even my younger sister and her friends sort of see through this by now… They’re 14.