Star Engages In Lots Of Misdirection

this way that way[Blind Gossip] This cute star spends an awful lot of time and energy trying to fool people!

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, he staged photos of himself at various hotels and private homes and restaurants around town to try to trick you into thinking that he was staying there or spending lots of time with certain people.

For example, he entered a high-end hotel, had someone photograph him in the recognizable lobby, immediately departed, and then had someone post the pic on Twitter to spread the word Fans thought he was staying there… but he wasn’t!

Another time, he rented a second car that matched the one he had been spotted driving around town. He had it parked outside a popular restaurant for the night. The paparazzi thought he was dining there… but he wasn’t!

The one thing that really did happen were those photo ops with his “girlfriend.” The paparazzi were notified well in advance for those “meetings.” Why are we calling them “meetings” instead of “dates”? Because they were all business and all about publicity. The two are not really dating!

There are lots of other little things, but you get the picture. Our boy is spending a lot of time and energy engaged in games and misdirection.

Do we know where he was really staying? Yes, we do! He stayed at a male friend’s house near the Beverly Hills Hotel. No, we don’t know if they are anything more than friends.


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