1. SouthJerseyGirl says

    Ugh Yuck. Pop Bitch is a British site, so I’ll go with Jamie Oliver (he’s the only British chef that comes to mind) but I’m sure there are plenty of others.

  2. ravenglass says

    James Martin

    This is weird, but whatever floats your boat & at least he’s polite enough to apologize afterward.

    • AnguaDelphine says

      First of all, I don’t think “I’m sorry, this is just what I do” technically counts as an apology since there isn’t an ounce of remorse there. Secondly, he shouldn’t get any kudos for apologizing (even if he did do that, which he didn’t) since what he should do is ask for consent *beforehand*.

      Masturbating into your partner hair is a harmless enough kink, what’s creepy is that to this chef, consent seems to be irrelevant, and that’s what’s creeping me out about this blind.

  3. CatBallou says

    First – ewwww….

    Second – sheesh, talk about arrogance – but then, many chefs (celeb or no) are pretty arrogant. Maybe Rocco DeSpirito or Gordon Ramsay?

  4. Franciss says

    UGH! I’d call him a pig, except that is demeaning to those beasts. FOUL.
    Guy Fieri is my guess, particularly given his penchant for burgers.
    Incidentally, I saw him this past weekend at an event I was working; ladies were allll over him. I really don’t see the appeal, myself.

  5. DivaKarma says

    Guy Fieri, maybe he uses the “special sauce” in his own hair too its kinda something about Mary looking

  6. mickey101a says

    I think this could be chef adam (I am forgetting his last name). Kinda werid, but better than what John M does to ladies! :-)

  7. Booboo1068 says

    Based on the source this is a UK celeb chef and arrogant enough to think women should/ would accept such a self serving act:

    Gordon Ramsay

    I doubt he ever stopped cheating on his wife after his ex mistress’ book came out.

  8. candymandie says

    I’m guessing bobby flay. There are plenty of rumors about him and women and he may even be January Jones’ babby daddy.
    He has a cookbook called burgers fries and shakes.
    He is known for his seasoning abilities
    Burgers (grilling in particular) and southwest cuisine are his specialties.

  9. austinmocean says

    At first I thought his “special sauce” was some date rape drug. After rereading it, I’ve found the this is basically about some chef that has consensual sex with women then after they’ve fallen asleep he ejaculates into their hair? Weird. So he gets his “sauce” all over the pillow as well? Gross. No idea who this would be. Rocco DiSpirito? Or is he the gay chef? I don’t remember. But he is pretty terrible so I wouldn’t be surprised. Or does the picture of the cheeseburger mean that the chef is white? And the double patty? Suggesting the chef is large in size? And what’s that yellow in the middle? Cheese? If so, why is that slice and the slice towards the top melted but the bottom slice is still in a perfect slice? Am I reading too much into this? Is it possible to read too much into a blind item? Haha.

    • EastlakeGirl says

      First of all, the stuff that looks like melted cheese is actually sauce oozing out and down the burger. Secondly, if you look at the top patty, there is a piece of unmelted cheese sticking out there as well, and Third….you are reading WAY too much into the burger. LOL

  10. mugofmead111 says

    Guy Fieri came to mind right away because he’s known for his “donkey sauce”. He’s married, right?

  11. MikeInSanJose says

    The burger makes me think of a diner, which brings me to Guy Fieri. I wonder if that’s how he gets his own hair to be all spikey all the time…

    On second thought… I REALLY don’t want to know…

  12. jennak says

    And he doesn’t just do it to his “sleeping conquests” – I know of one poor lady who stayed at his house, in a spare room, who woke up to find him doing this.

  13. bec215 says

    Viscerally I imagine this is Guy Fieri, just because he has a douchey-dorky thing going, but I couldn’t find any relationship between him and big macs, special sauce, etc…. It would be pretty funny if this were Jamie Oliver, considering his long campaign against McDonalds – but the fact that he is known for his burgers AND that campaign lead me to wonder if it’s him…

    • channel orange says

      I logger in just to tell you how much this answer made me laugh! Also, wouldn’t mind if Curtis put nutrients or whatever he wants in my hair, lol. My guess is Bobby Flay!

  14. wfreshie says

    it’s a british site,and that looks like me,lted plastic in the middle of the burger…. and just the other day I read that a chef is suing ramsey,,,the poor guy saved for the trip of a lifetime stayed at the british hotel and ate in ramseys restraunt there.

    he had a hamburger , it had some kind of plastic in it, the guy cut his tongue badly had to have surgery…suing ramsey for total loss of taste

  15. Mrs Boaz says

    Ace…is it ok to declare this person is a Nasty Arse Cretin? Oh, ok thanks..I knew you’d agree! :-o)

  16. bruinsgal says

    Gordon Ramsay? He’s the first one who I thought of but something else tells me it’s not him. Anyway, that’s disgusting. I’m pretty sure that it amounts to sexual assault.

  17. seattlegirl says

    Oh, and, um, ewww. I don’t want my BF jacking off into my hair, let alone a random stranger- *while I’m sleeping*. SMH.

  18. RexDeus says

    Popbitch is a UK site. Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay are unknown over here, so unlikely to be one of them.

    James Martin is a great guess (above) though.

  19. 1nski says

    Guy Fieri – he is the only chef that eats mostly diner food, hence the image of the hamburger.

  20. Steph3965 says

    I can totally see Anthony Bourdain doing this. In fact, as I read it over again, all I saw was him, his stupid earring, and that smirk that compliments that condescending tone of his. Oh, and the tan lines! LOL