Karma Hits Rip Off Producer

dr dre 1[Hollywood Street King] He’s a revered music producer, reported to have ripped off a long list of recording artists. Sources say that’s why it was nothing but our blind item subject’s own Karma when he became a New Jack con victim.

Don’t believe me… Just ask self-proclaimed real estate guru Troy Titus.

Dr Dre recently joined forces with our blind item subject and his Street crew — performing together on a pre-Grammy stage. No Diggity! He may be striving to stay relevant, but there’s one thing this Guy doesn’t want you to know the most. He’s a flaming queen! Don’t believe me… Just ask Chauncey.

Here’s the drop: “Years ago, me and two of my girlfriends went to a party at his place in Virginia Beach. The spot was dope… black marble floors everywhere. I looked around the room and it was a bunch of dudes. One of them was even wearing a neck choker! So I made it a point to observe him more. Now I know a queen when I see one, and I saw a flaming queen in that man. Those dudes were about dudes… and me and my girls stay Tens. Him and all his crew are a bunch of f*gs.” All he really wants to do is is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom in a boom-boom.

Now, can you guess the Harlem rump-shaker I’m talking about?


BG Note: “me and my girls stay Tens” = on a hotness scale of 1-10, they’re 10s.

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  1. dcbroome says

    Definitely has to be Jay-Z. Pic looks like him, too. That’s why he and Beyonce put on such a lovey-dovey show at the Grammys.

    • What Had Happened Was ... says

      “Pic looks like him, too”?

      You realize that picture is Dr. Dre, right?


    • Quanah says

      Jay-Z is not a producer. Jay-Z is not from the New Jack era. Jay-Z was not in Guy.

      This is Teddy Riley.

    • niesey2927 says

      That’s Dr. Dre in the picture. Jay Z wasn’t involved in New Jack Swing era & he’s not the answer to every single blind. Teddy Riley & Guy/ Blackstreet did the song “Rum Shaker” with lyrics “no digity no doubt. “

    • Cinzia says

      Even if it’s not JayZ, that fake show of affection was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen lol

  2. whowassheilahgraham says

    P. Diddy performed at Dr. Dre’s pre-show. He’s a producer who was born in Harlem. Are all rappers gay?

  3. TheBinch says

    Teddy Rileys. “Rump Shaker” always sounded to me like a remake of “Ain’t no Half Steppin’.” by Big Daddy Kanes.

  4. pillowpants says

    Producer: Teddy Riley.
    Born in Harlem. Produced No Diggity with Blackstreet featuring Dr. Dre which was produced at Future Recording Studios, Virginia Beach, VA.

  5. classybgyrl says

    Def Teddy Riley, “Chauncey” was one of the members of Blackstreet and he and Riley went to court over money back in the early 2000’s.

  6. quicklike says

    It’s not Pharell, check his wiki article, Through working with Riley, Williams went on to write a verse and help produce for Wreckx-N-Effect’s 1992 hit “Rump Shaker”.[12] That same year, he also performed a small rap solo on SWV’s second hit, “Right Here (UK Remix)”.

    It’s Teddy, Pharell was basically mentored by Teddy but Pharell isn’t a name you’d associate with that whole new jack thing.

  7. ClosetOrganizer says

    Teddy Riley (big hints: “No Diggity”, his groups BlackStreet and Guy, “New Jack” Swing heavyweight)