The Secret Tattoo

tattoo parlor[Blind Gossip] This male entertainer has several tattoos. The ones that are visible are rather easily explained. However, there is one that is NOT visible that may say a lot about how he is feeling!

This tattoo is located on a part of his body that is covered by a swimsuit. This tattoo is rather small compared to his other tattoos, and the content is very simple. It is a single letter. It is not one of his initials, nor is it the initial of anyone in his family or any girl he has dated.

Whose initial is it? Well, it does match up to one of the initials of a guy he once dated! Since he got the tattoo fairly recently, it may be a very good sign that he is serious about getting back together with him!


Ex Boyfriend:

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  1. Iva says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles
    Ex Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson
    Tattoos – the biggest Larry proofs.
    He’s definitely never ever getting back together with Taylor now.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Hmmm…according to a recent Blind Miss T. (iff it was her) was seen at an awards after party hitting up yet another potential gay BF. She’s so young! I hope she has some hot blooded straight (or at least Bi) young males on the side while she keeps growing that Beard.

  2. laarryfan says

    Oh God,
    Entertainer: Harry Styles
    Ex Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson

    I hope the last sentence of the article is about to be true !

  3. mariaj says

    i guess you may make a Luis-Harry category of their own, since it seems they take a lot of this space?;)

  4. VinylDestination says

    Ugh!! I seriously was going through some BG withdrawal this weekend!!!!

    Entertainer: Ricky Martin
    Ex Boyfriend: Carlos Gonzalez Abella

  5. creeping_thistle says

    So Harry Styles has a L or a T where the sun doesn’t shine? How surprising………..

  6. DannyM says

    I’m going to guess this is Harry Styles maybe? But I could be entirely wrong. I just know he and Louis are probably the names on everyone’s lips.

  7. sal says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles

    Ex Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson

    The headline caught my attention. There’s a song called “Does He Know?” on 1Ds new album and on that song Harry sings “Your secret tattoo”

    Just come out already!

  8. jenn1126 says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles
    Ex boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson

    I hope this is true, larry stylinson forever!!

  9. sparklouiss says

    i guess this is one of that kind of bg where all the comments say the same but it’s not their guess.
    Whatever, the entertainer is harry styles because his multiple tattoos and the ex boyfriend has to be louis tomlinson of course
    but they haven’t broke up actually
    they still togheter
    and they both are entertainers but styles gets more media attention than his bandmates so… ?
    Also i think it’s about harry styles because his tattoos haven’t been explained that much “it’s just a boat” “two little birdies” etc etc

  10. ravenglass says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles

    Ex Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson

    Just Louis’ initials? From what we’ve read about Harry, he could fit Louis’ first, middle, & last name down there!!!

  11. maryjackson says

    I think it’s Harry Styles, with Louis Tomlinson. He recently got more tattoos.

  12. Kerouac says

    Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?
    Clues: They both have several tattoos, plus the fact that “he is serious about getting back together with him”, which clearly quotes Swift.

  13. alexxxess says


    I think there would actually be a positive reaction from 1D fans & they would just obsess over them even more

    • LeahLynn28 says

      Most 1D fans already know Harry and Louis are gay and dated.They don’t need to hide their sexuality anymore…Modest is doing a lame job by forcing them to “date” girls when they clearly like men,and each other.And i still don’t understand why the media insists in wondering if Harry and that Jenner kid are “closer”.He’s gay and they don’t like each other.They will NEVER be closer,have sex,marry,have kids,nor be happy together,that’s a fact.Everybody knows Harry is gay.Come out of the closet and be happy with Louis,Harry!Forget Modest and their PR Stunts relationships for publicity…ignore them.

  14. gossipalooza says

    I’m going to go with Harry Styles? He already has letter tattoos for his mum and sister so he may get one for another special person in his life. Plus I don’t think any of his ex gf’s names start with an L.

  15. Visha says

    Since this site points a lot to the One Directioners I will go with Harry Styles and the ex is Louise Tomlinson. Are we talking about a tattoo on his nether regions here?

  16. Stylinson69 says

    At first I thought it was about Louis and Harry but theyve NEVER broke up and acording to you they are still separated so no because no.
    I think it is them and Harry have the tatto but NO THEY ARE TOGETHER NOT APART so no ex.

  17. whowassheilahgraham says

    Entertainer: Adam Levine
    Boyfriend: Blake Shelton

    Levine has the tattoos, and “swimsuit” is a clue because he’s date a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Levine and Shelton send each other interesting gifts.

  18. LeahLynn28 says

    Harry Styles and Louis.The other day the media showed a pic of Harry showing all his tats…when i first read this blind,that photo came instantly into my mind.
    If this tat means Harry and Louis will get back together one day,good for them.But first they have to solve that cheating problem…

  19. arskamee says

    Definitely Harry and Louis.

    Lots of buzz going around about matching tattoos and whatnot, and they’re the first two that came into my mind when reading this blind.

  20. clara says

    Nice one. You do realise that H’s next tattoo will now be Louis’ initials on his penis, right? Thank you very much for giving him ideas like that… You should know by now that he is crazy enough to actually get a tattoo like that.

  21. gluebear says

    Entertainer: Louis Tomlinson
    Ex: Harry Styles
    Wasn’t there some photo from a tattoo parlor with what was supposedly his feet in it?

  22. sheiselectric says

    It’s obviously Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The real question is: where’s the L ass or dick?

  23. clara says

    BTW, if he really did get this tattoo, then this was an annoying way to spill the secret (to Louis),

  24. kandeestyles19 says

    Even though I don’t think they broke up, this does seem like Harry and Louis…

    The tattoos that are visible are easily explained (his tattoos clearly portray to Louis)

    This tattoo is located on a part of his body that is covered by a swimsuit (Harry was recently seen at a pool idk)

    It is not one of his initials, nor is it the initial of anyone in his family or any girl he has dated (he has an A for his mom and a G for his sister)

    Well, it does match up to one of the initials of a guy he once dated (BG made a bunch of articles “portraying” to Larry saying that they broke up but were gonna get back together)

    But even with that, it might not be about them. Louis is an entertainer too so would they just say “ex-bf”? Ugh as much as I think that Harry and Louis are in love, I can’t imagine the pressure that they are under and maybe they couldn’t handle it? Who knows, but if this is about them, I hope that they will get back together soon! :)

  25. dizzyblondebabe138 says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles
    Ex Boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson
    Isn’t the title a clue because in 1D’s song “Does He Know” the lyrics are “your secret tattoo”?

  26. Elfe_345 says

    I don’t want to believe it’s about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, like come on, there are other people. Plus, ‘Entertainer’ should not be the exact world to describe Harry Styles… Errrr.
    Plus2: Harry and Louis haven’t broken, DUH!

    But I’m looking forward seeing some solved items about Larry, Ace. Come on, add spice to my boring days of study.

  27. IcanC says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles
    Boyfriend/Soulmate/Husband: Louis Tomlinson

    Louis and Harry are NOT broken up. The only way Ex boyfriend is true is because Louis is now Harry’s husband.

    Harry is Louis’ baby and the MULTIPLE permanent couples tattoos they have been getting since 2012 make that OBVIOUS to anyone with eyes. Just this week Harry got an anchor to match Louis’ rope.

    A permanently etched tattoo in an private intimate area is a sign of commitment not broken up.

  28. ClosetOrganizer says

    Based on the number of blinds allegedly referring to Larry Stylinson (allegedly b/c they haven’t been verified by the boys in question), I’m gonna say Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

  29. chicagourl says

    Entertainer: Harry Styles
    Ex boyfriend: Louis Tomlinson
    I don’t think they ever broke up though. They both have a bunch of matching tattoos, Harry had a tattoo on his chest of a banner that said love in it then covered it weeks later with the 2 birds which look a lot like him and Louis(eye brows and size.) It looks like Harry has a tattoo on his finger too that he covers with a ring that kinda looks like an ‘L’. This all coming from a Larry shipper

  30. beforewedie says

    Oh, lord. If this is Harry and Louis… They’ve been together for quite some time. Plus it’s odd to highlight the fact of an L (the story taken by a fan fic by the way, but I’m sure Ace has a good source on this one…) when H and L shares a buckloud of sea-related tattoos from earlier on. But yeah. Worth the post, I guess. X

  31. says

    Even if I am almost sure it is them, I am not still happy about this. I could rather hear nothing about Larry than hear this. Because EX-BOYFRIEND. EX. So it means like they have broken up or something and that earlier skiing article from 2013… oh my god no. This cannot be happening.