What Her Oscar Failure Really Cost Her

oscar 1[Blind Gossip] The Oscars may be over, but there is one celeb who just can’t seem to get over being passed over!

She thought she was a shoe-in for a nomination. She thought she was a shoe-in for a win. However, the Oscar voters simply passed her by.

Most professional actresses would shrug it off.  After all, a professional actress can expect to play fifty or more roles over her career, and understands that you need to have a “You win some, you lose some” attitude when it comes to nominations for major awards.

However, this woman put her ego in front of everything to take this role. She completely neglected her primary career (which was not going well), thinking that it would be her crowning achievement. Instead she is coming to the realization that she is no longer the queen of anything. Her selfishness absolutely infuriated those who depend on her, and cost her millions of dollars and the respect of the people who work for her. She is now throwing herself back into her primary career, but she is incredibly depressed that she is not winning in any area of her life right now. Does Prozac come in the large economy size?

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  1. SouthJerseyGirl says

    This blind screams Oprah Winfrey. Clues being ego (she is known for her huge ego); neglected her primary career (OWN Network); no longer queen of anything (she was known for being the Queen of Daytime TV); large economy size (her weight).

  2. ValleyOfTheGalls says

    Oprah. She wasn’t nominated for The Butler. The one-time “Queen of TV” loves shoes and her OWN network isn’t doing very well. I mean, anyone who is relying on Lindsey Lohan to boost their ratings has to be desperate…and delusional.

    • PandoraWolf says

      TRUE THAT. Adding a Lindsey show is like a “star” going on to do reality TV–your career is now SHIT and you weren’t financially savvy enough to save some cash when the going was good.

      Could any of us (presumably not the 1%) even FATHOM if O went bankrupt?

  3. sugarbread says

    easy peasy
    oprah the butler- ignored OWN
    fired kevin huvane because it’s always someone else’s fault
    HUmble pie is probably the only dessert she won’t eat in public!!

  4. modelle18 says

    Oprah Winfrey – her primary role being Talk Show Queen and running OWN which has been struggling (although I would much rather watch that then have the other networks out there) and being passed over for her role

  5. rockbeatspaper says


    Primary career = Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)
    Queen of anything = Queen of daytime TV

  6. CoCoJoe says

    Oprah. Does she even have an acting background? She won an Oscar first time out, but is she trained? experienced? She’s no Cate Blanchett or Judy Dench.

    • ravenglass says

      Now she’s relying on “Lindsay” to boost OWN’s ratings. Well, good luck. Watching that show is as much fun as watching a beloved pet being put to sleep.


    The person has to be Oprah Winfrey for the butler.

    Clue one: Queen of. She used to be the queen of daytime.

    Clue two: Her primary career (which was not going well). Which is being a talk show host and a media all rounder and her OWN network has only just started to do well.

    Clue three: She is now throwing herself back into her primary career. She has just launched OPRAH PRIME, which replaces the old name of the show which was, oprahs next chapter, also the new LINDSAY documentary.

    The only this is the Prozac bit, unless we have just never known about her using Prozac.

  8. Pinky310 says

    Lady Gaga??? She was at the Oscars for god only knows what and ArtPop didn’t do so well and the record label considered dropping her because they lost out on millions making and promoting her album and it went nowhere. She went toooo Art Deco that’s why her manager quit too.

  9. pmburk says

    Oprah. Lots of media outlets reported her as being ‘snubbed’ for a nom this time around, her show has been off the air for a while, and the OWN Network is struggling.

    Also, last February there was a blind that was “solved” as Oprah: ” But she is so desperate for an ego boost that she has instead decided to take a part in a completely unrelated film project in which she thinks she has a better chance of succeeding. Those who have invested heavily in her first project are so stunned by her selfishness that they are vowing to never work with her again.”

  10. wryter says

    I’m gonna go with Oprah. She seems really narcissistic and she isn’t a professional actress anymore. Plus, she isn’t the “queen” of television that she used to be, and her OWN network is struggling. Therefore, the Worst Ego goes to… Oprah Winfrey

  11. anonymouse says

    That’s an easy one, Oprah. That said, she is Oprah and this downturn is just a season. Hopefully she will reconnect to her spirit and find purpose again in using her gifts to help others as opposed to herself. She knows what to do.