Near Hysterics Over News

girl upsetBONUS CLUE!
[Blind Gossip] This young star was at a party in December when she excused herself to another room to take a very important phone call. What could be so urgent as to pull herself away from the fun? She was checking on the results of an official pregnancy test!

This girl was near hysterics during the call: Wailing about what she should do, how her celebrity boyfriend would react (and no, we don’t know if he was the father or not), and how this was going to affect her upcoming project!

She was especially concerned about keeping the story quiet… but was loudly crying and shouting into the phone while saying this (She really should have a little chat with Taylor Swift about the effectiveness of the “magic invisibility shield“!). She immediately fled the party, leaving her boyfriend behind, and speeding away in her car.

We’ve been holding on to this story for a few weeks, waiting to see the outcome. Would she keep the baby and cancel the project, or cancel the baby and keep the project?

We now know the result. She took a few weeks off to “take care of this” and to get her head together. End result? No baby, and she is now back to work and pretending like nothing ever happened.

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BONUS CLUE: Lots of you guessed that this one was about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Although Selena and Biebs also had lots of drama going on around that time, this blind item is not about either of them.

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208 comments to Near Hysterics Over News

  • CanaryCry

    Katy Perry?
    The Jenner sister who was dating Harry Styles?

    • srw27

      HAHAH! You are assuming Harry & Kendall hooked up…he’s not interested in v*gina, dear 😀

    • stanton

      Excuse me this is why abortions should remain legal. So someone had a lapse of judgement ITS NOT ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS if she aborts the mistake. Teen mothers should be a thing of the past. Yes we have birth control but it not easily available. Some drug stores in the BIBLE BELT REFUSE to fill Birth control prescriptions to a single woman. So its not very easy as you think. Pull your head out of the sand. There is a war aginst women going on. IF you do nothing expect nothing.

      • Thoradore

        You, obviously, need help dealing with the “mistakes” of your past. An abortion is a mistake. A baby is not. Good luck with your anger and numerous other “issues.”

  • iknewit

    Demi lovato. She has a tour coming up

  • sidhu105

    Selina Gomez!

    • stanton

      That is why we have abortions. An unplanned pregnancy can be taken care of. I don’t give a “F” what you pro-life people think. If you don’t “believe in abortions” then don’t have one but keep them safe and legal for those who do. The abortion is none of your business. This world would be much better off without children having children. Right wing people need to Let sex education be taught is schools and please abstinence teaching sex abstinence from sex DOESN’T WORK & never will. Parents MUST talk about sex & sexuality to their children without making a big deal out of it. If you can’t talk about sex and sexuality to your child then your still too immature to have one!

      • mizzavrid

        Stanton, I COULDN’T have said it any better. Run for office.

      • stanton

        That is why we have abortions. An unplanned pregnancy can be taken care of. I don’t give a “F” what you pro-life people think. If you don’t “believe in abortions” then don’t have one but keep them safe and legal for those who do. A neighbors abortion is none of your business. This world would 100X better off without children having children. Right wing people need to Let sex education be taught is schools! Teaching sex abstinence DOESN’T WORK & never will. Parents MUST talk about sex & sexuality to their children without making a big deal out of it. If you can’t talk about sex and sexuality to your child then your still too immature to have one!

      • PIncorrect

        No. She had an abortion because she’s IRRESPONSIBLE. She just killed her kid. Funny how it’s a baby when Chelsea’s pregnant. This case? Not so much. That said, keep it legal. I have no problem with that. I do, however, have a problem being FORCED to pay for other people’s abortions via taxation. That’s theft, etc. YOU want to fund them legally, go ahead. There is no reason why she got “rid” of it except her own selfish career decisions based on this blind. THAT is what’s wrong with this country. NO ONE is responsible for ANYthing.

      • tweety77

        Not the place for it, Stanton!

      • penny1015

        Erm, PIncorrect, you don’t pay for abortions via tax dollars. That’s illegal. Google “Hyde Amendment”.
        Planned Parenthood gets some federal funding in some states but the money doesn’t go to abortions. And they do more to prevent abortions than any other organization via sex education and contraceptive resources.

      • AnotherNic2Remember

        Actually stanton, we have birth control, several different methods of birth control to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Though I, as a so called “Right Winger” believe in a womans right to choose, it disgusts me when men and women are being irresponsible and having unprotected sex, then using abortion as a method of birth control. Quit being a PC bully and attaching labels to people when you really don’t know what they believe. I am so sick of people attacking others because the happen to have different beliefs. Diversity is beautiful and we should be accepting of our differences instead of letting them divide us. Live and let live.

        P.S. How people choose to raise their children is none of your damn business.

      • terry123

        I agree Tweety, its just no fun for the rest of us when folks want to fight politics on Blind Gossip

  • DesertGhost

    If it is Selena Gomez then was the rehab story just a cover? It would make sense since she really would have needed to stay longer in rehab for a cocaine problem.

  • celebiddy

    The picture looks like shailene woodley but i dont think she has a boyfriend. Then i was thinking emma roberts? But evan is her fiance not bf… Vanessa hudgens? Ash benson?

  • brobdingnagian

    Selena Gomez and I don’t think Justin was the father!!

  • thiagauns

    i hope its not demi lovato!!

  • sabrina325

    Demi Lovato?

  • aemish

    In the Relationship Runway Rant, I can see her point because she is right: she DOES look like a slut.

    • Okayeah

      LOL Too true!

    • AR09

      She does, and it seems like she was being honest when she said she wasn’t going to do that again. She’s been single for a record time now, and only hangs out with her millions of celebrity BFFS.

  • nellyboo

    Demi Lavato?

    • nellyboo

      It could be Selena since it said this happened back in Dec. Was she still with Beiber then? She is friends with Taylor Swift too.

  • laurandorder

    No idea, hope she’s okay though.

  • Synapse3

    Taylor herself.

  • tennispeach

    This is too obvious to be Taylor Swift

  • PardonMyNerdity

    Pregnant and now no longer pregnant: Eva Mendes
    Celebrity Boyfriend: Ryan Gosling

  • iocaine

    That could explain why Emma Roberts & Evan Peters got engaged over the holidays.

  • ivy3499

    Jennifer Lawrence?

  • I Am PunkA

    So you’re trying to say that Selena Gomez was really aborting a pregnancy, and not in drug rehab?

    Honestly, not sure which to believe, or sure which was a worse situation. But if it was a pregnancy, glad she spared us from the spawn of Bieber.

  • abarone1604

    Selena Gomez

  • kingharolds

    …Just going on a whim here and saying Barbara Palvin? I remember there was a blind about how she was sleeping with someone that wasn’t the boyfriend? The boyfriend being Niall Horan. Also the “N” in near could in reference to Niall, and the “H” to Horan?

  • Virginia

    Kendall Jenner?

  • sweetangelz77

    Jennifer Lawrence?

  • Stephanie

    Selena Gomez

  • MissNormaDesmond

    I am at a loss. Eva Mendes?

  • Beth

    It pains me to say this, but this sounds like Demi Lovato. She was pictured leaving a restaurant crying and speeding away, whilst her boyfriend, wilmer Valderrama was still there.
    She took January off and is currently on tour.

  • hereiam

    Kendall Jenner!!!

  • haley1020

    demi lovato?

  • superbity

    Selena Gomez. Good friends with Taylor Swift, and has an upcoming tour.

  • whitesox23

    Oh my please don’t tell me that this is about Selena….. If it is then double oh my. Since supposedly she was using numerous drugs and went to rehab for that…..I hope that none of these BG’s are true…

  • DelilaMars

    Demi Lovato.

  • Andreinac13

    Selena Gomez. If this is true it’s sad.

  • BonBons

    selena gomez

  • jennlynn

    Selena Gomez… is my guess

  • mugofmead111

    Selena Gomez? Was that part of what trigger the detour to rehab?

    Demi Lovato? She’s on tour now.(Project)

  • srw27

    I don’t know but the pic looks like Demi Lovato…

  • LC_Says

    I think this could be Demi Lavato but I can’t pick up on any of the clues…..

  • zooter

    Selena Gomez

  • Asian Persuasion with Picante

    Selena Gomez?

  • latinstrezz

    Selena Gomez

  • janepublic

    Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop or Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler?

  • jersey6332

    vanessa hudgens? she had to promote gimme shelter

  • Warrior1461

    I’m thinking this is either Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato, or most likely Miley Cyrus (you know just being miley). But we do know Demi and Selena just recently took “breaks” from their schedules. For Selena it was rehab, but she does not have any steady BF, except for the recent stint with beiber. Demi does have Wilmer who just reeks of sleaze, but I heard he prefers the backdoor to prevent just an issue.

    Since this is related to the Swift-Styles breakup, could it be The Jenner (cant tell them apart) and Harry Styles.

  • jersey6332

    maybe demi lovato? she had a month off and now she’s on her neon lights tour

  • emgene

    Selena Gomez

  • MsJennyR

    Selena Gomez?

  • jrgig

    Selena Gomez?

  • Ms_Kiki

    Selena Gomez

  • stolidog

    Is there an actual “decent” Disney Princess? Selena Gomez. Disney must really do a number on them.

  • p00dle

    I’d say Selena, but she wasn’t pictured with Bieber until jan. So maybe Demi Lovato? Her and Wilmer were seen out together a lot in december and she went on a month long vacation in january(there were no paparazzi pictures of her though, only the ones she posted) before she started her new tour which kicked off this week. So maybe its her?

  • BitterBlondin

    Well, good for her. Better than another unwanted child.

  • frog780913

    OOOOooooOOOOO – T. Swift??

  • kitteekat

    Chloe Grace moretz?

  • HmmLetMeSee

    Kendall Jenner

    • LeahLynn28

      The relationship is fake.If there was a chance of Kendall getting pregnant,Harry would never be the father.He’s gay.

      • HmmLetMeSee

        “Wailing about what she should do, how her celebrity boyfriend would react (and no, we don’t know if he was the father or not)”

        Which is why I stand by the guess. :)

    • PandoraWolf

      I like this, since if it WERE her and she was publicly found out to be pregant, Harry Styles would have to either A/suck it up and “admit” to knocking her up, or B/shout from the rooftops how it’s impossible since he likes the peen, too.

      Of course Mama Kris would use this as excuse to get a few more seasons out of the show. She makes Dina Lohan look freaking respectable. And that’s pretty damn awful.

  • KWDragon

    I don’t know if the timeline fits, but what about Kristin Stewart? The hands in the hair in the picture reminds me of her infamous gesture, and she just released some weird poetry or something, didn’t she?

    In lieu of a better answer, I’ll go with K-Stew.

  • lakelady

    The picture looks like Kristen Stewart but that can’t be correct. So I’m thinking Demi Lovato….but I am confused as to how Taylor Swift is related in the story…I’m confused!!

  • MizGrandma

    Selena Gomez

  • JaneDawson

    Who else but Selena Gomez…with Bieber as the bf and Lil Romeo as the potential daddy.

    I’m having a hard time having sympathy for her, considering Bieber was about 15 when they started hooking up.

    Hopefully she’ll get her shit together. but I doubt it if she hanging with Bieber and the walking mini bar Katy Perry.

  • Ziam_Larry01

    It’s more a guess but maybe just maybe … Selena Gomez? I don’t really know how the Relationship Runway Rant Blind Gossip is realted to this one but maybe just because Taylor? That’s why I thought Selena Gomez. She is close to Selena and the baby thing would maybe explain the whole stories with Bieber, the Lupus story the whole rehab story, her cancelled tour to distract from everything else

  • Visha

    Selena Gomez?

  • LeahLynn28

    Demi Lovato?She’s dating that nasty guy…if that’s her,i have to say she took a good decision.Wilmer is a loser and gross.She would be better off without him,but she’s an adult…
    Selena was seen with Bieber again only in January(for publicity) after months away,and then disappeared again after he was arrested.He is prom*scuous and gets hookers and strippers,why would she have sex with him?Nobody would.

  • yourOLLG

    Just a friendly reminder that BG solved the article about selena being in rehab because of a mixture of drugs and alcohol so I actually don’t think she is the star here. I’m going with Barbara palvin or demi lovato…

  • yourOLLG

    Or maybe Kendall Jenner because of the link to the article about Taylor and Harry….

  • up2trouble

    I was thinking Taylor until I kept reading. I’m going with Selena Gomez.

    • up2trouble

      I’m thinking this may be tied to Recent rehab – Selena – check; Stalemated career – Selena – check; bad choices – Selena – check. I don’t think she is prostituting, but one person guessed a casting couch. That would help to explain this blind.

  • Molls

    Selena Gomez.

  • elle23

    It can’t be Demi Lovato as she avoids parties to stay sober. So it’s properly someone completely unexpected to be honest.

  • smilingx

    I know this is really, really off but I want to say Barbara Palvin (I don’t even know why,) but I suspect Selena Gomez because of the hints it gave about magic and such. God, if it’s true she killed an innocent child, I will never be a fan again.

  • chandler02

    Just throwing this out there because the photo looks so much like her…Kristen Stewart? There were photos with her and Rob this winter, but then they stopped? Wasn’t there some kind of invisable shield thing in the last Twilight book?

  • Mackintosh

    Sarah Hyland

  • coronamama

    Demi lovato. No way it is Selena

  • WildChildCandy

    I really dont know what he sees in her

  • lonz

    Honestly have no clue if it’s Selena or Demi, if Selena then I’ve truly completely lost track of her story what with the rehab and cocaine and everything because it seems like that was the cause of her cancellation of events on her schedule, and also she and JB weren’t really committed.. but I’m leaning toward Demi honestly. She needs to end it with Wilmer before she spirals out of control again, shit like this isn’t going to make her life easier

  • annabelle77

    Sounds like Demi Lovato. I really hope it’s not poor Selena Gomez; she’s the second likely possibility.

  • Gabrielle

    My guess is Demi. She recently went on a “vacation”. I guessed something was up. Also she’s been obsessed with working on her fitness lately which also makes sense.

  • wendy hood

    Selena Gomez. Dead on twitter for a 19 day period.

  • akajenb

    Selena or demi

  • dontpanik

    Just to be different, I’ll say Rihanna since “take care of this” was in quotes and she was in “Take Care” with Drake. That’s all I’ve got, lol

  • yourOLLG

    Just a friendly reminder that BG solved the article about selena being in rehab because of a mixture of drugs and alcohol so I actually don’t think she is the star here. I’m going with Barbara palvin or demi lovato…

  • YoGo8c

    My GUESS for this would be Selena Gomez over Demi Lovato.

    ‘Young star': she’s 21/22, could have been at parties up to New Year stint in rehab.

    ‘Taylor Swift/Relationship Runway Rant': she’s a close friend of Taylor.

    Boyfriend/baby = ‘Baby’ Bieber hints? ‘Don’t know if he’s the father or not’ they’ve been on and off.

    Rehab stint would coincide with ‘sorting this out’.

    Upcoming project: NEO (Adidas) clothing campaign.

    It fits other young stars too so not forced to be Selena. I’m not judgemental, if this is true, she (whoever she might be) was in a fix and did what she had to do, it’s her responsibility.

  • girli828

    Kristen Stewart… She was in Runaways with Dakota Fanning

    • rtp456

      The picture does look like her. Look at the nose. But she was not a a party with Rob or Rupert at Christmas that we know of. Rob was in England and who knows were Rupert is. So, sounds a little weird, there was a lot of buzz about her being pregnant??????

    • keeley123

      This is totally Kristen Stewart – especially the way she has her hand in her hair. And the blind says “She immediately fled the party, leaving her boyfriend behind, and speeding away in her car” – sounds like ‘running away’ AKA Runaways!

  • mugofmead111

    I’m leaning more toward Demi Lovato than Selena Gomez (poor girl). BG says it’s been sitting on the story for a few weeks. There has been another blind (the one with the laundry metaphor about substance abuse) run about Selena during that time period and this blind doesn’t seem to be linked to the other one at all.

  • smallbite

    Selena could have had an abortion and was being treated in drug rehab. Both activities can occur during the same timeframe.

  • chicagourl

    I’m thinking either Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez they both took time off. Selena’s stay in rehab was really short they usually have to stay longer for drug use

  • FandomConfused

    ganna have to go with selena gomez damn

  • j40kd

    Demi Lovato. And could the baby daddy be… Simon Cowell? they were always so flirty with each other, lots of sexual tension and then at the end of the season in december it seemed there was a change in their relationship, they started acting awfully strange and awkward around each other. And now she’s avoiding all questions about him and the x factor in interviews, even when fans ask her. And we all know how stable her relationship with Wilmer is… there must be something we don’t know there.

    • ToadKisser

      WOW – IMPRESSIVE!! You nailed it way back in February without the benefit of all the big clues. You win!!! Ace, I think j40kd deserves some ice cream or something…

    • mugofmead111

      wow, it looks like you were on to something way before that other blind from this week came out.

      so, did simon (allegedly) accidentally knock up demi before or after he knock up lauren silverman?

    • jillphelps41

      Way to go! I bet you are 100% right on this one. You nailed it! I’m impressed!!

  • becrules4

    I thinks its Demi Lovato and here are the reasons why:
    “This young star was at a party in december” – She’s young (21) and she went to her Nylon Cover party on December 19 where her boyfriend (Wilmer Valderrama).
    “How her celebrity boyfriend would react (and no, we don’t know if he was the father or not)- She’s dating Wilmer Valderrama and although he isn’t a huge celebrity, he is still quite well known and for that part about not knowing if he was the father or not, For some reason i think it could have been Simon Cowell’s baby.
    “How this was going to affect her upcoming project”- She announced she was going on ‘The Neon Lights Tour’ and made a big deal about it so i’m guessing this was the thing that she was worried about and it was super important to her cuz she hasn’t toured because of The X Factor USA
    “Speeding away in her car”- She has a white Mercedes and their is a video where she going REALLY fast away from a big building (and she was along)
    “She took a few weeks off to “take care of this” and to get her head together”- in January she went on a vacation and that could have been the time where she “took care of it” and then relaxed a bit before starting to prep for her tour and she also has been tweeting about going to the gym and working out ALOT lately.
    “Now she is back to work pretending like nothing happened”- She kicked off her tour and is acting super happy
    The last thing i could think of as proof is a picture where Paulina Rubio (co-judge on The X Factor USA with Demi) has her hand right on Demi’s stomach where a baby bump would be.

    • anewthing

      You convinced me! I vote Demi Lovato. Was gonna go with Miley at first, but the clues were difficult to crack, and what you said makes sense. A+ for all the research too!! haha!

  • gingerrachet

    Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield
    extremely private couple and many upcoming projects!

  • galaxyandstars

    With the recent series finale of her show on OWN, I’m thinking Lindsay Lohan… I find it hard to believe she had a miscarriage and after 2 weeks appears “healed”.

  • Lovatic19

    Is this Demi or not?

  • tigerlilly

    Demi Lovato / Simon Cowell (lover) / Wilmer Valderama (bf)

  • ashanean

    Demi Lovato

  • Ztyme

    Demi Lovato

  • Versace

    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult?

  • feijoesmagicos

    Maybe Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik? There were some pregnancy rumours some months ago, and Little Mix just released a new album and is starting the new tour this month.

  • True007

    Since there was a BI speculated to be about Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell a couple of days ago, my guess is them.

  • minx

    I think it’s Demi Lovato and scummy Wilmer.

  • Versace

    Wait noo I think its Lindsay Lohan and her whole “miscarriage” thing.

    • mugofmead111

      many people doubted lindsay was pregnant (at that point) in the first place.

      if she were pregnant after all, i think she had an abortion rather than a “miscarriage”.

  • Ms Min Pin

    I just read that Demi Lavato was (until recently) hooking up with Simon Cowell (until his other lady friend ended up pregnant). This said she wasn’t sure whose baby it was. Toss up between Simon & Wilmer. Neither one of those dudes would want to hear about THAT mess.

  • babz

    Ariana Grande?

  • wildchild13

    If it’s Demi, father could’ve been simon cowell
    Apparently they had affair, which ended when he got OTher baby mama pergola
    She quit X factor