Near Hysterics Over News

girl upsetBONUS CLUE!
[Blind Gossip] This young star was at a party in December when she excused herself to another room to take a very important phone call. What could be so urgent as to pull herself away from the fun? She was checking on the results of an official pregnancy test!

This girl was near hysterics during the call: Wailing about what she should do, how her celebrity boyfriend would react (and no, we don’t know if he was the father or not), and how this was going to affect her upcoming project!

She was especially concerned about keeping the story quiet… but was loudly crying and shouting into the phone while saying this (She really should have a little chat with Taylor Swift about the effectiveness of the “magic invisibility shield“!). She immediately fled the party, leaving her boyfriend behind, and speeding away in her car.

We’ve been holding on to this story for a few weeks, waiting to see the outcome. Would she keep the baby and cancel the project, or cancel the baby and keep the project?

We now know the result. She took a few weeks off to “take care of this” and to get her head together. End result? No baby, and she is now back to work and pretending like nothing ever happened.

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BONUS CLUE: Lots of you guessed that this one was about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Although Selena and Biebs also had lots of drama going on around that time, this blind item is not about either of them.

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