Staying At Home Isn’t Working

woman home[Blind Gossip] This girl was at the top of her game just a couple of few years ago. However, she is hardly working at all now, and it’s creating major problems in her relationship with her celebrity husband.

With her friends, she keeps privately comparing her acting career to Jennifer Lawrence, and is not at all happy that she is not measuring up. Lawrence did three films in 2013, has eight in production, and a couple in development. Score: Jennifer Lawrence 13, Our Actress 1. Ouch.

We don’t know if it was originally his idea or her idea to stay home while he worked, but it’s not helping their relationship. Her husband is working on multiple projects and traveling… and she is home fretting about her career and texting and calling him every five minutes. Lots of tension. Lots of arguments. How long is she going to stay idle? Until her marriage collapses? Her friends tell us that a separation is coming this year if things don’t change.



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