Mommy Is Having An Affair

child crying 3[Sunday People] Which doting mum is having an affair with a very, very handsome showbiz man behind her husband’s back?



Showbiz Man:

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64 comments to Mommy Is Having An Affair

  • KatarinaJ

    doting Mom screams Jennifer Garner to me but Mum is a brit term right?

  • ravenglass

    Wife: Kate Middleton

    Husband: Prince William

    Showbiz Man: ?

    I really hope this isn’t the right answer.

    • McGosling

      i can see her cheating on her husband.. her husband is not very good looking these days.. lol

      • mugofmead111

        and to think there was a time when the media was swooning over wills like he was a teen idol…he seems to have peaked in his teens 😉

    • PinkSlip

      oh please, stop it…Kate having an affair….seriously….everyone KNOWS this blind is about the Queen…

      Poor Philip….

      lol :)

    • LeahLynn28

      Kate Middleton?It’s not a bad guess,but i don’t know if she’s that free to go out alone to cheat on William,whose looks are long gone.When she married William,she married his whole family,their problems and scandals too.She can’t even speak in public without asking for permission,and i heard she’s not very smart.She only does photo ops going to the market sometimes(with security),in fake charities or in official photo ops in fancy “dinners” or premieres.If she cheats on him,she must go out without being noticed,must wear a wig,sunglasses and different clothes…everybody would recognize her.Cheating on the Queen’s grandson is not a good idea…lol

  • Mtlmeee

    This pic reminds me of the one Shakira posted of her and her son last week so I thought this blind was about her. But, she is not married to her baby daddy…

  • sugarbread


  • hellosunshine

    Jennifer Garner? Please say it aint’ so!

    • KatarinaJ

      Please say it IS so! Poor Jennifer! She’s been keeping cheating Ben around through every infidelity. I HOPE she is getting some indulgent fun on the side herself for all his stepping out!

      • MademoiselleRose

        Took the words out of my mouth – I was going to write the same thing. I hope she gets to have some fun too!

  • CatBallou

    Maybe Adele? Figure its a british site and she’s the only famous newer “mum” I can think of outside of Kate Middleton.

  • Synapse3


  • sherlock

    The mother would have to be some celebrity herself to be in the same circle as this handsome man.Which celebrity is known to be a good mother idk Victoria beckham or Holly Willoughby maybe?Who would you class as extremely handsome?She can’t be a doting wife then cheating on her hubby,poor him.

  • Mom2acm

    “MUM” is a UK term so I’m going with Victoria Beckham.

  • NolaNy

    Giada deLaurentis

  • CanaryCry

    Goopy & Chris? Posh & Becks? Michael & CZJ?

    Show biz big shot: no idea.

  • stanton

    Someone from the UK

  • whatnow

    I’m going with they are British because of ‘mum’ and the source.

    It appears to be an infant and not a school age child.

    Kate Winslet? really do not know but feel like I should.

  • Elisa

    I would have guessed Miranda Kerr, if she and Orlando Bloom hadn’t split up.

    (Brits aren’t the only ones who say “Mum.”)

  • OhSoLittleMouse

    Mum does equal British, but the TITLE says MOMMY is having an affair. Hmmm…..

  • OhSoLittleMouse

    Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani,

    Gwyneth with Brad? Ooooohhhhh!

  • css1014

    Claire Danes–does cry face on Homeland–had baby boy
    Husband:Hugh Dancy (british)
    Handsome show biz guy: Rupert Friend–actor, director, writer–also British-her co-star on Homeland

  • CoCoJoe

    Americans don’t use the term, “Mum”? I am Canadian and I think we use both terms interchangeably.

  • hbeach

    I’m thinking Kate Winslet too. Just gave birth so she’d be very attentive to the baby. She doesn’t want her baby to have the father’s (her husband’s) surname, so that could be a sign she doesn’t want to stay in the relationship.

    Would love to find out who the very handsome guy is. Becks would fit, but I think Victoria is capable of murdering one or both of them.

    • darcy14

      Kate Winslet is a good guess and wasn’t there an Article about her somewhere where she said she doesn’t have a nanny for her kids?
      Although, IMO, I wouldn’t say her husband was handsome at all.

    • cposter123

      His last name is Rocknroll, which he changed later in life. I believe she just wants her kid to have a fair start – nothing wrong with that. Normally surnames are given so the family name can carry on – but Rocknroll isn’t even his family name.

    • vodianova

      The surname thing isn’t a sign that she doesn’t want to stay in the relationship. It’s a sign that she doesn’t want to pass down that surname. It’s not her husband’s family surname. It wouldn’t make sense if she passed down a surname that her husband chose for HIMSELF. His surname change was a personal decision that has nothing to do with their child. As cposter123 said, she’s giving her child a fair start.

  • awaywithpixie

    Lily Allen. She’s back on the scene, and a doting mummy to her two daughters.

    • sherlock

      I like this guess,i thought she retired to be a full time mother but she’s back and top of the charts.So whose the very handsome chap she’s hooked up with,has she appeared on a show with someone?

  • lily is my puppy

    I think this is yet another blind item about Gwyneth cheating on her man with Jay Z.

    • boyzmom

      Ewww. I wouldn’t call Jay Z “very, very handsome” but I like the Gwyneth guess. Maybe Brad? Or the older Hemsworth?

  • lily is my puppy

    Or maybe this is something sad like Maggie Gyllenhaal cheating on the fabulous Peter Sarsgaard with Richard Geer.

  • Dgirl

    Lily Allen!

  • IAmSage

    Wife: Victoria Beckham

    Husband: David Beckham

    Showbiz Man: George Clooney

  • aclynch1978

    Sienna Miller?

  • PinkG

    My first thought wad Hilary Duff. She is constantly parading her child for the paps.

    • palypal

      I’d say the paps chase her for no reason. I never see her with hot men much less famous hot showbiz guy.

  • allie27

    Very new at this – so here goes

    Wife:Jennifer Garner

    Husband:Ben Affleck

    Showbiz Man: Kevin Costner or Tom Welling

    They did do a movie together Draft Day

  • pineapple

    Reese Witherspoon

  • Mtlmeee

    If she is American, I would say Gisele Bund. She’s always photographed at the park with her kids and also posts a lot of instagram photos with her kids. But I doubt it’s her because she and hubby seem to be very close. never know in Hollyweird..

    • LeahLynn28

      If you mean Gisele Bundchen,she’s brazilian…now if she has an american citizenship,a green card or another thing,i don’t know.

  • sugarbread

    im with the Claire danes / Rupert friend guess
    they are going to be lovers on screen next season of homeland
    she can’t stand her husband unless it’s award season

  • jules524

    peaches geldof?

  • MsJennyR

    I’m thinking Amanda Holden! She has form…

  • funtworead

    Jennifer Garner! She was named “celebrity mum” of the year in post in 2012!

  • DAMage

    Hi, Ace. Longtime reader, first time poster.

    All right, so it’s a UK source that uses the word ‘mum.’ That doesn’t mean that the MOM is English – it just means that one of the two parents is English. And based on previous posts, I think I know who it is.

    Wife: Kate Hudson
    Husband: Matt Bellamy
    Showbiz Man: Guy Berryman, bassist for Coldplay

    This site has run at least one piece, and maybe more, in the past few months suggesting that Kate was already lining up her next man, and considering their use of the word ‘showbiz’ – which also happens to be the name of Muse’s first album – and that a quick Google search of ‘very handsome coldplay’ (I originally thought the other man might be Chris Martin) brought up Berryman’s name over and over again, I can’t help but think it’s them, considering Kate’s penchant for musicians.

    Sorry, Matt.

  • lizt

    I think this could be Abbey Clancy who won Strictly Come Dancing (UK equivalent of Dancing with the Stars). There was a lot of speculation in the UK about her and her very, very handsome partner, Alyasz. She is a doting mum, and her husband is the footballer Peter Crouch who has (allegedly) cheated on her several times and is definitely NOT handsome.

    • sherlock

      After doing some research this was to have been my guess as well.There have been several photos in the press in recent weeks where they have been photographed gazing into one another’s eyes.She is a doting mum to her daughter.

  • kimgee76

    I think it’s Hillary duff.

  • bigapplechick

    Hillary Duff.

  • palypal

    I’m sure most will say her but a woman cheating is not so physically expressive with her hubby.. I’m going with Winslet. That interview was odd and she was ok with giving a kid a crazy first name but not a last? Rocknroll sounds cool at least!