Director Shocked By Actress’ Surprise

director 6[Blind Gossip] This woman is a very famous but not necessarily well-loved celebrity. However, we have an interesting story about her that may change the way you think about her.
She was doing a smaller film a few years ago. It was one of those indie pics with a tight budget. Well, at one point, they went over budget and the director shut down production early for the day.
Our actress was confused by this and asked the director why they couldn’t keep rolling. She thought that things were going well, she was enjoying herself,  and she didn’t want to stop filming. The director confided in her that they were nearly $100,000 short and there was no way he could afford to keep paying everyone on set. They were also going to be shooting a crowd scene the next day, and he was stressed out about a lack of resources to deal with all the extras. The actress was concerned, but left along with the rest of the cast and crew.
That night, she made a paid appearance at a nightclub.
The next day, she came back to the set and handed the director her check for the night. It was larger than the amount he told her that they needed.  She also brought along suitcases packed with enough items from her sizable personal wardrobe to clothe many of the female extras in the crowd scene. The director was both shocked and pleased by her generosity.
While the film did not turn out to be a box office success, this generous celebrity certainly did her part to make sure that it was completed and released!
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  1. Quanah says

    As much as I hate to say this…Kim Kardashian. I’ve never heard that she was mean or a bitch.

    I don’t hate her or anything, I just don’t think she needs to be famous. There are plenty of pretty women who dress cute who aren’t famous. I don’t watch the shows, but I have a subscription to Us Weekly…so that’s basically the shows in print form.

      • kcphilly says

        She has though, in last years Tyler Perry movie Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

      • wendy hood says

        According to, she was in Disaster Movie that was released nationwide, in US theaters, on August 31st, 2008. 25 million estimated budget, 35 million worldwide gross.

      • wfreshie says

        ah contraire…kim was in 2 movies ‘deep in the valley” and “disaster movie”

        neither sound like an indie type movie so must be somneone elsed

      • ThinkerBelle says

        Actually, Kim was just in that Tyler Perry movie, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. That was her big screen debut. She’s been an “actress” on several TV shows but Temptation was her big movie move. She was trashed for it for being wooden, boring and bad. You know, just like her character on Keep Up with the Kardashians.

        I can’t imagine Tyler Perry’s movie having a tight budget especially with that cast. But maybe that cast made it a tight budget. But I also wouldn’t call it an indie film. So maybe not her but I could see her doing it. Especially since I can totally see Kris booking her day and night to pull in that cash.

      • PrettyInPink84 says

        No she was in that Tyler Perry movie, but I don’t believe that’s considered Indie.

      • Loves the Latin Boys says

        Wasn’t she in that Tyler Perry movie? But this sounds like it was before that. I don’t think it’s her either.

    • Booboo1068 says

      KK has never been in an Indie movie. Tyler Perry doesn’t make Indie films so not her.

    • Booboo1068 says

      Here is definition of indie movies by

      An indie movie is an independently produced film with a minimal shooting budget. The producers often must procure all of the financing, which means investing in the film themselves or finding outside backers. The director usually agrees to waive his or her usual union-mandated fee or offers to work for a percentage of the film’s profits, if there are any. Similarly, the writers, production staff and actors involved all agree to work for minimal union scale wages or other compensation.

  2. rosiedoes says

    I was going to say Mariah Carey for Precious, but I’m not sure whether that was considered a box office success – I know it received a lot of acclaim.

    • raslebol says

      you’re right it’s Mariah Carey for Precious (the movie did $ 48 millions at US box office)
      the story is a few different: she gave a concert to help Lee Daniels to pay and finish the filming

      read the NY Times article of 10/25/2009 about Precious and Lee Daniels(the end of the part IV)

    • EastlakeGirl says

      Mariah is the first person I thought of, mainly because I have seen an interview of her in her MASSIVE closet. I think it has several rooms to it, one being the shoe room with over 1,000 pairs. I think that closet was 3,000 sq. ft.

    • PinkSlip says

      She wouldn’t go to a nightclub, she hasn’t got a wardrobe to speak of, she would pay out of her own sizable and generous pocket, and she hasn’t been in any box office flops.

  3. alexaronii says

    Lindsay Lohan.

    Although she may not be well liked by the public and her peers, she is very famous. Who else not well liked would get paid for a nightclub appearance?
    The director’s chair is red, which may represent her hair.

  4. Eyesie says

    I think I remember a story about this a couple of years ago. I believe it was Julia Roberts and she did her own make up too.

      • KatarinaJ says

        When did either one of these women do a nightclub appearance? Doesn’t make sense. Julia or Nicole would just pull out their check books.

      • redstilettos says

        Agree, Katarina. They would just hand over a check if the project was that important. I’m assuming this is an actress that doesn’t have the as-deep-pockets like them.

      • FairyMay9 says

        While I agree with KatarinaJ that it’s not likely to be either of the, I don’t agree that they’d be unwilling to do this kind of kindness. I think it’s more that they just don’t fit the blind.

  5. Bromance1979 says

    Since the blind doesn’t refer to her as an actress, I’m guessing she’s more of a celebrity than actress. Wild guess…

    Paris Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman?

  6. LeahLynn28 says

    Goop?She’s annoying,but i admit,i still don’t hate her.But many people hate her…
    Jennifer Aniston only loves herself,so i don’t think that’s her.She’s not exactly adored either.
    Halle Berry only cares about herself too…her lies and the nasty custodies fights hurt her reputation,and people got angry with her.
    Kristen Stewart is too young…this story happened years ago.
    I’ll still guess Goop.Although all of them are hated,i believe Goop is the most hated.

  7. stolidog says

    The only thing keeping from saying Nicole Kidman is that I would find it difficult to imagine her making a paid appearance at a nightclub. Seems…beneath her

  8. Lindasu says

    Actress: Lindsay Lohan
    Director: Paul Schrader
    Film: Canyons

    The reason for my outlandish guess is I read a personal account by a writer who was with them through the entire shooting. Everything mentioned in this blind is as he wrote it, with the exception of the donation of cash. The amount Paul was over, the crowd scene (possibly the Mall scene where they were shooting live because they couldn’t afford to pay for the mall to close for a few hours). It’s well known that Lindsay always gets paid in cash for her appearances to escape the tax people.

  9. Kelly says

    Natalie Portman while she filmed The Other Woman? Although I can’t imagine her doing nightclub appearances.

  10. DesertGhost says

    Maybe Paris Hilton but not sure which movie since like most people I can’t bother to watch anything she “acts” in.

  11. modelle18 says

    could this be Lindsey Lohan, shes not well liked and she has done an indie flim that bombed didnt she?

    i cant see anyone else making money off a night club appearance… but then again i cant imagine her being selfless and generous. i would be pleasantly surprised if it were here

    • TheBinch says

      This makes a lot of sense to me. There was the crowd scene in which the Senator makes an appearance, and the big fight at the end. But did “Machete” not make a ton of money, if only on video and/or overseas?

    • LeahLynn28 says

      I doubt that’s Lindsay.She’s always broke,she spent the two millions Oprah gave her very fast.I don’t imagine her giving a check to another person,to be honest.She never has money and hangs out with rich men to get money,since she’s unemployed.
      And her last very low-budget movie was recent,not from few years ago.I honestly don’t see her helping people.And even if it was her(which i still doubt),wouldn’t change my mind or impress me anymore.Too late.
      But i can imagine Paris Hilton doing that…she has a lot of money,also makes paid nightclub’s appearances and likes to have fun.I personally don’t like Paris,but i can totally see her doing that.

  12. Fan says

    My first thought was Lindsay Lohan, because not that many actresses make paid nightclub appearances.

  13. MrsTomHardy says

    Actress: Kristen Stewart – famous but not well loved
    Film: On the Road – filming began in 2010, so a few years ago
    Director: Walter Salles

    According to IMDB Trivia, she accepted a salary of less than $200,000 because the film’s budget was drastically cut.

  14. siobhanangela2468 says

    Despite how vague this is, I want to say K. Stew. I dislike her, I won’t lie… but that’s why I thought of her…. It says not-necessarily well-loved. She has also done a TON of indie films, but most disregard that due to the Twilight fame..

    • whitesox23 says

      I agree!!! I was thinking her due to the fact that she is not doing so hot and people complain about her in hollywood as difficult to work with. I heard her latest acting gig was a non speaking role in a commercial.

  15. 3snaps says

    Although not an actress, I feel sure she has done a movie or two..not googling it though so who knows but my guess is Kim Kardashian.

  16. carriebradshaw says

    Paris Hilton? The movie could be “An American Carol” (a flop) directed by David Zucker

  17. PinkG says

    When did K-Pig ever do an indie film? We all know she does not have one generous bone in her body. Besides, if it was her, it would have been all over ROL and filmed for her stupid show.

  18. Heathersmist says

    Jane “Hanoi” Fonda? Peace, Love and Misunderstanding? I like her, but has had many haters for decades.

  19. Mtlmeee says

    I can’t believe this to be Lindsay. She doesn’t have cash to donate and if I remember correctly, everyone that worked with her said never again.

  20. redhead36 says

    I’m surprised at a lot of these guesses.

    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Barbara Streisand
    Katherine Heigl
    Mariah Carey
    Nicole Kidman
    Julia Roberts

    would not do a “nightclub” appearance. They are just too rich/famous.

    It has to been Lohan/Hilton/Stewart. I’m guessing Lohan or Hilton.

  21. Bamadex says

    Another vote for Lindsay Lohan. She, inexplicably, gets paid decent sums to make nightclub appearances.

    And I can see her doing this. In the NY Times article on the filming of The Canyons, she made similar suggestions to Schrader about financing.

  22. petunya says

    Kstew, movie Welcome to the Rileys, or the Runaways. In both movies she dresses a little boyish and rockish like in real life so I could see her donating clothes if needed.

  23. vagabonden says

    I could see Lindsay Lohan doing this and it being the Canyons. She was very desperate to prove she could complete a film at the time, and I could see her pitching in to try to make it work and keep things afloat. Otherwise she would have gotten bad press for “bankrupting” a movie that didn’t even finish.

    She probably actually has her moments where she is a nice girl, but she probably had ulterior motive and incentive to finish the film as well.

  24. NYCAccountant says

    Ace, dear Lord, please SOLVE this for us! I am getting to the point where I really want to feel good about at least ONE person in Hollywood!

    • jonesing says

      I wish we had like buttons because I would click a “like” your way. Seconded, indeed.

  25. DonnaStarla says

    I’m jumping on the Paris Hilton bandwagon with this one. She, Lindsay, and Kim K are the only three that make appearances at nightclubs. Lindsay is always broke, and I don’t think that Kris Jenner would allow Kim to do anything she wasn’t getting a big fat check for. I think that Paris always wanted to be a movie star, but she can’t act. The 100k+ was probably nothing to her at the time, and this “Act of kindness” may have earned her “Executive Producer” credit. So here’s my guess:

    Paris Hilton
    Tom Putnam
    “The Hottie and the Nottie”

  26. leseid2152 says

    The words “completed and released” make me think of Lindsay Lohan “completing” community service and being “released” from prison/jail whatever. No?
    I def could see this being about her on the Canyons. Agree with the red chair alluding to her red hair. Gotta be Lohan. And celebrity instead of actress bc she sings too technically.

  27. safarigirl says

    Anyone who’s thinking Lohan is really out of the loop. The person is a celebrity first, Lohan was an actress first. Lohan would know about budgets and the various reasons why shooting would stop, she’s been acting since childhood and has done other smaller budget films like the one with Jane Fonda. Only a newbie would wonder why they stopped shooting for the day. And thinking lohan is generous? Come on, she’s a klepto and from all reports, is practically a prostitute now. She’s not going to give up whatever money she can dig up. She held up shooting for hours and hours- there’s a letter /report that either the director wrote that revealed all… and it wasn’t good. No way is it lohag. If it’s a celeb, it’s going to be either a singer or a reality person or maybe maybe a model. I’m going with one of teh American idol people – lots of them have been getting parts in movies. I would also think it’s a smaller figured person to be able to share her wardrobe- don’t think some one with a weight issue would bring her clothes. Because it’s a sizable wardrobe, it’s probably someone really rich so maybe scratch the american idol chick. Oh yeah, the hints say she helped promote the movie- lohag definitely did not do that. She refused to go overseas to help promote it – and it took place in Venice or someplace big like that.

  28. kiwis092 says

    This could very well be Paris Hilton. She is extremely famous, yet not really liked.

    I also personally know one of her chauffeurs and he told me she has gotten paid A LOT of money to make appearances in several clubs in the past.

  29. Bamadex says

    OK, safarigirl, your opinion. But others of us aren’t “out of the loop”–the clues point to Lohan.

    Celebrity is the correct term for her these days. She’s mostly known now for her exploits, not her acting.

    She wouldn’t necessarily have done this for purely selfless reasons. She very much wanted this film to be completed and was willing to give (paid) interviews during filming to raise money.

    The release of The Canyons was a non-event; it went directly to pay per view, with few theatrical viewings. She didn’t go to Venice to promote it at Oprah’s request, who thought it was a poor idea.

    If you really think Lohan is overweight, and that extras couldn’t wear her clothes….wow! That’s just bizarre.

  30. denatus says

    Joan Collins (well known but not well liked by all, and she does personal appearances all the time)
    The Clandestine Marriage
    Director Christopher Miles

    Don’t know about filling her suitcases in the middle of the night with corsets and britches but nothing would surprise me…

  31. clarkster says

    This should be simple based on the clues..

    ‘very famous, but not well loved CELEBRITY’ (not actress)
    ‘small indie film a few years ago…. with crowd scenes, that did not end up doing well at box office’
    ‘she made +$100,000 plus with one nightclub appearance’
    ‘had enough wardrobe to help costume the extras’

    This is MADONNA. Film is EVITA Director is Alan Parker (Indie Film did not do great domestically, but only beat the film’s budget internationally. She has a huge fan base but is not well loved by the industry except music. Film was both loved and panned by critics)

    • tarap says

      Ooohhh that’s some good detective work. I’ll add that perhaps that kindness got back to the folks at the Hollywood Foreign Press (whoever they are). And as you said, the film’s budget was made internationally. And coincidentally, Madonna was awarded Best Actress at the Golden Globes for Evita which raised more than a few eyebrows.