Model Says That Star’s Hubby Got Her Preggo

woman pregnant 20[Media Take Out] The mother of all “on break babies”! Russian model is claiming to be having a baby from one of your fave’s husband! just got wind that a woman described as a “Russian model” just hired a lawyer in New York City. She’s claiming to be pregnant with a HUGE celebrity’s husband. Yes, that one.

Everyone is waiting to see if it’s just an extortion plot or if it’s real. If this chick is telling the truth, this is going to be the BIGGEST story of 2014.

One of the weeklies is already working on the story, we hear. Expect news to break any second now…

Russian Model:


Celebrity’s Husband:

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    • akajenb says

      Guys this blind is from an African American website, which means the celebrities are African Americans.The biggest star now are considered to be jayz and bey. I wonder if he’s gonna pay off this Russian model like he did he last baby mama. Money can buy these kids everything but it can’t buy these kids love.smh

  1. Angeltweets4u says

    This makes it sound as though the husband is not a star or not a celebrity? Otherwise Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt jumped to my mind. Dying to know who this is!

  2. ravenglass says

    I think maybe Jay Z has been up to no good.

    The only way we’ll know for sure, if the baby is Jay Z’s, is if the model’s baby bump collapses & folds when she sits down.

  3. bumblebea63 says

    I’m going with BeyoncĂ© and Jay – Z on this one. No idea who the model would be.
    Second guess, Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby Matthew Broderick? Thinking Big from SATC could be a clue..?

  4. Rhett says

    Russian model: Don’t know

    Celebrity: Natalie Portman

    Celebrity’s Husband: Benjamin Millipiede

  5. caela94 says

    model-anna troyanskaya
    celebrity- Bey
    Hubby- Jayz

    If true he will pay her off with $$$$$$.$$

  6. carriewithdignity says

    Russian model: Natasha Poly because she’s the first Russian brunette model I can think of…
    Celebrity: Beyonce
    Celeb’s Husband: Jay-Z

  7. ChiTownHockey says

    Hmmm. is the word “HUGE” a clue? HUGE and BIGGEST are both in all-caps. Does that mean the female celebrity is very overweight? Is it Melissa McCarthy? That would make the husband Ben Falcone.

    • GingerNaps says

      I’m with you on Gwyneth and Chris. I’m searching for clues, and though it’s pushing it, “caught wind” could refer to Coldplay. “Yes, that one”: Chris Martin has a song called “Yes.” As for “HUGE,” Gwyneth was on the show “I’m a Huge Fan.” Certainly at this point she’s a celebrity rather than simply an actress
.and there’s a sense that she and her husband have probably taken a few breaks in their marriage. If it were them, it would be the biggest story of the year, whereas Beyonce and Jay-Z
.not that surprising.

      If it were Bill Clinton, it would be the biggest story of the entire era, because it would unravel Hillary’s presidential chances.

  8. OG LOC says

    that’s a hard one since almost every model is russian but the only ones I know of are young and rarely in NY

  9. redstilettos says

    Geez. Too many big name celeb women to pick from. I’d say Oprah or JLaw if they were married, but they’re not. Beyonce? Reese Witherspoon? Julia Roberts? Gwyneth Goop?

  10. sam41 says

    Russian Model: Who knows? There are tons of Russian models

    Celebrity: Beyonce

    Celebrity’s Husband: Jay-Z

  11. SouthJerseyGirl says

    No clue who the model is and probably wouldn’t recognize her name anyway but my pick for the Celebrity and Husband are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. That would be a big story.

  12. PumpkinPie says

    Doesn’t sound like the husband is too famous, so…

    Natalie Portman
    Julia Roberts
    Reese Witherspoon
    Anne Hathaway

  13. LeahLynn28 says

    There says husband…so it’s a married couple.
    Mariah Carey?Nick?
    Beyonce?Jay-Z?Jay lives in NY,the alleged father would have to live in NY too.The lawyer is from there.I’m guessing…right?
    Victoria Beckham?David Beckham?
    Goop?Chris Martin?

    Could be any celebrity couple,right?Fidelity isn’t exactly the first priority in their lives/marriages…
    And i don’t know who the model is.
    HUGE celebrity…BIGGEST…

  14. slantrhyme says

    My first thought was Beyonce, but Jay-Z is more than just a “celebrity’s husband.” Unless that is meant to throw us off track.

    Why are HUGE and BIGGEST in caps? Still makes me think Bey.

  15. stolidog says

    Julia Roberts:
    Vivian: Do you remember me?
    Salesperson: No, I’m sorry.
    Vivian: I was in here yesterday. You wouldn’t wait on me?
    Salesperson: Oh.
    Vivian: You work on commission, right?
    Salesperson: Ah, yes.
    Vivian: Big mistake. Big. Huge! [turns away] I have to go shopping now!

    • KatarinaJ says

      Great catch and YES that would be a huge story. Because there is otherwise SO much Bey/Jay-Z gossip of other kinds I think this wouldn’t be as huge of a story. JR has played the happy family role for a long time!

  16. mariaj says

    Brad Pitt and Angelina for celebrity and celebrity’s husband? Michelle and Obama? Don’t know the model.

  17. pebby01 says

    Jay z? Clinton? Doesn’t say whether the husband is famous but maybe so it’s not as obvious

  18. BritishPound says

    Russian Model: Natalia Vodianova

    Celebrity: ‘Posh’

    Celebrity’s Husband: David Beckham

    Vodianova and Beckham were due to star in a Calvin Klein campaign some time ago but it never happened – Maybe they swapped numbers and kept in touch, ahem. She announced her fourth pregnancy in November last year

  19. annla says

    The onlyone i could think of making the world go WTF and keep the tabloids bussy for months, would be if Prince William stepped out on Kate Middleton.

  20. MerryB says

    Pregnant *with* a huge celebrity’s husband or pregnant *by* a huge celebrity’s husband? LOL!
    My guess is Jay Z.

  21. LawLady says

    Don’t know much about Russian model’s but WOW. If this is true, why are celebrities so careless with birth control these days?

    Jay Z

    They always seem to be together though.

  22. alexxxess says

    Russian Model: Claudia Scheelen?

    Celebrity: Beyonce

    Celebrity’s Husband: Jay-Z


    Well since MediaTakeOut is the source of this blind it makes me believe that the celebrity couple is black due to the site’s coverage of mostly black celebrities.

    The model obtained a lawyer in NYC which makes me think that clearly the father must be based in NYC & Jay & Beyawnce reside there.

    I’m not sure about the model but I guessed Claudia Scheelen since she was the only model I’ve seen linked in any way to Jay-Z but she’s from Belgium. ALTHOUGH, “Russian model” is in quotations so it could just be a reference to what the model APPEARS to seem like. She does look like she could be Russian

    Beyawnce is HUGE right now due to her visual album & whatnot and she’s an A-List celebrity

    • mugofmead111 says

      I agree with you about your analysis of the target audience for MediaTakeout.

      Beyonce seems like an obvious guess for a HUGE star who is married. if it’s Jay-Z, you bet that he will “try to beat those charges like Rocky”.

      Jada Pinkett-Smith’s fame nowadays seems mainly derived from her marriage to Will; I doubt it’s her.

      Mariah is a wild guess.

      Beyonce and Mariah are based in NYC. However, in cases like these, which would be the proper jurisdiction-where the alleged father resides or where the mom resides?

      • mugofmead111 says

        Re: mother of “on break babies” – Recently in the news…Dwayne Wade and Ludacris were outed for fathering babies by women other than their long-term girlfriends while supposedly “on a break” from the relationship.

  23. hellosunshine says

    Don’t know the model but this would be huge if David Beckham was the baby daddy.

  24. Baloobie says

    The obvious guess here would be Jay-Z and Beyonce, but there’s no mention of his being a huge celebrity as well. Since the alleged baby momma’s hired an attorney licensed to practice in the state of New York, I’m throwing my guess towards Bill Clinton. Uggh, just the idea of that makes me shudder!

    • slantrhyme says

      That occurred to me, too, because of the NY lawyer, but can he still get it up, with the heart condition and all? Ugh!

  25. kristenfinn3 says

    Russian Model: Have no idea

    Celebrity: Julia Roberts

    Celebrity’s Husband: Danny Moder (pretty sure he was married when he got together with Julia)

  26. ms40237 says

    I don’t know who this HUGE celeb’s hubby is but if she happens to read this, I wonder if she will love the beautiful shades of blue in this photo? Now that I think about it, this looks like a really pregnant woman in a faux desert background. They probably should have included a camel to enhance the believability of the scene. Who cares about what’s real or not? If there’s a baby cooking, I’m sure their will be plenty of busy little bees buzzing about it soon.

    • IAmSage says

      I guessed it was BeyoncĂ© And Jay Z (though I don’t know who the model is). Maybe all that blue in the photo is a hint referring to Beyonce/Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy ??

    • ms40237 says

      When I did a search for images of Claudia Scheelen, I came across a photo of her with almost this exact same blue gown with ivory colored shoes.

  27. bwarf says

    Is the husband a huge celeb too?

    Julia Roberts’ husband?
    Brad Pitt
    Prince William
    Barack Obama
    Jay Z
    Ben Affleck

    I’ve never been this interested in a blind item before, I can’t wait to see who it is lol! I hope, if it is revealed, that it’s not anticlimactic. To be described as possibly “the biggest story of 2014” has a lot to live up to hahaha!

  28. Tate says

    Hmmm… At first I was thinking Brad Pitt but the blind does not say the husband is a celebrity. I got nothing… very curious though.

  29. MissKansasCity says

    Because it’s from Mediatakeout, and because the model is filing in New York, I’d guess the celebrity husband is Jay-Z. Obviously that would make Beyonce the celebrity, but I have no idea who the model is.

  30. Bromance1979 says

    A huge celebrity? The only one I can think of with a non-celebrity husband is Julia Roberts.

  31. sugarbread says

    jay z
    another side jawn
    how many little carter’s are out there now??

  32. grrrsuperlauren says

    I am so stumped! Been looking through IMDB to see what male celebrities have been filming in Russia…but I should probably think of the woman first then the husband.

    So far, nothing on the other blogs!

    • CanaryCry says

      Didn’t Ace put “Russian model” in quotes?

      I’m just insinuating that the potential babymomma may actually be something besides a so-called model. Like a moneyed groupie if not a “Pretty Woman”.

  33. peytonatthedisco says

    the model’s looks remind me kind of angelina jolie because of her brown hair and the wrap that she’s wearing kind of reminds me of malificent but i doubt that it’s brad pitt ‘
    as for the model, i have no idea

  34. mom2kaseandkoop says

    Celebrity – BeyoncĂ©

    Celebrity’s Husband – Jay Z

    Model – ?

    Just want to say that I’m a long time can but this is my first time posting

  35. giblert says

    The original story on Media Take Out refers to the couple being on a break. So that, together with the New York reference, leads me to:

    Russian Model: ?

    Celebrity: Catherine Zeta Jones

    Celebrity’s Husband: Michael Douglas

    • CatInTheHat says

      I don’t understand the Angie/Brad guesses. Blind clearly says they are MARRIED. I have no idea who it is, but am sure its not them….lol…

  36. AustinGal says

    The only way this would be the biggest story in 2014 is if the father were either Clinton or Obama. I’m going with Clinton.

  37. PC1 says

    It’s bad enough to learn your significant other cheated on you… But to not use protection is an even bigger slap in the face. When in the celeb world, you know there are people looking for any opportunity to rake you over the coals and take you to the cleaners. You fell for it.. hook, line and sinker. Even though these celebs can afford to pay up, no $$ in the world can compensate for an absentee parent. Sad all the way around!

  38. AKat says

    Russian Model: Who knows? They’re pretty interchangeable.
    Celebrity: Sarah Palin
    Celebrity’s Husband: What’s-His-Name Palin

  39. katt388 says

    OK this guess is way out but I thought who was our biggest female star. Meryl Streep. Her husband whatever his name is is a sculptor and maybe uses models.

  40. jerzeygirl says

    If it is Jay Z would it really be a huge surprise? He’s a dog and been known to slither around. I think it’s someone bigger than JayZ and not known for screwing around. If they were married I would go w/Brangelina, that would be huge news. Wish I could figure out what the clues mean.

  41. JenJenJen says

    It doesn’t fit all that well but first thought was Reese Witherspoon. I’m assuming the woman is a bigger celeb than the man in this relationship (which is why I don’t think Jay Z) and Witherspoon’s hubby isn’t famous in his own right.

  42. LolaReuterbaker says

    First time poster and with all the clues ( mediatakeout, huge and “Yes that one”. I’m going to take a chance and say
    Tamar Braxton
    Vince Herbert
    have no clue about the model

      • mugofmead111 says

        It would shut Tamar’s mouth up for once. She loves to brag about charmed her life is and how “this man right heere” is different (and special).

      • LolaReuterbaker says

        It would be to the mediatakeout crowd hence the “your faves”. Lost of gossip about the music crowd and Tamar is popular now with the shows and music. Vince is very well known.

  43. Preesi says

    Michael Douglas FTW…

    Him and Catherine were just “on break”…But are now back together.

    • brunettegal804 says

      Maybe it’s referring to the break Julia Roberts took from filming movies after her twins were born. I really think this is Julia and Danny Moder since it sounds like the wife is the star which would rule out Jay Z/Beyonce.

  44. kerrybonberri says

    Claudia Sheelan there is a story about her partying with Jay z back in November. That would be a reasonable amount of time for her to be pregnant but not showing yet.
    So I’m guessing
    Jay Z, beyonce, Claudia Scheelen
    Happy New year everyone! X

  45. GeeGee says

    The only couple I can think of that has been on a ‘break’ lately are Bruce and Kris Jenner. Man, what a riot that would be if the model was having Bruce’s kid…Ha!that would keep the K family on tv for at least another couple of years!

  46. minx says

    I keep coming back to Beyonce and Jay Z because it sounds like the female celebrity is of the biggest stars on the planet.

    • Linda A says

      Jello, that is a very interesting story and explains why JayZ and Bey could have been considered “on a break” for a bit.

  47. Knee says

    Something makes me think that this story would be “huge” if the husband knocked someone up while his (very public) wife was also pregnant. He could be one of those men who cheat when their wife is with child…..and thinks it’s perfectly OK….. He’s on a “break”