Celebs On A Plane

family planeSOLVED!

[Blind Gossip] Lots of celebs fly first class, but not all act in a first-class manner when they fly.

Perhaps they should take a lesson from these two celebs, a married couple who are both well-known actors. We’ll let someone who was on their flight tell the story.

They were both sitting with [their child/ren] in Economy class. A lot of people kept asking both of them for pictures, and they were very gracious to everyone who asked, even those who were a little rude about getting their pictures.

For example, at one point, [Actor] went into the lavatory, and when he came out a passenger snapped a picture with the flash directly in his face without asking, but he gave her a kind smile and then walked back to his seat.

The whole family was incredibly kind to the flight crew throughout the whole flight, and at one point one of the flight attendants wasn’t sure where she had seen him before, so he modestly told her that she might have seen him in [his current TV series], to which she replied no, it was something else. She then remembered she recognized him from [a science fiction film]. This made both him and [Actress] laugh, him saying something along the lines of that being one of his lesser-remembered movies and he was impressed that was the one she had connected to him.

Throughout the flight they were all quiet for the most part, but were very polite (please and thank yous from everyone, including their kids, when asking for their beverages, etc). All in all the entire family was very polite and very gracious to the other passengers and to the flight crew. Nice to meet celebrities who aren’t pretentious and stuck up!

BONUS CLUE 1: Happy Housewife

BONUS CLUE 2: They have both won Emmys and have both been nominated for Oscars.

Actor Husband:

His current TV series:

Actress Wife:

william h macy and felicity huffmanSOLVED!

It’s William Macy and Felicity Huffman! Source: BlindGossip.com

William is probably best known for his Academy Award-nominated performance in Fargo and his current Emmy-nominated role on the Showtime series Shameless.

Felicity is probably best known for her Emmy-winning role on Desperate Housewives, but we also love her Academy Award-nominated performance in Transamerica.

This event happened on a plane from Los Angeles to Denver in October 2013. The airline wants to remain anonymous.

We talk a lot on this site about fake showbiz couples and celebrities who behave badly. This is the opposite. Macy and Huffman have been married for 17 years. They are a super-talented, real couple who are known for always behaving with grace and dignity.

Kudos to both Macy and Huffman for exhibiting such class, and for raising such well-mannered children! (Yes, we’re talking about you, Sophia and Georgia!)


Congratulations to  MzDBDB for being first with the correct guess!

macy and huffman

macy and huffman 2

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  1. VexTheVixen says

    Wild guess – but flying economy after the Madoff debacle – Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick. Flying back to New York following the Golden Globe Awards where daughter Sosie was Miss Golden Globe so more than two tickets were needed? Their children are grown but still their children. His current TV series is The Following and, since it is stated that way, one gets the impression she used to have a series (The Closer). I can see all of them being very gracious and polite.

    • jjonesy says

      Vixen, your guess is not so wild. This was the first thing that popped into my head too. I agree!

    • SleuthingForFun says

      Saw an item about Kevin being very gracious on a flight from NYC to LA not so long ago. Love this couple, seem so grounded even if it’s not them. I want this solved, please.

  2. sassyolivia says

    Actor Husband: Kevin Bacon
    His current TV series: The Following
    Actress Wife: Kyra Sedgwick

    They seem down-to-earth, plus the picture shows 2 kids, which they have (boy and a girl).

    • Kelly says

      Their “kids” aren’t kids. They are in the their late teens and twenties I believe

    • missmissy says

      Mystery Men for the film. Equally as bad as Jurassic Park – he was so miscast in his role. He also did The Cradle will Fall in the *0’s I believe. It was more of a mystery, but had sci-fi elements.

      • AuntieMame says

        Every time I go out to shovel snow, I declare “I am The Shoveler! It’s what I do!” What a cool, patient family.

      • KWDragon says

        I loved Mystery Men, and he was wonderful in it!

        Just an honest man with a shovel looking to make a difference in this crazy world…

    • jodie99 says

      YES. “happy housewife” for the prompt.

      Their 2 kids are pre-teen, teenagers, I think. I know people who’ve met them in my hometown and this is always the take on them — nice, polite, down-to-earth.

    • katee says

      I think you’ve got it. Both have won Emmys and have been nominated for Oscars. I love him on Shameless!

    • Bromance1979 says

      Definitely them. I think “Happy Housewife” was a dead giveaway.

      They also seem very down to earth and not the types who would be above riding in coach.

  3. Kelly says

    All I can think of Ben and Jen and Kevin Bacons family but I know they are both wrong. Maybe William H Macy and his family? That would be my guess

  4. mandy1728 says

    Actor Husband: Kevin Bacon

    His current TV series: The following

    Actress Wife: Kyra Sedgwick

    They were the first to pop into my mind.

  5. kbd61186 says

    total guess

    actor husband:jon hamm
    current tv show:mad men
    wife:Jennifer Westfeldt

    he was in the day the earth stood still.

  6. whowassheilahgraham says

    Actor: Kevin Bacon
    TV Show: The Following
    Actress Wife: Kyra Sedgewick

    I love his online video for Millenials. :)

  7. Danasaurus says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy

    His current TV series: Shameless

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

    I’m guessing the sci-fi film was Jurassic Park III.

  8. Zander24 says

    Nice, pleasant, polite, and modest celebrities/actors? Even kind and very gracious? And, amazingly, even the kids were pleasant and polite? Who ARE these people?!

    Please reveal this ASAP! We all want to know! We want to thank them and recognize them for being decent human beings! Hard to believe that any such actors/celebrities could exist in Hollywood.

    • chandler02 says

      There are lots of celebs who are genuinely wonderful people, there are a lot that are jerks. Just like everyone else…lots of variety!

  9. Cindy Louhoo says

    I would like to think this is Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. His current TV series is The Following.

  10. neartstarlet says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy
    His current TV Series: Shameless
    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

  11. tink says

    This has Liev Schieber and Naomi Watts written all over it. They seem like lovely, lovely people.

  12. janemare says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy

    His current TV series: Shameless

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

  13. Erin says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy

    His current TV series: Shameless

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

  14. grapejelly says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy
    Current Series: Shameless
    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

    Clues: Your bonus clue (Happy Housewife) on Twitter gave it away. She was on Desperate Housewives and he was in Happy, Texas. They have 2 kids, just like the photo. He was in Air Force One (…on a plane) and all of the reference to being kind allude to Pleasantville. I can only hope that the sci-fi movie was Jurassic Park III, because that movie was pretty awful.

  15. CG says

    William H Macy
    Felicity Huffman

    bonus clues- happy housewive and both won emmys/ocsar nomiated

  16. bwarf says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy

    His current TV series: Shameless

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

    • suzq says

      I shouls have waited for clues… I agree with everyone else who said William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

  17. zeep says

    William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman were my first thought, and the Twitter clues confirm it. The movie being Jurassic Park III. They’ve always seemed nice and genuine, so this is nice to read.

  18. NoVAgirl says

    I take back my first guess after reading the Twitter clues.

    William H. Macy


    Felicity Huffman

  19. Thrillckr says

    William H. Macy & Felicity Huffman? Macy was nominated for Fargo, won an Emmy for writing. Felicity was nominated & won for Transamerica and won for Desperate Housewives.

  20. buttersmom says

    Actor Husband: William H Macy

    His current TV series: Shameless

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

  21. Caligirl says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy

    His current TV series: “Shameless”

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman


    They’ve both been nominated for Oscars – his for “Fargo”, hers for “Transamerica”

    Both won Emmys – his for the TV Movie “Door to Door”, hers for “Desperate Housewives”

    Science fiction movie he was in that wasn’t so great – “Jurassic Park III” (not the best movie but he was memorable as the dad trying to find his kid on the island of dinosaurs)

    Twitter BONUS clue – “Happy Housewife” – Felicity Huffman was in Desperate Housewives

    Love this one. Glad to hear they are so nice and so gracious to their fans.

  22. MaybeImRight says

    Sounds like this family deserves for people to know that they, unlike most of their colleagues, are not holier-than-thou jerks!

  23. Khadafi says

    At least we know it can’t be Brangelina.
    Their kids are the horror, and so is Angelina
    and Brad.

  24. Shannibird says

    Thanks for sharing these nice blinds BG, it’s nice to be reminded that not everyone in Hollywood is horrible! Based on the bonus clue I’m gonna say William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman, and props to them both for being so down to earth and real :)

  25. PrincessTiff says

    I’m not trying to knock on the people who are guessing Kevin & Kyra, but I just don’t see someone not recognizing Kevin Bacon

  26. pat362 says

    I’m going with Freddie, Sarah and family. The clues all fit and Freddie starred in the forgettable Wing Commander sci/fi movie in 99.

  27. Tate says

    William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

    Side Note: just started watching Shameless. Amazing!!!

  28. HollyG says

    “The one she had connected” would be six degrees of the always-awesome Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick.

  29. ohmomma says

    Want it to be Kyra/Kevin but unless I’m skimming imdb incorrectly! neither has been nominated for an oscar

  30. La Llorona says

    Mhmm…anyone else think this story is weird? I mean, it’s cool they were nice, I guess. But goddamn, they are people too. It’s sad they’re being harassed on an airplane while traveling as a family.

  31. elliedee says

    Actor Husband: William H. Macy

    His current TV series: Shameless

    Actress Wife: Felicity Huffman

    Thanks for the bonus clues, Ace!

  32. curiousjane says

    Actor: William H. Macy

    Current TV Series: Shameless, Showtime

    Actress: Felicity Huffman, “happy housewife” Desperate Housewives on ABC

  33. classybgyrl says

    Macy and Huffman both were nominated for academy awards, him for Fargo Huffman for Transamerica.

  34. Dana5570 says

    Read the clues people. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick have never been nominated for Oscars, and Freddie Prinz Jr. and SMG most definitely have not. I’m thinking William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman. Both have won Emmys and have been nominated for Oscars.

  35. jillphelps41 says

    I am thinking William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman too. I was really hoping that it was Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick because I love the old 80’s movie Tremors. lol However, I can’t recall Kevin and Kyra being nominated for an Oscar. So I’m gonna go will Macy/Huffman.

  36. Erika says

    I think my favourite thing on this site are the warm fuzzy solves like these ones. :) Great actors so it’s really nice to hear this.